The responsibility of the publishing business

We are passionate publishers, advocating quality, equitable and inclusive education, providing opportunities for reading and growth, entertainment and enrichment. Our mission is to foster the spread of culture and ideas through products, activities and services that meet the needs and tastes of the widest possible audience. In our vision, love for culture and editorial quality live together with the laws of the market, the propensity to sense and anticipate changes with respect and protection of the values that are the cornerstones of the role of a publisher in civil society.
We are aware that such a role requires a natural and ever-growing focus on defining strategies and pursuing clear sustainability objectives aimed at creating long-term value, benefiting and taking account of the interests of all our stakeholders.

Innovation and inclusion

The evolution of society and changes brought about by technology have not only altered the context in which we operate but also the expectations and needs of our stakeholders.

We know that innovation in our company includes dialogue with our stakeholders and the ability to seize on new demands and make them our own.

In May 2021, the Mondadori Group created the Diversity & Inclusion department, appointing a Chief Diversity Officer, with the aim of enhancing diversity within the company and significantly fostering inclusion processes: the department works in synergy with all corporate departments, promoting dialogue with the various businesses to bring the various initiatives in progress or developed on these topics to the system.

Mondadori for the environment

The Group has been committed for years to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using paper certified paper in producing books and magazines.

Each year, we plan initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of our offices and bookstores.