In all the phases of its life Mondadori has represented a place where it is possible to find opportunities for reading and growth, for entertainment and enrichment; a hospitable home where there is room for everyone, always open and informal; a home that welcomes many approaches to culture, without discrimination or prejudice.

The strong bond with our authors and readers, employees and collaborators, shareholders, suppliers and civil society has guided our journey and the evolution of the Group.

We therefore feel it is our duty to take responsibility not only for our economic results, but also for the social and environmental impact of our activities.

We want to continue to grow also because we have a responsibility towards many: those who work with us and want to progress with us; those who are our customers and look for excellent, innovative and valuable products and services every day; those who invest in us and expect a return on their investment.

All of the Mondadori Group’s sustainability objectives and activities are closely linked to our strategic business plan.

Our sustainability policy

We direct our actions and decisions towards the creation of value in the long term. We pursue this objective by operating in accordance with the following principles on economic, social and environmental sustainability:

  • To guarantee our customers the possibility to benefit from innovative and valuable products.
  • Investing in the professional development of our people, enhancing their talent and encouraging them to be creative and enterprising.
  • Actively promote a culture that is accessible to all, with the awareness that the right to quality education and information is an essential element for development and growth of our country.
  • Create a safe working environment for our employees and collaborators that offers equal opportunities and professional achievement and expression to everybody.
  • Giving voice to different points of view, rewarding originality and plurality of thought and ensuring respect for freedom of expression in the process of developing the editorial product.
  • Respect and protect the surrounding environment through responsible use of natural resources and the main energy carriers, reduction of polluting and climate-changing emissions, careful waste management and awareness of customers and suppliers on environmental sustainability issues.

Material topics

In order to identify the most relevant non-financial topics, we update our materiality analysis each year in line with the principles defined by the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI Standards), including the Media Sector Disclosures, defined in 2016 and 2014 respectively by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

The definition of material topics is done through a process that, while taking as a starting point the work done in previous years, introduces new activities from time to time.

We decided to investigate the context and potential challenges and opportunities of the media and publishing sector from an objective point of view: for this reason, we involved independent experts in the field (in academia, in trade associations and among those responsible for content creation and management). Thanks to these qualitative interviews and a subsequent comparison with key European peers, it was possible to develop a new proposal of materiality themes to be included in the analysis.

In addition to this activity of defining the new industry context, we also carry out stakeholder engagement activities and in-depth interviews with company management to identify priority materiality issues for the Mondadori Group and its stakeholders.

Every year we also carry out stakeholder engagement activities and in-depth interviews with company management to identify priority materiality issues for the Mondadori Group and its stakeholders.

The combination of the results of the two analyses (see “The power of interaction”) allowed for the identification of material sustainability aspects for the Group and its stakeholders, in keeping with previous editions of the NFS, and presented below.