From a strategic point of view, the Group has all the managerial and financial resources required to continue along the path of strengthening its core businesses, of expanding into new segments in or adjacent to publishing, and of rationalizing, if possible, non-strategic activities consistently pursued in recent years, including through M&A operations.

In offering quality content to a widely differing audience base, the Mondadori Group takes heed of the demands originating in the changes in society, the use of technology, and the removal of once critical language and geographical barriers.

The desires and expectations of the customer today play an increasing role in every sector, but particularly so in publishing: the participatory dimension of consumption and the instant interaction with the end user have disrupted the way we create and distribute products.

The many initiatives that sprang up during the lockdown periods to reach users were consolidated, allowing the various business areas to expand their audiences and interact on an ongoing basis.

Parallel to the gradual resumption of physical and in-person activities, all of the Group’s brands continued to make available various online content formats and virtual meeting modes. Aside of the numerous live streaming events, specific digital projects were launched to increase the accessibility of the Group’s content:

  • the Focus Academy sponsored webinars, organized by Focus, Focus History, Focus Junior and Focus Scuola, for primary and secondary schools on science popularization and sustainability;
  • podcasts inspired by published books, including the Podcast d’altro genere by Rizzoli or Senza Perdere il filo by Sperling & Kupfer;
  • online in-depth analysis, such as La Lettura al centro, a program of video testimonials and virtual meetings between writers and schools, organized by Mondadori Education in association with Mondadori’s business unit dedicated to children’s books;
  • the IllusiOcean exhibition, which can also be visited online, dedicated to sea biodiversity and organized by Focus at the Bicocca University in Milan.

In 2021, the topic of product accessibility was also addressed and developed from the perspective of editorial production. Mondadori published its first entirely high readability children’s book series. This is a graphical project designed for readers with specific learning disabilities, but also for all those who have difficulty approaching reading.

Last but not least, the publishing houses also committed themselves to the use of texts in healthcare facilities with two projects: one for the distribution of a selection of literary classics to patients admitted to the Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna, and another for the donation of titles from the “Salviamo il Pianeta” series by Geronimo Stilton to children in hospital pediatric wards.