“Natural Recall”: today sees the start of the second edition of the CasaFacile digital Festival

Following the huge success of “La Casa dei Sogni” (“Dreamhouse”), the Festival that engaged a community of over 1 milllion fans is back

A month of initiatives to talk about ideas, solutions and products to design and furnish the home with a special care for the environment

On newsstands in October a special issue entitled “Una casa in armonia con te” (“A home in harmony with yourself”)

The stage is set for Natural Recall, the latest edition of the Digital Festival dedicated to the home and conceived by CasaFacile, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Francesca Magni.

Today sees the launch, on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram channels and website, of the CasaFacile Festival making its return after the great success of the first edition dedicated to the Casa dei Sogni” (“Dreamhouse”), which in April involved a community of over 1 million fans with a reach of 27 million users and a total of 1.7 million video views (Source: Facebook, Instagram and website).

At the heart of the new edition of the Festival is the theme of nature and sustainability: until 30 October a programme of digital content, curated by designers, interiors bloggers, and CasaFacile architects and designers, together with partner companies, with many ideas, solutions and quality products to design and furnish your homes in harmony with the environment.

Every day, dozens of stories and videos to present to users, in new and fun formats, the infinite possibilities we have to improve our lives at home: from reviving an old fireplace in an eco-friendly way, to organising the kitchen to be able to use it while saving food, time and energy. As well as the best choices, from using natural fabrics to sanitising cleaning, which are increasingly important today.

“Our videos are a new way of proposing products and solutions to make the most of our homes. They are fun, are made by people who are not only professionals of digital content production, but who are able to interpret real needs, and therefore create a real sense of identification with both entertainment and rigorous practical content. And they also bring to digital the style of storytelling that we have every month in the print version of the magazine, thanks to which CasaFacile has Italy’s largest and most active community of home and furnishing enthusiasts.” said Francesca Magni, the editor of CasaFacile.

Natural Recall is an invitation to global well-being that starts from these issues and extends to include all kinds of products that can make life at home more pleasant, from those that add atmosphere and liveability to decorative details. But also, furnishings and green solutions that allow you to create a new relationship with the outside world. As well as the equipment you need to create your own home office or spaces dedicated to fitness and hobbies and ways to improve energy performance and comfortable heating.

The ‘green’ theme has been the leitmotif of a series of CasaFacile initiatives aimed at interpreting the needs of its community – which now has over 1.1 million fans, and grew in the first 8 months of the year by 18% compared with 2020 (Source: Shareablee and Pinterest) – for design that is increasingly in tune with nature, and which began with the September issue “Una casa in armonia con la natura” (“A house in harmony with nature”).

And completing this journey, the new issue of CasaFacile, dedicated to a home in harmony with yourself, is on newsstands from tomorrow, Tuesday 5 October.

In this special issue, extensive space is given to the kitchens, the heart of the house as envisaged by CasaFacile: starting from what the new models allow us to do in terms of space optimisation to combine ease of use, conviviality and cooking performance, with special attention to materials selected for sustainability, recyclability, resistance and ease of use.
There is also advice room by room, with a selection of products to create comfort including beds and bedding for a good sleep, and ideas and suggestions on how to organise different spaces, such as walk-in wardrobes.

Thanks to these initiatives, CasaFacile confirms its role as the point of reference for all furniture and lifestyle enthusiasts, with multimedia storytelling approach that engages the brand’s community, from the magazine to the website to social networks, with continuously growing results.

CasaFacile also confirms its position as the market leader in the mass-market monthly homes segment and an authoritative partner for its rising number of advertising clients, who are increasingly aware of the brand’s capacity to generate audience and stimulate interaction with its community.
The extraordinary results of the 2nd Natural Recall digital festival, which has grown compared with the previous edition in April, demonstrates the appeal of a magazine that is capable of creating authoritative content able to accommodate the tastes and needs of its followers. In the period January/October 2021, advertising revenues for CasaFacile (print and digital) rose by 30% compared with the previous year, thanks above all to the very strong input of digital, with leadership in terms of space in its reference segment confirmed at more than 55%.

CasaFacile: following the success of “La casa dei sogni”, this autumn will see a number of new initiatives dedicated to “Natural Recall”

Advertising sales have grown in the first 5 months of the year, with a market share 60% in terms of space, and CasaFacile confirms its position as the brand leader in the monthly consumer interiors segment

Responding to the new needs of contemporary living, accompanying readers with proposals and solutions that are always original and accessible: CasaFacile, the Mondadori Group brand edited by Francesca Magni, confirms its position as a point of reference for interiors and lifestyle enthusiasts, thanks to the excellent performance, recorded in the first 5 months of the year, of both the magazine the website and on social networks.

“Every month on newsstands and every day on social media, it is exciting to experience the active participation of our community: people who are passionate about the home and everything that can make it more liveable, hungry for inspiration, style ideas and solutions to copy, as well as ways to make the house more in tune with nature. In recent months we have literally “felt” the growing loyalty towards CasaFacile, in a virtuous circle that integrates both print and digital. The biggest satisfaction is receiving messages on Direct Instagram that say: ‘I discovered you on Instagram and now I can’t wait to get the magazine every month from the newsstand,’” said Francesca Magni, editor of CasaFacile.

The first 5 issues of the year of the monthly, which have also included special editions enhanced with new features, in fact recorded a 7% increase in circulation compared with 2020 (Source: the publisher, January-May).

La Casa dei sogni” (Dream Homes), the first digital Festival conceived by CasaFacile, which started with the special April issue was a huge success. In fact, for a month the brand used the website and social media to talk about what we dream for our homes and how to improve the quality of life by redesigning the spaces in which we live: It involved a community of over 1 million fans, up 39% compared with last year (Source: Shareablee + Pinterest May 2021), and achieved a total reach of 27 million users and 1.7 million total video views (source: Facebook, Instagram and site).

CasaFacile has proved to be an authoritative and effective partner also for its growing number of advertisers, who are increasingly and aware of the brand’s ability to generate audience and interact with its vast community: in the period from January to May 2021, CasaFacile’s advertising revenues (print and digital) grew by 47% compared with the previous year, with a space share of more than 60% in its segment of reference, establishing itself as the market leader the monthly consumer interiors segment.

In the autumn, a number of new initiatives await readers and users who are more attentive to new ways of living at home, sustainability and ‘green’: CasaFacile will continue to interpret the need for design that is more in tune with nature and will introduce a series of initiatives that will take shape in the coming months, entitled “Natural Recall”, starting with two special issues of the magazine.

September’s issue of CasaFacile will be dedicated to “A house in harmony with nature”, giving space to new projects from all over the world, with rooms aimed at optimising thermal comfort and brightness, solutions to multiply the quantity of green, even in small spaces, and furnishings in natural materials. With stories from people who have decided to integrate nature into their lives and new ways of bringing nature into the home, such as balcony gardens and botanical décor.

The October issue,  will feature “A home in harmony with you”, an invitation to build a house tailored to what you want and enjoy: room by room, tips and smart products for virtuous living, from carefully selected new models for the kitchen to the best materials for sustainability, recyclability, resistance and pleasantness of use, as well as textiles for a good sleep, the organisation of remote working, to reconcile work and private life.

All this will also lead into the second edition of the CasaFacile digital festival, which will run from 4 to 30 October 2021 with content and background detail on the website and on social media. “Natural Recall” is an invitation to global well-being: and starts from the theme of nature and sustainability, but extends to embrace all kinds of products that can make life at home more pleasant, add atmosphere and live-ability, decorate, creating a new relationship with the outside world, making the home more connected and easy to manage remotely, enabling you to equip home offices or fitness and hobby corners, while also improving energy performance and thermal comfort.

A new opportunity for partners who want to talk about their projects and new ideas to render the home more in harmony with us and with nature, with video formats and Instagram stories, produced by the team of bloggers, interior designers and architects who work with the magazine.

A form of cross-media storytelling that will engage readers on all the brand’s digital touchpoints, thanks to the ability of CasaFacile to evolve its offer to embrace the new needs of the contemporary audience.

A year full of novelty for CasaFacile: special issues and brand new digital initiatives to talk about new ways of home living

In April the first digital Festival digital dedicated to Dream Homes

CasaFacile, the magazine edited by Francesca Magni, continues to evolve along with the needs of its readers and to present new ways of living and designing the home, which, in recent months has become even more central as our living habits have been transformed.

These issues will be at the heart of special issues, features and digital initiatives that the Mondadori Group brand will launch this year and running themes across the upcoming issues of the magazine and developed from the print edition to the web site, and including the first digital festival dedicated to homes.

An offer of continuously evolving multiplatform content that responds to new desires and trends, and once again confirms the cross-media nature CasaFacile, which brings together around the brand a constantly growing community of enthusiasts.

CasaFacile is a bit like an orchestra: for more than 10 years print, the web and social media have been integrated like the sections of a musical ensemble, each with its own tone, but playing together to produce a ‘sound’ that brings together a growing community that follows us every month on newsstands and every day online. We have always talked about a home that changes around us, aspirational but accessible, well organised but always attentive to style, customised, joyous, and friendly, where ‘upscale’ and democratic design mix in a highly personal style, just like in fashion. And following the experience of the pandemic, CasaFacile can’t but lead its readers towards the design of a dream home, of the kind we have realised are absolutely vital. Multifunctional, super organised, and from natural light to an authentic contact with nature and the outdoor, we listen to new needs and lead the way to a movement towards a re-design of the houses around us,” declared Francesca Magni, editor of CasaFacile. 

New in the magazine
Among the new features in the magazine in 2021 are two ne columns: New Home, tp tale a closer look at emerging trends in living styles that have taken shape as a result of the pandemic in order to design space on the basis of new needs, and Bello e possibile with ideas and solutions to create a complete corner of the home on a limited budget.

The March issue will also include a special feature dedicated to small homes: 6 beautiful apartments of between 25 and 92 square metres with innovative designs that make it possible to ‘live bog’ also in small spaces, with particular attention to what we feel we need right now: more light, better organisation of space, a comfortable kitchen and a dialogue with nature and the outdoors. Exceptionally, there will also be two ‘before and after’ (Prima & Dopo) projects exclusively created by CasaFacile, the only magazine in Italy that every month creates and photographs the re-invention of a real home.

The digital festival
This focus on new ways of living will culminate in April with “La Casa dei sogni by CasaFacile”, the magazine’s first digital festival dedicated to the home. From 7 April to 7 May, a combination of initiatives that will be developed across the brand, from the magazine to the web site and social media.

Starting with the April issue: a special issue of the magazine that, thanks to an innovative thematically organised range of content, will examine what we are currently dreaming about for our homes and respond to the new living needs in the unmistakably joyous, smart and friendly style of CasaFacile.

Five dreams that will be realised in five design projects presented in the pages of the magazine: from the need for more green space at home, with innovative ideas and solutions to ensure that our apartments are never without a green corner, to the desire for more natural light with detailed information and advice about windows and light sources. But there will also be a home where the protagonist is colour with ceilings and furnishing in bold tones, as well as a home that gifts relaxation, thanks to easy-to-use automation and spaces that area accessible and adaptable to everyone. And finally, there will also be a design for a functional home, with tips on how to create organised spaces, with solutions that are variable and suitable also for a home office.

The storytelling of the special issue extends also to the Facebook and Instagram pages of the brand with posts and original and dynamic videos to innovatively engage users. These features include Scuola di stile (Style School) to learn how to use, place and combine a product, Instaquiz and Gare di styling competitions And then Provato per voi (Tried for you) an engaging way to present products with video tutorials, and the Ufficio cortesia format in which the editorial team and blogger of CasaFacile answer questions and requests from users.

In addition to the April special issue and the calendar of video clips and live events on social media, there will also be a special on the web site.

The initiative provides a unique opportunity for partner companies of the project to present and talk about new products and trends, along with the stylists and the team of 61 bloggers that share with CasaFacile the desire to write about and promote their passions and skills in the area of décor and furnishing.

The initiative also confirms the role of CasaFacile as leader in its segment, with a 53% share of advertising pages % (Nielsen data, January-September 2020).

Thanks to a unique mix of content, initiatives and practical advice, CasaFacile is constantly at the side of its readers and their needs and every month reaches a total audience (magazine and web) of 778,000 users (Nielsen Media Impact Data Fusion – May 2020), to which should be added the a highly active social media community of more than 1 million fans, that has grown by 64% since January 2020 (Source: Shareablee plus Pinterest).


CasaFacile presents a special “New Home” issue

The magazine will focus on new needs for living and new products to transform domestic space in a more conscious, useful and sustainable way

The project includes multiplatform content, from the magazine to social media, and from the web site to the digital out-of-home circuit, confirms the brand’s cross-media character

CasaFacile, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Francesca Magni, presents a special “New Home” issue. On newsstands from 3 October, the issue will focus on new needs for living and new products and services to transform domestic space in a more conscious, useful and sustainable way.

“How will our homes change after the lockdown experience? This is the question that led to the idea of an issue that looks at how to redesign the home, a continuously evolving space, but one which, in recent times, has undergone great transformations,” explains Francesca Magni, editor of CasaFacile. “To try to answer the question we will use the characteristic positive, smart and friendly approach of the magazine, a style that has attracted an enthusiastic and growing community, with over 400,000 followers on Instagram and 432,000 on Facebook,” she added.

“In my May editorial I asked readers what they had realised they really needed in their homes. There were many replies: from open air space to more green inside and outside the home, as well as larger windows, better organised rooms that can also be combined, movable walls, fluid solutions that change over the course of the day to allow for the range of activities that now also take place in domestic spaces. In our special issue all of these desires will find answers in the form of homes designed with new criteria. But thanks also to the contribution of 42 of our CFInfluencers who we asked to think ‘outside of the box’, about a new concept for the home. We have called this an Extraordinary Issue, because what we propose are examples of “exercises in extraordinary thinking”. Along with an extraordinary cover and a sparkling logo!” concluded Francesca Magni.

The special issue presents 5 homes organised in different themes: a new way of using colourinnovative solutions for a better use of light indoors, new furniture to integrate work and relaxation (from home cinema to gyms, and from meditation to hobbies) in the domestic environment. At the heart of the magazine is a focus on kitchens and what’s new in technology and design to address new ways of using the kitchen. The number of pages will increase to enhance the pages dedicated to “New Home” design and to look at new ways of experiencing the home.

The cross-media, multiplatform CasaFacile special is developed across the magazine and social media, with the significant contribution of 42 CF Style bloggers who will, for the first time, be directly involved in content production, also in print with: do-it-yourself ideas for remote working and plants inside the home casa, suggestions on everyday sustainability, a selection of products to make our lives easier and  decluttering, in other words, what to keep and what to get rid of so that we cane free ourselves of the unnecessary.

We will also launch a dedicated hashtag#casafacilenewhome, that the bloggers will use on their social media profiles, and we will create an  Instagram filter so you can transform your house into a  CasaFacile cover: all you have to do is capture a corner of  your “New Home” with the frontal camera, take a shot and share it in stories with the hashtag #casafacilenewhome and the tag @casafacile. Plus, we have also planned live social media events with accounts fro the magazine.

Thanks to a unique mix of practical advice that favours teste, style and trends, CasaFacile  is always on the side of its readers and their needs, reaching a total audience (magazine and web) of 765,000 net users every month (Source: Nielsen Media Impact Data Fusion – March 2020), to which should be added a community on social media that now numbers more than 850,000 followers.

In the context of the current complex market phase, CasaFacile has confirmed its position as the leader del in its segment, with a 53% share of adv. pages (Nielsen data, January to September 2020).

A leadership that has been developed also thanks to the numerous projects conceived and created ad hoc for clients in different sectors. Initiatives that, with the involvement of stylists and bloggers and the spread of original content on the brand’s social media platforms, now represent a benchmark both for the community of followers and the number of interactions generated.

An advertising campaign in support of CasaFacile “New Home” has been planned on Mondadori Group titles and TV e (20 15” commercials on Discovery home channels) and communication on the DOOH circuit.

CasaFacile “New Home” will be on newsstands from 3 October to 22 October banded with Donna Moderna and Grazia


CasaFacile has surprises in store for its readers: a décor box and many events in Milan

From this week it will be possible to buy on a limited edition of a box of wonders and from 14 November to 12 December 2019 the CF team will dress the windows of NAP Atelier and organise a range of events, workshops and much more

CasaFacile ha tante sorprese per i suoi lettori: la décor box e una serie di eventi a Milano

CasaFacile, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Francesca Magni, has a number of surprises in store for its readers: a décor box and many events in Milan.

In fact, from this week CasaFacile is offering a limited edition box of wonders with everything needed to given free rein to your creativity. As a gift for others or yourself, the contents will enable you to illuminate holiday season parties, wrap Christmas presents, and make special decorations and  greetings cards, as well as a kit per for the creation of a metal ‘himmeli’ (a typically Nordic  hanging good luck charm for the house). The CasaFacile Décor Box can be bought online at at the price of €19.90 (or in Milan at the Nap Atelier from 14 November to 12 December 2019).

Also in Milan, from 14 November, the stylist Elisabetta Viganò will dress the windows of the Nap Atelier, (in Viale Piave 19), a space dedicated to interior design and the sale of fabrics, wallpaper and furnishing accessories founded by the designer Stefania Passera. It is here that her taste for a decorative style is expressed, with a “sweet” colour palette and mix of patterns, a place with a soul that is closely aligned with that of CasaFacile. The Atelier, that will be decorated with the participation of LondonArt for wallpapers, Ligne Roset for sofas, and Rossini Illuminazione for lighting, will also host until 12 December a number of events. Starting with the inauguration with aperitifs (on Thursday 14 November at 6 pm) to an open editorial meeting (on 28 November). Also, every Saturday will feature artisans on display and workshops (how to make a lampshade, notebooks with wallpaper, ‘pop’ embroidery); while every Tuesday there will be an architect or stylist from Studio Pisk for private and personalised advice; and, finally, every Thursday a creative laboratory for creations in paper and much more. Visitors will also have the chance to enjoy a nice cup of coffee by Caffè Vergnano. Book your experience and buy your box on

But that’s not all. CasaFacile, a point of reference for home and design enthusiasts in search of a refined but accessible aesthetic, will end the year with a special December issue. The magazine on newsstands from 4 December features: three Italian homes with Christmas decoration by top stylists Cristina Gigli, Vanessa Pisk and Elisabetta Viganò; two Christmas tables  laid out by mise en place expert Marta Mariani at the home of A Gipsy in the Kitchen; ten original do-it-yourself solutions specially created for readers by the magazines Bloggers; and a before & after in a one-room apartment full of space-saving ideas and charm.

 For more information:


On newsstands the new CasaFacile, the magazine that furnishes with you

The Mondadori Group monthly has a new look and has increased content circularity: from print to the web and social networks

The CasaFacile brand confirms its unique position in the market of reference

CasaFacile, the monthly edited by Francesca Magni, is now on newsstands with a completely new look. The Mondadori Group magazine, a point of reference for furniture and daily home living enthusiasts, has strengthened its lifestyle positioning and integrated it with its service mission, along with a particular focus on content circularity from print to the web and social media.

While maintaining its ‘beating heart’ of simplicity, spontaneity and engagement, the new CasaFacile will be even more qualified and reliable, with a fresh, lively and enthusiastic approach that aims to create a unique style with which all women can see themselves and identify.

CasaFacile, that has always been an authoritative guide, but also friendly towards taste, style and trends, is a magazine that is alive and based on a daily relationship with its readers, which is also the source of its richness,” declared the editor Francesca Magni. “To engage the reader even more, we have developed a design layout that literally take you inside the houses (dream houses!) to capture solutions, details and designs that can be copied (with plans and budgets). There will be a vote for the house of the month and a final survey on the choice of interiors; just two of the new features to be shared. Home lovers have a talent for “possible dreams” and know how to make their home more theirs every day. In fact, one of the things that CasaFacile and its readers have in common is precisely the determination to move from the dream to reality”, the editor concluded.

The new CasaFacile

By remaining loyal to the characteristics that have made it successful over the years, every month the new CasaFacile will offer: more pages (+25%), more homes (5 rather than 4), more style cases (3 homes in 3 styles), more services (8/16 pages in the new Focus section, with planning outlines, how to advice, and a special column on budgeting), more before and afters (with a dedicated section), more décor; more shopping (30 pages of ideas), more trends (‘ideas for the home by…’ bloggers and Instagrammers); more green and more involvement of readers (surveys, vote for the home of the month, call to action and social media sharing). A clean and fresh layout and high-impact visuals, protagonists also on the cover, all contribute to making the monthly both refined and elegant, in step with the times and in line with the evolution of trends in furniture and interior design. and the CF Style community

CasaFacile is now much more than a magazine. After the recent design that has made it even more attractive, with more images and easier to ‘navigate’, has traffic numbers worth a monthly average of 305,000 unique users and an average of 830,000 page views per month (Source: Audiweb AwDatabase average in last 3 months/channel home DM).

In 7 years of active presence on social media CasaFacile has also expanded its team of bloggers and created a team of 64 ambassadors of the CF style, creatives who share the style and actively participate in the magazine’s initiatives. To this should be added the more than 100 CF style professionals (architects and interior designers) all over Italy who have been specially selected to be available to readers and users who want personalised advice; i.e. to those who buy the magazine every month, the over 310,000 fans active every day on Facebook and the 132,000 followers on Instagram.

Special projects and events

There will also be many opportunities to meet and share the passion that unites both the staff and readers: that of homes and their stories. CasaFacile will in fact also organise ad hoc courses, new workshops and labs, as well as special projects. Including the Academy, training days for the more than 60 bloggers on the CasaFacile teams; Meet the Blogger, events to bring together some of the bloggers on the team in workshops and labs, and Design Weekends with activities open to the public in collaboration with leading furniture brands. CasaFacile will also take part in all of the main design, do-it-yourself, décor and gardening events.

The success of CasaFacile

CasaFacile is a unique brand in the market of reference, able to engage clients from different sectors, also thanks to the original project formats it proposes. Projects that are amplified across the different platforms to create new and varied communication solutions.

The launch of the new CasaFacile will be supported by significant communication campaign on the web and social media, as well as a TV commercial on channels dedicated to furniture and design, as well as targeted activities in the large-scale retail area.

CasaFacile is available on newsstands this week at the price of €1.90.

Francesca Magni appointed as new editor of CasaFacile

Giusi Silighini appointed as the magazine’s creative director

From the magazine’s October issue, Francesca Magni will be the new editor of CasaFacile.

Born in Pavia, Francesca Magni, 48, began her career as a journalist in 1994 on the editorial team of Grazia, before moving to Donna Moderna in 1995, where for 18 years she was mainly involved in current affairs and culture. An enthusiast of interiors, architecture and design, she joined the editorial team of CasaFacile in 2014, where she has been executive editor since 2017.

At the same time, Giusi Silighini has been appointed as the magazine’s creative director, with the aim of giving greater emphasis to special initiatives – aimed at readers, bloggers and at the advertising market – that have always been a feature of CasaFacile and which over the years have made the Mondadori Group magazine a point of reference in the interiors sector for its style and originality.

A year of success for CasaFacile

A new site, more castings to join the CF Style team, special initiatives and events for the magazine’s 20th anniversary

CasaFacile confirms its position as strategic brand and records +23% in revenues vs. 2016

A year full of special initiatives, news and events. 2017, for CasaFacile 2017 marked its 20th year, and it is preparing to welcome 2018 with much that is new.

Never more than this year has the Mondadori Group’s interiors monthly, dedicated to those who love their home and want to experience it every day with style and originality, met the challenge of accompanying readers on a discovery of a world that is simple, accessible and aspirational, all at the same time, while also making the dream of an ideal home both real and possible.

An exciting and trendy soul, with a touch of anti-conformity, has made the magazine, edited by Giusi Silighini, a winning product, made up of creative ideas and original suggestions that have always ranged from decoration to DIY, with a growing attention to style, design and innovative furnishing solutions.

“I asked my team to focus on the approach to features, above all when the subject might seem banal or unexciting,” the editor Giusi Silighini explained. “The ‘standard’ guide to choosing a matrass now starts from the highly personal style of sleep of each of us, before looking at the opinions of experts, the ‘classic’ layout of a child’s bedroom becomes an opportunity to apply the pedagogical principles of Maria Montessori. In this way, every page is ‘animated’ and the information becomes more layered in order to enrich all kinds of content, a bit like with HTML 4.0!”.

Among the many surprises that have marked the year . from the dream house to the CasaFacile Design Lab, as well as  workshops, supplements and the “Facciamo Casa” box set, produced with Mondadori Store – CasaFacile now brings to newsstands a special issue on the magic atmosphere of Christmas, with a scintillating cover and three whole homes, specially decorated and photographed by the magazine0s team.

The new and the CF Style community

Also the CasaFacilecasa-sul-web” (home-on-the-web) is completely new: even more beautiful, with more images and videos and easier to use. The changes include: broader content, tutorials, DIY, shopping suggestions among crafts and  design, as well as the new panoramic format and the homepage slider with high-impact photos that make it easier to catch the mood and style details. On there are also 20 videos dedicated to design icons, selected and presented by the journalist and TV presenter Giorgio Tartaro and the directories for CF style architects and Interior designers (all selected by the editorial team) ready to reply to readers queries ranging from to the simple restyling of a room. The redesign of the site has contributed to a growth in the traffic of casa, which is currently stable at around 300,000 unique visitors/month (Source: Audiweb View – Total Audience Digital– Average in the last 3 months).

CasaFacile is now much more than a magazine: in 7 years of active presence on social media it has created a team of 24 creative bloggers that share the style and actively participate in the title’s initiatives, but, above all, cultivate a dynamic and enthusiastic community of some 287,000 fans on Facebook and 103,000 followers on Instagram.

But the CasaFacile team will get even better: in January 2018 we will run a new casting to enlarge the team of bloggers and identify new ambassadors of the CF style. Details about how to take part and apply will appear soon on both the site and in the magazine.

The figures of an advertising success

The new editorial approach of CasaFacile has also been rewarded by the advertising clients. In fact, 2017 has confirmed the importance of CasaFacile as a strategic advertising vehicle. The brand continues to grow, both in terms of the number of clients (more than 160 this year, also form outside the sector), and in terms of advertising revenues. Indeed, the positive trend has led to an increase for the CasaFacile system of +23% in revenues, compared with 2016, a result achieved though both display advertising and  thanks to the numerous special projects and events organised exclusively for partner clients.

Digital School: the 3rd edition of the Donna Moderna, CasaFacile and Sale&Pepe training school

Content and social media management, cultivating business ideas, online language and writing techniques

in Milan, from 14 October, in the classrooms of Piano C and the Mondadori Megastore in Piazza Duomo

Digital School, the training initiative launched by Donna ModernaCasaFacile and Sale&Pepe – based on the experience of three brand leaders in the women’s, interiors and food sectors – opens its doors in Milan to the 3rd expanded training  offer with a range of new classroom-based courses.

For those who wish to acquire and develop their digital skills and become autonomous in the online development of a brand, from the creation of an editorial plan to an SEO strategy, there is the course in Content and social media management, now in its third year. A 42-hour, two-level course – the basic level course starts on 14 October and the advanced course from 27 January – with classroom lesson by editors and digital professionals of the Mondadori Group’s three brands, tutoring in class, case history studies and a concluding workshop.
For freelancers and those looking to develop their own business there are three new One-day courses: a day dedicated to self-empowerment and strategies for self promotion (25 November), the second focuses on How to cultivate business ideas and take the first steps in starting your own business (2 December); followed by a third course dedicated to the ABC of VAT, how it works and the latest regulations.
Lessons will be held in Milan at Piano C, the social innovation laboratory the brings together women and work; a space in Milan for the realisation of digital and other projects, aimed at reducing female unemployment in Italy.

This year’s Digital School training offer will be further enhanced by a new course in Online language and writing techniques, which will be held at the Mondadori Megastore in Piazza Duomo, in Milan. The basic rules of journalistic writing and tricks to make sure you are read on the web will be the main features of this 3-day course run by the editorial team of Donna Moderna: how to write and be read in the digital era (30 October), recognising fake news and selecting sources (6 November) and social networks as information ad communication tools (13 December).

Digital School also has e-learning options, with 19 courses and study paths, such as: Starting a blog, e-commerce, Photography for blogs and social media, Digital PR, Engagement Strategy. The online course offer includes courses on Creative Writing, for those who want to learn the techniques for writing a novel or short stories, with the support of established writers such as Michela Murgia, Grazia Verasani and Alessandra Appiani.

For more information and details about enrolment and costs, go to:


Casafacile stars in the reality show “Cambio Casa, Cambio Vita” broadcast by La5

Andrea Castrignano and CasaFacile have produced the first “four-handed” before & after, transforming the home of a young couple

For its 20th anniversary CasaFacile s going on TV. In fact, the Mondadori Group magazine will be the star of an episode of the docu-reality show Cambio Casa, Cambio Vita which is broadcast on the Mediaset channel La5.

In February CasaFacile began an exceptional casting initiative among its readers, a great many of whom put themselves forward as candidates for a complete relook overseen by Andrea Castrignano and the CasaFacile team. An authentic four-handed ‘before & after’ that will be on newsstands in the July issue of CasaFacile and on air on La5 with Cambio Casa, Cambio Vita.

“The ‘before & after’ format has been a CasaFacile classic for more than 10 years and we are delighted to be able to take it on TV: it has been a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Andrea and the Cambio Casa, Cambio Vita! team,” said the editor of CasaFacile  Giusi Silighini.

Andrea Castrignano and Vanessa Pisk (a special correspondent of CasaFacile) transformed a dated apartment belonging to the grandparents of a young couple into their ideal home. and the result is an unusual mix of  surprising country chic, and a combination of the inimitable taste of Andrea Castrignano and the  ‘CasaFacile style’.

The episode of Cambio Casa, Cambio Vita, which will air in primetime on 27 June on La5 at 11.15 pm (and repeated on 1 July at 1.00 pm; 2 July at 3.30 pm; and on 4 July at the end of the subsequent episode), well tell the story of the apartment – and that of the lucky protagonists. And in the issue of CasaFacile on newsstands from 5 July the Prima&Dopo feature will be completely given over to the restyling of the apartment, with extensive details and curiosities for readers.