Donna Moderna together with Facebook for a training day of news leadership

In Bari on 28 September and Florence on 12 October

Leadership is not an innate quality, but rather a learned skill: in means learning to take decisions, being masters of your own life, choosing. And it is useful to live well, at home, as well as at work.

This is why Donna Moderna, the magazine edited by Annalisa Monfreda is organising. along with Facebook Italia a training day in Bari on 28 September – at the Impact Hub Fiera del Levante, in Viale Volga – and in Florence on 12 October at the Impact Hub, in Via Panciatichi 16.

The programme features a lab on new leadership curated by the Mondadori Group weekly with exercises “borrowed” from improvisational theatre which will serve to transmit the characteristics of new leadership: politeness, listening, empathy, and “networking”.

The two days will also feature laboratories on innovation and social marketing from the Facebook program “Vivere Digitale” in partnership with Freeformers, where participants will discover the bases of   design thinking, or better, a creative approach to problem solving. There will also be an analysis of social networks and the new job opportunities they offer. The programme is part of the Facebook Binario F project, dedicated to the training and development of digital skills in Italy, with courses and initiatives organised across the country.

An extract from the show “Donne come noi” (Women Like US) written by Giulia Minoli and Emanuela Giordano, will also be shown. Drawn from the book written by these two Donna Moderna journalists, it is the tale of Italian women that share an ability to overcome their own limits, transforming obstacles into opportunities.

In conclusion, in Bari, Liliana di Donato the magazine’s managing editor, will moderate a discussion with un talk Monica Filograno from the municipality of Ruvo di Puglia which will focus on the issues discussed during the day, while in Florence the same discussion will be moderated by Donna Moderna’s Montserrat Fernandez Blanco,  with Barbara Minotti, head of communication at Facebook Italia, who will talk about her professional experience.

The courses and laboratories will run from 10 am until 6 pm.

Both days are open for 60 female participants.
The cost of the day is €15 and Facebook will offer the innovation laboratory for free. Closer to the date, participants will receive an email with full details about the event. The ticket will bear the participant’s name.

Enrolment will close on Wednesday 25 September for Bari and Wednesday 9 October for Florence.

For info and bookings please go to: