Cracking art

In September and October, Palazzo Niemeyer – the Segrate headquarter – was “invaded” by an art installation created by the Cracking Art group, a collective of 6 international artists which for over 20 years has been promoting its work, made from recycled and recyclable plastic materials, in urban contexts all over the world to encourage the public to reflect on the theme of social and environmental commitment.

Respecting the motto “art creates art”, the Mondadori headquarter – itself a masterpiece of contemporary architecture – welcomed around 300 colourful giant artist’s multiples in the form of wolves, frogs, snails, meerkats and swallows.

All Cracking Art creations stand out for their innovative use of plastic materials: regenerating plastic means preventing its toxic destruction, which is so damaging to the environment; turning it into works of art located in urban, monumental and historic contexts means communicating using an innovative aesthetic language and expressing particular sensitivity with regards to nature and man.