Donna Moderna launches a new brand digital: DMNow

DMNow is aimed at women under 40 seeking the perfect balance between beauty, wellbeing, lifestyle and sustainability

Donna Moderna, the Mondadori Group brand that is a point of reference in the women’s segment, continues to evolve with the launch DMNow, a new digital destination aimed at women under 40 looking for beauty, balance and an aware and sustainable style of life.

A daily inspirational guide to be well with yourself, with others and the environment and to help women to achieve their aspirations by cultivating interests and passions and meeting the challenges that will lead them to realising their potential. A message that is encapsulated in the project’s claim: Beautiful You, Beautiful Life.

Following the success of DMBeauty, the first social media beauty magazine dedicated to Gen Z, with this new launch Donna Moderna updates its communication system to cover, in a targeted manner, also the latest trends regarding the search for balance, inclusion, attention to nature and sustainability.

The name DMNow combines DM, as in Donna Moderna, and Now to highlight the real time nature of content that is always on the side of women and their needs. A mantra for women in search of balance that includes self-awareness and an appreciation of the here and now.

“DMNow is the new digital soul of Donna Moderna. A project that confirms the brand’s continuous innovation and ability to reach targets of different ages and styles. It means that the brand is now three times stronger in the digital area, being able to count on three strong and specific assets: Donna Moderna, DMNow and DMBeauty,” declared Andrea Santagata, general manager of Mondadori Media.

What’s new in DMNow

At the heart of the DMNow project is a day-to-day path, based on a range of content organised in seven vertical channels: green, mind, fitness, wellness, love, food, style.

  • Seven souls with new a multimedia language to get a closer look at issues of current relevance that embrace new trends: from clean living to body positivity, and from utility self-care to functional food.
  • The web site with a highly innovative layout and user experience, starting from the home page, characterised by an impactful slider and a new logo and the main captions. Thanks to a chromatic effect and the original treatment of images, each channel is contained within and distinguished by a different colour.  
  • Instagram: in addition to the web site, DMNow has a dedicated Instagram profile @dmnow, that contributes, along with the DMBeauty profile, to enhancing the Donna Moderna Instagram community which, to date, has over 600,000 followers.
  • Video classroom: the DMNow offer includes cross-channel content for each subject area. Everyday there will be a 30-minute live video simulcast with classes, available on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, as well as on demand, to access when and how you like on the webs site from the subject playlist where content related to specific topics can also be found. Plus, there are also check lists to buy products or books related to the online.
  • The mentors: the video classes are curated by a pool of experts who have made their passions or disciplines a life choice. Among the first to take part will be: Silvia Lanfranchi, mindset coach; Micol Dell’Oro, yoga instructor; Federica Gif, food blogger; Cecilia Zonta, personal trainer; Sara Rezzolla, entrepreneur and creator of zero waste accessories; Elisa Bonandini, image consultant; Giulia Marchesi, psychologist and sex therapist.
    During the video classes participants will be able to talk to and interact with the mentors in a Q&A session social media.
  • Podcasts: the DMNow offer will also be enhanced by the addition of a series of podcasts to accompany the users’ daily journey, who at any time can use the content available via audio of the web site of on Spreaker.
  • Newsletter: the new features of DMNow will also include a newsletter from Monday to Friday featuring background and advice on beauty, wellbeing and lifestyle.

The new DMNow project has been launched with an advertising campaign developed by Casiraghi Greco& on leading B2B media, print, digital and social and with a video for the new Reel channel on Instagram involving the mentors.