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Announcing The Wom: the new digital brand, a social media first, 100% inclusive, addressing millenials and generation Z

The Wom is the first Italian media brand with a Gender & Inclusion Committee, to affirm the uniqueness of every individual

Mondadori Media announces its new all-digital brand The Wom: an innovative social media and web magazine dedicated to young millennials, a generation for whom uniqueness is a strength and a value that goes beyond labels to enhance them and others.

The brand name is an abbreviation of “woman”, with multiple meanings: The Wom powerfully overcomes gender differences (“Woman or Man”), celebrates all women (“Wonder Woman”, “Wonderful Me”), and talks the same language as users (“Word of mouth”).

Through an original editorial offer, The Wom promotes a culture that affirms free personal expression, as reflected in the claim “Be WOMderful, be yourself”: it addresses a community of people sensitive to the values of gender equality, self-acceptance and sustainability, with inclusive content and language typical of generation Z and millennials.

With the launch of this new female brand, designed to respond to the needs and interests of the new generations of women on their preferred channels, Instagram and TikTok, and on the web, Mondadori Media – the Mondadori Group’s social multimedia company, the leading player on social media in Italy with 57.5 million fans – is expanding its editorial offer.

«The Wom talks the same language as young millennials and generation Z. It’s an ambitious project that demonstrates Mondadori Media’s continuous capacity for innovation, rooted in digital expertise and constant attention to new languages and formats, making us a leading multimedia company on the web today and the first social destination in Italy. With The Wom we want to become a go-to for the under-35s on social media, affirming the uniqueness of each individual and providing inspiration in key areas of self-expression such as beauty or fashion,» said Andrea Santagata, general manager of Mondadori Media.

To safeguard its mission, The Wom is the first Italian editorial brand to introduce a Gender and Inclusion Committee. The purpose of the committee, an independent body, is to implement the values agenda of The Wom on the issues of greatest interest to the new generations. Its members will include such distinguished women as Benedetta De Luca, a law graduate and disability model, who, as Gender and Inclusion Editor, will ensure that the brand’s content and philosophy comply with all the principles that inspire The Wom, using appropriate language and sensitivity; Federica Gasbarro, an activist, biologist and green influencer, who, as Climate Editor, will raise the awareness of The Wom followers on climate-change-related topics; Victoria Oluboyo, a civil rights activist and intersectional feminist, and Ariman Scriba, a mental health advocate, who will focus on invisible forms of distress.

The Wom has already achieved extraordinary results: in the few months since the launch of the beta version on social media and the web, it has attracted an overall fanbase of 3.6 million followers, 90% of whom are women, and an audience of 5 million unique users per month, to become the leading brand in the under-35 female segment (source: Shareablee e Insight, January 2022; Google Analytics, January 2022).

The new brand stands out for the presence, on both Instagram and TikTok and online at, of the main The Wom account and other 5 vertical profilesThe Wom Beauty, The Wom Fashion, The Wom Healthy, The Wom Life, The Wom Travel -, with features and inspirations relating to beauty, fashion, wellness, travel, lifestyles, to respond to the interests of this generation.

Another asset of The Wom is the production of short videos portraying the values of this generation, interpreted by a team of more than 50 creators from among the most popular names on Instagram and TikTok. They include gamer and cosplayer Antonella Arpa; creator and beauty influencer Martina Luchena; bionic model Nina Rima; curvy model Paola Torrente; beauty creator Arienne Makeup; body positive creator Giorgy Colella; beauty guru and influencer Damn Tee; creator and make-up artist Abbia Maswi; actress and creator Ludovica di Donato, for an output of more than 140 reels a month.

The Wom has a fluid design and hybrid mix of social media and web functions, such as a social media wall and tap browsing on the site in the style of Instagram stories. The look & feel of the website has been created with moving “e(motion)al” elements, like the browsing ticker and the dynamic content-related palette of pastel colours.

The Wom stylistic identity is instantly recognisable thanks to Melania Gazzaruso, aka Memilus, a visual artist who narrates daily experiences with cartoon-style illustrations, accompanied by value-based phrases with which the community identifies.

The launch of The Wom is supported by a communication campaign designed by CasiraghiGreco&, for b2b publications and DOOH in the main districts of Milan; this will be followed in March by the launch of #TheWomPower, a special challenge on Instagram and TikTok for exceptionally normal “WOMder Women”, which will involve the brand’s top creators.

Marketing has been assigned exclusively to the Mediamond concessionaire, which will provide clients with innovative sponsored social and web formats, as well as unboxing videos, product testing reels and stories with brand editors. The Wom covers a variety of beauty- and fashion-related sectors, and also aims to expand into the pharma and travel areas through collaboration with creators and industry experts.

Ad hoc content, illustrations and social media cards will be completely customisable with the sponsor’s colours, maintaining narrative consistency and guaranteeing the integration of the adv message with the editorial content.

SmartWorld, leader in the tech information segment, is online with a new website

On the web and social media with an even more immersive design and an updated visual brand identity

SmartWorld, Italy’s biggest technology network, relaunch its website, now online with a new visual brand identity.

Leader in the tech information segment, with over 2 million unique users every month (Source: Audiweb, January-June 2021), SmartWorld is an articulated communication system based on  3 digital properties (,, that provides the market with a privileged overview of the technological innovations destined to revolutionise our everyday lives: from traditional consumer electronics to home automation, and from gaming to home entertainment, the internet and gadgets.

Over the years, SmartWorld has been able to evolve into an authentic content factory, becoming the leading “brand influencer” in the tech market, thanks to its ability to provide effective coverage across all platforms: from articles on the web to YouTube content, as well as podcasts, news about the best offers on Telegram, reels on Instagram and short videos on TikTok (where the brand has attracted more than 350,000 followers in just one year).

A single hub that places users at the centre, presenting new products and services, reviews and ratings, product profiles and a buying guide divided by category with a clear and simple language, suitable for both straightforward and complex devices and conceived with the aim of engaging not only tech addicts, but also the public at large.

THE NEW SITE – From today, the new SmartWorld site will provide users with a more immediate and easy-to-use interface, making it easier to make full use of the offer.

The new visual brand identity focuses on modern and appealing logos, while the web design is even more suited to access from mobile devices and social media, in addition to being more practical and offering faster download speeds.

The new look is completed with a new homepage, where news and video content will be given new prominence and a special section will be dedicated to partners’ promotional offers with buying guides just a click away, a new proprietary semantic algorithm for content management and an even more immersive design.

Altervista celebrates 18 years

The historic free hosting service is celebrating its “maturity”:
• over 600,000 active blogs and sites
• leader with an audience of 12.6 million monthly users

Altervista, the Mondadori Group platform, leader in Italy in the creation, management and hosting of blogs and web sites, is celebrating its 18th anniversary. Founded on 20 December 2000 by Gianluca Danesin, currently the CTO of the Mondadori Digital Magazine team, has kept its original mission intact: to enable anyone to open a web site, for free and without specific IT skills.

A simple but, at the time, revolutionary, idea the site’s particularity was to focus on user generated content, anticipating the concepts of sharing and interactivity associated with the Web 2.0. Altervista was thus able to build its success thanks to word-of-mouth and the reliability of the service, responding to a new and widespread need to talk about oneself online.

Altervista has been a web pioneer, able to make the most of the potential from the beginning of the digital economy: from the concept of the long tail, which through diversification makes it possible for content created by users to fill a wide range of market niches, to crowdsourcing made possible by continuous exchange and the contributions of volunteers, right up to revenue sharing, the “win-win” system that gives all bloggers the chance to earn money from advertising.

A sustainable business model that today allows Altervista to differentiate itself from other hosting competitors, feeding a consistent ecosystem of blogs and sites able to generate constant attention to the needs of their creators. The exclusive services offered cover professional free areas (also on mobile), unlimited plugins, automatic monetisation, semantic analysis and site clustering.

A “alternative view” of the world of the Internet, thanks to which the Altervista platform is now a “pillar of the Italian web” which currently has over 600,000 active blogs and wen sites. These include a number of leaders in the various sectors of the blogging community in the country: Ho voglia di Dolce (food), Maestra Mary (parenting/education), Spinoza (satire) and i400 calci (cinema) to name just a few, and with the last two having been a warded a number of times at the ai Macchianera Awards in their categories. celebrates its 18th anniversary with an audience of 12.6 million monthly users (Source: Comscore – October 2018) and record earnings for its bloggers, thanks to the introduction of new formats and innovative advertising partnerships, with the increasing use of multimedia.

The Mondadori Group at StartupItalia! Open Summit 2018

10 selected startups will have the opportunity to meet with the
Digital Team of the Mondadori Group Magazines

On Monday 17 December the  Mondadori Group  will be among the protagonists of the StartupItalia! Open Summit 2018, the event that promotes innovation, exchange and new collaborations between the founders of startups, companies and investors. The Digital Magazines team of Italy’s leading publisher on the web will take part in one-to-one meetings with 10 startups that have distinguished themselves for business ideas and a capacity to compete on the international market.

“Our involvement with StartupItalia! Open Summit 2018 is part of the digital development path adopted by the Mondadori Group,” declared Andrea Santagata, deputy general manager and chief digital officer of the Group’s Magazines Italy area. “We are big believers in innovation and are focused on consolidating out links to the ecosystem of startups by giving an account of our model of the “publisher of the future”: a publisher that is increasingly multimedia and able to stimulate a social relationship with its users. The aim is to continue to enhance our offer also through collaboration with new digital talents that area complementary and synergic with our business model. We are excited to be able to develop a dialogue with emerging new talent and a mutually beneficial exchange in the pursuit of creativity and the realisation of quality content,” Santagata concluded.

#SIOS2018 offers an opportunity for startups to demonstrate their innovation ideas and receive advice and suggestions from managers and professionals on the Group’s Digital Magazines team. The projects developed by the selected startups – distribution services for paid content, video production platforms, for influencer marketing on social networks, advertising solutions and mobile – can find fertile ground for exchange with the established business models of the digital brands of the Mondadori Group, leader in the most valuable vertical segments in the market: from Giallo Zafferano to Grazia, and from Donna Moderna to, Sorrisi and Focus, all of which are points of reference for the enthusiasms and interests of online Italians.

StartupItalia! Open Summit 2018 will also see the brand new Giallo Zafferano apecar which is at the heart of an engagement initiative through which founders and developers will be asked to reveal on post-its the ingredients of success and failures that young entrepreneurs must face. This will give rise to a “recipe for the perfect startup”, which will be shared by Giallo Zafferano on social networks.


The Mondadori Group is Italy’s biggest publisher of magazines and leader also in digital. With the country’s broadest and most diversified offer, thanks to a portfolio of 30 digital brands with an overall monthly audience of 26.5 million unique users and 4.2 million users per day. Leader in the highest value vertical segments, including women, food, wellness and fashion, with standout titles such as Donna Moderna with 13 million unique users, Giallo Zafferano with an audience of 14 million unique users, Starbene with 11 million unique users,  and Grazia with 3 million users (Source: Audiweb Total Audience – September 2018). A digital presence that also includes social networks, where the Group’s brands are present with 88 channels and an audience of 26.4 million followers.

GialloZafferano and leading starred chefs together in a successful project

GialloZafferano, Italy’s most popular cooking web site is celebrating the success of “Le ricette degli Chef” (“Recipes of the Chefs), the section of the site devoted to award-winning Italian chefs, pastry chefs, bread-makers and pizzaioli.

For the first time the biggest names in high-level Italian cooking have joined together in the publishing project of a cooking web site with the aim of sending out a message: the value of traditional Italian food and simplicity.

The chefs take users by the hand and – in video tutorials shot in the GialloZafferano kitchen – guide them through the preparation of a classic dish of Italian cooking, while recounting the stories, emotions, origins and tricks that only a great chef knows, to transform a simple recipe into a gourmet  dish.

Simplicity is fundamental, but it demands technique, study and professionalism, all things that are identified with the GialloZafferano style. A style that is fully reflected  in the “Ricette degli Chef”: dishes that are easy to prepare at home, with simple and easy to find ingredients, that enable everyone to cook with joy and pleasure.

The section “Le ricette degli Chef” already has a number if important contributors:

– Davide Oldani, 1* Michelin from the D’O restaurant in Cornaredo, with his Zafferano e Riso alla Milanese D’O, a lighter and gourmet reinterpretation of the classic risotto alla milanese;
– Iginio Massari, one of the world’s leading pastry chefs and TV personality, with his irresistible Tiramisù;
– Davide Scabin, 1* Michelin form the Combal.Zero restaurant, with a classic mayonnaise and old-style vitello tonnato;
– Alessandro Negrini, 2* Michelin and the creative soul of the renowned Milan restaurant “Il luogo di Aimo e Nadia” with pizzoccheri valtellinesi, a memory from his birthplace;
– Ernst Knam, the “King of Chocolate”, with his Sacher Tort and Red Velvet;
– Cristina Bowerman 1* Michelin, with her recipes for an American-style breakfast, omelette and omelette with vegetables;
– Sal de Riso, Master Pastry Chef, TV personality and the  “ambassador” of all that’s best from the Amalfi Coast, with his torta caprese, delizie al limone and torta paradiso;
– Franco Pepe, crowned as the world’s best pizzaiolo by the prestigious international guide “Where to eat Pizza” with pizzelle fritte and the pizza di scarola;
– The Master Pastry Chef, Alfonso Pepe, with his panettone, a national multi-award winner, a fascinating recipe that is also rather complex;
– Gabriele Bonci, one of Italy’s leading bakers with his secrets on how to create solid and liquid yeasts;
– Paolo Sacchetti, the Master Pastry Chef from the “Nuovo Mondo” in Prato, with mouth watering recipes for savoiardi and zabaione,
– Cesare Battisti, the chef of Ratanà in Milan, with roast pork loin and English roast beef;
– Fabio Abbattista, the successor of Gualtiero Marchesi s the head of the Albereta Relais & Chateaux in Erbusco with orecchiette alle cime di rapa, risotto ai funghi and fiori di zucca in pastella;
– directly from Paris, Denny Imbroisi, for many years the sous-chef of Alain Ducasse and now the owner of the Ida and Epoca restaurants, among the finalists of the TV programme for professionals Top Chef France with profiterol and tarte tatin;
– The chef Claudio Sadler, 1* Michelin for the Sadler restaurant, one of the leading interpreters of Italian cuisine, with the great classic costoletta alla milanese.

Given the positive response of users and the attention of the starred chefs for the GialloZafferano audience, the project will be enriched with more big names from the world of upscale Italian cooking to increasingly enhance the culinary assets of our great tradition.

According to the recent “Food media brands” survey, carried out by Human Highway, GialloZafferano,  the Mondadori Group’s food brand, is considered the “Top Of Mind” brand for 21% of Italians online and held by 39% to be “never again without” in the kitchen and the most used site for cooking.

The site has a monthly audience of 6.3 million unique users (Source: Audiweb Total Digital Audience, November 2017), a community of over one thousand blogs and 9 million fans on Facebook. A new version of the app with a range of new functions was released in December and is available from the iTunes and Google Play Stores, where it has recorded over 6 million downloads and 110,000 active daily users (Source: iTunes – Google Play Store – Google Analytics).

Every month it is also on newsstands with the magazine GialloZafferano.