DeA Planeta

Mondadori Group: 50% of DeA Planeta acquired from De Agostini Editore

The Mondadori Group announces the signing of an agreement on the acquisition from De Agostini Editore S.p.A. – owner of the entire share capital – of a 50% stake in DeA Planeta Libri S.r.l., to be renamed De Agostini Libri S.r.l., specialized in trade books with focus on the children’s and non-fiction segments.

The corporate governance structure entitles the Mondadori Group to fully consolidate the company.

The scope of the deal includes Libromania S.r.l., wholly-owned by De Agostini Libri and active in the promotion of third-party publishers: the agreements between the parties include put&call options, exercisable in second half 2022, which entitle the Mondadori Group to acquire 100% of Libromania.

In 2021, De Agostini Libri is expected to record consolidated revenue of approximately € 12.6 million, while EBITDA is forecast at break even.

The total maximum value of the transaction, taking account of the 100% valuation of Libromania, has been set at € 4.5 million.

Thanks to the acquisition, the Mondadori Group, – consistent with its strategy of increasing focus on the core business of books – forms a partnership with a publishing house that boasts a rich history and tradition, as well as solid know-how.

While the transaction in itself is irrelevant for the purposes of Antitrust reporting obligations, in accordance with the relevant legislation, it is subject to the Authority’s authorization, given the involvement of the same parties (the Mondadori Group and De Agostini Editore) in the De Agostini Scuola deal.