GialloZafferano now available on Amazon Alexa

A new step in the innovation strategy of Italy’s leading food brand

GialloZafferano, the Mondadori Group brand that is a point of reference for Italian food lovers with a monthly average of 12 million  unique users (source: Audiweb, July 2018), more than 6 million fans on Facebook and more than 600,000 readers of the magazine each month, is extending its mission to assist Italians in the kitchen with its new Skill for Amazon Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service.

In fact, from today, owners of Echo, the new Amazon device, can interact with Alexa to find inspiration for dishes to prepare, with access to all of the Giallo Zafferano recipes.

“We are particularly proud to be working with Amazon for the new Skill of GialloZafferano,” declared Andrea Santagata, deputy general manager of the Mondadori Group’s Magazines Italy division. “With Amazon Alexa people who love cooking will have access to an innovative voice service that provides convenient assistance in the search for recipes and ingredients, in an entirely natural and friendly way.”

All you have to do is say “Alexa, open GialloZafferano” to enter a world of delicious ideas and ask “Alexa, let’s start cooking” to be assisted in all phases, step by step in a way in which the user can also interrupt the preparation at any time and start again from where they left off, and without ever having to use their hands, which are normally employed in the kitchen. So you can continue to cut, chop, mix while Alexa describes the next step, available also on video for Echo Spot, the Amazon Echo device equipped with a screen.

GialloZafferano, on the strength of the success of Italy’s number one cooking site, from which has been created a monthly magazine that in a little over a year has reached an average circulation of over 120,000 (source Ads, March 2018), a series of books and a TV show on Canale 5, now in its second season, can now also count on an even more articulated multi-channel offer, able to support users at any time of the day.