New record digital audience for the Mondadori Group

A result driven in particular by GialloZafferano which has recorded almost 23 million unique users per month and by Donna Moderna and Mypersonaltrainer, unchallenged leaders in their respective segments

The Mondadori Group confirms its position as Italy’s leading digital publisher: Comscore data for March shows that the Group’s brands are in first place, with a total audience of almost 33 million unique users per month. The reach rises to 84% of the online population, with a peak of 91% among women, corresponding to almost 18 women across Italy.

The figures show that it is not only news that has been rewarded in this period of emergency, but also content related to the passions and interests of Italians, and for which the brands of the Mondadori Group are a point of reference, both in print and in digital.

This success is also confirmed by continuously growing results of social networks. In the months of March and April the combined fanbase of Mondadori’s media brands grew more than 1.7 million people overall, with more than 700,000 new fans on Facebook, over 500,000 new followers on Instagram and 200,000 users on Youtube. Today, the combination of all the communities of the Group’s brands across the various social media platforms totals some 33 million people.

This breakthrough has been achieved, in particular, thanks to the results of certain brands who are now established as authentic protagonists in the lives of Italians and leaders in the vertical segments of food, women and wellness.
A leading role that is confirmed by Comscore data and also supported by the results of the Scenario Media 2020 research, recently elaborated by Mondadori Lab on 3,000 representative Italian users. The rich and varied offer of content in the magazines, live events on social media and other web initiatives and projects, has enables the Mondadori Group to remain lose to its readers and users and be rewarded with significantly rising numbers. In fact, these are results that, once again, underscore the strong links between the brands and their communities and a capacity to continue to put people and their interest at the centre.

The biggest success has been achieved by GialloZafferano which has recorded an absolute all-time record in terms of audience of 22.9 million unique users per month and a 59% reach di (Source: Comscore March 2020), a 40% increase in monthly users compared with the previous record in December 2019.
This outstanding result by GialloZafferano is also confirmed in the weekly data of Audiweb which, in March recorded an average of over 12.5 million weekly unique users, an increase of 100% compared with the pre-lockdown period. Plus, on the day before EasterGialloZafferano recorded another new daily record, with over 4.5 million daily unique users.
According to the Food Media Brand analysis, produced by Mondadori Lab, GialloZafferano is the undisputed leader among media brands on the media web, TV and print, in the kitchen and the hearts of Italians. In fact, more than one in two people consider it an unmissable point of reference in the kitchen. Moreover, for more than 90% of interviewees it is the top brand for assisted knowledge, reaching 55% in top of mind recognition, being cited spontaneously first among cooking brands by more than one in two of the sample. All of these metrics show that GialloZafferano is the leading brand, further confirmation of its role as the point of reference.

Another important result has been recorded by Donna Moderna which, thanks to a winning mix of stories, live events on social media and practical advice, is once again the brand leader in the women’s segment, with 14.4 million unique users per month (Source: Comscore March 2020). In addition, the Scenario Media survey shows that for 47% of the sample Donna Moderna is the top of mind brand in the women’s segment and the number one brand for assisted knowledge both in print (94%) and online (78%). Donna Moderna is described as useful, complete and a product that the sample trusts and which is able to meet their needs

In the health and wellness segment, Mypersonaltraineis shown to be a point of reference for Italians in terms of health and wellness, reaching an audience of 14.4 unique users per month (Source: Comscore March 2020).



Mondadori Group: Italy’s leading digital publisher with 30 million unique users per month and a total of 26 million fans on social networks


Further success for the Mondadori Group in the digital area as it is confirmed as Italy’s leading publisher in the list drawn up by Comscore. According to the figures for November 2018, the audience of the Mondadori brands reached 30 million unique users per month, an 11% increase on the previous year.

In a market in which the digital population is constantly expanding, Mondadori’s reach is conformed as the most extensive among Italian publishers (75%): with three out of four people visiting the Group’s sites and using a unique offer of quality content.

A breakthrough to which a special contribution has been made by the success of some of Mondadori’s strongest brands, which provide a prompt response to the needs of the population by covering a range of interests in the areas of food, beauty and wellnes.

These include, Giallozafferano, the point of reference for Italian food lovers, with a peak audience of almost 16 million unique users per month; Donna Moderna, which, with over 13 million unique users per month, confirmed its position as the publishing network of reference for women in Italy; Starbene, which, along with Mypersonaltrainer, is the leader in the world of health and wellness, reaching 10 million unique users per month.

Mondadori starts the new year also as the leading publisher on social networks, thanks to a fan base across the Group’s 100 social media properties that have an overall total of 26 million fans on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The Mondadori Group is Italy’s leading digital publisher with almost 29 million unique users every month

Growth of 22% compared with last year according to Comscore data

The Mondadori Group is Italy’s leading publisher on the web: this is the assessment of the latest Comscore data for May, which show that Mondadori properties are out in front with a total audience of 28.7 million unique users per month, a rise of 22% compared with the same period of last year. At the same time, market reach is up to almost 76% of Italy’s digital population.

The Mondadori Group boasts Italy’s richest and most diversified digital offer.
With over 30 authoritative and successful brands on the web, the company is also leader in the high-value vertical sectors, such as women, food, wellness, fashion and education, thanks to the 16 million unique users of Donna Moderna, the more than 12 million of GialloZafferano, the 5.8 million of Starbene, and over 3 million of Grazia as well as the 9.3 million users of

This result has been achieved thanks to the development path followed by the Group’s digital magazine area since the acquisition of Banzai Media until today.
All of the main sites in the portfolio have been involved in an ongoing renewal and updating process, including Donna Moderna, which has a new look nad feel to give users an even more immediate and intuitive experience; Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni with its new digital Guida Tv making it easier to navigate through a continually evolving television panorama; Grazia, through its Grazia Factory project, which presents and gives voice to the most interesting emerging influencers in fashion, beauty and lifestyle; and the redesign of Nostrofiglio and Panoramauto, with enhanced content and a more structured approach to the channels.

To all this should be added the recent additions of, Italy’s leading astrology site, and Design D’Autore, the international social system. leader in the design sector, with which the Group has consolidated its positioning in the women and design sectors, expanding also the audience on social networks, where the presence of Mondadori brands is similarly strong, with over 20.2 million fans on Facebook over 46 pages, up by 56% compared with the same month of the previous year.