Deascuola: Ross e la Sgrammanebbia confirms that video games are an innovative and inclusive support for classroom education

It increases motivation and stimulates socialisation within the class, inviting reflection and encouraging the creation of educational content that can be used for evaluation purposes and for reinforcing skills: this is what emerged from the survey conducted by Deascuola on the use of video games in education.

Deascuola, one of Italy’s leading educational publishing houses and part of the Mondadori Group, presents the results of the research conducted in collaboration with Massimiliano Andreoletti – university professor in Educational Technology and Media Education in the field of technologies applied to learning at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan – on the use of Ross e la Sgrammanebbia, the innovative and inclusive video game, launched in September 2022 and aimed at teachers in secondary schools.

Ross e la Sgrammanebbia, designed by Deascuola in collaboration with teachers who are experts in playful education and developed by the software house, Tiny Bull Studios, was created to integrate and support classroom teaching by fully matching game levels and textbook topics, bringing teachers closer to a tool that students use every day and adapting the products developed for entertainment to different teaching needs.

Linked with the basics of Italian grammar, the video game presents a journey where narrative, education and play alternate. In order to progress and advance to the next stage, male and female students must face stimulating challenges and solve small grammatical puzzles in the form of mini-games that increase in difficulty.

In addition to reaching and supporting the teacher in the design of his or her own learning pathway, Ross e la Sgrammanebbia promotes the value of inclusiveness, with a view to guaranteeing equal educational opportunities and meeting the needs of students with special learning needs. Not surprisingly, the game opts for a highly readable font and mini-games with no response time.

The research conducted by Deascuola, in collaboration with Professor Massimiliano Andreoletti, analysed how Ross e la Sgrammanebbia was used by students and teachers after being included in the Italian language teaching programme from September 2022. It obtained a high popularity rating: all 185 students from the six secondary schools involved, from the Milan and Turin pool, stated that they enjoyed trying the game under the guidance of their teacher. At the same time, teachers noted a very high level of engagement by students: the video game not only increases motivation but also stimulates socialisation within the class, inviting reflection on the themes covered and encouraging them to create learning content that can be used as a tool to assess and reinforce skills.

Ross e la Sgrammanebbia also won a place among the finalists of the Italian Video Game Awards 2023, in the Best Applied Game category, dedicated to digital games or recreational resources with an educational purpose.

Click here to access the demo.

The full version is available for teachers and students who use one of the Deascuola grammar textbooks for secondary schools. In addition, teaching support materials for teachers will be provided to go with the game.

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