Black Friday

Smartworld releases its Black Friday guide on the web and social media: growing numbers of videos to choose the ideal buy

With more than 645,000 followers on Tik Tok, exclusive content, offers and unboxing, Smartworld reaches record video views

This year once again, Smartworld, the leading tech information brand, is the star of Black Friday, the not-to-be-missed date for devotees of the latest trends in the world of technology: smartphones, notebooks, smart TVs, videogaming, domestic robots, virtual assistants, home automation, wearables and a host of other innovative digital products and services.

With the Smartworld guide, Black Friday is not simply the last Friday in November, but a packed series of tips and offers for all four weeks of the month: countless opportunities, special offers and discounts from the leading brands, flagged by the Smartworld team with daily updates, to help consumers take advantage of the year’s best deals and make an early start with Christmas presents.

This is a retail occasion offering brands significant visibility at a time of great interest and traffic, with solutions including domination of the “Black Friday” keyword or Total Unboxing (videos and cards on the Smartworld social profiles, native posts on the website); all with Mediamond advertising support.

That the Mondadori Group brand is a top shopping guide is confirmed by a survey conducted (in collaboration with BVA-Doxa) among 800 users aged between 15 and 44, who explore a tech brand on the web and social media at least once a year. The survey found that:

  • 64% of Smartworld users, especially women and millennials, greatly appreciate the brand’s offer, attributing an outstanding quality score between 8 and 10, on a scale of 10, to its content;
  • 62% of Smartworld users choose the brand to obtain detailed information before making a purchase online or in a store.

A success story that Smartworld has developed over time, to reach an audience totalling 1,650,000 followers on social channels, from Facebook, Telegram and Twitter to Instagram, YouTube and most recently TikTok, where it has immediately generated great interest.

In just a few months, Smartworld has built up a fanbase of more than 645,000 followers on the favourite platform of generation Z, establishing a distinctive positioning thanks to unboxing videos, product reviews and quick tips to help consumers make the best use of digital products and services on the market.

 In September, thanks to content covering topics of particular interest such as the launch of the new iPhone, Smartworld secured fourth place in the TikTok scoreboard of the brands with the most video views in Italy (11 million, source Comscore/Shareable).

 Smartworld is the Mondadori Group reference brand for all the latest entries in the tech world. Its website provides news, reviews, unboxing videos as well as purchasing guides with the best offers available online and in stores. On social networks, Smartworld has a total of 1,650,000 followers on TikTok, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube (Source, social insights, October 2022).