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Casa Chi moves to Sanremo

For the first time, for the entire week of the Sanremo Music Festival, the editorial office of Chi will move its headquarters to Sanremo.

A packed schedule will entertain the social media audience throughout the day.

Chi, Italy’s most-read gossip magazine, which tells the stories of Italy’s best-loved personalities, with an audience of almost 1.5 million readers and 800,000 followers on Instagram, is bringing its team to Sanremo for the first time to share the most exciting moments and scoops with its audience in the week dedicated to the 74th edition of the Festival hosted by Amadeus for the fifth year running.

The editorial team will move to a very special location: a villa near the sea that will become its headquarters for the duration of the music competition. From there, journalists and social media faces from Chi, Azzurra Della Penna and Valerio Palmieri, social media manager, Carmen Pugliese, and video correspondent, Gilberto Savini, will present a schedule packed with events that viewers will be able to follow minute by minute on Chi‘s Instagram channel.

Every day, starting from Tuesday, 6 February to Sunday, 11 February, the morning begins with Caffé Forte with Valerio Palmieri, who will greet followers with the topic of the day, the most discussed and debated topic in the press and on social media. This will be followed by CHI veste CHI? (WHO wears WHO?) with Azzurra della Penna for commentary on the looks sported by the Festival’s stars on the Ariston stage.

Then there’s an unmissable event in the early afternoon with CHI c’è alle feste? (WHO’s at the parties?), the exclusive, cosmopolitan show that will see Gilberto Savini lead audiences to discover the Sanremo night-time parties, with exclusive interviews with the stars, talents and influencers that will liven up the most in places in the city every night.

In the late afternoon there’ll be the classic event, Casa Chi, with Valerio and Azzurra along with Sophie Codegoni, an influencer and presenter with 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Together they will conduct interviews with the Festival’s guests, singers and talent stars every day from the villa’s lounge.

But it doesn’t end there. The schedule will also see unforgettable moments with shows by Carmen Pugliese and Gilberto Savini: In CHI c’è in stanza? (WHO’s in the room?), the two presenters will go inside stars’ rooms, who will show off their outfits and reveal their good luck charms, while in CHI c’è in hotel? (WHO’s in the hotel?), they’ll interview fans outside the hotels as they wait for their favourite artists.

Finishing up the day’s packed schedule is CHI ci tiene sveglio? (WHO’s keeping us awake?), with special guests who will burst into our living rooms and kitchens to keep us company during the long nights of the Festival.

Chi’s official partner in Sanremo is Caffè Motta. Piemme, Chi’s exclusive concessionaire for magazines and social media, plays a crucial role in the brand integration project that has led to the collaboration between Chi and its client, Caffè Motta, for the 2024 edition of the Festival.

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Chi, Italy’s most widely read weekly gossip magazine, with an audience of almost 1.5 million readers and almost 800,000 followers on Instagram (Source: Audicom – Audipress system 2023/II), tells the stories of the public’s most loved and followed personalities, ranging from the world of entertainment to politics, from sport to fashion and lifestyle. The attention given to photo quality, the constant search for news and above all the exclusive and trusting relationship with celebrities are what make the magazine unique. Making a name for itself from the very start thanks to its absolutely original format for Italy, Chi combines the stories of the ‘natural stars’ and gossip with space dedicated to fashion and beauty.