Contributing to the dissemination of quality and accessible educational tools is not only one of the Group’s business activities: it is the most consistent way with the company mission to adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals identified by the UN (SDG 4: Ensuring inclusive and equal quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all).

For some years now, the Group’s scholastic publishing houses – Mondadori Education, Rizzoli Education and D Scuola – have been giving ample space to the educational treatment of the topics of sustainability, civic education and, more generally, those relating to the 2030 Agenda: such topics are, in fact, well explained and covered daily in almost all the editorial news, as an element of contents and didactic analysis, but also with concrete initiatives and experiences. Sustainability, inclusion, gender equality, quality education, cultural impoverishment and school dropout, and the promotion of reading and content responsibility, are addressed from a variety of perspectives and contexts.

The integration of these topics and the inclusion in all the editorial production of recurring fact sheets on the topics of the 2030 Agenda and relating to civic education has now reached 90% of production.

In 2023, the offer of the Mondadori Education, Rizzoli Education and D Scuola publishing houses has been enriched with an even vaster range intended for all teachers and students taking a sustainability and, more generally, ESG approach. Not only with new products designed according to the latest teaching and inclusion methods but also through a complete range of tools, solutions and assistance services: a teachers’ guide, materials for integrated teaching, compensation tools, contents and texts dedicated to special educational needs, tools for verifications, programming and digital and inclusive lessons.

Mondadori Education

Some of the initiatives promoted by the publishing house were:

  • Two online teaching-educational courses on Devoto-Oli Junior and Devoto Oli websites that stem from the idea that words can be used to imagine, tell and build a fair, sustainable and just future.
  • The project “Educazione civica in pratica”, which for the third year running, pursues reflection with teachers on topics like gender equality, legality, the environment and the use of digital
  • The intensive and complete program of on-line events and webinar dedicated to analysing the topics of inclusion and sustainability and, more generally, the 2030 Agenda goals.

Rizzoli Education:

Some of the initiatives promoted by the publishing house were:

  • Consolidation of the strong partnership with Erickson, a leading publisher in the dissemination of topics related to inclusivity for primary and first-level secondary schools
  • Continuation of the implementation in editorial production to topics of gender equality, inclusion, respect for diversity and disabilities, linked to the “Manifesto for gender equality and pluralism”.
  • Continuation of the “Obiettivo parità!” project for primary school: a self-regulation code that guides authors and publishing house through the design and drafting of books that are free from stereotypes.

D Scuola

Some of the initiatives promoted by the publishing house were:

  • The “La scuola è Educare al Futuro – Festival della formazione per i docenti di oggi e i cittadini di Domani” project: a month of on-line appointments to reflect on various topics with career guidance experts, including sustainability, STEM, inclusion and digital innovation and to provide the current generations with tools to address the challenges of today and tomorrow.
  • The “Le 100 esperte STEM vanno a scuola” project designed in collaboration with the Bracco Foundation and 100 experts to discover the beauty and numerous opportunities in STEM and overcome gender stereotypes.
  • The “Sostenibilità: protagonisti del cambiamento” project, a cycle of six free webinars designed and organised in collaboration with ASviS.

Digital Offer

Over the past few years, Mondadori Education and Rizzoli Education have considerably enriched the offer of the HUB Scuola, the platform dedicated to digital teaching, with new tools and at the same time have also invested in user support services. Specifically, during 2023, the offering of lesson plans and digital lessons was completed, through the inclusion of numerous learning paths that integrate digital resources and materials from published textbooks. The set of tools available to teachers and students for more effective learning-teaching has been perfected. With the aim of promoting ever current and engaging teaching, contents have been constructed for immersive teaching, in particular for history-geography and sciences.

D Scuola has continued to work to increase the integration of paper and digital with the aim of involving students in increasingly interactive and collaborative learning paths.