DM Lab

Donna Moderna presents DM Lab

3 days of free events organised by the Donna Moderna brand in collaboration with Starbene, Casafacile, Sale&Pepe, Focus Junior, Focus Pico And Nostrofiglio.It

Donna Moderna launches DM LAB (#dmlab), a new initiative dedicated to women and the whole family with more than 50 free meetings, workshops, laboratories and talks that will take place on Friday 11, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November, at the Spazio Open in Milan (Viale Montenero 6).

“DM Lab is a dream come true: bringing the content and values ​​of Donna Moderna to a physical space and making them accessible to readers,” said Annalisa Monfreda, the magazine’s editor. “This initiative offers us a three-day opportunity to come into direct contact with our community, in the sense of a real community of people gathered in one place thanks to the strength of our brand,” Monfreda concluded.

DM Lab is a new way of exploiting the experience and content also of some of the Group’s other brands who are working with Donna Moderna on the initiative, from Starbene to CasaFacile and Sale&Pepe, as well as Focus Junior, Focus Pico and ‪ A system that in print already embraces an overall audience of 11 million net contacts (Source: Audipress February 2016 and Audiweb July 2016) and that is able to expand and develop further thanks to this type of event around the country.

DM LAB will kick off in the morning with the editor of Donna Moderna, Annalisa Monfreda who, over coffee, will talk with special guests about a range of topical issues and closing in the evening with talks by five major personalities who will go up on stage to launch, in ten minutes, ideas and provocations around the great themes affect the world of women.

On Friday at 7 pm a generational clash on the theme: Who is the youngest between you and me? in which three couples will face each other in a debate moderated by psychologist Beatrice Toro on love, work and family relationships. On the stage, the many guests include: the writers Enrica Tesio and Manuela Stefani, journalist Roberto Parodi, Alessandro Rosina, who teaches demographics at the Catholic University in Milan and the YouTubers Jaser and Daniele Brogna.

The talk on Saturday at 7 pm will catalyse the attention of participants where the subject will be women’s bodies and beauty, that of normal women who always seem to feel they are not quite attractive enough. Here the guests include fashion photographer Settimio Benedusi, Cristina Fogazzi,  the well-known online beauty consultant Anna Turcato, image consultant.

With workshops on fitness, home decor, beauty and money, participants will also find a corner with expert nutritionists from Starbene, a desk for advice from the best architects of CasaFacile, and meetings with chefs promoted by Sale&Pepe.

And on Saturday afternoon the Spazio will be the theatre – at 5 pm – for a meeting with Davide Oldani who will talk about a taste for lightness: less fat, more flavour and aromas.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the chef Roberto Rinaldini, will explain how to turn every dessert into a tailor-made masterpiece based always on the pursuit of quality. And, from 7 to 8 pm, on stage, five well-known writers – Alessandra Appiano, Roberto Moliterni, Michela Murgia, Aldo Nove and Pulsatilla – will be the protagonists of “5 scrittori per 5 storie di donne moderne” (5 writers for 5 stories about modern women).

There will also be workshops for children, in collaboration with Junior Focus, Focus Pico and, to learn while having fun while mothers can follow the debates about the family, safety and education with psychologists, educators and experts.

Donna Moderna has thought of everyone with DM LAB and at Spazio Open there will alos be yoga and fitness classes in collaboration with Starbene. But the pursuit of health does not end there: a nutrition area, open on Friday from 4 to 6 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 5 pm, expert nutritionists from the European Institute of Oncology and dietician Carla Lertola will be available for advice for personalised diets, supplements and natural remedies.

The DM LAB format has been developed by  the advertising sales company Mediamond that has received very positive feedback from the market. Thanks to the popularity and audience of the Mondadori Group brands involved, along with the strength of the Mediamond network, this type of initiative is able to reach a very broad audience that interacts with the events and generates spontaneous buzz; a result that is due to the  active participation of the brands involved in the construction of the project and its implementation, and providing an opportunity to get in touch with their audience to present the products and the corporate values ​​that the brands represent.

The following partner companies contributed to the creation of DM LAB:

L’Oreal Paris, L’Oreal Professionel, Compagnia della Bellezza, MetLife, BioNike, 10 Buoni Propositi, Ferrarelle, Vitasnella, Rescue®- Fiori di Bach Originali, Caffè Vergnano, Pruneaux D’Agen.

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