Festival di Sanremo 2020

Record-breaking Sanremo 2020 for Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni

Reinforced leadership on newsstands and the web, boom on social networks

A record-breaking Sanremo Festival for Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni. The Mondadori Groiup brand, Italy’s biggest-selling weekly, with a circulation of  474,459 copies (Source: ADS, December 2019), confirms its leadership in the entertainment world thanks to the enormous success of the dedicated initiatives and content organised during the annual Sanremo event.

Starting from 2 February with an exclusive party organised together with Grazia and United Music, and with the participation of the presenters Amadeus and Fiorello and all of the artists in competition, the week of the 70th edition of the Festival for Sorrisi  concluded with excellent performances: on newsstands, with a print run of over 1.7 million copies for the 3 issue linked to the Festival, on the web site and with an authentic boom for the brand on social networks, thanks to more than 600 pieces of original content on all web and social platforms, including 70 videos and 200 live stories.

Sorrisi.com, with the traditional preview of the songs, the order of appearance of the artists, the ratings and detailed reports of each evening, complete with the best photographs, between 2 and 9 February recorded 2.4 million sessions, an absolute traffic record for the site during the Sanremo week (Source: Google Analytics).

Over the whole week, the Instagram and Facebook accounts of Sorrisi were authentic second-screens for viewers, reaching 10.5 million people, more than doubled on Facebook, with 6.3 million people reached, and 4.2 million on Instagram, a significant increase on the figure of 300,000 recorded in 2019. Total interactions on the two platforms, including likes, comments and shares came to 400,000 (+122% compared with 2019), and with more than 2 million video views. 

There were also many new tools on offer to follow the Festival: cards with the lyrics to the songs and real time quotes from the protagonists onstage, live stories from the press room, the table recording the votes or the songs, animated GIFs, i surveys and the most memorable moments from 70 years of the Italian popular song. The final post declaring the winner reached over 1 million people (Source: Fanpagekarma).

Also this year Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni covered the whole Festival with its own editorial team there on the Ligurian coast, with a specially prepared photographic studio and tow lounges set up for video shoots and live social events, multiplying the digital production for the entire duration of the Festival.

In the mornings, an appointment with the editor Aldo Vitali together with one of the singers in competition, broadcast live on social media, was a key moment in getting the day going after the night before on the stage of the Ariston Theatre: a breakfast during which Elodie, Francesco Gabbani, Elettra Lamborghini, Piero Pelù, and Alberto Urso, could share comments and immediate reactions about the competition.

All of the artists and guests of the Festival came to the Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni editorial office for an interview or photo shoot, to talk about their plans, like Marco Sentieri, one of the singers from Nuove Proposte and an endorser of the national anti-bullying day, or for a surprise birthday party, like the one organised for the 28th birthday of Riki. There were also greetings from some of the great icons of Italian pop music such as the Ricchi e Poveri recently back together, and Gianna Nannini. And finally, a visit from the winners after the final, Diodato, Francesco Gabbani and the Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, for a big celebration and the traditional cover shot for this week’s edition of the magazine: an encounter that was transformed into a party  in which the top three placed artists improvised an exclusive concert for Sorrisi.

During the Sanremo week Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni was accompanied by: Tescoma, sponsor of the editorial lounge, Unieuro, with the book project #cuoriconnessi and diDesign for the lounge furniture.


Sanremo 2020 with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni

On newsstands, on Sorrisi.com and social media special content and exclusive initiatives for readers

Also this year, Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Italy’s biggest-selling and most widely-read magazine, will be the unmissable point of reference for fans of the Festival della Canzone Italiana.
The Mondadori Group brand, leader in the entertainment segment with an overall  audience of 4.8 million users per month (Source: Nielsen Media impact Data Fusion, July 2019), will be on the front line to follow all aspects of the 70th edition of the song festival, with special content and background coverage in the magazine, on the web site and on social media.

Starting with the issue on sale at newsstands from today, a preview of the lyrics of the songs, interviews with the artists and an exclusive cover with the complete group of singers along with the presenter and artistic director Amadeus. This will be the first of three special issues dedicated to the Festival culminating on Monday 10 February with a behind-the-scenes look at the whole week and the first cover with the winner photographed exclusively immediately after the announcement on the night.
And not to be missed, a compilation Sanremo Best, with the best songs from the Festival on three double CDs  to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the most important Italian song festival with a selection of songs that have touched the hearts of millions of fans and made entire generation sing, on newsstands from 4 February.

For the duration of the Festival, the editorial team of Sorrisi will move to Sanremo with journalists, an ad hoc photographic studio and a guest lounge with a recording studio attached. In line with tradition, the main streets of the city will be decorated with posters and life-sized cut-outs of the artists and the presenter photographed by Sorrisi very popular with the public for photos and selfies.

Every day, the latest news, ratings, backstage coverage and detailed accounts of the evenings, with the best photos available on Sorrisi.comsupported by significant social media coverage.

During the evenings of the Festival, the Instagram and Facebook profiles of Sorrisi will be authentic second-screens for viewers, with content to follow the competition: from the song lyrics, to quotes and curiosities about the singers and guests, to new graphic cards for sharing comments, quizzes and surveys on IG Stories. And available for the first time new animated GIF-cards for IG with the most popular personalities, such as Elettra Lamborghini, Alberto Urso and many more.

And there will of course also be the real-time surprises of a typical day at the Festival. And also this year there will be extensive live social media coverage of meetings and encounters with the artists in the Sorrisi press room: starting in the morning with breakfast with the editor, Aldo Vitali, and a singer from the competition, until late at night, also with surprise incursions after the performances on the stage of the Ariston theatre.

The editor Aldo Vitali will also appear on a daily live slot at 10.15 on Radio Subasio.

And, finally, with the “Vinci Sanremo” competition, Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni will host 10 readers who will be able to experience the festival along with the editorial team and enjoy the show from the front row of the Ariston theatre.

For the editorial team of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni make up and hair styling will be managed by Celebrity Stylist Events.