With the acquisitions of Rizzoli Libri and Banzai Media, not only did new sources of revenue and new products and services enter the Mondadori Group, but also and especially new professionals and skills, new experiences and new stories.

To engage those who have been with us all along as well as our more recent additions within a shared story about us to present to the outside world, the #NoiDellaMondadori project was created: a narration not from the perspective of turnover or borrowing, nor in terms of market share or governance systems, but rather which underscores the component which defines us and tells our story most of all: people.

The project, carried out through the institutional Instagram profile, shows the faces of those who contribute to reaching company targets every single day: employees and collaborators, but also authors and guests of events organised at the headquarters. These shots, taken in multiple sessions over the course of the year and continuing at the start of 2017, were published every week on social media starting in June.

The Group is an ordinary member of Valore D, an association of companies that promotes gender equality and the presence and growth of female talent in companies, professional bodies, and institutions.