Mondadori buys Anobii

Acquisition of Anobii Ltd. the brand and the assets of the social reading service which has a million users around the world and over 300,000 in Italy
Mondadori CEO Ernesto Mauri: “A platform for listening to readers is fundamental for growth in digital for books and for the creation of a publishing house for the future”

The Mondadori Group has bought from Anobii Ltd. the brand and assets of Anobii, the global social reading platform that has more than a million users around the world and its strongest base in Italy, with 300,000 users.

“We are enthusiastic,” was the reaction of Greg Sung, founder of Anobii, “to become a part of the Mondadori Group that, with its publishing history, is the perfect publishing house for Anobii.

Our mission has always been to create a community where readers from around the world can exchange ideas, learn more and stimulate their shared passion for reading and books. With this agreement we finally will have the resources to pursue this mission more incisively.”

“The acquisition of Anobii,” underlined Ernesto Mauri, chief executive of the Mondadori Group, “reinforces our development strategy for books that perfectly represents its main focus of putting the reader at the centre.

A platform that will enable us to listen to people is fundamental for digital development in book publishing and for the creation of the publishing house of the future.”

The agreement foresees that the entire team that developed Anobii will have a central role in the project to capitalise on its most valuable asset: a knowledge of the community and its dynamics.

Mondadori will contribute the best of its publishing know-how, together with a strong orientation towards innovation, with the aim of growing the community of book lovers. Investments for a new phase have already been planned that will, in the short term, allow Anobii to achieve much improved technological standards and provide the necessary resources for the development of new functions to serve the users.

Readers, their passion for reading, and their desire to exchange experience and suggestions will remain at the heart of the platform.

What is Anobii
Anobii was set up in 2006 in Hong Kong from an idea by Greg Sung.
It is a book-based social network that quickly became a broad-based and highly active community of enthusiastic readers.
Users can share their book collections, write reviews and comments, offer judgements, exchange suggestions and advice, discuss all of the themes and issues of a book and reading groups, as well as exchanging and selling books.
It operates in many languages, but the country where it is most popular is Italy, where there is a fully translated version able to classify over 40 million books.
The name Anobii comes from Anobium punctatum, the “bookworm”, the word which in English-speaking countries is used for enthusiastic book readers.

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