A great success for Chi at the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival

Many well-known faces from the world of show business were guests at Chi’s Sanremo press office.

More than 230 content items dedicated to the Festival, including video reels, Instagram stories and posts, with more than 17 million views.

Chi, Italy’s most-read people magazine with 1.5 million readers and 800,000 followers on Instagram, was present with its editorial team for the first time at the Italian Sanremo Festival, recording excellent performances thanks to its numerous initiatives.

With more than 230 special content items, including video reels, Instagram stories and posts dedicated to the Festival, Chi’s official Instagram account racked up more than 17 million views (+352% compared to 2023) and 815 thousand likes and comments (+130% compared to 2023), proving itself to be the undisputed channel for contacting readers and fans, reaching a record audience of 12.5 million users (source: Iconosquare).

The rich programme of Sanremo appointments from Tuesday to Sunday, 6–11 February was presented by the journalists and social faces of Chi: Azzurra Della Penna, Valerio Palmieri, Carmen Pugliese and Gilberto Savini. It achieved extraordinary results, from Caffè Forte and Commenta look in the morning, to special afternoon episodes of the CASA CHI format, which became a veritable living room for the Festival, hosting numerous personalities from the world of entertainment. Cecilia Rodriguez, Ignazio Moser, Ginevra Lamborghini, Enzo Miccio, Francesco Facchinetti, Giorgia Venturini, Ivana Mrázová, along with Federico Basso and Alberto Urso remote from Canada, are just some of the friends who animated the talk in the villa used as a recording studio. They presented both in-depth and light-hearted moments related to the Festival and its inevitable rumours under the guidance of Casa Chi presenter Sophie Codegoni, who joined the Chi journalists for the occasion and held face-to-face meetings with various singers in the competition, such as Il Tre, The Kolors, Geolier and Mr Rain.

The cameras and microphones of this weekly magazine directed by Massimo Borgnis were also a regular at exclusive events around the city of Sanremo, where they met up with the singers and other well-known figures. Taking an informal, playful attitude, Chi recounted the most emblematic moments from a memorable edition of the Festival, including the final evening, which saw winner Angelina Mango take centre stage.

Chi’s official partner at Sanremo is Caffè Motta. Piemme, Chi’s exclusive concessionaire for magazines and social media, played a crucial role in this brand integration project, which led to the collaboration between Chi and Caffè Motta for the 2024 edition of the Festival.


Chi’s Instagram link


Chi, Italy’s most widely read weekly gossip magazine, with an audience of almost 1.5 million readers and almost 800,000 followers on Instagram (Source: Audicom – Audipress system 2023/II), tells the stories of the public’s most loved and followed personalities, ranging from the world of entertainment to politics, from sport to fashion and lifestyle. The attention given to photo quality, the constant search for news and above all the exclusive and trusting relationship with celebrities are what make the magazine unique. Making a name for itself from the very start thanks to its absolutely original format for Italy, Chi combines the stories of the ‘natural stars’ and gossip with space dedicated to fashion and beauty.

Casa Chi moves to Sanremo

For the first time, for the entire week of the Sanremo Music Festival, the editorial office of Chi will move its headquarters to Sanremo.

A packed schedule will entertain the social media audience throughout the day.

Chi, Italy’s most-read gossip magazine, which tells the stories of Italy’s best-loved personalities, with an audience of almost 1.5 million readers and 800,000 followers on Instagram, is bringing its team to Sanremo for the first time to share the most exciting moments and scoops with its audience in the week dedicated to the 74th edition of the Festival hosted by Amadeus for the fifth year running.

The editorial team will move to a very special location: a villa near the sea that will become its headquarters for the duration of the music competition. From there, journalists and social media faces from Chi, Azzurra Della Penna and Valerio Palmieri, social media manager, Carmen Pugliese, and video correspondent, Gilberto Savini, will present a schedule packed with events that viewers will be able to follow minute by minute on Chi‘s Instagram channel.

Every day, starting from Tuesday, 6 February to Sunday, 11 February, the morning begins with Caffé Forte with Valerio Palmieri, who will greet followers with the topic of the day, the most discussed and debated topic in the press and on social media. This will be followed by CHI veste CHI? (WHO wears WHO?) with Azzurra della Penna for commentary on the looks sported by the Festival’s stars on the Ariston stage.

Then there’s an unmissable event in the early afternoon with CHI c’è alle feste? (WHO’s at the parties?), the exclusive, cosmopolitan show that will see Gilberto Savini lead audiences to discover the Sanremo night-time parties, with exclusive interviews with the stars, talents and influencers that will liven up the most in places in the city every night.

In the late afternoon there’ll be the classic event, Casa Chi, with Valerio and Azzurra along with Sophie Codegoni, an influencer and presenter with 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Together they will conduct interviews with the Festival’s guests, singers and talent stars every day from the villa’s lounge.

But it doesn’t end there. The schedule will also see unforgettable moments with shows by Carmen Pugliese and Gilberto Savini: In CHI c’è in stanza? (WHO’s in the room?), the two presenters will go inside stars’ rooms, who will show off their outfits and reveal their good luck charms, while in CHI c’è in hotel? (WHO’s in the hotel?), they’ll interview fans outside the hotels as they wait for their favourite artists.

Finishing up the day’s packed schedule is CHI ci tiene sveglio? (WHO’s keeping us awake?), with special guests who will burst into our living rooms and kitchens to keep us company during the long nights of the Festival.

Chi’s official partner in Sanremo is Caffè Motta. Piemme, Chi’s exclusive concessionaire for magazines and social media, plays a crucial role in the brand integration project that has led to the collaboration between Chi and its client, Caffè Motta, for the 2024 edition of the Festival.

Chi’s Instagram link


Chi, Italy’s most widely read weekly gossip magazine, with an audience of almost 1.5 million readers and almost 800,000 followers on Instagram (Source: Audicom – Audipress system 2023/II), tells the stories of the public’s most loved and followed personalities, ranging from the world of entertainment to politics, from sport to fashion and lifestyle. The attention given to photo quality, the constant search for news and above all the exclusive and trusting relationship with celebrities are what make the magazine unique. Making a name for itself from the very start thanks to its absolutely original format for Italy, Chi combines the stories of the ‘natural stars’ and gossip with space dedicated to fashion and beauty.

Piemme and Mondadori Media present future publishing brand strategies

Mondadori Media's future brand strategies enhance their content, from magazines to digital platforms, from events to talent.

During the exclusive evening Live Vision – the Future of Brands, the media showcase organised at the Spazio Gessi in Via Manzoni in Milan by Mondadori Media Area Magazine and Piemme Media Platform, Mondadori Media’s exclusive retailer, the directors presented the values and future strategies of the publishing brands in an innovative way, answering questions posed by the talents of the TAAG! interacting with a special middleman: artificial intelligence.

Carlo Mandelli, Director of the Mondadori Media Area Magazine, said: “Piemme is the ideal partner for enhancing some of our brands, due to its important network of investors in strategic sectors. The collaboration, which started a year ago with TV Sorrisi e Canzoni and Chi, and more recently with the Focus system, is generating excellent results. For the future, thanks also to this collaboration, we plan to continue pursuing a multimedia strategy, offering exclusive content on all platforms, from magazines to digital, from events to talent”.

Walter Bonanno, Director of Piemme S.p.A., stated: “Our corporate strategy is focused on the development of advertising and storytelling, and I would like to emphasise the strategic role of the partnership with Mondadori Media in enhancing the publishing brands. Looking to the future, we reaffirm our commitment to a multimedia strategy that integrates all available platforms in a comprehensive and effective way. We will continue to invest in creating exclusive, high-quality projects, while keeping a close eye on emerging trends and the needs of our audience. We also want these initiatives to not only inform and entertain, but to inspire and stimulate critical thinking among readers and users. So, we’re excited to continue our collaboration with Mondadori Media and to work together to build a successful future”.

Here is what we can expect in terms of future brand strategies.


Science populariser Marco Martinelli interviews Raffaele Leone, editor of Focus, Focus Storia and Focus Live.

The Focus brand, founded around the principle of spreading science so that it’s accessible to everyone, and not just enthusiasts, has always been committed to making science current and relevant in various areas of everyday life, reaching a generalist audience through its platform.
Focus will continue to focus on its multi-channel strategy, which includes a magazine, website, social media, videos, talks, podcasts, a TV channel, an academy for students interested in science journalism, and a science outreach festival. Emphasis will also be placed on training, especially for students and teachers, and in-depth study of areas such as sustainability, green energy, mobility, robotics, artificial intelligence, health, and many other topical issues.
Focus intends to maintain its position as a leader in science popularisation, increasing its reach and positively influencing the general public’s understanding of science, thanks to teamwork involving the entire editorial staff and talent involved.


Science populariser Marco Martinelli interviews Sarah Pozzoli, Director of Focus Junior, Focus Wild and Focus Pico.

The values of Focus Junior are centred on an educational approach that stimulates curiosity and critical thinking in children, with a strong focus on STEM subjects – environment, sustainability, art and history.
The goal for Focus Junior is to remain at the forefront of children’s education and information, adapting to the changing needs and interests of the new generation. Thus, the strategy envisages strengthened collaboration with schools and companies to promote innovative educational projects; expanded digital and interactive content to better engage children in the technological age; a focus on topics such as climate change, fake news and science journalism to educate children to become informed and aware citizens; and the development of new initiatives and workshops that encourage hands-on, experiential learning.


TV host and influencer Giulia Salemi interviews Aldo Vitali, TV Sorrisi e Canzoni Director.

Thanks to its authority, recognisability, credibility and clarity, TV Sorrisi e Canzoni has been a leader in the world of entertainment, television and show business for over 70 years. The management of TV Sorrisi e Canzoni stands out for its ability to provide exclusive previews, in-depth interviews and a broad spectrum of content ranging from TV to music, from cinema to streaming, as well as integrating topics such as travel, food, mobility and current affairs.
For the future, the strategy will focus on innovation and adaptation to new trends in media and entertainment, including through collaboration with talent. There will be an increased focus on interactivity and personalisation, thus responding to the needs of an audience seeking tailor-made and technologically integrated entertainment experiences. However, TV Sorrisi e Canzoni will continue to direct the tastes and preferences of the Italian public, continuing to provide rich and varied content and remaining an authoritative standard in the sector.


Host and performer Pierpaolo Pretelli interview Massimo Borgnis, director of Chi.

Founded on values like engagement and interaction, with a strong commitment to social media and innovative formats such as ‘CASA CHI’, the Chi brand stands out for its credibility and authenticity, offering real stories and exclusive scoops. Chi also explains trends and lifestyles, influencing consumption and becoming not only a cultural standard, but an entertainment one, too. Chi differs from traditional gossip magazines in several respects, relying on a special, trusted relationship with celebrities and offering exclusive interviews and insights into their lives, projects and passions.
The brand will continue to go beyond just gossip, offering an in-depth and respectful account of public figures and offer a wider range of content, focusing on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, cooking and wellness.

The evening closed with a DJ set by Federico Chimirri, DJ, chef and influencer.


Mondadori Media is Italy’s leading multimedia publisher, with a distinctive positioning and audience on the publishing market. The Mondadori Group’s social multimedia company caters to the passions of the Italian people through its brands – food, beauty, fashion, health and wellness , science and tech – and reaches more than 27.5 million unique users every month (source: Audicom November 2023) and more than 100 million fans (source: Comscore Shareablee + Pinterest Insight December 2023).

Piemme has six of the most important newspapers (Il Messaggero, Il Mattino, Il Gazzettino, Corriere Adriatico, Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia and Leggo), websites (online platforms for the respective newspapers and licensed third-party sites:, Centro Meteo Italiano,, magazines (Molto, Mondadori Media, Mondadori Scienza, Periodici San Paolo), TV (Telenova), Piemme designs projects tailored to customers’ settings, producing multimedia campaigns that synergistically integrate print and digital, radio and TV. Piemme also manages local advertising on Radio Subasio and RCS media in its reference areas.

Success for “Al chiaro di luna (By Moonlight)”, Chi’s first exclusive charity dinner at the Grand Hotel Rimini

More than 150,000 euros raised for the populations affected by the flood

Business owners and TV stars responded to Chi’s appeal

There was great success for Al Chiaro di Luna, the first, exclusive Charity Dinner organised by Chi, Italy’s most read “people” magazine. The dinner was held yesterday at the Grand Hotel Rimini to support the populations affected by the flood in Emilia-Romagna.

The Gala Dinner – which saw the participation of more than two hundred selected guests, including associations like Assolombarda and Federalberghi, Emilia-Romagna region institutions, Visit Romagna, Apt Servizi, companies including Orogel, and celebrities – was the event celebrating the “Insieme aiutiamo l’Emilia Romagna (Let’s Help Emilia-Romagna Together)” fundraiser launched by Mondadori Media, with Banca Mediolanum, in May for the populations affected by this tragedy. Fundraising will continue until 10 July. Proof of Italians’ good heart has once again been evidenced by a total donation that today exceeded 150,000 euros. This will be donated to specific reconstruction projects in the Emilia-Romagna region.

Many guests from the world of entertainment and business arrived at the Grand Hotel Rimini and were welcomed by the hosts: Chi‘s director, Massimo Borgnis; the managing editor, Alfonso Signorini; the CEO of Mondadori Media, Carlo Mandelli; and the owner of the Grand Hotel Rimini, Paola Batani. With them was TV Sorrisi e Canzoni‘s director, Aldo Vitali, and many other directors from Mondadori Media and Mediaset. Many business leaders and figures from the world of entertainment responded to Chi‘s charity appeal. The guests included: Milly Carlucci, Paola Barale, Simona Ventura, Giulia Salemi, Pierpaolo Pretelli, Elenoire Casalegno, Samantha de Grenet. Orietta Berti, Fabio Rovazzi, Achille Lauro, Sophie Codegoni, Alessandro Basciano, Alberto De Pisis, Elisabetta Gregoraci, and Ginevra Lamborghini also attended. Among the journalists were Alessandro Sallusti, Giorgia Venturini and Pierluigi Pardo and many others.

After the blue carpet, where all Chi‘s guests paraded, and the welcome cocktail, in the garden of the Grand Hotel, the evening continued with the charity dinner on the terrace. For the Chi fundraiser, Orietta Berti performed, singing the 2023 summer hit, La Discoteca Italiana, Mille e Luna Piena, while Alfonso Signorini played Chiaro di Luna by Beethoven, Romeo and Juliet by Nino Rota and Prelude, Op. 28, No. 4 by Chopin on the piano.

Chi‘s 2023 summer event then continued with the exclusive beach party on the beach of the Grand Hotel Rimini, with spectacles set up by sponsors, including experiences and games, like the VIP challenge with table football and music. After the live performance by Achille Lauro, the party continued with Claudio Cecchetto’s grand return to the deck.

The sponsors who helped make the success of this great event possible were: Eurotarget, Givova, Layla Cosmetics, Profumiamo Profumiamo. There were numerous partners, including: Antica Distilleria Petrone, Gruppo Deles, Orogel, Piemme, Profumiamo and Visit Romagna.

The best moments from the event were published on Chi‘s Instagram account and the brand’s more than 740,000 users were able to follow the whole evening live minute-to-minute (@chimagazineit; #alCHIarodiluna).

In the issue of the magazine, which will be on newsstands from Wednesday 5 July, readers will be able to read the full report about this special event.

“Chi by moonlight”: exclusive Chi charity dinner at the Grand Hotel Rimini to support the areas affected by the flood in Emilia-Romagna

More than two hundred guests, including celebrities, entrepreneurs and associations, will participate in the charity event created by the brand most loved by the stars

Chi, the most widely read “people” magazine in Italy, has chosen one of the most iconic locations in Italy, the Grand Hotel Rimini, for a charity event that demonstrates great support for the cause, and that will be held on Wednesday 28 June.

An exclusive summer party, with the magical and evocative theme of “By Moonlight”, involving the stars and players from the jet set, entertainment, politics, entrepreneurship and the country, but which above all demonstrates a generous and supportive heart: the Chi Charity Gala Dinner will be the culmination of the “Let’s Help Emilia-Romagna Together” fundraiser launched by Mondadori Media, together with Banca Mediolanum, in the hours immediately following the flood. All the proceeds from the dinner, in which more than two hundred entrepreneurs and celebrities will take part, will be donated to the Emilia-Romagna region through a dedicated account to support people and communities affected by floods and landslides.

“Helping those in need is increasingly urgent in our society”, said Alfonso Signorini, Chi managing editor. “Distracted by a thousand and one things, an emergency is enough to make us understand how important it is to be helpful. Nothing makes us feel better than being supportive. And it’s beautiful that Chi, who’s always been a symbol for escapist and leisure reading, is alongside the people of Emilia-Romagna for such an important cause. We’ll get back to entertaining, but now’s the time to act”.

“We want this gala evening to be a small but significant contribution to reviving a place, the Romagna Riviera, and a region, Emilia-Romagna, which has always been linked to the history and stories of Chi and its figures”, said Massimo Borgnis, the magazine’s editor-in-chief. “So what better opportunity to strengthen this bond by starting in the most symbolic place of the Riviera, the Grand Hotel Rimini, a concrete show of support, so that with the help of everyone, Romagna will soon return to being a place for la dolce vita, a place that’s about hospitality, joy and fun, which has been part of our holidays and our dreams and which Chi loves to describe in its pages”, Borgnis concluded.

Chi Summer Night: an exclusive evening by moonlight

Hosting the great party at Chi‘s invitation is the Grand Hotel Rimini of the Batani Group, a Liberty building of outstanding beauty, one of the iconic locations in Federico Fellini’s Amarcord, an incomparable location in the seaside history of the Riviera and of Made in Italy tourism.

“I’m pleased that, after the break due to the pandemic, Chi and Mondadori Media, to whom we have become great friends with and collaborated many times, have chosen the Grand Hotel Rimini and Romagna for their summer party. It will be a special evening, which has an even greater meaning, given the commitment made by everyone in the charity collection for the Emilia-Romagna region. It’s one more demonstration that if tourism is working, it can help those affected by the flood”, said Paola Batani, CEO of the Batani Group Select Hotels.

The exclusive event will start at 6:30 pm with an extraordinary blue carpet to welcome guests with a very impressive entrance in the Piazza Fellini, a grand thoroughfare for the public and the whole city. A welcome cocktail will follow in the majestic setting of the outdoor garden of the Grand Hotel Rimini, which will be set up with bright spheres to recall the theme of the evening, charming corners and a band that will play for guests throughout the cocktail.

Then the Charity Gala Dinner will begin, with a placée dinner, reserved for more than 200 guests, including entrepreneurs, associations and stars from the world of entertainment, on the terrace of the hotel that will end with a magnificent artistic performance. The tone of the evening will change for the third part: the after party on the private beach of the hotel that will be transformed into a exclusive club with musical performances, DJ sets, open bars and many corners that will entertain guests and be great fun for them.

On Chi‘s Instagram account, users will be able to follow the whole evening live minute-to-minute (@chimagazineit; #alCHIarodiluna)

Event sponsors and partners

Supporting Chi on this special occasion are institutions and companies who responded to the call for support launched by the magazine and who are participating in the Charity Gala Dinner. These include: Assolombarda, Federalberghi nazionale and Orogel.

The sponsors include:

  • EuroTarget, a brand distributing new and semi-new automobiles, where the customer is placed at the heart of the consultancy and not the vehicle. They recently acquired the former Lamborghini Factory in Pieve di Cento, which will become the new headquarters for the more than 50 people who make up this innovative dealership. The EuroTarget staff will support the stars of the show on the blue carpet and on the beach for the summer night of Chi “By Moonlight”;
  • Givova, the internationally recognised Campania brand that has become a leader in sportswear and more in a few years, and that has always supported Chi‘s initiatives with commitment and enthusiasm. Givova will also be here for this event with a corner on the beach, dedicated to well-being, which will become a fun meeting place for everyone;
  • the historic Milanese company Layla Cosmetics will be there with an area dedicated to Beauty where it will offer make-up experiences to guests;
  • Profumiamo Profumiamo will make the exhibit even more magical with special perfumers

The partners:

  • ANTICA DISTILLERIA PETRONE will offer its renowned bitters and liqueurs;
  • The Deles Group will be the star of a scenic beach showcooking with their Oyfr barbecues during the beach party;
  • Orogel, the strategic partner for the evening and Chi, will have a corner on the beach where guests will be able to enjoy delicious snacks late into the night. The Fondazione F.OR. (FruttDORO OROGEL) is at the forefront of support and has launched targeted interventions to help the flooded populations with supplies of food products and materials for removing the mud: it is setting up important investments for the most affected people, the agricultural partners and has carried out an important recovery operation for historical material (ancient books and library archival items) from different municipalities in Romagna with the regional office.
  • Visit Romagna will bring a preview of the Notte Rosa (Pink Night), a main event in the Riviera, to the beach, which will take place from 7 to 9 July, dedicated this year to the Pink Fluid theme.

The creative exhibit is entrusted to the Grand Hotel Rimini together with the agency Left&Right.


LET’S HELP EMILIA-ROMAGNA TOGETHER” is the name of the fundraising initiative open to readers, followers, customers and friends launched by Mondadori Media and Banca Mediolanum in the hours immediately following the flood. Everyone can contribute by sending a donation to the dedicated current account number in the name of “BANCA MEDIOLANUM – IBAN IT54O0306234210000002727272 – CAUSE: LET’S HELP EMILIA-ROMAGNA TOGETHER”.

Together is the initiative’s keyword: thanks to everyone’s generosity, every Euro collected will be donated to the Emilia-Romagna region to support people and communities affected by floods and landslides.

Mondadori Group: Alfonso Signorini to develop a new talent agency dedicated to entertainment

Signorini concurrently takes on the position of managing editor of Chi

Massimo Borgnis appointed editor-in-chief of the weekly

Starting today, Alfonso Signorini, one of the most popular personalities in show business and TV, embarks on a new venture with the Mondadori Group to develop a talent agency dedicated to entertainment. A project where Signorini will capitalize fully on the wealth of know-how and unique skills built throughout his career.
Signorini will maintain an ongoing commitment to Chi, becoming its Managing Editor from the next issue.

“I embark on this new professional endeavour with great enthusiasm and motivation. I thank the Mondadori Group for this opportunity and for the trust it has always shown in me. To Chi, now part of my DNA and something that is deeply ingrained in me, I will continue to dedicate my fullest energies. The partnership with Massimo Borgnis, more than a decade of fruitful collaboration, will allow the magazine to continue on its path of evolution and success”, said Alfonso Signorini.

“We are proud to entrust Alfonso Signorini, a landmark in Italian entertainment, with a challenge that will see him involved in the creation and development of a Group talent agency, where he will be able to put his vast knowledge of the world of entertainment to good use, tackling a managerial role”, said Carlo Mandelli, Managing director of Mondadori Media.

Signorini, 58, from Milan, a graduate in medieval philology from the Catholic University of Milan, began his professional activity as a humanities teacher. Boasting long-standing experience in the world of journalism, Signorini is today a TV host, author and writer: a strong aficionado of classical music and opera director, he has published numerous books with Mondadori dedicated to the lives of great composers and personalities from the world of music, entertainment and fashion.

Massimo Borgnis will concurrently take on the position of Editor-in-Chief of Chi.
Borgnis, 62, born in Milan, after studying at the International School of Milan, began his career in journalism as a sports reporter specializing in American football and US sports. In 1988, he joined the editorial staff of Gente, working there for 19 years, and covering increasing responsibilities until becoming central chief editor; a role he also held from 2007 at the weekly Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, before being appointed deputy executive editor-in-chief of Chi in 2009.


Over the past year, Chi has recorded excellent results: the good newsstand performance combines with the steady growth in audience on social media, where Italy’s most widely read people magazine with 1.3 million monthly readers, reaches nearly 1 million total followers on Instagram and Facebook.

The latest edition of #CasaChi is here

The social entertainment format, developed by Chi, returns with exclusive content, previews, special guests and curiosities about Grande Fratello VIP


The start of the new season of Grande Fratello VIP coincides with the launch of a new edition of #CasaChi, the social entertainment format developed by the magazine Chi, that every week brings opinion leaders and exceptional guest to the Instagram and Facebook channels of the brand with comments on the most successful reality show and the personalities of the moment.

An unmissable appointment which, following the huge success of 2020, with more than 100 special guests and more than 14 million video views on Instagram, this year too will feature VIPs, influencers and the competitors of the reality show, with the host and master of ceremonies, Alfonso Signorini, editor of Chi, and journalists from the title Azzurra Della Penna, Valerio Palmieri and Gabriele Parpiglia and deputy editor Massimo Borgnis the curator of the format. A team ready to transport readers and users to the very heart of the debate about Italy’s most spied on house with video shows, original and exclusive content, revelations, curiosities and unexpected twists.

WHAT’S NEW – The new season of CasaCHI #GFVIP 2021 Edition starts with a new face: Rosalinda Cannavò, for the first time as a talk show host.

“This is definitely my first experience as a host, as I have had never had a role like this and, I confess, I was terrified at the beginning. But the CasaChi team made me feel at ease and I’m melting, indeed, I’m really getting a taste for it and think, maybe one day, I could be a presenter! Last year I was inside the House, and this year I’m at CasaChi and have to be impartial: I would like to make judgments, but I try not to step too far out of my role. Certainly, having been in the game, I can identify nuances that others might miss so I can share them with our followers. Obviously, I have my favourites, but you will find this out in the course of the episodes, I’ll find a way to make you understand … “, said Rosalinda Cannavò.

However, the presence of the former contestant is not the only novelty. For this edition, the talk show schedule has been enhanced with even more dynamic and engaging formats and content: Chi Backstage, which shares with the public the previews, the background and the highlights of #GFVIP in the form of short videos on Instagram and TikTok; Chi è Chi #stories, with presentations of all the show’s contestants curated by the editorial staff, which in just one week reached 1 million views; and the exclusive #Copia il look (Copy the look), to replicate the outfits of both stars and commentators.

And then there is also space for guests from the world of show business and entertainment, such as the new commentators Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli, and unpublished content and interviews for this new edition of CasaChi, which in the first two weeks has already recorded a doubling of video views on its social media channels compared with 2020.

The episodes of CasaChi #GFVIP 2021 Edition will be broadcast from Tuesday to Friday, with daily appointments in video talk or live social formats, on Chi’s Instagram and Facebook channels – where Italy’s most widely read people magazine has a fan base of 850,000 users (Source: Shareablee, August 2021) – and, thanks to an exclusive agreement, is also available on the Mediaset Infinity platform.

A sponsorship format has been developed for advertisers which guarantees visibility in the social media content published by Chi and which includes media planning with guaranteed reach. In addition, it is also possible to develop ad hoc communication projects with the involvement of influencers, selected for a tone of voice that is in line with the brand.

The launch of “CasaChi”: a social media talk show from the magazine Chi

Guests of the first two episodes: commentators on the GFVip Pupo and Antonella Elia and former participants Luca Onestini, Ivana Mrázová and Paola di Benedetto

Making its debut this evening, CasaChi is a new social media talk show social conceived by Chi, that every week will bring together special guests in the exclusive salon of the magazine edited by Alfonso Signorini, to follow and discuss the new series of Grande Fratello Vip. Who will win? Who will go to the vote? What dynamic will emerge between the contestants? In each episode CasaChi will play an active role in the debate, with curiosities, behind the scenes features, forecasts and fun.

The CasaChi salon will welcome an alternating series of protagonists from GFVip: from the show’s presenter Alfonso Signorini, to the commentators Antonella Elia and Pupo and contestants from the last series. In the studio will be Chi journalists Azzurra Della Penna, Valerio Palmieri and Gabriele Parpiglia, moderated Gilberto Savini.

Guests of the first two episodes, together with the host Alfonso Signorini his two commentators, will be the winner of the last series Paola Di Benedetto and one of the most-loved couples that were born during the  programme, Luca Onestini and Ivana Mrázová.

The new Chi format will, of course, include unseen backstage footage and a gossip corner, where secrets will be revealed about what is really going on inside and, above all, outside the house.

CasaChi is a unique opportunity to discover what is really happening behind the scenes of TV’s most popular reality show, also the things that the cameras never show you. We will give people the latest news, previews and scoops about the contestants and you can hear comments and confessions from GFVip live in viva voce from the commentators, the winners and the protagonists of previous series. Only on CasaChi!,” explained Alfonso Signorini, editor of Chi.

CasaChi #GFVip will be available every Tuesday and Thursday on the Facebook and Instagram profiles of Chi, where the brand reaches a community of more than 650,000 followers. Moreover, the social media profiles of the magazine also offer extra content, such as surveys, quizes, stories, behind-the-scenes coverage and video clips with interviews with contestants and the public.

An unmissable appointment for fans and an opportunity to get a close-up look at the show business and entertainment personalities that every week animate the pages of their favourite magazine. The new Chi format will also offer partners new communication opportunities that align with the exclusive world that revolves around Italy’s most widely read people magazine.

The project has been developed thanks to the partnership with Orogel, Italy’s leading producer of frozen vegetables, grown directly by the company’s 1,616 associated farms, operating exclusively in the most fertile areas of Italy. Quality, flavour and wellbeing are the basis of all of the Orogel recipes that allow the contestants of GFVip to enjoy healthy, light and tasty cooking.

Chi reinforces its editorial offer

From the magazine and social media to podcasts: leading personalities close up, with more space for feelings and detailed and authentic accounts

Chi, the people magazine edited by Alfonso Signorini, is reinforcing its formula and, on newsstands from tomorrow, will appear to readers with a new look with the most beautiful love stories, exclusive scoops, leading personalities, news investigations and background.

The feelings and emotions that everyone can identify with will be even more at the heart of Chi; a narrative dimension that starts in the magazine and extends across all of its digital platforms. In line with the new formula, from 10 June, the Mondadori Group weekly will launch #storiedamore (love stories): a new editorial project that celebrates love in all its forms, with the exclusive participation of personalities from television and the world of entertainment. Every week, a different story will be covered, not only on the pages of  Chi but also on the brand’s Instagram and Facebook profiles, with interviews with the most popular celebrities and, for the first time, in a podcast series, in which it will be the voices of the protagonists themselves that will talk about previously unpublished aspects of their emotional lives that will engage and move the audience.

“Even more feelings: this is the principal guideline of the new magazine, and what readers of Chi most frequently ask us for. Emotions will run alongside accounts of personalities most in view, with their stories, experience and a rediscovery of the pleasure of more detailed and authentic storytelling,” announced the editor of Chi, Alfonso Signorini.

The first subject of #storiedamore and the cover story of the revamped Chi will be the editor himself, Alfonso Signorini: the first to step up to the plate and reveal an intimate part of his life, in this case his special relationship with and great love for his mother.

Chi also takes a look beyond the jet set and the entertainment world, with much more attention to features and news investigations.

There are also five new thematic supplements that will accompany the publication of upcoming issues, starting this week with the free Chi Weddings Special: a much-anticipated collectors issue now in its fifth edition, with pages dedicated to the weddings of Italian and international celebrities who have pronounced a romantic “I do” in the last year. This will be followed by specials dedicated to Cooking, with recipes from starred-chefs (on newsstands from 17 June), the Animals of the stars and their offspring (on newsstands from 24 June), Travel and holiday destinations with exceptional guides (on newsstands from 1 July),  Beauty with loads of secret tips and suggestions to make the best of yourself (on newsstands from 15 July).

The re-launch of Chi will be supported by a communication campaign planned across various channels: TV and radio commercials, on air from 10 June of Mediaset channels and RadioMediaset stations, press, digital, social media and large-scale retail.

The planned total print run for the next 4 issues of Chi will be 1 million copies.

A further push will be given to the social media strategy of Chi: on Instagram, which has now reached 400,000 followers and is the people publishing brand with the highest level of engagement in Italy (Source: Storyclash). The profile offers real-time accounts of the world of Italian and international celebrities, with a special focus on those most popular with millennials, who make up 70% of the followers (Source: Iconosquare).

“The greatest satisfaction comes from having reached a new audience, completely different from the magazine’s traditional target, of the magazine and to have brought them closer to the Chi brand,” declared Massimo Borgnis, executive deputy editor of Chi.

The double live interview format, #CasaChi, during the months of lockdown, has been a regular daily appointment, with an average audience of over 50,000 users for each live feed (Source: Instagram Insight).


Chi and Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni present the Ludovica Pagani calendar

On newsstands from 27 November 12 new and exclusive shots of the web influencer with over 2 million followers

Sensual, ironic, and incredibly popular on social media: Ludovica Pagani, a star with over 2 million followers on Instagram, is the protagonist of the 2020 calendar that will hit newsstands with the magazines Chi and Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni.

Available from Wednesday 27 November, 12 new and exclusive shots inspired by a range of musical genres, from rap to disco, rock to country, and grunge to the blues, will surprise readers and fans of this young and talented web influencer, TV face and radio voice who is gaining a bigger and bigger audience.

The choice of a musical theme is not coincidental: in fact, music embraces the audience that follows Ludovica and the enthusiastic readers of the two magazines of the Mondadori Group; as a feature of TV Sorrisi e Canzoni and a topic widely appreciated and extensively covered by the magazine Chi.

“Work on this calendar was both intense and gratifying, and I will remember forever working in a team in perfect harmony,” declared Ludovica Pagani.  Each photo is inspired by a different musical genre: so we tried to cover the history of music. I am happy and proud of the result, and I hope that it will transmit the same emotions that only music can sometimes give,” she concluded.

Since 2016 Ludovica has presented a web series, a sports programme, taken part as a correspondent in ‘Quelli che il calcio’, written her first book ‘Semplicemente Ludovica’ published by Mondadori Electa, been in the cast of two Rai TV drama series, and a new TV series “Involontaria” out on MTV at the beginning of December,  as well as being a radio presenter on RDS NEXT.

The creative idea and photographic production has been entirely conducted by the Mondadori Portfolio team, the Mondadori Group’s photo agency, which for this occasion selected Cosimo Buccolieri.

Partner of the event, and of the entire project, is the hair-beauty brand COTRIL which for Ludovica developed a series of iconic looks, recreated ad hoc for her, able to enhance her natural beauty and charisma. COTRIL has always paid great attention to its social communication, which was why it began to work with Ludovica during the last International Film Festival in Venice and will continue for the whole of 2020 with a series of new and ambitious projects.

For fans who want to meet Ludovica and have their calendar autographed, the appointment is for 4 December , from 7 pm at the Terrazza Aperol in Milan (Piazza Duomo, 25): a unique opportunity to meet Ludovica and enjoy a delicious aperitif with a view of the Duomo from the most beautiful terrace in Milan.

The 2020 Ludovica Pagani calendar is on sale at €9.99, excluding the price of the two magazines, and will remain on newsstands for over a month from 27 November.