The Italian Tricolore illuminates Palazzo Mondadori

By illuminating Palazzo Mondadori in the colours of the Italian national flag, the Tricolore, we want to demonstrate a sentiment of solidarity and hope for the whole world and symbolically support our country in this extended period of emergency and social isolation.
The colours of our flag represent a metaphorical embrace from each of us from #NoiDellaMondadori to all those in difficulty and an expression of gratitude to the people who at this time are working on the front line with a sense of duty and self-sacrifice to protect and care for our general wellbeing.
It is our hope that the red, white and green colours that illuminate the headquarters of the Group, the building designed by Oscar Niemeyer, can help to stimulate renewed hope that, together, we can overcome this great challenge.

The illumination project was developed with the the support of Mario Nanni, his collaborators and Viabizzuno.

NoiDellaMondadori, together we can make it

Books, magazines, web sites: we continue to be ourselves even when we’re working at a distance in order to safeguard the health of our people and the rest of the country. Our bookstores continue to constitute a socio-cultural vanguard cross the country, reaching our customers through our e-commerce site.

With enormous thanks to all our colleagues for their commitment to guaranteeing the quality of our content and services.

We look forward to the day – after things have been resolved – when we can meet again, for an exhibition, a presentation, an event or, at a place of your choice!

#IoRestoaCasa #FermiamoloInsieme #NoiDellaMondadori

Our mission is the circulation and spread of culture and ideas, and culture and ideas can’t be stopped.

Ernesto Mauri, Chief executive, Gruppo Mondadori