“FIPP World Magazine Congress”: the 39th edition in 2013 in Italy with Mondadori

The next “World Magazine Congress” will be organised in Italy in partnership with Mondadori by FIPP (International Federation of the Periodical Press).
The meeting, which brings magazine publishers from around the world together every two years, will be held in Rome from 23 to 25 September 2013. The announcement was made at the end of two intense days of discussions in New Delhi, the location for this year’s 38th edition of the congress

Maurizio Costa, deputy chairman and chief executive of the Mondadori Group, was given the task by the chairman of the board of FIPP, Chris Llewellyn during the closing ceremony.
Costa had led the Mondadori delegation during the two days of the congress where it had participated in debates and panels on the most relevant issues facing magazine publishers: from the increasing importance of brands and the quality of editorial content, to the challenge of digital and the fast-growing emerging markets.

“We are proud to have the responsibility of hosting such a prestigious conference in Italy, an event that brings together delegations and representatives from the whole of the international publishing industry,” underlined Costa. “The process of transformation that is taking place in the media world is so rapid that being able to host in our country an occasion for discussion and exchange of such relevance is a great privilege. The decision by FIPP to hold its next congress in Italy is also an honour as it is a recognition of Mondadori’s position as one of the world’s leading players in the magazine business,” Costa added. “Until just a few years ago we had only a marginal international role. We now operate in 22 countries and Grazia, our leading brand, has 18 editions around the world, nine of which are weeklies. This rapid and successful development is a confirmation of the validity of a strategy for international growth through partnerships with leading publishers in other countries,” concluded Costa.

With 700 associated companies and branches in 61 countries, FIPP (International Federation of the Periodical Press) today represents more than 5,000 magazines, including leading brands around the world.
The last time that Italy was chosen to host the FIPP World Magazine Congress, which is held every two years, was in 1977. Prior to New Delhi, the last four meetings were held in London, Beijing, New York and Paris.