Casa Manzoni

Cracking Art with the contribution of the Mondadori Group offers a bursary for the library of the Casa del Manzoni


Cracking Art, a group of artists known for over twenty years for their installation around the world of giant, colourful animals made from plastic that can be regenerated, in September chose Palazzo Niemeyer, the headquarters of the Mondadori Group, as the setting for a spectacular collective installation of their works.
During the event, donations were collected for the promotion of the cultural activities of the Centro Nazionale Studi Manzoniani: all those who participated were given a small frog- sculpture by Cracking Art.


Thanks to the contribution of the Mondadori Group,the amount raised was allocated to the establishment of a bursary for the new cataloguing of the library of Alessandro Manzoni conserved in the museum in the writer’s house, which opened on 6 October.
The details of the bursary are available on the website.
The bursary can be used from 10 March to 30 September. The successful candidate will be responsible for the scientific inspection of the files in the catalogue of the Alessandro Manzoni library conserved at the Centro Nazionale Studi Manzoniani, comprising 1600 volumes (“Annali Manzoniani”, vol. VI, pp. 65-159).

Cracking Art
All the creations of Cracking Art are characterised by an innovative use of plastic materials: regenerating plastic means removing it from toxic and environmentally devastating destruction; making works of art from it to be placed in urban, monumental and historical locations means communicating through an innovative aesthetic language, to express a special sensitivity towards nature and man. This operation is part of the Cracking Art “Art regenerates Art” project aimed at raising funds for restoration programmes of the artistic and monumental heritage or cultural projects.

Photo credits: Marco Covi/ Mondadori Portfolio