Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni will be a protagonist of the Sanremo Festival

An opening party, three special issues, five days of non-stop interviews with all the competing artists and exclusive guests

Loads of original activities in Sorrisi’s Sanremo lounge, among which the Webboh corner to further engage the Generation Z

Emotions, music and exclusive contents for Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni’s great come back, finally face-to-face, in Sanremo,: the editorial staff of the Mondadori Group’s brand will once again follow the Italian Song Festival live, thus the succession of 28 competing artists and many exceptional guests scheduled to perform on stage at the Ariston Theater under the guidance of Amadeus and Gianni Morandi and their co-hosts Chiara Ferragni, Francesca Fagnani, Paola Egonu and Chiara Francini.

This year, the brand will once more accompany readers throughout the five-day event, affirming itself as a point of reference for all fans of the entertainment world, but also for the festival’s authors, singers, hosts and organisers, with the highly awaited and exclusive opening party at which Sorrisi will officially kick off the Sanremo week.

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, leader of the entertainment world with an audience consisting of 2,6 million readers (source: Audipress 2022/II) and 2,1 million monthly users (source: Audiweb 2022), will follow all the singing contest’s events at the forefront to provide special contents and insights on its magazine, website and social networks.

The newsroom at the Royal Hotel Sanremo

Tv Sorrisi will be hosted in Hotel Royal’s Palm Salon for the entire duration of the Sanremo event. A lounge will be divided into three areas in which the editorial staff will develop the magazine, interview the Festival’s stars and meet with many exceptional personalities.

Finally, each morning, the magazine’s director, Aldo Vitali, will start the day with a special breakfast in the company of one of the competing singers. Vitali will also be Sorrisi’s leading host for the Aperitif with the Director appointment planned each day at 19.00 throughout the festival to chat with many friends of the TV world and to comment on the contest’s developments in the early evening hours.

Webboh to conquer Generation Z

Webboh, the first Generation Z community with over 2 million followers between Instagram and TikTok and 3 million unique website users each month (source, Google Analytics), will also be part of the original contents aimed at animating Sorrisi‘s lounge in Sanremo. Together, they will speak about the Italian Song Festival from the younger generation’s perspective. Part of the team will be transferred to the city of flowers for the entire duration of the event to create contents for its Tik Tok and Instagram profiles. A super teen area, the Webboh Room where Webboh will interview the Festival’s Gen Z singers and creators, will be set up at Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni’s headquarters together with Kit Room – the first Italian structure fully dedicated to the creation of digital contents. A series of “vox populi” style TikTok videos will be shot from the streets of Sanremo, while a daily account with Will and a daily column with Lda, both very popular songwriters of Webboh’s community and contestants at the Festival, will be presented on Instagram.

The website and social coverage

The website Sorrisi.com will cover Sanremo with insights, reports, line-ups and feedback each evening. Not to mention exclusive news, interviews, backstage videos and tons of surprises.
The media coverage is further enhanced with contents on the brand’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. Sorrisi will offer an interactive and engaging experience to viewers and users throughout the contest, but also throughout each day of the Festival: revelations about the singers and guests, non-stop interviews, real-time news from the press room and much more.
Let’s not forget the daily appointment in the “Accounts of the Artists” format. This edition’s leading personalities will keep the Instagram community informed about each minute of their day, from the moment their alarm rings up to their performance, by sharing their emotions, superstitious rituals, backstage stories and revelations of course.

Three newsstand issues dedicated to the Festival

The most widely read and purchased Italian weekly magazine will publish three special issues dedicated to the Sanremo Festival for readers to find on the newsstands, with an exceptional overall production of 1,5 million copies. The first will be released on January 31: the same will contain the traditional exclusive of the songs’ lyrics. The cover will consists of an iconic shot of all the competing singers with Amadeus, the Festival’s host and artistic director, and Gianni Morandi. On Tuesday, February 7, the cover’s protagonists will instead be Amadeus and Gianni Morandi together with their co-hosts. Finally, Monday, January 13, readers will be able to enjoy the cover depicting San Remo’s first three finalists, exclusively shot in the middle of the night at Sorrisi’s newsroom immediately following the announcement, as well as a reportage of the event with intriguing revelations and interesting unpublished backstage stories.

Thanks to: DR Automobiles, who will accompany Sorrisi from Milan to Sanremo, allowing readers to admire the beauty of the Ligurian cities crossed, and Caffè Motta, who will offer relaxing moments to the editorial staff and guests for the entire duration of the Festival.

Deascuola and the Bracco Foundation, together with #100esperte, present the 1st edition of the free training programme “Le 100 esperte STEM vanno a scuola”

The webinar cycle was studied for primary and lower and upper secondary school teachers and students.

Through this project, D Scuola, the Bracco Foundation and #100esperte provide their educational and counselling know-how to raise awareness on gender equality and career opportunities for women according to the STEM framework.

D Scuola, one of the leading Italian scholastic publishers with the Deascuola editorial line, and the Bracco Foundation present the first edition of “Le 100 esperte STEM vanno a scuola.”

The new training programme was studied to introduce the perspectives and opportunities of the technical and scientific disciplines to students and teachers with a specific outlook on gender equality and guidance, in line with the most recent ministerial guidelines on developing, as a national educational priority, the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in schools.

As also demonstrated by the recent data provided by She Figures and Almalaurea, obstacles and stereotypes still currently exist and influence students’ educational path, especially for girls. This at a time during which businesses and institutions are increasingly searching for technical-scientific figures, as the same are necessary for better being able to address future transitions and challenges.

“The Bracco Foundation has always regarded women’s empowerment and gender equality as priorities,” states Diana Bracco, President of this important reality, which was founded in 2010 as a result of the values acquired and matured by the Bracco Family and Group in their over 95 years of history. “Among the many initiatives we support, 100donne contro gli stereotipi has thus become particularly relevant. The project is very complex and also aims at involving schools by involving female role models.
With D Scuola, we now promote a webinar cycle to put scientists and experts in contact with teachers and students nationwide. I’m certain that the professional and private stories of these amazing women of science will serve as a source of inspiration for many girls.”

Le 100 esperte STEM vanno a scuola, developed together with the Bracco Foundation, aims to emphasise both the importance of science in education and the opportunities offered within the STEM context, in particular for the younger generations of women.

We believe this initiative can provide concrete guidance tips to teachers and students, thanks to the direct stories, experiences and testimonials of prominent experts, and become a precious source of inspiration used to better prepare even the youngest to face tomorrow’s challenges. We are very proud of this project, which will become part of the “Educating for the Future” programme, a broader path D Scuola is undertaking with the aim of developing topics such as inclusion, gender equality, sustainability and civic and digital education,” stated Gian Luca Pulvirenti, President of D Scuola.

The initiative, which is due to start on January 26, includes four free afternoon meetings for teachers, one for each of the letters composing the acronym STEM, and two morning meetings dedicated to students.

Each appointment will be held by the female scientists selected from the “100donne contro gli stereotipi ” portal. The project was founded as a result of the partnership with the Observatory of Pavia and Giulia Giornaliste and developed with the Bracco Foundation to give space and visibility to female experts specialised in different fields, thus highlighting the role of professionals adapted to become points of reference for the current generations and media.

During the meetings, the experts will both share their educational background, current projects, difficulties, decisions, mistakes, successes and professional advantages and provide useful tools and tips that can be used in the classroom to guide the decisions of students.




The first of the four webinars of “Le 100 esperte STEM vanno a scuola” for teachers will be held on January 26, from 17:00 to 18:30, a few days following International Education Day. The session aims to provide insight on topics more closely linked to medical sciences, such as medical statistics and neurolinguistics. Among the participants, Sara Gandini, Head of the “Molecular and Pharmaco-Epidemiology” ward of IEO’s Experimental Oncology Department; Valentina Bambini, Full Professor of Linguistics at the IUSS of Pavia; Luisa Torsi, Full Professor of Chemistry at the University of Bari and at the Albo Academy University of Finland.


The second meeting will be held on February 7, from 17:00 to 18:30, before International Day of Women and Girls in Science (February 11). The same will be dedicated to topics such as robotics for neuroscience and international cooperation in the aerospace context. Among the participants, Monica Gori, Head of a research group at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Simonetta Di Pippo, Professor of Space Economics and Director of the Space Economy Evolution Lab (SEE Lab) at the Bocconi University School of Management of Milan.


The third appointment is scheduled on March 13, from 17:00 to 18:30, and will focus on the E of Engineering, by covering topics such as management and aerospace engineering. Among the participants, Bianca Maria Colosimo, Full Professor of Processing Technologies and Systems at the Polytechnic Institute of Milan, and Elisabetta Lamboglia, Aerospace Engineer at the European Space Agency (ESA).  


The last meeting with teachers – M of Mathematics – will be held on Thursday, April 20, from 17:00 to 18:30 – Maria Grazia Speranza, Full Professor of Operations Research at the University of Brescia, will discuss with young mathematicians of different fields, covering the various steps involved from research to corporate application.

The recordings of the webinars will be available at the end of each meeting on both D Scuola and the Bracco Foundation’s websites.

The first meeting with the primary and lower and upper secondary school students is scheduled on February 28, from 11:00 for 12:00, and will focus on Science and Technology. Among the participants, Paola Santini, Researcher at the INAF Astronomical Observatory of Rome, and Giulia Grancini, Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry and at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Pavia.
The second appointmentEngineering and Mathematics – will be held on April 28, from 11:00 to 12:00 and is an opportunity to meet and interact with Lucia Cattani, Researcher and Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Pavia, and Isabella Nova, Full Professor of Industrial Chemistry and Technology at the Polytechnic University of Milan.
Both meetings will be moderated by the climatological physicist Serena Giacomin.

Click here for the complete programme of “ Le 100 esperte STEM vanno a scuola:”https://l.deascuola.it/100esperte/index.html


[1] Deascuola is an editorial brand of D Scuola.


For information: 

Media Relations Gruppo Mondadori

Ufficio Stampa Fondazione Bracco
Carolina Elefante
333.4263484, 02.21772279

Mondadori Group: corporate calendar 2023

Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A. today announced, as per Art. 2.6.2 of the regulations governing markets organised and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A., the corporate events scheduled for 2023:

  • Thursday 16 March 2023: meeting of the Board of Directors for the approval of the Annual Report for the year ended 31 December 2022;
  • Wednesday 10 May 2023: meeting of the Board of Directors for the approval of the Interim Management Statement at 31 March 2023;
  • Tuesday 1 August 2023: meeting of the Board of Directors for the approval of the Half-Year Report at 30 June 2023;
  • Wednesday 8 November 2023: meeting of the Board of Directors for the approval of the Interim Management Statement at 30 September 2023.

The Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders for the approval of the Annual Report for the year ended 31 December 2022 will be held on first calling on Thursday 27 April 2023 (Friday 28 April in second call, if any).

Presentations to the financial community of the results for the full year at 31 December 2022, the Half-Year Report at 30 June 2023 and the Interim Management Statements at 31 March 2023 and at 30 September 2023 will be held on the dates, as indicated above, of the respective meetings of the Board of Directors.

Any changes will be promptly communicated to the market.

Mention should be made that Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A., as a company listed on the Euronext STAR segment of Borsa Italiana, will publish the Interim Management Statements at 31 March 2023 and at 30 September 2023 – pursuant to art. 2.2.3, par. 3, of the Borsa Italiana Regulations – within 45 days after the end of the first and third quarters of the year (with exemption from the publication of the interim report on the fourth quarter if the annual financial report 2022, together with the other documents referred to in art. 154-ter, par. 1, of the Finance Consolidation Act, is made available within 90 days after year end).
The structure, information and procedures for the publication of the documents are unchanged from the Interim Management Statements previously published pursuant to former Article 154-ter, paragraph 5, of the Finance Consolidation Act.

Mondadori Media acquires “Power” Talent Agency

A few months following the launch of Zenzero, Mondadori Media further affirms itself in the creator economy

Power talent agency manages a roster of young talents who are both very popular on the social networks and active on TV, in films and on the radio.

Beauty, fashion, lifestyle and wellness are the focus of the project’s branded content offer.

Mondadori Media is now an even greater key player of the creator economy and influencer marketing thanks to its acquisition of Power from the Human Vs. Machine group.

Power manages an exclusive roster of young talents of various artistic backgrounds and a very active social media community. This operation allows the Mondadori Group to further affirm itself in an increasingly more strategic and rapidly growing segment, thus strengthening the successful partnership developed over the years with both its media brands and the trendiest creators and influencers of the moment.

Thanks to  Power Talent Agency, Mondadori Media becomes an even more important Italian point of reference of the social media and creator economy through a distinctive offer focused on the new generations, a segment in which the company has become a key player thanks to The Wom, the first fully inclusive social magazine, Zenzero, the talent agency of the best Italian food creators, and Webboh, the first recently acquired Italian GenZ community.

In 2022, the talent agency, which had already been operating for some years, achieved over 200 communication projects with a particular focus on the beauty, fashion and lifestyle segments. Today, Power Talent Agency is on the market with a renewed graphic communication and logo, but will also soon launch an even more complete and distinctive offer of talents and creators.

Power Talent Agency’s team will work with the talents to offer branded content initiatives and effective communication campaigns to its partners companies on all online and offline channels. Projects will henceforth also be able to benefit from the opportunities arising from the integration of the Mondadori Media brands to implement very captivating contents in terms of communication, language and style. The goal is that of creating authentic stories for all target segments, especially for the genZ and young millennialZ public.


Power Talent Agency is led by an all-female Board of Directors made up of: Alessandra Rigolio, CEO of both the new agency and Zenzero Talent Agency; Daniela Cerrato, Marketing Director of Mondadori Media, as President, and Jessica Piga who, as Head of Talent Manager, will rely on her experience to manage the talents and to implement influencer marketing projects. Luigi D’Alterio is also part of Power Talent Agency’s team as the agency’s Sales Director, a position he will carry out along with the one he holds as Sales Director of Zenzero Talent Agency and Hej!.

“Following Zenzero’s recent launch, we will continue to pursue the strategy undertaken with Power Talent Agency in the creator economy and to further expand among other segments. We plan on developing innovative and unconventional communication initiatives together with the young professionals of our roster by focusing on the strength and uniqueness of each talent. The intention is to create engaging contents in line with the most recent trends and languages to put sponsor brands in touch with the public of reference and to create value,” stated Alessandra Rigolio, CEO of Power Talent Agency.


Power Talent Agency’s leading face is 26-year old Ludovica Bizzaglia: actress, author and talent creator, she became a main figure on the social media for her commitment to women’s empowerment, skin positivity and self-acceptance.

Alongside Ludovica, an ever-growing team made up of professionals capable of putting their talent at the service of initiatives in various segments to reach a total of 5 million followers and 12 million views each month with their projects: from Diletta Begali, a youtuber known for her storytimes in which she talks about travelling and her daily life, to Camilla Mangiapelo, who – following her début on TV – now shares her passion for make-up, skincare and fitness on the social networks, not to mention Giulia Bellu, actress from the age of 5 and current TikTok star, or even Miriam Candurro, a face of the popular TV series “Un posto al Sole” [A spot under the Sun].

The agency’s exclusive roster is further made up of the young mother Nicole Pizzato, the actress Giulia Elettra Gorietti, the photographer Umberto Buglione, the anchorwoman Manola Moslehi and the personal trainers Mattia Valli and Chiara Dainese.

“Being part of Power Talent Agency means sharing values such as transparency, trust, determination and passion. For years now, we’ve been sharing every success and new challenge with our talents, and none of this would have been possible without the increasingly stronger work relationship developed between the artists and talent managers. Our roster is made up of one-of-a-kind professionals and such uniqueness allows us to offer increasingly more original, engaging and tailor-made projects full of values to our clients, thanks to the use of credible, spontaneous, direct and captivating stories,” stated Jessica Piga, Talent Manager Director of Power Talent Agency.

The agency’s team will work in full synergy with Mediamond and its Brand On Solutions structure with the intent of offering influencer marketing projects and branded content initiatives to the market and individual brands.

Mondadori Group raises its stake to 75% in A.L.I. – Agenzia Libraria International

The Mondadori Group announces the conclusion today, through its subsidiary Mondadori Libri S.p.A., of the acquisition of a further 25% stake in A.L.I. S.r.l. – Agenzia Libraria International, operating in the distribution of books.

The transaction – which raises the Mondadori Group stake in A.L.I. to 75%, which will be subject to full consolidation as of 1 January 2023 – takes place in execution of the agreements defined and disclosed last 11 May 2022 upon acquisition of an initial 50% stake, effective earlier than the date originally scheduled for 28 February 2023.

The provisional price, paid entirely in cash, is approximately € 9.5 million and was determined, as already disclosed to the market, on the basis of an average 2021-2022 EBITDA and the positive net financial position (cash) of the scope covered by the transaction, which at 31 December 2022 amounted to € 17.8 million (preliminary figure).

Additionally, the defined agreements give the Mondadori Group the right to acquire the remaining 25% in A.L.I., at a price to be determined on the basis of an average 2023-2024 EBITDA, through put&call options exercisable by 30 July 2025.

The transaction is consistent with the path of vertical integration in the books market, with a view to the gradual strengthening in the promotion and distribution activities of third-party publishers.



Mondadori Group: Stefano Peccatori appointed President & CEO of Rizzoli International Publications and of Rizzoli Bookstores

Marco Ausenda to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the two companies based in New York

Starting this month, Stefano Peccatori takes over as President & CEO of the U.S. publisher Rizzoli International Publications, a market leader in the illustrated books segment, and of Rizzoli Bookstores, which heads one of New York’s most prestigious bookstores.

Peccatori, who has served in the Mondadori Group for 30 years now, in his new position – together with his role as General Manager of Piemme, Sperling & Kupfer and Mondadori Electa reporting to Mondadori Libri CEO Enrico Selva Coddè – will be in charge of the publishing, commercial, financial and administrative units of the two Mondadori Group companies operating in the United States under the Rizzoli, Rizzoli New York, Rizzoli Electa, and Universe brands, and through the Rizzoli Bookstore bookshop.

Concurrently, Marco Ausenda, who has led Rizzoli International Publications and Rizzoli Bookstores since 2002, becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors.

At 31 December 2021, consolidated revenue of the two companies was over $ 55 million, a remarkable performance indeed against the challenging backdrop of the U.S. market.

Rizzoli New York opened its eponymous flagship bookstore in 1964 on Fifth Avenue and began publishing in 1974, becoming an award-winning world leader in fashion, interior design, cuisine, art, architecture and photography. The Rizzoli Universe Publishing brand was launched in 1990, enabling Rizzoli’s entry into the pop culture world of humour, beauty, sports, performing arts and LGBTQ issues with highly successful programming. In 2016, Rizzoli International Publications was acquired by the Mondadori Group. 2018 saw the birth of the new Rizzoli Electa brand, with further boosted the publishing house’s production and publication of art catalogues in English and for the organization of international exhibitions.


A brand new magazine for Giallozafferano

As of this month, the formula will be refreshed with recipes from the brand’s top food creators, new columns and modern graphics

The novelties continue with the Giallozafferano Collection’s series of monthly monographs.

Giallozafferano, the magazine designed by the most popular Italian food media brand, evolves and presents itself to the public with a new formula.

The format is entirely renewed, especially in terms of contents. The first section of the most popular Italian culinary monthly magazine will be strongly linked to Giallozafferano’s social and digital world: The brand’s most popular creators and top bloggers, each through their own style and area of expertise, will suggest tasty and original recipes each month.

Among these, Daniele Rossi, Cooker Girl, Diletta Secco and Rosy Chin, as well as many other creators of the Zenzero Talent Agency, such as 2foodfitlovers, will be the highlights of this month’s Giallozafferano issue together with the top food blogger, Luisa Orizio.

Three special and historical figures of Giallozafferano, who have always contributed to the magazine with one of a kind recipes, will also be represented throughout the issue’s pages: Aurora Cortopassi, expert in vegetarian and zero waste creations, Giovanni Castaldi, with his passion for Mediterranean cuisine and pastries, and Manuel Saraceno, with his street food recipes and secrets on bread-making and leavening.

This dynamic offer further confirms the brand’s exceptional success, thanks to the continuous expansion that allowed Giallozafferano to achieve an overall fanbase of more than 50 million people. This is an unbeatable offer for the worldwide foodlover audience who will also be able to find some dishes and ingredients in pure Giallozafferano style throughout the magazine.



Giallozafferano‘s new offer is enriched with many new columns and sections: from the “monthly theme” to the “travel” column with local dishes, products and wine, ideal for all those who love to travel and discover new food and wine cultures.

There will also be a “healthy and tasty” section devoted to a healthier cuisine and a “shopping guide” useful in selecting the right ingredients needed, from the butcher to the greengrocer and fishmonger.

Finally, a “preparing with” section, with the “preparing and freezing” and “preparing to take away” options, will also be suggested.

The “Giallo school” section will also be available with cooking shoots, bread-making techniques and much more for all those who wish to learn the best cooking strategies.


All readers will be able to discover 100 original recipes and their respective culinary preparations created for February’s festivities: from the hottest Valentine’s Day menu to the most varied Carnival sweets, or even Harlequin’s green menu dishes with thought-out vegetarian recipes, without mentioning the frangipane cream found in the pastry techniques and basics section.



A new graphic design will accompany the contents of the magazine’s new editorial sections to facilitate reading. The final result will be characterized by a more harmonious iconography throughout the pages with suggestive illustrations and images.


The restyling will be enriched with a new logo: the chromatic saffron flower, the magazine’s emblem, is enhanced with dynamic shades characterized by purple to fuchsia and orange to yellow blends. The colours are more lively and immediately noticeable, in line with the brand’s distinctive young and digital language. The strictly purple font recalls Giallozafferano’s contemporary style, in line with the social trends.



Another absolute novelty consists in the Giallozafferano Collection, a new monographic collection magazine dedicated to presenting recipes linked to a special theme each month. In the newsstand issue, readers will be able to discover many meat-based main courses to serve at the table, including many tasty cooking techniques.

Giallozafferano magazine’s restyling was also highly appreciated by the advertising market through a collection, edited by Mediamond, which marks a double-digit growth in this year’s first two months compared to the same period in 2022.


Mondadori Group: completed disposal to Reworld Media of the operations under the Grazia and Icon brands

The Mondadori Group announces the execution today by the subsidiary Mondadori Media S.p.A. of the contract for the disposal to Reworld Media S.A. – signed last 22 November and disclosed to the market on the same date – of the print and digital publishing operations of the Grazia and Icon brands, as well as the related international licensing network.

 The execution of the transaction took place with the transfer of the business unit heading the operations disposed of to a newly-incorporated company and the concurrent disposal to Reworld Media of 100% of the share capital of the transferee.


Mondadori has published the Italian version of “Spare,” Prince Harry’s autobiography

It is being released today, January 10, for Penguin Random House and Mondadori, in Italy. Simultaneous worldwide publication in 16 languages.

Spare, the autobiography of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, published by Penguin Random House and for Mondadori, in Italy, is being released worldwide today, January 10, 2023.

 From the very first pages, Spare takes readers back to one of the most poignant images of the twentieth century: two little boys, two princes, walking behind their mother’s coffin under the entire world’s pained and horrified eyes. As the funeral of Diana was being celebrated, billions of people wondered what Prince William and Prince Harry were thinking or feeling, but also how their lives would move forward from there.

Now, at last, Harry tells his story.

“The Heir and Backup: such definition was neither a judgement nor ambiguous. I was the shadow, the second in line, the plan B… I was summoned as a backup, a distraction, a diversion and, whenever necessary, a spare part. … All of this had been made clear to me since I can remember and reaffirmed periodically ever since.”

Before losing his mother, the then 12-year old Prince Harry was regarded as the cheerful and carefree Backup of the more serious Heir to the throne. However, that time of mourning changed everything. Harry began having issues at school and found himself struggling against his own anger and solitude. Moreover, since he blamed the press for his mother’s death, he had a hard time accepting life under the spotlight.

At twenty, he joined the British Army. Discipline gave him stability, and two missions turned him into a hero at home. However, he soon found himself more lost than ever, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and crippling panic attacks. But most of all, he was unable to find true love.

Then, he met Meghan. The world was captivated by that novel-like story and rejoiced in their fairy tale wedding. Yet, Harry and Meghan were pursued by the press since the very beginning, struck with numerous insults, racist comments and lies. Seeing his wife suffer, and fearing for their safety and sanity, Harry found himself forced to flee the country in an attempt to prevent history from tragically repeating itself. Few have dared to leave the royal family over the centuries. His mother had been the last to do so…

For the first time, Prince Harry tells his story, an account of his journey reported with unquestionable truth. Spare is an exceptional book full of particulars, revelations and intimate details emphasised by the awareness – conquered at a great price – that love always prevails over pain.

Prince Harry intends to support a certain number of British charities with the profits of Spare. The Duke of Sussex has donated 1,500,000 dollars to Sentebale, an organisation he set up with Prince Seeiso in memory of their mothers and which supports the vulnerable children and youngsters suffering from HIV/AIDS in Lesotho and Botswana. The prince will also donate 300,000 pounds to WellChild, a no-profit organisation he has supported for fifteen years as a royal and which provides home care to children and youngsters with complex health needs whenever possible.

The English versions of Spare will be published in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa by Random House, a division of Penguin Random House UK, and by Random House Canada in Canada. The book will also be translated and published in 15 other languages: Spanish, Plaza & Janés/Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial; German, Penguin Verlag/Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe GmbH; Brazilian Portuguese, Objetiva/Grupo Companhia das Letras; European Portuguese, Objectiva/Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial; simplified Chinese, Penguin Random House China; Danish, Politikens Forlag; Dutch, Hollands Diep, a division of Overamstel; Finnish, Otava Publishing Company Ltd.; French, Éditions Fayard; Greek, Pedio Books; Hungarian, Corvina Books; Italian, Mondadori; Polish, Wydawnictwo Marginesy; Romanian, Nemira Publishing House; Swedish, Albert Bonniers Förlag.

 # # #

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, is a husband, father, human rights activist, military veteran, mental health advocate and environmentalist. He lives in Santa Barbara, California, with his family and three dogs.

Prince Harry



January 10, 2023

Hardcover, 540 pages, € 25,00

You can find it here.

Cover credits

Cover design: Christopher Brand

Cover photo: Ramona Rosales