Contributing to the dissemination of quality and accessible educational tools is not only one of the Group’s business activities: it is the most consistent way with the company mission to adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals identified by the UN (SDG 4: Ensuring inclusive and equal quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all).

In 2022, the Group’s Education area – Mondadori Education and Rizzoli Education – saw the integration of the publishing house D Scuola.
In all three companies, already a few years ago, a great many topics that can be traced to the 2030 Agenda framework were made explicit and found their daily dimension, not only as an element of content and teaching analysis in the textbooks, but also with tangible initiatives.
Thus, the topic of sustainability, inclusion, gender equality, quality education, cultural impoverishment and school dropout, and the promotion of reading and content responsibility, were addressed from a variety of perspectives and contexts.

The commitment of the publishing houses led, in 2022, to the insertion in all production of recurring contents and teaching sheets on the topics:
• 2030 Agenda
• Civic education and gender equality
• Inclusion.

The integration of these topics has reached 80% of production and will be completed in 2023.

In 2022, the offer of the Mondadori Education and Rizzoli Education publishing houses has been enriched with an even vaster range intended for all teachers and students taking a sustainability and, more generally, ESG approach. Not only with new products designed according to the latest teaching and inclusion methods but also through a complete range of tools, solutions and assistance services.


Rizzoli Education:

Some of the initiatives promoted by the publishing house were:

  • Consolidation of the strong partnership with Erickson, a leading publisher in the dissemination of topics related to inclusivity for primary and first-level secondary schools
  • Inclusion into the secondary school products of paths dedicated to innovative teaching methods with the INNOVA project
  • “Obiettivo parità" for primary schools: supervision, by gender educators, of passages, illustrations and language used, to ensure gender-balanced representation
  • Development of the “Manifesto per la parità di genere e pluralità”: an initiative that promotes the themes of gender equality, multi-culture, new models of families and inclusion

Mondadori Education

Some of the initiatives promoted by the publishing house were:

  • The new edition of the Devoto-Oli Junior, which, following the editorial line already undertaken by Devoto-Oli, has seen numerous items rewritten taking a gender equality approach and the revision of sensitive items
  • The on-line events and webinar programme is very intense and complete, dedicated to analysing the topics of inclusion and sustainability and, more generally, the 2030 Agenda goals
  • The crowdfunding initiative has come to a successful close for the two projects that won the new edition of the “#Leparolechesiamo, la scuola che vogliamo” competition launched by Mondadori Education and the Nuovo Devoto-Oli to put students at the heart of it all and help them build the school of tomorrow
  • The “La Lettura al centro” (Reading at the centre) project, which seeks to stress the pedagogic value of reading and its relevance and centrality in everyday teaching activities

D Scuola

Some of the initiatives promoted by the publishing house were:

  • The “Futura-Next Generation: come preparare le giovani generazioni ad affrontare i prossimi futuri” (Future-Next Generation: how to prepare the young generations to face up to the near future) project: a cycle of four free webinars designed and organised in collaboration with ASviS (Italian Association for Sustainable Development) intended for teachers at all levels, offering ideas and activities on civic education topics
  • The “La scuola è - Festival della formazione per i docenti di oggi e i cittadini di domani” (School is - Training festival for the teachers of today and the citizens of tomorrow) project: a month of appointments dedicated to teachers and the whole of the school community to reflect on new learning methods for a more sustainable future with a focus on the transversal topics of inclusion, gender equality, sustainable and collective responsibility, innovation and orientation taking a STEM approach
  • The “Educazione Climatica - OK! CLIMA” (Climate Education - OK! CLIMATE) project: a cycle of webinars for middle and secondary school teachers on climate change, which proposes ideas and tools to help new generations gain a new sense of collective responsibility towards the ecosystem

Digital Offer

Mondadori Education and Rizzoli Education have considerably enriched the offer of the HUB Scuola, the platform dedicated to digital teaching, with new tools and at the same time have also invested in user support services.

The supply of disciplinary tools has been perfected and implemented, to involve and motivate the class during the explanation phase: for art, HUB Art, a database containing more than 10,000 high-definition images with search and geolocalisation functions; for history and geography, HUB Maps, a digital atlas with hundreds of interactive maps and the possibility of comparing and updating them; for Italian literature, history and human sciences, HUB Library, a digital library that enables
unprecedented themed paths.

D Scuola has also worked on an ever greater integration of paper and digital to involve students in active, collaborative learning paths and strengthen disciplinary portals (Music Zone, Italian, Science, Maths, etc.) to support activities in class and at home.