The responsibility of the publishing business

We are publishers with a passion, to offer opportunities for reading and growth, for entertainment and development. Our house is a house of welcome, with room for all, always open and straightforward, a house that embraces many approaches to culture, free from discrimination or prejudice.
We provide space for original voices that represent different realities, with respect for pluralism and the public as well as attention to the changes in civil society.


Innovation and inclusion

The evolution of society and changes brought about by technology have not only altered the context in which we operate but also the expectations and needs of our stakeholders.

We know that innovation in our company includes dialogue with our stakeholders and the ability to seize on new demands and make them our own.

Our priorities

Each year we update the materiality analysis, an investigatory process which aims to identify the non-financial issues that are priorities for the company and its stakeholders.

  • Intellectual property and copyright protection
  • Product accessibility
  • Enhancement and management of human capital
  • Education and the school world
  • Promotion of reading and socio-cultural growth
  • Strategic business innovation
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Inclusiveness
  • Responsibility for content

Attention towards society

Contributing to the cultural and social development of the country through our products and services isn’t enough: our commitment to social responsibility also includes a series of initiatives to support the communities in which we operate, from the spreading of culture, education and training to social and health assistance.

Mondadori for the environment

From 2010 to the present day, our commitment towards the environment has taken the form of a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and increased use of certified paper in producing our books and magazines.

Each year, we plan initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of our offices and stores.