Donna Moderna: influencer Veronica Ferraro is the protagonist of a special cover in support of the adoption of abandoned animals

The influencer poses for the first time for the magazine along with her dog Steve

Donna Moderna, the magazine edited by Annalisa Monfreda, is publishing a new issue with a special cover dedicated to the adoption of abandoned cats and dogs.

Featured on the cover of the magazine is the influencer Veronica Ferraro who, for the first time poses with her beloved dog Steve in an effort to improve public awareness of an issue of great current significance to which also the stars of the web are increasingly close.

With more than a million followers on Instagram, Veronica Ferraro is one of the most followed young women in Italy and she has always been an animal lover. After the arrival of Amelia, a very sweet Cavalier King Charles spaniel, she adopted Steve, a mongrel pincher, who appeared for the first time on Instagram along with the influencer in the summer of 2018.

“In 2018, Giorgio and I were visiting Los Angeles and we came across an association for abandoned animals that rounded up dogs for adoption. When little Steve arrived, it was love at first sight. That evening at the home of Chiara (Ferragni, a close friend of Veronica, ed.) she couldn’t contain her joy,” Veronica Ferraro told Donna Moderna. 

A big fashion fan, as well as an example for many women who want to enhance themselves and keep fit, Veronica and Steve are the protagonists in the pages of the magazine of a special fashion feature, along with Cristina and Martina, two animal-loving girls who pose with their four-legged friends.

During the shoot, two backstage videos were also made with exclusive interviews, that will be put up on the brand’s social media profiles.

On a glamourous and heartfelt set, the pets were photographed for Donna Moderna as authentic stars, together with their owners, Veronica, Cristina and Martina: three young women who love grunge and the dandy style, couture dresses and vintage blouses, tartan and black leather, but more than anything else, love their dogs, all abandoned and discovered at dog pounds.

Every year more than 160,000 pets are abandoned: to highlight this phenomenon and to support conscious adoption, Donna Moderna has signed up to the #BENEVENUTOaCASA campaign promoted by the petfood brand Purina in collaboration with ENPA, the historic Italian animal protection association, with more than 240 sections and delegations across Italy for the collection of abandoned and maltreated animals that in 2019 alone numbered more than 2019 35,000.

Donna Moderna is also contributing to the initiative with a dedicated mini-web site www.donnamoderna.com/benvenutoacasa to discover the stories with a happy end told in the first person by people who have taken into their homes an abandoned four-legged friend.