Digitization and the world of the web had a very significant impact on the publishing sector, triggering an evolutionary process that affected the production and distribution models and the products and services offered to the public. The restrictions imposed by the health emergency linked to Covid-19 have further accelerated the search for digital solutions to support the business.

  • Development of the trade books catalogue in ebook and audiobook format
  • Educational publishing of titles in paper and digital versions, unified platform Mondadori Education and Rizzoli Education of online content, online training catalogue
  • Declination of brands in multi-channel perspective: print, web, tv, events

Alongside these transformations which, thanks to digital technology, have enabled the development of the Mondadori Group’s product and service offering, during the lockdown period the various business areas put in place new initiatives to reach users and readers.

Also the organizational structure, as for every type of company, had to quickly renew management tools and models, all the more so in consideration of the working methods imposed by the health emergency:

  • new platform through which each employee can independently manage his or her relationship with the personnel administration, from planning and requests for vacation days to updating his or her data, from the use of online training to access to welfare and prevention services;
  • extension of smart working to almost all employees from February 2020;
  • creation of a new company intranet, which can be consulted from any device and from any location;
  • new integrated business process management system to adapt and standardize, based on best practices, the business processes concerning administration, finance and control, and to modernize the set of software and management applications available.