Here comes #inviaggioconchi: Chi’s new digital format to tell the story of Italy’s beauty

From today on Instagram and YouTube an exclusive 'on the road' program hosted by the editor of Chi, Massimo Borgnis, joined by Margherita Zanatta

Here comes #InviaggioconChi, the new digital format that Chi, Italy’s most widely read people magazine, is dedicating to rediscovering the riches of the Bel Paese.

Accompanying editor Massimo Borgnis on the six stages of the program – available from today, Monday, 17 June, every week on the brand’s Instagram and YouTube channels – will be the exuberant Margherita Zanatta, the TAAG! talent with an unmistakable voice, a hilarious content creator, radio speaker, author, television presenter and founder of the Disagio Club.

Together they will cross the whole Boot ‘on the road’ to discover well-known locations, unconventional places and hidden gems in the country: from the Sacro Monte of Varese to the village of Vendersi (AL), known as the Village of the Scarecrows, from the colourful Via dei Presepi San Gregorio Armeno in Naples to the Sanctuary of Ripalta, immersed in the olive groves of Cerignola, passing through the ruins left by the Serenissima in Bergamo Alta to the ‘ideal city’ of the Renaissance, Sabbioneta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

#InviaggioconChi is an opportunity to show our readers little-known or even undiscovered places that are easy to reach and that can be an opportunity to rediscover hidden stories linked to wonderful places in our country and for an outing that is both fun and educational”, stressed Chi’s editor Massimo Borgnis. “This is all done with a sense of humour, thanks to the wit of my priceless travelling companion, Margherita Zanatta”, Borgnis added.

The common thread that links the episodes of this first edition of #InviaggioconChi are the inns that are the stars of the new Food Network television program on Channel 33, Locande del cuore’” – created and written by Massimo Borgnis – and hosted with Roberto Valbuzzi, the well-known chef and owner of the restaurant Crotto Valtellina – airing from Tuesday, 18 June at 22:00.

A partner of #InviaggioconChi, thanks to Piemme, Chi’s exclusive dealer, is the KGM Torres car from the Koelliker Group, which will take readers and users across Italy to discover our beautiful country.

Chi, Italy’s most widely read weekly people magazine, with an audience of almost 1.5 million readers and almost 1.1 million followers on Instagram and Facebook (Source: Audiopress 2024/I and FB and IG Insights), tells the stories of the public’s most loved and followed personalities, ranging from the world of entertainment to politics, from sports to fashion and lifestyle. The attention given to photo quality, the constant search for news and above all the exclusive and trusting relationship with celebrities are what make the magazine unique. Making a name for itself from the very beginnings thanks to its absolutely original format for Italy, Chi combines the stories of the “natural stars” and people with space dedicated to fashion and beauty.

70% of school leavers do not see artificial intelligence as a threat, but as an opportunity for the future

Here are the results of the Studenti.it survey conducted before the upcoming 2024 State Examinations

What are the expectations and how are boys and girls preparing for the upcoming State Examinations? What most influenced them when choosing the path they will take after the exams? What is their opinion on such a topical issue as Artificial Intelligence?

Studenti.it, a Mondadori Group brand and a reference point for Gen Z at school, asked its community in view of the upcoming State Examinations that will be held on 19 June: over 1,600 young people responded within 48 hours.


According to the survey conducted by Studenti.it, the majority of high school seniors (70 per cent) see Artificial Intelligence as an opportunity for their future, given the speed at which the world of work is changing, while only 30 per cent view this new reality with fear.
The recent development of AI has also directly affected the post-diploma choices of 36% of respondents, who said they took this into account when considering their future path after high school. In contrast, 64% stated that it did not influence their choice because they still knew too little about it.

With regard to their future after school, the majority of those who had already decided (45%) opted for university (35%). There were still many undecided (55%) whose concerns will disappear in the coming months, reaffirming the importance of orientation programmes throughout their school career.


Studenti.it asked its users what was the tool they used most to prepare for the 2024 State Examinations and how much they used digital tools in their study hours. The PC, chosen by 40 per cent of the final year students, was considered the most convenient device for accessing various learning resources – including notes, e-books and videos – and also the most suitable for long study sessions (over four hours a day for 53 per cent of the final year students).
In total, 3 out of 4 students stated that they use digital media for study (in addition to PCs, tablets 9%, smartphones 8% and AI 7%).
In addition, 27% of young people take dietary supplements to improve their memory and concentration while studying.


After many hours of study, how do students on the cusp of their exams relax? The Studenti.it survey shows that playing sports (25%) and listening to music (15%) are the most frequently used strategies.

Studenti is the Mondadori Group brand leader in Italy for the digital market in the education category, with 4.3 million users (source Audiweb). It is a reference point for Gen-Z at school, thanks to a dynamic and constantly evolving editorial offer, characterised by innovative languages and content and a team of young creators. This is a formula that has allowed Studenti to reach over 1.5 million followers on social media (Social Insights), on TikTok – where it is followed by 927 thousand users – Facebook, Telegram and on YouTube (StudentiTV) where students access guides and tutorials to prepare for exams.

A Mondadori Store in the heart of San Giorgio a Cremano

Mondadori Store, the largest network of bookstores in Italy, opens a new store dedicated to the world of books, culture and entertainment in San Giorgio a Cremano (NA) tomorrow on Thursday, 6 June at 6 pm.

The new Mondadori Bookstore – which expands the already extensive Mondadori Store network – shows itself to be a true cultural stronghold for locals, tourists, and especially the younger generation. The bookstore fits into a central and strategic environment, supported by the presence of schools, in line with the network’s objective of spreading culture and promoting reading to the widest possible audience.

“Our family has been carrying on the bookstore tradition for a long time. The first bookstore has a long history rooted in this region. It was founded in 1980 in San Giorgio a Cremano based on the vision of my father, Antonio Marsiglia, who from the very beginning specialised in collecting and selling books of all kinds”, said Daniela Marsiglia, Mondadori Store franchisee. “Since that time, we haven’t stopped growing and developing our business, always looking to meet the different needs of a market that has become increasingly large and demanding, and updating our stores with modern computer systems. Today, thanks to the support of Mondadori Retail, we have been able to open this new store in San Giorgio a Cremano, thus strengthening our role as a cultural outpost throughout the Vesuvian area”, finished the franchisee.

The new bookstore covers 110 m2 and offers a selection of around 10,000 titles, from the great classics to best sellers – including fiction, non-fiction and miscellaneous – with a particular focus on early readers with the We are Junior format, which includes educational games and illustrated books to stimulate children’s imagination with the most fascinating stories, and the department dedicated to manga and comics, Just Comic. Areas dedicated to #BookTok, for the new generation of readers, local publishing, as well as stationery, toys, gift cards and gift boxes, also expand the store’s offer. 

The Mondadori Bookstore in San Giorgio a Cremano is entirely dedicated to readers not only inside the store, thanks to the support of specialised and highly qualified staff, but also online. That’s why customers can get updates via theFacebook and Instagrampages or get in touch with the store through the Mondadoristore.it digital services. With this service, they can check if a book is available, order it and pick it up in the store, choosing from a catalogue of over 1 million titles.

The new Mondadori Bookstore follows the plan for renewal and development of Mondadori Store, the largest bookstore network in Italy, with more than 500 stores in cities and smaller towns. This cultural organisation is active throughout the country, online with the e-commerce site Mondadoristore.it and the book club. In addition to books, its primary service, it also provides entertainment, events and multichannel services, reaching more than 20 million customers every year.

Via Salvo d’Acquisto 2/4, angolo via S. Rosa 93/95, 80046, San Giorgio a Cremano (NA)
Summer opening hours: Mon–Fri 8:00 – 13:30 / 16:30 – 20:00 and Sat 9:00 -13:30
Tel: +39 081.3183518
Email: mondadori.cremano@gmail.com

Mondadori Store opens a new bookstore in the medieval town of Marzano Appio

Mondadori Store, the largest bookstore network in Italy, will inaugurate the bookstore in Marzano Appio (CE) inside the Plaza Shopping Centre today at 10 a.m. Mondadori Store further expands its already extensive network of bookstores, providing the public with a new standard dedicated to the world of books, culture and entertainment in the Caserta province.

“The Mondadori Bookstore in Marzano Appio – a municipality of medieval origin that owes its name to the famous Marzano family – responds to the desire to create a true cultural stronghold for the region in a place that’s already steeped in history”, said Salvatore Iumiento, when asked about his eleventh bookstore as a Mondadori Store franchisee, after the previous opening in Conversano (BA). “The goal, which we share with the network, is to offer a meeting place in the area for readers of all ages, encouraging sociability and reading, which we’ll also be able to accomplish thanks to collaborating with cultural associations engaged in the promotion of books”, Iumiento finished.

The new bookstore covers 150 m2 and offers a selection of around 18,000 titles, focusing on books, from the great classics to best sellers, without forgetting early readers with the We are Junior format, which includes educational games and illustrated books to stimulate children’s imagination with the most fascinating stories, and the department dedicated to the phenomenon of manga and comics, Just Comics. There is also an area dedicated to stationery, along with gift boxes, gift cards and a selection of eReaders to expand the store’s offer.

The Mondadori Bookstore in Marzano Appio also serves readers online: customers can be updated on all the activities and events planned through the Facebook and Instagram pages. They will also be able to get in touch with the store through the Mondadoristore.it digital services to check if a book is available, order it and pick it up in the store, choosing from a catalogue of over 1 million titles.

The new Mondadori Bookstore follows the plan for renewal and development of Mondadori Store, the largest bookstore network in Italy, with more than 500 stores in cities and smaller towns. This cultural organisation is active throughout the country, online with the e-commerce site Mondadoristore.it and the book club. In addition to books, its primary service, it also provides entertainment, events and multichannel services, reaching more than 20 million customers every year.

Centro Commerciale Plaza Shopping Centre
Via Casilina, 8, 81035 Marzano Appio (CE)
Opening times: Mon–Sat 9:00–21:00; Sun 10:00–21:00
Phone: +39 0823.1211990
Email: mondadori.vairano@gmail.com

Sold out for the first edition of MypersonalRimini: the MypersonalTrainer event at RiminiWellness with top fitfluencers

Another successful live initiative for MypersonalTrainer, attending the major international fitness and wellness event, with its community's favourite coaches and a dedicated stage in collaboration with Jill Cooper

There was also daily social media coverage in partnership with Rimini Wellness and branded activities with Rio Mare and HiPro

The next MypersonalTrainer event is in September, in the heart of Milan, at the third edition of the MypersonalTrainer Days

There was great success for MypersonalTrainer, the Mondadori Media brand leader in the health and wellness sector, which this year attended the MypersonalRimini event at RiminiWellness, the largest international event dedicated to fitness and wellness, which took place from 30 May to 2 June at the Rimini Trade Fair and Riviera.

For the first time MypersonalTrainer completely customised a stage in the 1,000 m2 pavilion in collaboration with wellness ambassador Jill Cooper.

Over the event’s four days, the public was able to enjoy 60 free workouts for different free body disciplines, which sold out immediately. As well as lessons and workouts, which featured coaches and fitfluencers like Jill Cooper and her team, Nicolò Famiglietti, Lisa Alborghetti, Silvia Fascians – all three from Power Talent Agency – together with Roberta Vanzella, Marianna Balsamo, Monia Di Cocco, Tamara Tanzilli, and Ilaria Castagnino, MypersonalTrainer created the Wellness Recharge Area: a space where the public could take a moment to relax and look after their bodies, thanks also to equipment for decontracting massages, and recharge their devices at special stations.

Activities with brand partners

MypersonalTrainer also had branded content and social media storytelling in collaboration with Brand On Solutions, a unit dedicated to special initiatives by retailer Mediamond.
For HiPRO, a Danone brand specialising in high-protein products, MypersonalTrainer created a video to share the story of the experiences offered by the brand at RiminiWellness, with the involvement of Dany Resconi, a food creator with a large social following who is part of the Zenzero Talent Agency roster, and Laura Crugnola, a Power Talent Agency talent, nutrition ambassador for the event and sports nutrition expert.
A video report about all the brand’s activities during the event was produced together with Rio Mare: there was a stage with numerous classes to train on, a stand with entertainment activities and a food truck to try out many light and tasty tuna recipes.

Media partnership with RiminiWellness

As RiminiWellness’s media partner for the third consecutive year, MypersonalTrainer, the leading publishing brand in the world of health and wellness, once again cemented that it shared the values that have always driven the famous event, which is now in its 18th edition: love for fitness, sport, wellness and personal care.
Thanks to extensive daily social media coverage with dedicated video stories and reels, MypersonalTrainer also provided the fit lover community with a broad overview of both its own activities and the entire event for the duration of the event.

Roadmap to MypersonalTrainer Days

MypersonalRimini was also where they launched the third edition of the Mypersonaltrainer Days, which will be held on 14 and 15 September in the heart of Milan, and the related new advertising campaign – created and produced by the Casiraghi Greco& agency and positioned in strategic locations throughout the Rimini event.

After last year’s success with more than 10,000 visitors and the involvement of over 20 brand sponsors, the Arco della Pace will come alive again for an entire weekend with free activities dedicated to fitness, health, wellness, experiential corners and with the participation of personalities from the world of sport, special guests and fitfluencers.

Many new features will be announced very soon. For all updates: www.my-personaltrainer.it/myptdays.

MypersonalTrainer: the strength of a well-rounded digital and live brand

With the success reported at RiminiWellness 2024 and in anticipation of the big event in September, MypersonalTrainer cements its ability to excel in the world of health and wellness not only as a digital brand, topping the web and social media rankings, but also increasingly strengthening its presence as a star in the world of events in the area, offering its brand partners the fruitful cultivation of in-person contact with its audience.


Mypersonaltrainer is Mondadori Media’s leading brand in the world of health, wellness, and healthy and functional sports nutrition, with 14 million unique monthly users (source: Audiweb Total Digital Audience January 2024) and over 6 million followers on socials (source: Comscore Shareablee and Social Insights April 2024).

Fondamenta, a foundation for art and cultural education

Fondamenta, a foundation for art and cultural education, was created by Electa Editore on the anniversary of its 80th birthday.

Fondamenta is rooted in Electa’s wealth of experience in projects for publishing, heritage enhancement and creating and organising exhibitions and cultural events.

The name Fondamenta was inspired by the exhibition of the same name that writer Daniele Del Giudice

launched and curated between 1999 and 2003 in Venice, involving some of the world’s leading authors and artists. Fondamenta was the template for many festivals to come: it was the first to promote reading and the powerful discussion on current affairs that it generates; it was the first to bring the public into contact with intellectuals from various backgrounds and disciplines; it was the first to bring such a high level of cultural debate and performance events to the streets.

Fondamenta would like to be a “working framework”, and to work with others. Ours is a very open, very multifaceted idea of art and literature. We cannot take a step forward without taking a step back; we cannot understand the new if we do not see how much of the continuum, of the old, of the past, there is in the new.

These were Del Giudice’s words when he presented the project at the time, which not only still resonate evocatively and powerfully today, but even seem to trace the path to re-embracing the civil value of debating ideas and the arts to try to envision forms of communal happiness.

The intention is for the new Foundation to be animated and driven by the same spirit. To create open and vital opportunities for cultural sharing, celebrating the most virtuous and successful links between high and popular culture, to return to the principles of peaceful coexistence, inclusiveness and creativity that inspired the best of, again to quote Del Giudice, our “western atlas”.


“Fondamenta is the culmination of a cultural adventure that has united a group of people who have visited, thought and worked at Electa over the years. From this resounding accord came the idea that formed the vision and helped make the leap. Fondamenta will implement educational and cultural projects for institutions and communities; at the same time it will be a place for experimental and broad thinking to synthesise our cultural heritage, the conflicts and rifts of the present, and the visions of the future”, explained Carlotta Branzanti, Director of the Fondamenta Foundation.


  • Reflect on contemporary visual culture: bringing the history of art and images back to the centre of interpretation of contemporary events and topical and urgent debates;
  • Reconnect the arts to “read” our world: rediscovering the sparkling canvas that unites art, history, literature, poetry, music, theatre, cinema, to “really see” reality and promote an interconnected model of reading and multimedia knowledge;
  • Create new ways of “reading” the Italian regions and landscape: enlightened and guided by the fundamental experience of Luigi Ghirri’s “Journey in Italy”, who sensed and shared with his “electiv” group the urgent need to transform the view of the Italian landscape through photography and literature, we would like to propose, through discussions with local communities and large centres, respectful and measured models of knowledge and visits to the regions, which are not just “nostalgic” visions and that can embody emerging values;
  • Educate people in the arts and their heritage by original and incisive means of expression, matching methods, languages and principles primarily to the desires and demands that young people express;
  • Experiment and innovate with the help of quality partners to envision, research and realise new forms of cultural communication on the narrative of the present and the future, and on the much-debated relationship between art, representation and multimedia.


  • it will organise cultural events and festivals for institutions and local authorities together with quality partners;
  • it will support public and private cultural institutions in cultural enhancement and co-design, including through participation in calls for tenders addressed to non-profit organisations and through public-private partnerships;
  • it will develop new products and forms of storytelling, including digital, for culture;
  • it will design ‘cultural participation’ activities in towns and small centres that reinvent the narratives of small and large stories using the expressions and languages of the arts in the regions.

Fondamenta will also be a place for thought and design, for creating new forms of cultural communication, as well as for experimenting and hybridising disciplines that make up the world of the ‘arts’, which, if they do not mix and interact with the major themes of modern times, risk losing touch with communities and young people.

The launch of the website will be accompanied by the zeroth issue of FM, Fondamenta Magazine, which, like a radio tuned to the conversation between original voices in the Italian cultural landscape, will amplify the debate behind the ‘laboratory’ of Fondamenta projects.

In the first episode, there will be original contributions by Chiara Alessi, Gabriele Pedullà, Vanessa Roghi, Silvia Bencivelli and Giulia Cavaliere focused on certain ‘frequencies’ – key to laying the foundations for future projects.


The chairship is entrusted to Rosanna Cappelli, Managing Director of Electa Editore. The Foundation will be directed by Carlotta Branzanti.

In addition to the Chair, the Board of Directors will be comprised of Annapaola Negri-Clementi, Ernesto Franco, Guido Guerzoni and Enrico Selva.

Collaborating in the development of Fondamenta’s projects are professionals and companies that have gained in-depth design skills, experience and relationships in museum, publishing, educational, communication and cultural promotion settings and come from different disciplines – from visual arts to literature, from architecture to graphic design, from art history and criticism to economics, journalism and digital communication.


name: Fondamenta Foundation for Arts and Culture, E.T.S.
chairship: Rosanna Cappelli
direction: Carlotta Branzanti
fields of activity: education/training, festivals/scheduling, cultural projects, communication/outreach, strategic consultancy in the arts/culture field
offices: Milan and Rome
website: www.fondazionefondamenta.it
social channels: @foundationfoundation

A new Mondadori Bookstore arrives in Pontecagnano Faiano

Mondadori Store, the largest network of bookstores in Italy, will inaugurate a new bookstore in Pontecagnano Faiano (SA), in Corso Italia, 18/20, near the Piazza Sabbato, town centre, on Saturday, 25 May at 10.00 a.m.

The new Mondadori Bookstore will offer the entire public in the town of Salerno, which is already home to the Costa d’Amalfi airport and which is undergoing urban development, a centre entirely dedicated to the world of books, culture and entertainment, thus creating an interactive meeting point and a true cultural reference point for locals and tourists alike.

The Pontecagnano Faiano bookstore – led by a team of young booksellers – expands the already extensive Mondadori Store network in the area, in line with the network’s strategy of spreading culture and promoting reading.

“I am happy to create this project with the Mondadori Store network of bookstores, since we share the same goals: to develop places dedicated to culture throughout Italy, making it accessible to everyone and satisfying the tastes of a wide public”, said franchisee Antonio Verderame, who has now opened his eleventh bookstore after the three in Salerno and those in Pagani, Mercato San Severino, Cava de’ Tirreni, Castellabate, Manduria, Baronissi and Arezzo. “Furthermore, by focusing on the quality of the shopping experience, multi-channel services and events, we always put the needs of our reading customers at the centre of our work”, he added.

The new bookstore covers 70 m2 and offers a selection of around 11,000 titles, from the great classics to best sellers – including fiction, non-fiction and miscellaneous – and that’s not forgetting early readers with the We are Junior format, which includes educational games and illustrated books to stimulate children’s imagination with the most fascinating stories, and the department dedicated to manga and comics, Just Comic. Areas dedicated to #BookTok, for the new generation of readers, local publishing, as well as stationery, toys, gift cards and gift boxes, also expand the store’s offer. 

The Mondadori Bookstore in Pontecagnano Faiano also serves readers online: customers can be updated on all the activities and events planned through the Facebook and Instagram pages. They will also be able to get in touch with the store through the Mondadoristore.it digital services to check if a book is available, order it and pick it up in the store, choosing from a catalogue of over 1 million titles.

The new Mondadori Bookstore follows the plan for renewal and development of Mondadori Store, the largest bookstore network in Italy, with more than 500 stores in cities and smaller towns. This cultural organisation is active throughout the country, online with the e-commerce site Mondadoristore.it and the book club. In addition to books, its primary service, it also provides entertainment, events and multichannel services, reaching more than 20 million customers every year.

Corso Italia,18/20, 84098, Pontecagnano Faiano (SA)
Hours: Mon–Sat 8:30-13:30/16:00-20:30
Phone: +39 089.9762989
Email: mondadoribookstorepontecagnano@gmail.com
FB – IG @mondadori.bookstore.pontecagnano

Kobo and Mondadori Store present “Kobo Colour Days”

Several events centred on innovation and fun, organised by the Mondadori Duomo bookshop in Milan, mark the launch of the first Kobo colour eReaders.

Kobo Italia, in partnership with Mondadori Store, presents“Kobo Colour Days“. These events and activities will converge both digital and physical worlds, offering the public, for the first time, the opportunity to immerse themselves in the universe of digital colour reading.

The protagonists are Kobo’s new colour eReaders which, following their launch on the Italian market, are ready to be explored and touched. This unique experience will be offered at the Mondadori Duomo bookshop. On 17-26 May, from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm, you will have the opportunity to experience the latest technological innovations during a series of engaging activities specifically designed to celebrate the power of colour in digital reading. A dynamic and fun experience, a chance to explore new dimensions of colour and creativity.

“We are thrilled about this new partnership with Kobo, and the opportunity to support such a novelty in publishing and digital reading, namely the new colour devices. Working alongside ground-breaking players, such as Kobo, allows us to offer customers increasingly immersive and innovative reading experiences, besides traditional hard copy books. The aim is to enhance reading as a cultural practice in all its forms, ensuring it is accessible to everybody,” says Francesco Riganti, Marketing Director of Mondadori Retail.

“This event, organised to present our new colour eReaders, also reflects Kobo’s commitment to promoting innovation in the scene of digital reading. We want to make reading a richer and deeply engaging experience for book lovers at all levels. We can achieve this with Mondadori Store, the largest network of bookshops in Italy, by offering readers a dynamic and engaging experience to explore new dimensions of colour and creativity,” says Lorena Landini, Senior Marketing Manager Kobo.

The activity programme is given below:

  • Armocromia, the colour harmony of Personality” | 17-18-19 May, 10.00 am – 7.00 pm
    The “Colour School” experience enables you to identify the dominant colour of your personality, and the corresponding reader profile through a certified test.
  • CruciColour: quest for the hidden message” | 20-21-22 May, 10.00 am – 7.00 pm
    CruciColor is a crossword puzzle enriched with original puzzles and quizzes, which challenge participants to guess the hidden words and unravel Kobo’s message. Solutions can only be found by exploring the features of the new Kobo colour devices.
  • “Colour Masterclass: diving into the heart of stories with Ilenia Zodiaco” | 23 May, 3.00-4.00 pm + “Be judged by your cover: customise your cover”, 10.00 am – 7.00 pm
    The masterclass, held by content creator Ilenia Zodiaco, explores the beauty of colour books, sharing creative doodling and note-taking techniques with participants.
    She also suggests how to highlight favourite readings in an… unforgettable way. All that could only be done on paper, can now also be done digitally. Indeed, Ilenia Zodiaco, together with other influencers who are book-lovers, will show participants how to further customise their eBooks.
  • Customising Kobo Covers with “Art and Magic” | 23-24-25-26 May, 10.00 am – 7.00 pm
    The initiative proposed by “Art and Magic” shows participants how to customise their Kobo covers, turning them into unique works of art. Each participant may choose the best way to personalise their cover, which can be either brought from home or purchased in the shop.

Moreover, on 17-26 May, all customers who purchase a Kobo Clara BW, or a Kobo Clara Colour or a Kobo Libra Colour will have an instant 50% discount on covers and Kobo Stylus 2, purchased along with the device. The offer is only valid on these dates, and only at the Mondadori Store in Piazza Duomo, Milan.

To register for the event, visit the dedicated Facebook page.


Rakuten Kobo is the world’s digital book retailer created by and for book lovers. Owned by Rakuten Group, Inc. with branch in Tokyo and head office in Toronto, millions of Rakuten Kobo users worldwide can read anytime, anywhere and on any device. With a mission to improve the lives of all readers, Rakuten Kobo connects readers to stories by carefully drawing up a customised selection of eBooks and audio books, besides proposing the best eReaders and apps dedicated to reading. Launched with the sole aim of ensuring an easy life for readers, Kobo’s open platform allows people to fit reading into many moments of their busy lives. Read more about Rakuten Kobo:https://www.kobo.com/ca/it.

Mondadori Store is the largest bookstore network in Italy, counting more than 500 stores in cities and smaller towns. This cultural organisation is active throughout the country, online with the e-commerce website Mondadoristore.it, and the book club. In addition to books, its primary service, it also provides entertainment, events and multichannel services, reaching more than 20 million customers every year.

Mondadori Bookstore | MA opens a new store in Galleria Umberto I, Naples

On 17 May 2024 from 4.00 pm, one of the largest bookshops in Italy will welcome the public with books, entertainment, culture, nature and sustainability in Galleria Umberto I.

Mondadori Bookstore | MA opens in Naples, at the monumental Galleria Umberto I.

The bookshop overlooks Teatro Salone Margherita, the historic café-chantant, the highest expression of the Neapolitan Belle Époque, in the San Ferdinando district, in the heart of Naples. Featuring furnishings, which harmonise with the Art Nouveau atmosphere of the venue, the bookshop tunes into the period architectural traits, combining them with the corporate philosophy of MA (): environmentally friendly, smart and young. The Japanese philosophical concept can be interpreted as an interval, a pause and an “indefinite space between heaven and earth where man can rest, free the mind and nourish his soul”, says Antonio Serpe, Chief Retail Officer of Mondadori Bookstore | MA Italy. “A time to stop the hectic pace of everyday life, devote oneself to reading, and tune into nature, thus defining an entirely innovative way of understanding, promoting and making culture,” concludes Serpe.

“As Mondadori Retail, we are proud to cooperate in this initiative. The strength of the MA format is based on the conviction that investing in cultural projects capable of adapting to both present and future challenges, fully respecting people and their work, will contribute to the evolution of even consolidated business models,” says Carmine Perna, CEO of Mondadori Retail. “From the outset, Mondadori Retail shared the vision and objectives of creating a cultural and experiential hub at the service of the community. The intention was to make it a venue for the promotion of reading, entertainment, environmental sustainability and culture in its broadest sense,” concludes Perna.

The Mondadori Bookstore | MA is a fusion concept inspired by Japanese culture and translated from simple ideas into concrete projects by the firm Ricciardi Architetti, in partnership with architect Selene Amico. Tall furniture echoing the natural line of tree trunks creates a gallery that envelops visitors, inviting them to breathe in culture and make it their own, both stimulating and satisfying their curiosity. Combined with bonsai trees and sansevierias – not a random choice, as they purify the air from benzene -, everything in the bookshop recalls nature and environmental sustainability, from lamps to design accessories, from architectural choices to the quality of materials – marine poplar wood and recycled iron -, skilfully processed by master carpenters and  Coppola‘s historical partners. Moreover, ecological water paints, used for walls, can reduce the amount of free formaldehyde in the environment by 80%, while floating floors diminish environmental impact concerning the installation of all systems.

“The Galleria project is the highest expression of our philosophy of placing culture and art, in all forms of expression, at the centre of nature, to bring nature as close as possible to people, especially young people. The aim is to offer a deep emotional experience, leaving everybody free to define their own cultural paths and choices, but also to rely on and be advised by our trained staff of booksellers. Naples is the ideal city for this ambitious project as Neapolitans are passionate readers. Hence, we have invested around 1.9 million euro, and created 18 new job openings. The new location will also house a 300 sq.mt. office area for Mondadori Bookstore | MA offices,” says Serpe.

“The one in Naples (Italy’s flagship store) is our twelfth store. It will soon be followed by two new branches in Pavia, precisely one in the heart of the city in Via Cavour, and the other in the province. Thus, we continue our commitment to open bookshops not only in big cities, but also in the suburbs, to enable young people to get closer to reading, thus promoting a better future for them,” says Nello Nunziata, Head of the Store Development Division.

Mondadori Bookstore | MA in Naples covers a surface area of 1,000 sq.mt, with an offer of 148,000 books spanning great classics and best sellers – including fiction, non-fiction and miscellaneous. The We are Junior area includes children’s books, educational games, and illustrated fairy tales to stimulate the imagination of kids. Finally, the innovative section Just Comics, centred on mangas and comics, summons Generation Z. There is also an area dedicated to music and  cinema, with a wide selection of CDs, vinyl records and DVDs. The venue also presents a book buvette area, a free coworking hub, reading space reserved for reading and study, a space for wine tastings, and an exclusive area for events, designed to host some of the leading figures in the local, national and international art scene. Two large touch screen totems allow social interaction, while click & collect, and self checkouts allow customers to buy online on the bookshop’s website and collect in store. Trovalibro, Book Finder, locates the desired book among those available in store, thus making the reader’s experience in the bookshop pleasant and easy.

The store also features a large photo gallery dedicated to the art and contemporary photography of young emerging talents, offering them the opportunity to display their work in the heart of the gallery from time to time. This is the case of Vittorio Cioffi, Michele De Cesare, Gerardo Massaro, Fabio Monk and Davide Orfeo, who will open the exhibition Metamorfosi napoletana.

“The new Mondadori Bookstore | MA has the ambition of becoming a cultural hub that is accessible and usable by the entire Neapolitan community. It will also propose a rich calendar of events studied to offer, from the onset, some important names from the world of culture, who will enliven our gallery,” says Nunziata. “Furthermore, through various initiatives, the bookshop is also very attentive and sensitive to contemporary social and environmental issues,” concludes Nunziata.

MONDADORI BOOKSTORE| MA expresses an innovative, environmentally friendly, young and smart bookstore concept addressing Generation Z and beyond. The philosophy is expressed through architectural choices and the materials used to create them, publishing ideas and initiatives. The environmentally sustainable cultural concept has stemmed from the entrepreneurial background of the Neapolitan-minded creators and Mondadori Retail, the company managing one of the largest bookstore networks in Italy, Mondadori Store. Present throughout Italy with      11 stores in Udine, Gravellona, Arma di Taggia, Milan, Turin, Reggio Emilia, Grosseto, Rome, Salerno, Sestu and Catania.                                                 

Address: Galleria Umberto I, 45/46 Naples (NA)
Opening hours: Mon–Sun 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Phone: +39081 4241243
Email: napoli@mabooks.it
IG: @choose.ma – TikTok: @mondadori_ma

Benedetta Serpe
Phone: +39 333.9008660

Mondadori Group Press Office
Tel. +39 02.75423159

The Mondadori Group’s central role in the AI Revolution

PLAI has just been launched, the Mondadori Group's accelerator dedicated to start-ups in the field of Generative Artificial Intelligence

The Mondadori Group has launched PLAI, the start-up accelerator designed to transform ideas, based on exploiting artificial intelligence, into successful entrepreneurial initiatives. PLAI will offer them a distinctive field of application and an industrial outlet both at the publishing house and with the initiative’s partners.

With PLAI, the Mondadori Group defines the following goals:

  • set up a technology hub to identify highly innovative initiatives in its business sectors publishing, education, retail, media and advertising;
  • acquire a central role in the artificial intelligence revolution, becoming the core of a national and international community of innovators;
  • create industrial value and competitive advantage through targeted investments in AI start-ups.

“Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming many markets. In a scenario in which generative AI makes content creation and processing a feasible prospect by revolutionising the way any activity is carried out, we want to give a strong impetus in terms of knowledge and informed use of AI in all our business areas,” says Antonio Porro, CEO of the Mondadori Group. As a leading media publisher, we want to play a central role in the Gen AI ecosystem to lead the industry as a trendsetter, attract talent and offer our customers new products and services. PLAI, our accelerator, was conceived with this goal in mind,” concludes Porro.

PLAI will operate in the pre-seed and seed phases by selecting, for each annual acceleration cycle, 10 Italian and international start-ups that will be supported with an initial investment of EUR 100,000 each, in exchange for a minority share. The Mondadori Group’s overall financial commitment is approximately EUR 6 million, to be invested over the three-year period 2024-2026.

In addition to capital, the accelerator will provide start-ups with concrete AI application areas, structured training and mentorship courses, besides the opportunity to participate in networking events. This will also be achieved with the unique set of skills and assets of relevant Italian and international partners, who have decided to join the Mondadori Group’s initiative, precisely, Startupbootcamp, I3P, Amazon AWS, PwC Italy, Multiversity, GroupM, Codemotion and Datapizza.

Core Operational Allies

  • Startupbootcamp, Europe’s first start-up accelerator and a leading global network, will support the PLAI team during every stage of the project, contributing significantly in terms of international scouting, and providing its network of experts and mentors. PLAI and Startupbootcamp teams will cooperate intensively, sharing the same workplace. This partnership is an important part of Startupbootcamp’s vision to accelerate 100,000 technologies featuring a positive impact on the planet and society by 2030.
  • I3P, the incubator of Politecnico di Torino, which supports the creation and development of innovative, technology-intensive start-ups, will support PLAI at all stages of the acceleration process, especially by enriching its training offer with more than 10 dedicated workshops.

Strategic collaboration HUB

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) will offer start-ups credits for using the AWS cloud featuring over 200 services, including those dedicated to Machine Learning and Generative Artificial Intelligence, as well as access to AWS’ team of AI experts.
  • Multiversity, a leader in the world of education and a pioneer in generative AI applied to digital education, will provide its academic expertise in the technology transfer process, thus creating an ideal ecosystem for the success of start-ups in this field.
  • GroupM will provide innovation and expertise in marketing, media and digital technology to bring start-ups closer to customers’ actual business environments.
  • PwC Italia will support the PLAI team by providing its expertise acquired in the publishing and media market, and in innovation management processes, by contributing to scouting and training phases for start-ups, and by assisting the PLAI team as strategic advisor.

Communication & Networking

  • Codemotion will involve network experts and support the PLAI community’s creation to enhance the programme by fostering meetings with its community of more than 250,000 developers through dedicated events and contests, and participation in the annual conference, a landmark for developers in Italy.
  • Datapizza will support the PLAI community’s growth by creating synergies with Gen AI experts, and by reporting on the initiative on the Italian Media Tech, which counts 15 million organic impressions each month.


PLAI‘s DNA is enclosed in the name, a pun that turns play into PLAI, with the addition of the AI factor. It symbolises a dynamic environment, a genuine playground for start-ups that are set and ready to explore and revolutionise the field of generative AI. The PLAl-Ground, a physical meeting and working place at the WAO PL7 space in via Lambertenghi 8, Milan, designed to stimulate creativity and discussions, and to accelerate the implementation of ambitious projects, will be placed at the disposal of start-ups.

Next steps

As of today, start-ups may apply to be examined and selected to access the acceleration programme promoted by PLAI. The selection phase for the 10 start-ups in the first cycle will end with the selection day in mid-September, while the four-month acceleration period will start in October. During this phase, each start-up will benefit from more than 50 hours of dedicated workshops conducted by Italian and international experts, and 20 hours of tailored mentorship. They will have the opportunity to apply their idea both within the Mondadori Group and at PLAI’s partners. In January, a Demo Day will be organised to introduce the start-ups to the market. They will make themselves known to investors and companies, and thus initiate a further important stage of development.

PLAI’s Chairman will be Antonio Porro, Chief Executive Officer of the Mondadori Group, while the CEO will be Stefano Argiolas, Chief AI Officer of the Mondadori Group and founder of Hej!,the start-up acquired by the Mondadori Group in 2021. It offers AI-driven performance marketing solutions.

Moreover, the PLAI team’s strategic decisions will be supported by an Advisory Board comprising a group of established professionals, academics and managers with wide-ranging expertise in AI and business development. They are determined to highlight and push the most promising start-ups to new heights. Advisory Board members are listed below: Alessandra Antonelli, Paola Bonomo, Marco Bressani, Luciano Catoni, Paola Colombo, Guido Di Fraia, Matteo Flora, Luca La Mesa, Marco Magnaghi, Paolo Merialdo, Paola Mogliotti, Giangiacomo Olivi, Giulio Ranucci, Alceo Rapagna, Maurizio Romandini, Chiara Russo, Massimo Sideri and Franco Spicciariello.

Are you ready to PLAI?