Italians vote: here are the new recipes from McDonald’s and GialloZafferano

From a meeting between one of McDonald’s most celebrated sandwiches and the experience GialloZafferano welcome to McChicken Variation, a line of chicken burgers with a typically Italian taste

In the new recipes: 100% Italian chicken breast and 145 toes of locally sourced raw materials McChicken Delicato is the first choice for thousands of Italians online

From McDonald’s the new McChicken Variation, a burger made with 100% Italian chicken breast and the result of a meeting between the experience of GialloZafferano in Italian cooking and the unmistakable touch of McDonald’s. The new McChicken Variation will be available at McDonald’s restaurants from 12 June.

The new recipes have been created by chefs from GialloZafferano and McDonald’s, an authentic co-creation. In fact, the selection of the new burgers involved the online communities online of GialloZafferano and McDonald’s who, for the first time in Italy were asked to choose new flavours to enhance the McChicken range, voting on two recipes based on Italian products. With a total of around 200,000 online votes in two weeks, the McChicken Delicato recipe received the majority of votes and, along with the McChicken Saporito, gain the right to be included on the McDonald’s menu.

In addition to the classic McChicken, one of the most iconic and best loved burgers, it will be possible to find the two new recipes in all of McDonald’s 600 recipes: McChicken Delicato, with Provolone Valpadana DOP, grilled courgettes and sun-dried tomato sauce from Puglia; and McChicken Saporito, with Toma made with 100% Italian milk, crispy bacon, tomato and mayonnaise with grain mustard. Both of the new burgers use only 100% Italian chicken breast.

We are excited to announce this important collaboration with GialloZafferano, the most loved web site by Italians in the kitchen, which has enabled us to create new recipes and experiment with new ingredients. Also, for the first time, we have asked Italians to vote by choosing their favourite recipe,” said Mario Federico, chief executive of McDonald’s Italy.

“It is an honour and a challenge for us to sign, as GialloZafferano, two new burgers by McDonald’s, with an Italian taste and featuring a combination of selected ingredients from around the country. I am sure that customers will like them because, for the first time, while we proposed them some 200,000 people selected them as their favourites in a vote. And, like all of the recipes that come from the kitchens of GialloZafferano, people will also be able to prepare them in their own kitchens a home an reproduce an real McDonald’s burger,” declared Andrea Santagata, Chief Innovation Officer of the Mondadori Group.

A collaboration based on important common values: constant attention to consumer tastes, a passion for high quality ingredients and a propensity for innovation.

With these new products come alongside an increase in investments by McDonald’s in the Italian food sector thanks to an additional  145 tons of raw materials bought from local suppliers for the new McChicken Variation. In fact, the new recipes will use around 42 tons of Toma made from 100% Italian milk, 36 tons of Provolone Valpadana DOP, 58 tons of grilled courgettes and 11 tons of sun-dried tomatoes from Puglia.

Moreover, thanks to the video-recipes available online from GialloZafferano, McChicken Variation can also be made at home.