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Donna Moderna launches the project “Modern relationships”: a four-part look at love, the family, friendship and sex

To coincide with Valentine’s Day part one is dedicated to love

Donna Moderna, the brand that is a point of reference in the women’s magazine segment, launches a special on love to coincide with Valentine’s Day.
The issue on newsstands tomorrow features more than 40 pages with moving stories, surprising interviews and ideas to from which to draw inspiration. And at the heart of the magazine an exclusive illustration, inspired by love, to pull out and keep.

This special is the first part of a “Modern Relationships” project: a four-part series focused on discovering how love, the family, friendship and sex have changed.
A new format that is developed in the magazine, on social media and the web site in a circular, multichannel and complete communication.

“We asked our readers to tell us their love stories and we could not have imagined that we would be flooded with stories. Love remains the strongest driver of our existence and relationships have changed profoundly and Covid, like everything else, has accelerated these changes. And that is what we examine in this issue. Without forgetting, however, that we are dealing with a sentiment that, more than any other, gives direction to our lives and that the best way to understand it is to speak about it,” declared Annalisa Monfreda, editor of Donna Moderna.

The Donna Moderna special
Featured on the cover are Giorgia Palmas with her partner Filippo Magnini. The TV presenter and swimmer talk in an interview about their story, crowned last September with the arrival of little Mia, and they are also photographed in an exclusive fashion feature inside the magazine.

This special issue dedicated to relationships will also feature the stories of three couple who have who have experienced complementarity in work and in life: the chefs Isabella Potì and Floriano Pellegrino, who started a restaurant together, the philosophers and writers Maura Gancitano and Andrea Colamedici, founders of Tlon, a cultural project, and the architects Cristiana Favretto and Antonio Girardi, rewarded by Time with the inclusion of their green project among the 100 most innovative.

The pages of Donna Moderna also include an important survey on the dematerialization of feelings. The divorce lawyer and expert on sentimental relationships Ester Viola and the psychologist, psychotherapist and analyst Stefania Andreoli discuss the issue of imaginary relationships and virtual betrayals, explaining why it is so difficult to love today.
These two important voices will also take part in a live event on Facebook on Friday 12 February at 5.30 pm.

At the heart of this special issue is an illustration inspire by love, produced for Donna Moderna by the artist Giò Pastori and a double-page with the most beautiful and romantic verses, chosen by readers on social media: the most voted, by Rupi Kaur, with “Il modo in cui ti ami è il modo in cui insegni ad altri ad amarti” (The way you love yourself is the way you teach others to love you), followed by Alda Merini with her words “Ieri sera era amore, io e te nella vita fuggitivi e fuggiaschi con un bacio e una bocca come in quadro astratto” (Last night was love, you and I fugitives in life and fugitives with a kiss and a mouth as in an abstract painting).

The protagonists of the issue are also the stories of the readers who flooded the editorial office with their stories, selected by Donna Moderna and entrusted to the pen of the writer Sara Rattaro

Of course, there will also be beauty tips. With a feature dedicated to red passion products and a shopping column about jewellery to give as gifts for Valentine’s Day.

On social media and the web site
With this initiative, the Mondadori Group brand once more wants to engage its audience, which today has 12.2 million net users every month (Source: Nielsen Media Impact data Fusion May 2020), to which should be added almost 3 million fans on social networks (Source: Shareablee plus TikTok and Pinterest sources January 2021).
The project will also feature on the web site, in  special that brings together some of the most significant content from the issue and on the brand’s social media profiles with daily storytelling dedicated to  love.
On the Donna Moderna Instagram profile, there is an interactive survey #parliamodamore (Let’s talk about love) which identified the most voted verses tin the week of Valentine’s Day through cards and stories, together with readers stories and the most beautiful phrases among the many suggested by users on the social media channels.

Donna Moderna: a special Issue dedicated to the Italian National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team

The ‘Farfalle’ posed for an exclusive fashion shoot

The team captain Alessia Maurelli, is featured on the cover

Donna Moderna, the magazine edited by Annalisa Monfreda will be on newsstands tomorrow, Thursday 3 December, with a special issue dedicated to the Italian national rhythmic gymnastics team. The six members of the team, also known as the Farfalle (Butterflies), given that their discipline makes them seem as if they had wings, are featured on the cover and in an exclusive fashion shoot.

Winning, positive, combative women: their stories stand out for their strength and determination, which has seen them enter the collective imagination and brought prestige to the country.

“Women’s sport, which rarely receives adequate media attention, is giving us great satisfaction. For years Donna Moderna has aimed to keep the spotlight on this world and support the battle for equal opportunities that women athletes in all sports continue to fight.” declared Annalisa Monfreda.

In the last Olympic four-year period, these gymnasts, managed by the National Technical Director Emanuela Maccarani, have also entered the history of international rhythmic gymnastics, with two gold medals, one silver and two bronzes at the World Championships, one gold and two silvers at the European Championships and qualification for the Tokyo Olympic Games two years ahead.

The cover features Alessia Maurelli, captain of the team, who talks about herself and confides to Donna Moderna: “It is true that of all sports, ours stands out for the aesthetic aspect,” she explains. “But I prefer the term warrior for us.” In fact, it is with the hashtag #guerriere (Italian for warrior) that Maurelli posts the photos of this formidable group of athletes.

In the Mondadori Group’ magazine’s fashion feature, the six athletes are portrayed in exclusive and refines shots, sometimes accompanied by their much-loved equipment. Each photo presents a different style, a trend of this autumn/winter season.

The girls wear outfits that represent tartan, black & white and colour block styles – or rather lively and intense colours, that are mixed in extreme combinations – as well as total black and with fringes, another seasonal must. Make-up is by BioNike – beauty partner for the Donna Moderna shoot – and is light and delicate like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings, but also high performance; a characteristic that distinguishes the athletes.

The issue’s storytelling continues online: on the website and the Donna Moderna social media profiles where users can find interviews with the athletes, a video story in which they are wearing the clothes, as well as tips and advice from the six athletes about fashion, sport and beauty.

Also onboard this Donna Moderna project: BioNike, the Official Sponsor of the Italian national rhythmic gymnastics team and Beauty Partner of the Italian Gymnastics Federation with the Defence Color line; Fastweb, whose institutional campaign features the Farfalle that represent the connection, power, speed and precision of 5G technology; Freddy, technical sponsor and official supplier to the Italian Gymnastics Federation.

Through the magazine and its digital channels, Donna ModernaDMBeauty and DMNow, the Donna Moderna brand reaches a net total audience of 14.6 million users every month (Nielsen Media Impact, data fusion March 2020), to which should be added 2.7 million fans on social media with the engagement of 1.6 million (Source. Shareablee last 30 days), confirming its position as a point of reference in the women’s segment.


Donna Moderna on newsstands with a special issue: Acts of Beauty

“Beauty is not an aesthetic canon, a duty, a slogan, but an action that improves our life”

Featured on the cover the volleyball player Paola Egonu


This week Donna Moderna is on newsstands with a special issue Acts of Beauty, in which the magazine edited by Annalisa Monfreda launches a reflection on the acts of beauty that help us to be ourselves and find our place in the world.

“Beauty is not an aesthetic canon, however new and inclusive. Nor is it a slogan, with which we are all beautiful and each body is perfect. It’s not even ad duty: that of having to feel beautiful and value ourselves. Beauty is an action. It is commitment, effort, courage. We wanted to dedicate an entire issue to those acts of beauty that improve the lives of all of us,” declared the editor Annalisa Monfreda.

Featured on the cover is Paola Egonu, the Italian world champion volleyball player, of Nigerian origin, who, with her statuesque and elegant pride, was chosen by Donna Moderna as an example of a woman who is not afraid to feel free.

To celebrate this special issue Donna Moderna produced a special cover, with heavier paper and a eye-catching caption in glossy red lacquer.

At the centre of the magazine is an exclusive illustration by the artist Luca Font who, for Donna Moderna, has interpreted the words with which the brand’s audience describes beauty today: happiness, respect, audacity, courage, honesty, care, choice, acceptance and self-esteem. Positive concepts, chosen by readers in an instant poll on Instagramthat enhance the value of the project.

Acts of Beauty completes the project for three special issues which Donna Moderna has used to give readers a new perspective on issues of great interest. It’s an initiative in which we firmly believe and through which we have attempted to bring to the market a product of very high quality that underlines the social value of the content within, and confirming, once again, the capacity and commitment of the magazine to engage and be close to its audience,” declared Andrea Santagata, general manager of Mondadori Media.

A range of faces from the worlds of literature and entertainment, including Paola Turci, Sveva Casati Modignani, Fiamma Satta, Michela Murgia, Alessandra Amoroso, Geppi Cucciari, Kim Rossi Stuart, Stefania Auci and Jonathan Bazzi, have supported the Acts of Beauty initiative and have enriched the pages of the magazine with their own accounts of beauty.

The message of Acts of Beauty develops on the pages and in the columns of the issue also with investigations of current affairs that talk about actions to enhance the territory across Italy, women in companies and the talents of differently abled people.

The special issue of Donna Moderna also tells the stories of special people who, with courage, have found their place in the world: from Daniela Lucangeli, the much followed psychologist and learning difficulties expert, whose revolutionary ideas about teaching are based on positive emotions, to Maura Gancitano, the philosopher who is helping to make her subject something that (almost) everyone can approach and Francesca Vecchioni, founder and president of Diversity, the non-profit organisation committed to promoting social inclusion.

The issue also has a feature dedicated to the life and choices of three influencers: the curvy blogger Laura Brioschi, who has launched her BodyPositive fashion line, Eugenia Longo, the instagrammer who lives with alopecia, Aurora Celli, the TikToker who has made her vitiligo a point of strength.
Three portraits of women famous on social media that are not spokespersons from a classical concept of beauty, but who particularities make them even more beautiful and unique.

“We are extremely satisfied because Acts of Beauty, the third special issue from Donna Moderna, after Talento Italiano and Un Nuovo Futuro, has been widely appreciated by all of the companies on the front line for social commitment and the valorisation of beauty in all its forms. The market has recognised the editorial and advertising value of these three special issues, enabling us to record and 20% increase in ad pages and a 12% rise in revenues, compared with the same issues of the previous year,” declared Davide Mondo, chief executive of Mediamond.

 The storytelling of the Acts of Beauty special issue  is developed also on the web site, where the magazine’s content is included, expanded and updated, as well as on the brand’s social media channels, in particular the Instagram profile of Donna Moderna with a filter that plays on the key words of beauty chosen by readers.

Two backstage videos were also made during the Paola Egonu photoshoot and on the set with the three influencers, who talk about their acts of beauty to make them feel good about themselves, but also to spread a positive message to their followers.

The launch of the new special issue Acts of Beauty by Donna Moderna will be supported by an advertising campaign developed by CasiraghiGreco&, and planned on print, digital, and social media, as well as, radio and digital out of home in core districts of Milan on the iDD Magazine circuit.

Thanks to a unique mix of practical advice, first-hand testimony, stories and live daily events, Donna Moderna is always at the side of its readers and their needs. Through the magazine and its web channels, it reaches a total net audience of 14.6 million users every month (Source: Nielsen Media impact, data fusion March 2020), to which should be added 2.6 million fans on social media, with the engagement of 1.4 million interactions per month (Source: Shareablee and internal data on IG Insight), confirming the brand’s postion as the point of reference on the women’s segment,

Donna Moderna: the final challenge of Corri con noi in Valle d’Aosta

The protagonist ambassadors and the editor Annalisa Monfreda take part in a trail running race against the splendid backdrop of Gressoney-Saint-Jean

Corri con noi (Run with Us), the exciting Donna Moderna project for women who have chosen running and walking as their way of keeping fit and healthy, networking and building their self-confidence, has come to its final stage for this year.

After weeks of training in towns and cities across Italy, on 11 October a group of ambassadors, along with the magazine’s editor, Annalisa Monfreda, took part in a race against the splendid backdrop of the Valle d’Aosta. A competition with an entirely new formula and programme, with a selected number of participants to (safely and securely) conclude, the third edition of Corri con noi.

“Running together, sharing an exhausting challenge, helping and being helped along the way, these are the values of our project, the ones that help to make running an exercise in sisterhood and brings together our community of runners. And this is exactly what happened in the Valle d’Aosta, where we wrote the latest chapter in the extraordinary story of  Donna Moderna,” declared Annalisa Monfreda, editor of Donna Moderna.

Immersed in the suggestive surroundings, between the villages and pathways of the mountains, the athletes tenaciously and enthusiastically ran a 20-km trail, from  Gressoney-Saint-Jean, at an altitude of almost 1,400 metres, to Gressoney-La-Trinité, at more than 1,600 metres, and on to Alpenzù Grande at 1,788 metres, passing through ancient Walser villages with their characteristic houses built of wood and stone, alpine lakes nd valleys, where nature gives of its best.

A unique Alpine experience to enjoy the beauty of Monte Rosa and feel the flow of adrenaline that only an off-road race can offer.

Making the race even more memorable was the autumnal hues of the fir and larch trees, ranging from orange to yellow and red, that transformed the landscape into an authentic palette of colours.

From Iveta Sedlackova from Florence, an ambassador also last year in the race in the desert of Morocco, to Grazia Bellomo from Naples, who was taking part in a trail race for the first time, enthusiastic women runners challenged themselves and shared, using the brand’s social media channels as well as their own personal profiles, all of the excitement of this special adventure.

The event began the day before with a pre-race training session that brought together the participants and all of the staff of Donna Moderna in a 5-km walks around the Savoia castle on the “Regina Margherita” path, followed by a night-time walk.

The real final race got going on Sunday and was won by Elisa Adorni, an ambassador from Parma and the winner of the final race in the first two editions, followed by Federica Verdoya, an ambassador from Padova and Eleonora Suizzo, an ambassador from Catania.

“The thing I wanted most from these two days was to rediscover the group because a very strong bond has remained since the first edition in the Negev, and even when we are far away we are always in contact, from Sicily to Veneto, friendship is the most important thing for us,” said Elisa Adorni, winner of the race.
Others took part along with the ambassadors, including Ilaria Veronese, Italian alpine skiing champion and Scarpa athlete, and Elena Griffa, Laura Rho and Carlotta Montanera (known on social media as Running Charlotte), super trail-running experts, who on this occasion offered advice and support to the other participants.

Now in its third edition, Corri con noi is an initiative dedicated to women who want to take up running, those who run already and want to improve and expert runners who want to share their enthusiasm and experience. A community that revolves around a passion for running, not just as a sport, but also as a way of helping women to become more aware of their potential, their strength and to make them feel more secure, improve their mood and keep daily stress at bay.

And in September, both safely and securely the new appointments with Corri con noi began on twelve Italian cities and towns to train together with qualified coaches.

The Main Partner of the initiative is SCARPA, Italy’s leading producer of sports footwear and the Spin Ultra model for trail running.

Other partners include: GARMIN world leader in GPS technology for sport, fitness and the outdoors; Mediterranea Cosmetics with a line of cosmetic products for skincare and bodycare; Lauretana with Europe’s lightest mineral water; Benped® a new generation of hydrocolloid patches and a range of advanced technology orthopaedic supports, for the well-being of feet.

Supporter of the final race was the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta, which with its magical background hosted our runners and the race.

Donna Moderna, the magazine brand of reference in the women’s segment, is an ecosystem which, thanks to a unique mix of practical advice, first-hand testimony, stories and live daily events, is always at the side of its readers and their needs. Through the magazine and its web channels, it reaches a n total audience of 14.6 users every month (Source: Nielsen Media impact, data fusion March 2020), to which should be added over 2 million fans on social media, with 1.3 million monthly interactions (source: Fanpage Karma, August 2020).

Donna Moderna is on newsstands with a special Issue entitled “Un nuovo futuro”

Two exceptional protagonists for two extraodinary covers: Elodie and Federica Pellegrini

Donna Moderna, the magazine edited by Annalisa Monfreda lanches, from Thursday 17 September, a special issue entitled: Un nuovo future A new future (#Unnuovofuturo).

The magazine on newsstands will have two covers, featuring the two great protagonists who talk about themselves: Federica Pellegrini and Elodie, undisputed symbols of strength, courage and tenacity in this historic period of evolution also in their personal and professional lives.

Beautiful and elegant, with different roles but also similar for the grit and determination that Federica and Elodie demonstrate also on the pages of Donna Moderna wearing futuristic clothes and interpreting, also through fashion, the sense of this special issue.

How will our lives change after the pandemic that has turned us upside down? What will our future look like?

Real change has already begun – driven by medicine and politics, culture and the economy – and it is now that we can tangibly see the thoughts that we have has during the months of lockdown.

Donna Moderna offers an response to these questions through 12 important and exclusive conversations with incredible female talents recognised around the world in different disciplines, 9 practical guides produced in collaboration with an emerging illustrator with background detail and targeted advice to better deal with the months ahead: from eco-light mobility to high-tech beauty, and from online shopping to the evolution of homes in the wake of working from home.

“With Federica Pellegrini we discovered what it means to postpone a critical appointment in one’s life, such as the Tokyo Olympics, which for her will be the last. With the scientist Elena Cattaneo we have understood how important it is to re-establish a scientific culture in Italy. With Elodie we explore the intrinsic potential of change. And with Nobel Prize-winner Esther Duflo we investigated the great transformations taking place in the economy. Each of these women have given us a key to interpret the new future that awaits us,” declared Annalisa Monfreda, editor of Donna Moderna.

“Once again Donna Moderna demonstrates that it is a brand in continuous evolution, able to reach an increasingly broad audience thanks to its different channels and multiplicity of initiatives,” declared Andrea Santagata, general manager of Mondadori Media.Il nuovo futuro is the second of 3 special issues conceived by the Mondadori Group brand The first, published in July, was dedicated to  Italian talent and excellence, was widely appreciated and the activities linked to this initiative have further expanded the  community; October will see the publication of the third in the series, entitled The New Beauty”, concluded Santagata.

This special issue of Donna Moderna, in addition to having an ad hoc organisation of content divided into three parts, also has a dedicated design and layout, overseen by the magazine’s art director Luca Pitoni. A new logo has been conceived and created, along with a layout that interprets the concept of a “new future”, with iridescent shadings on every page of the magazine and digital and social media content.

In the first part of the Mondadori group magazine readers will find the first-hand experience and conversations with personalities from the worlds of innovation, the economy, fashion, show business and culture, as well as medicine, architecture and politics, all of whom will talk about what they expect from the near future.

From Daria Bignardi to the economist Esther Duflo, winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2019, and from Francesca Bria, one of the top 50 woman in tech (Forbes), to the actress and cabaret performer Michela Giraud. Also include are the epidemiologist Alessia Melegaro, head of the Bocconi University laboratory and Angela Missoni who talks about the new challenges facing fashion, and many more.

The second part of the magazine is an illustrated guide with detailed coverage of the issue of change, that will also be online and on social media, with an interactive Instaquiz in Stories on the title’s Instagram profile @donnamoderna.

The third part of the weekly is given over to the voices of the brand’s readers, followers and users.

In July and August, a Donna Moderna team, made up of a couple, a photographer and a videomaker, on board a campervan made a tour around Italy gathering stories about change that have been featured during the summer on the brand’s social media profiles. The 10 most exciting have been “reached” by the troupe that documented the experiences published in this special issue.

In addition to the Instaquiz to test users’ knowledge of the different areas dealt with in the issue, on Instagram stories there will be a survey where users can vote for their favourite cover.

The storytelling of the special issue continues also on the website where the content of the magazine will be presented, examined in more detail and updated.

The launch of the new issue Nuovo Futuro of Donna Moderna is supported by an advertising campaign developed by Casiraghi, and planned across print, digital and social media, as well as radio and digital out-of-home in the core districts of Milan on the iDD Magazine circuit.

Thanks to a unique mix of practical advice, first-hand testimony, stories and daily live events, Donna Moderna remains always close to its readers and their needs. Through the magazine and its web channels it reaches a total net audience of 14.6 million users each month (Source: Nielsen Media impact, data fusion March 2020)to which should be added over 2 million fans on social media with 1.3 million monthly interactions (Source: Fanpage Karma, August 2020)confirming its position as the point of reference in the women’s segment.