Confidenze: a special Issue with the best stories on the of “Secrets”

On newsstands from 22 October, the most interesting stories selected from the ConfyLab writing laboratory

Confidenze, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Angelina Spinoni and for more than 70 years a point of reference for an enthusiastic audience of female readers, present a special issue dedicated to the most exciting stories about secrets, produced thanks to the writing laboratory “ConfyLab”.

Over the summer, two coaches, the writers Annalucia Lomunno and Silvia Montemurro, read, revised and selected around 150 real stories told in the first person on the theme of secrets. As the editor of the magazine confirmed: “We received a great many stories about families, but also very personal things not said, often related to a highly emotional moment in someone’s life: from a surprising reaction to the collapse of the Morandi Bridge to the revelation of a hidden talent.”

Of the 150 stories that passed the scrutiny of the “coaches”, 15 were selected for publication in the special edition, on newsstands from 22 October, that Confidenze, has devoted to Confylab. The others will appear, in the middle of the magazine, in subsequent issues and will enhance the content of the blog

Enrica Bonaccorti is the protagonist of the cover, face of the TV program ‘Ho qualcosa da dirti’ that gives voice to someone who has to say something important to someone, including revelations, excuses, thanks and secrets.

Confidenze is a weekly whose distinctive characteristics are empathy and warmth With a confidential tone and complicit language, it deals with news, fashion, beauty, wellbeing, psychology, do-it-yourself, cooking and the home. It also boasts a 40,000-strong community of readers on Facebook and active of the web site, a portal full of real life testimonies, short stories, articles about news and lifestyles, as well as editorial pieces by expert contributors.


Confidenze presents the second edition of Confylab

A writing workshop that offers the possibility of getting your short story published

Confidenze, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Angelina Spinoni, presents the second edition of ConfyLab, a writing workshop that enables readers to publish their short stories in the magazine and in the blog, with the help of the editorial team and two coaches, authors of successful novels.

Every year the weekly publishes over 500 true stories, which are both the hear and the strength of the magazine and is why it is always on the lookout for new captivating stories to move and engage readers.

Readers can send in a story – of between 7,000 and 14,000 characters – the focus of which must be a secret: of love, family, something unconfessed or also something that, at a certain point, emerges. What is important is that the story is unpublished and personal.

To read and assess the stories received, Confidenze has enrolled the help of two writers – who are also “historic” contributors to the magazine : Annalucia Lomunno and Silvia Montemurro who will polish the texts, justifying request for changes to be made in order to make the stories stronger and more engaging.

Once the stories have been revised, the coaches, together with the editorial team, will judge whether to mark the story for publication and choose the Confidenze “writers”. Stories not published in the magazine may be selected for publication on the blog, where they will remain, signed by the authors, in the section ConfyLab.

Readers can send their stories – from 20 June to 31 August – to this email address: Submissions should be accompanied by an email address, name, surname and possibly a contact telephone number to be used by the editorial team.

Confidenze devotes a special issue to readers’ most moving stories

The edition on newsstands on 16 October will offer the best stories by aspiring writers as part of the “ConfyLab” initiative

Confidenze, the Mondadori Group magazine that for over 70 years has been a point of reference for enthusiastic female readers, is launching a special issue on newsstands devoted to the most moving unpublished stories produced thanks to the “ConfyLab” writers’ workshop.

Over the summer, the editorial team of the weekly edited by Angelina Spinoni received some 1,000 submissions: “real stories in the first person” and dealing with love, the big changes in life, friendship and health, which were read, “revised” and selected by Susanna Barbaglia with a view to publication on the magazine’s various channels.

Of the 200 stories that passed the careful screening of the “coach”, 15 will be published in a special issue of Confidenze n. 43, on newsstands from 16 October. The others will appear in the centre of the magazine in subsequent issues and will also enrich the content of the blog

“I am extremely proud of the success of ConfyLab,” confessed Angelina Spinoni, editor of Confidenze. “Given the high quality of the stories we have received, in fact it was tough to select those that were better able to give a voice to the changes in habits and the needs of women in general. From the next issue our enthusiastic readers will be even more the protagonists of the magazine and its content.”

Confidenze is a weekly whose distinguishing characteristics are empathy and warmth. It deals, in a confidential tone and language, with current issues, fashion, beauty, well-being, psychology, do-it-yourself, cooking and the home. It boasts a community of readers with 40,000 present on Facebook and active on the web site, un portal full of first person testimony, short stories, articles about current affairs and lifestyle and editorial content produced by expert contributors.

Confidenze tra amiche is 70

With the strength of an affectionate community of readers, the Mondadori magazine celebrates an important anniversary with a special collectors’ issue

Confidenze tra amiche blows out 70 candles as it celebrates an important anniversary with a special collectors’ issue, on newsstands from Wednesday 23 November.

The historic Mondadori magazine remains a point of reference for an audience of affectionate readers with which is deals, in a confidential tone and complicit language, issues about current affairs, fashion, beauty, wellbeing, psychology, DIY, cooking and the home.

“It is extraordinary how Confidenze tra amiche has managed to maintain over time its vocation as a mirror for women with a strictly emotional vision of daily reality,”  declared the editor Susanna Barbaglia. “In planning the special issue for the magazine’s 70th anniversary, we felt strongly the timeliness with which Confidenze has always recorded changes in habits and women’s needs through a narrative driven by writers and real stories,” Barbaglia continued. “After 70 years, the direct testimony of readers, the events and the protagonists of our times, presented in both a journalistic and literary approach and commented on our blog, remain at the very heart of the magazine,” the editor concluded.

The strength of Confidenze tra amiche is the stories, often written by the readers themselves. Stories about how love, careers, friendship and health have changed their lives.

A patrimony of content that for years has ensured the success of the magazine and that is highlighted also in the special collectors’ issue, that features on the cover the current Miss Italy, Rachele Risaliti:  52 pages of stories to read; seven extraordinary accounts of the 1940s, with original drawings and four new love stories written exclusively for the anniversary of the Mondadori magazine.

And to satisfy cooking fans, Confidenze tra amiche on the newsstands, will include with the special issue a special cooking insert  with 12 recipes for an exclusive celebration.

The title has a strong community of readers who are active on Facebook with 40,000 fans and also across the country, thanks to events orgnaised by the magazine’s staff in various cities and towns around Italy.

The campaign in support of the initiative has been conceived and developed by Hi! Communication.-

Annalisa Monfreda, editor of Donna Moderna, takes over the editorship also of the weekly Starbene

From today editorial responsibility for the weeklies Donna Moderna and Starbene will be combined under Annalisa Monfreda, currently the editor-in-chief of Donna Moderna.

At the same time, the editorship of Confidenze will be passed to Susanna Barbaglia, already the title’s deputy editor.

Mondadori wishes to thanks Cristina Merlino for the years spent at the helm of Starbene and the web site