Giffoni and Giallozafferano: the partnership that tells the story of excellence and talent in the food world is renewed

Following last year's success, the Giffoni Food Show is again strengthened and enriched with new ideas, talent and content, thanks to its partnership with Giallozafferano

Goal: to explain healthy and sustainable cooking to kids

Zenzero, the talent agency of the top food creators, joins the initiative

Giffoni and Giallozafferano, a partnership that tells of excellence and talent. In fact, the Giffoni Food Show will partner with the no.1 food brand in Italy for the second year running, in a collaboration that promises to be stronger than ever.

After last year’s resounding success, this year the project is enriched, renewed, and grows in terms of content and shared values.

The goal is the same one as last year: to accompany the festival’s young jurors, together with their parents, visitors or those merely curious about food, on a conscious quest to learn about healthy but above all sustainable, food-waste-reducing cuisine, all free of charge.

The story is told by first-rate storytellers, such as food influencers, star chefs, master pastry chefs and pizza chefs of national and international stature, through a schedule of initiatives powered by Giallozafferano.

And this year, one new feature will be the presence of some of the food creators from Zenzero, the talent agency inspired by the experience of Giallozafferano, which brings together the best food creators on the Italian digital scene. A unique agency with a roster that racks up, to date, a total of more than 20 million followers, 200 million video views and more than 10 million interactions per month.  The protagonists of the Giffoni Food Show will include prestigious food talents such as: Daniele Rossi, the Tuscan chef whose cuisine is modern and sophisticated but has its roots in local traditions; Cooker Girl, the girl with the “red apron”, a passion for cooking and a desire to experiment; Diletta Secco, a stylish, cheerful and spontaneous storyteller, always attentive to the environment and healthy eating. The Zenzero roster also includes many outstanding talents with a gift for igniting the passion for cooking in all generations of Italians on all platforms. A kaleidoscope of languages, flavours, styles, traditions and innovation that has already won over millions of followers, a loyal audience of cooking enthusiasts and gastronauts always on the lookout for new ideas and flavors in the kitchen.

Giffoni e Giallozafferano: si rinnova la partnership che racconta le eccellenze e i talenti del food

The first edition of Giffoni Food Show last year was met with great acclaim and enthusiastic participation by children and their families. More than 30 professionals including chefs, food bloggers, master pizza makers and master pastry chefs took part in the format, bringing to life moments of food education and cooking performances. The protagonists of the evenings were the grand masters of the Accademia Nazionale Pizza Doc, the AMPI (Association of Italian Master Pastry Chefs) who presented the “GiffonDOro” dessert created exclusively for the Giffoni Film Festival. The partners in the food section included Accademia Nazionale Pizza Doc, Terra Orti, Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani, Sacar Forni and La Sciccheria Gourmet.

Last year’s event was a new opportunity for the crowds in attendance, who represented a society that is increasingly aware of and interested in food sustainability issues. Giallozafferano played a leading role in last year’s busy event, with the creators and faces of the brand creating a compelling narrative.

For 2023, the partnership is renewed and strengthened with new content and new ideas. Explaining the taste and pleasure of healthy cooking to kids, is the ambitious mission of Giffoni and Giallozafferano, as they join forces to tell the story of excellence and talents in the world of food.

A brand new magazine for Giallozafferano

As of this month, the formula will be refreshed with recipes from the brand’s top food creators, new columns and modern graphics

The novelties continue with the Giallozafferano Collection’s series of monthly monographs.

Giallozafferano, the magazine designed by the most popular Italian food media brand, evolves and presents itself to the public with a new formula.

The format is entirely renewed, especially in terms of contents. The first section of the most popular Italian culinary monthly magazine will be strongly linked to Giallozafferano’s social and digital world: The brand’s most popular creators and top bloggers, each through their own style and area of expertise, will suggest tasty and original recipes each month.

Among these, Daniele Rossi, Cooker Girl, Diletta Secco and Rosy Chin, as well as many other creators of the Zenzero Talent Agency, such as 2foodfitlovers, will be the highlights of this month’s Giallozafferano issue together with the top food blogger, Luisa Orizio.

Three special and historical figures of Giallozafferano, who have always contributed to the magazine with one of a kind recipes, will also be represented throughout the issue’s pages: Aurora Cortopassi, expert in vegetarian and zero waste creations, Giovanni Castaldi, with his passion for Mediterranean cuisine and pastries, and Manuel Saraceno, with his street food recipes and secrets on bread-making and leavening.

This dynamic offer further confirms the brand’s exceptional success, thanks to the continuous expansion that allowed Giallozafferano to achieve an overall fanbase of more than 50 million people. This is an unbeatable offer for the worldwide foodlover audience who will also be able to find some dishes and ingredients in pure Giallozafferano style throughout the magazine.



Giallozafferano‘s new offer is enriched with many new columns and sections: from the “monthly theme” to the “travel” column with local dishes, products and wine, ideal for all those who love to travel and discover new food and wine cultures.

There will also be a “healthy and tasty” section devoted to a healthier cuisine and a “shopping guide” useful in selecting the right ingredients needed, from the butcher to the greengrocer and fishmonger.

Finally, a “preparing with” section, with the “preparing and freezing” and “preparing to take away” options, will also be suggested.

The “Giallo school” section will also be available with cooking shoots, bread-making techniques and much more for all those who wish to learn the best cooking strategies.


All readers will be able to discover 100 original recipes and their respective culinary preparations created for February’s festivities: from the hottest Valentine’s Day menu to the most varied Carnival sweets, or even Harlequin’s green menu dishes with thought-out vegetarian recipes, without mentioning the frangipane cream found in the pastry techniques and basics section.



A new graphic design will accompany the contents of the magazine’s new editorial sections to facilitate reading. The final result will be characterized by a more harmonious iconography throughout the pages with suggestive illustrations and images.


The restyling will be enriched with a new logo: the chromatic saffron flower, the magazine’s emblem, is enhanced with dynamic shades characterized by purple to fuchsia and orange to yellow blends. The colours are more lively and immediately noticeable, in line with the brand’s distinctive young and digital language. The strictly purple font recalls Giallozafferano’s contemporary style, in line with the social trends.



Another absolute novelty consists in the Giallozafferano Collection, a new monographic collection magazine dedicated to presenting recipes linked to a special theme each month. In the newsstand issue, readers will be able to discover many meat-based main courses to serve at the table, including many tasty cooking techniques.

Giallozafferano magazine’s restyling was also highly appreciated by the advertising market through a collection, edited by Mediamond, which marks a double-digit growth in this year’s first two months compared to the same period in 2022.


GialloZafferano, record numbers on international social profiles

25 million followers for the english - language accounts
More than 2 billion video views in the last 90 days

“Gold Creator Award” for English YouTube channel

Giallozafferano, Italy’s leading food media brand, is building up a strong international profile. Little more than a year after its launch abroad, it has been winning record numbers, with 25 million followers for its English-language versions, and growing its international social profiles to more than 1.2 million new fans a month.

These results, added to the 20 million people who follow the Italian version, have made Giallozafferano the world’s fourth most popular cooking brand on social media.

This outstanding success is driven by competitive positioning and continuous expansion, leading Giallozafferano to reach a total fanbase of 45 million people and become a go-to brand for a global public of food-lovers keen to learn about and try Italian dishes and ingredients.

A key factor in the Mondadori Group brand’s extraordinary international results are its TikTok accounts: @giallozafferano_en and, above all, @gzfoodqood, a profile with more than 17 million followers, which has established itself as the world’s third most followed cookery account on TikTok.

Significant success has also been achieved by the @GialloZafferanoLovesItaly Facebook profile, which has more than 4.4 million fans, and on YouTube, where the English version has beaten the 1 million subscribers threshold, winning the “Golden Creator Award”.

These impressive results are joined by yet another record: more than 2 billion video views in the last 90 days on the international Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok channels.

A winning offer that combines exclusive content and original-language versions to engage an ever wider public and become a cookery benchmark, even for the younger generations. Giallozafferano‘s recipes and suggestions involve some of the top talents in the food creator team, which increasingly has become the heart of the brand’s success formula. They include Daniele Rossi with his gourmet cuisine, the little Cooker Girl from the region of Piedmont and Italo-American Nonna Pia.

Extraordinary numbers, which the Giallozafferano international channels have achieved with an offer that has also been successfully developed on the English-language website The most viewed content includes some of the most famous Italian recipes in the world, from tiramisù to carbonara and amatriciana.

With 21 million burgers sold, Chicken Creations, the original recipes from McDonald’s and Giallozafferano, are back

This year's stars are Il Gustoso and L’Affumicato: two new recipes with Italian ingredients and 100% Italian chicken breast for the fourth edition of an increasingly successful partnership

A special project involving the communities of the two brands and the creators of Giallozafferano

The partnership between McDonald’s and Giallozafferano, Italy’s most popular food media brand, goes into its fourth year after burger sales topping 21 million: the original McChicken recipe is joined by Il Gustoso and L’Affumicato, two new Chicken Creations for exciting new taste experiences.

Available in all 640 McDonald’s restaurants in Italy until 30 August, the Chicken Creations are made with special top-quality ingredients sourced from our local supply chain, as well as 100% Italian chicken breast supplied by Amadori and bread produced in Italy by Bimbo. The flavourful Il Gustoso dresses the chicken with Italian red cabbage, Pecorino Romano DOP cheese & pepper sauce and Italian bacon; meanwhile L’Affumicato comes with smoked scamorza cheese made from Italian milk and grilled pepper sauce and will be available in a bun or as a McWrap.

The new recipes reaffirm and strengthen McDonald’s relations with and commitment to the Italian agri-food chain, from which every year it purchases more than 100,000 tonnes of raw materials worth almost 240 million euro. For the 2022 Chicken Creations alone, the company will use around 6 tonnes of Pecorino Romano DOP cheese, 630 tonnes of chicken, 74 tonnes of smoked scamorza and 61 tonnes of red cabbage.

The Chicken Creations were developed jointly by chefs from McDonald’s and the Giallozafferano brand, once again the prestigious partner on the initiative thanks to the strength of its community and ability to involve some of the most popular food creators on an innovative project that is spreading from social media to McDonald’s restaurants across Italy.

“We are excited to renew our collaboration with Giallozafferano, which this year once again has produced original new recipes to satisfy Italians’ love of tasty original food. We are very proud of this project because it reiterates the quality and flavours of our country’s ingredients,” said McDonald’s Italia CEO Dario Baroni. “Chicken is increasingly popular among our consumers, who recognise the quality and origin of the ingredients they find in our restaurants: this, in addition to the tasty recipes, is the reason for the success of a project where we tell everyone about the unique quality of ingredients Made in Italy.”

“Innovation, constant attention to the passions of our community and use of fine Italian ingredients: these are the values underpinning our four-year relationship with McDonald’s, a partner of excellence,” observed Mondadori Media General Manager Andrea Santagata. “We are delighted to continue a collaboration that combines one of McDonald’s most popular burgers with our brand’s creativity and experience. The project is even more innovative this year thanks to the involvement of our creators on the social channels, especially TikTok, where Giallozafferano can try out styles that appeal to young users, and so become a reference in the kitchen for them too,” added Santagata.

The protagonists of the project, starting with the campaign teasers, are the two brands’ web communities, who were invited to guess the ingredients and the names of the burgers.

The Foodqood creators, Daniele Rossi, Fernanda Nicotra, Chef Nerone and Rafael Nistor, each with their own style and communication approach, will deliver a series of exclusive social media content, replicating in their videos the recipes of the iconic McChicken and the new Chicken Creations — presented today during a special event hosted by Willwoosh, youtuber Guglielmo Scilla.

The Chicken Creations campaign and visibility plan were developed together with Brand On Solutions, the Mediamond project area, coordinated by OMD, and will be rolled out on all Giallozafferano digital channels, from the website, all social profiles – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok e YouTube – and the app, with McDonald’s drive-to-store and drive-to-app push notification.

Grazia presents a special issue: Viaggio in Italia

Grazia, a key reference for the latest in the fashion industry and current issues, is presenting Viaggio in Italia – Exploring Italy – a special issue on the most popular locations in the country, recounted by personalities from the worlds of cinema, music and culture.

“This special issue devoted to Italy looks at people’s love of our country. I wanted this passion to be told by the nation’s protagonists: leading names in entertainment and culture. Readers will find features on fashion and beauty that reflect the soul and extraordinary diversity of our country. Enjoy reading Grazia,” said the magazine’s editor Silvia Grilli.

The special edition offers accounts from three top authors, who describe their Italy. Luca Bianchini describes the country in the belief that its real treasure are its people, about whom not enough is said. Gianluca Carofiglio provides snapshots of Bari and Chiara Gamberale, who has been travelling round Italy to present her latest novel, tells Grazia about the emotions and dreams of a country that always has the power to astonish.
Home towns, squares and unexpected corners will also be described by popular figures like Stefano Accorsi, who takes us on a tour of his Bologna, and Luciana Littizzetto, who describes the working-class district in Turin where she grew up, while Mahmood talks about his childhood in Milan’s Gratosoglio district.
The Viaggio in Italia issue is packed with items on must-visit locations in Italy, from the Dolomites to the seas of the southern regions, from hilltop hamlets to enchanting beaches.

The cover story features Paola Di Benedetto, a TV presenter and social media star with more than 2 million followers, who poses for an exclusive photoshoot and recounts her childhood in a provincial town, the unplanned audition, her work on TV and radio.

Readers will find two fashion stories in the magazine: a special feature photographed the among residents of Naples and a shoot in Paraggi on the Ligurian coast. Cool colourful clothes, beachwear, and essential accessories for an all-Italian summer.

Grazia Viaggio in Italia was presented on Monday evening at an exclusive event in the courtyard of Milan State University during the Interni “Design Re-generation” exhibition. The guests were entertained by young singer-songwriter Emma Nolde and the La Rappresentante di Lista pop rock duo. The partner for the evening was the Gattinoni Groupone of Italy’s leading Travel, Business Travel, Incentives and Events operators.

With 21 editions worldwide, Grazia is a constantly evolving brand with 3 million users (source: Nielsen Media Impact Data Fusion, September 2021), and more than 1.6 million fans (source: Shareablee plus Tik Tok and Pinterest).

Giallozafferano is launching an exclusive NFT collection

15 digital works certifying the original recipes of best loved italian dishes around the world for the first time

Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo was donated a NFT for the Saffron Risotto, created by Chef Negrini, the first non-fungible token to become part of the heritage of its Archive

A project that has come to fruition in partnership with OMD and ACTA Fintech, supporting the food bank charity, Banco Alimentare

Giallozafferano, the leading food media brand in Italy, is endorsing Italian cooking excellence with the launch – for the first time on the virtual market – of a series of NFT collectibles: fifteen digital works dedicated to the best known and most loved Italian recipes around the world.

An exclusive project – created in partnership with OMD Italy, media agency of the Omnicom Group, and developed together with ACTA Fintech, a consulting firm specialised in NFTs – which focussed on multiple objectives:

  • Innovating: bringing the most authentic and representative recipes of the country’s culinary culture to the Metaverse.
  • Protecting and spreading Made in Italy branding: selecting the best of its products and guaranteeing its authenticity via blockchain technology.
  • Giving back: by supporting Banco Alimentare, a food bank providing food to the neediest.

For its first NFT collection, Giallozafferano has selected certain most globally iconic and well-known dishes in Italian cuisine, travelling from north to south Italy, and it has entrusted their preparation to the most well-established chefs on the national scene according to the authentic recipe, certified by a gastronomic committee made up of industry chefs and professionals.

Giallozafferano has always been at the forefront in seizing innovations offered by the digital world and in promoting and making Italian cuisine available to everybody, in any form, along a path that is continuously evolving. We were born on the Web, creating the largest community of food bloggers in the country and we have created a fanbase of over 40 million followers around social media, becoming an international benchmark for food, and today we are home to the best food creators. Now, we’re taking the next leap forward landing on the Metaverse: an important project, which once again sees us engaged serving the authenticity and promoting great Italian cuisine around the world”, Andrea Santagata, general manager of Mondadori Media, stated.

“As OMD, we believe that innovation and experimentation are the basis for staying abreast of change, a constant factor in the technological landscape. NFT and blockchain are important levers in the digital market and we believe it is essential to learn about them and use them correctly. As we have done with other schemes, the projects we implement need to be part of a wide-ranging strategy, which enhances use and mechanics. We believe that Italian culinary heritage lends itself beautifully to be immortalised and narrated using NFTs and, for this reason, we have contributed to this impressive project with Giallozafferano. The beneficial purpose of the initiative shows yet again how culture and innovation can impact the social sphere, raising public awareness and making a substantial impact also from an economic standpoint”, Giorgia Paloschi, Strategic Director of OMD Italy, commented.

The NFT collection
The first recipes of the Giallozafferano 15 NFT collection were prepared by exceptional chefs: Milanese Risotto by the multi-starred chef Alessandro Negrini; classic Tiramisu by Frau Knam and the special version by Ernst Knam; Naples-style Pizza by world champion Davide Civitiello and Carbonara sauce pasta by Luciano Monosilio, the chef who raised this dish to haute cuisine status.

Each dish was photographed by Marianna Santoni, an artist who is an international calling card in digital photography which was then converted to a limited edition NFT.

“Together with Giallozafferano, we’ve managed to combine certain cornerstones of our present times in a single project. Gastronomy, a flagship of our country and a pioneer all over the world, together with innovation, will open the Mondadori Group brand to the universe of non-fungible tokens, highlighting, yet again, the brand’s far-sighted approach with respect to emerging technologies. Being part of this project is a source of pride”, Gian Luca Comandini, Co-Founder of ACTA FinTech added.

Donation to the Milan-based Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo
The project was presented at a special event during which, Giallozafferano donated the first NFT for Saffron Risotto created by chef Alessandro Negrini to the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo.

The recipe will be kept for posterity in the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo Archive, which will receive a first non-fungible token, enriching the documentary heritage that the institution has generated and collected in over six hundred years of history since its foundation.

The Veneranda Fabbrica Archive is the diary of the city, active day after day since 1387, preserving infinite and precious treasures. Old documents, ledgers, projects for the Duomo cathedral, musical scores, and pictures dating back to the dawn of photography, as well as so much more.

Symbol of Milan, the Cathedral is also an exceptional place for the story that binds it to this gold-coloured spice: in fact, tradition has it that, to obtain the characteristic ochre yellow colour used for the stained-glass Cathedral windows, the master glassmakers used saffron. Next to the Cathedral of Milan scaffolding, the very particular and colourful recipe of the Milanese risotto is claimed to have been created centuries ago.

The project with Banco Alimentare food bank
For each recipe, 99 copies will be created, of which 98 will be available on the market through the Opensea platform at the price of 99 euros, contributing to the charitable work of Banco Alimentare.

“We’re happy to be the charity partners of this innovative all ‘digital’ project. We thank Giallozafferano for having decided to support our work in favour of those living in fragile conditions. Thanks to the valuable help given by attentive companies such as Giallozafferano, Banco Alimentare will be able to respond to thousands of requests for help received every day: these projects strengthen our alliance with the business world and we hope that this is just the first step of a long journey in the name of partnering and mutual esteem”, Giovanni Bruno, Chairman of the Banco Alimentare Foundation said.

Benefits reserved for holders of Giallozafferano NFTs
The first 4 NFTs will be available on and after 31 May. Buyers will receive a numbered token and certificate. Each NFT will give the holder the opportunity to view the exclusive recipe, correlated with an exhaustive description of its history, in Italian and English, and to participate in a special Virtual Masterclass, starting in September: a unique experience to learn about all the secrets of a perfect dish directly from the skilled hands of the person who created the recipe.

For each recipe 1 NFT Special Edition will also be autioned, at the starting price of 5,000 euros: the owner will be entitled to an exclusive showcooking session with the Chef that created the dish at the Giallozafferano studios and a private dinner for 4 people.

The iconic dishes that will enrich the Giallozafferano NFT Collection
Over this year, the NFT collection will be enriched by 11 other iconic recipes: orecchiette pasta with cime di rapa turnip tops by Fabio Abbattista, Genoese focaccia by Ezio Rocchi, eggplant parmigiana by Daniele Rossi, lasagna with meat sauce, amatriciana sauce, pesto basil sauce, arancini, breadcrumb fried rice balls with a savoury filling. In 2023, the collection will be further enriched with new recipes, continuing to showcase the variety of Italian cuisine and to better express the importance of Italian culinary culture on the global scene.


Giallozafferano is the food media brand of the Mondadori Group: it is a leader on the web, where it is the favourite cooking site of 1 out of 4 Italians, with 16 million unique users per month (source: Audiweb, March 2022), and the fourth largest cooking brand on social media, with a fanbase of over 40 million followers (source: Shareablee and Insight, May 2022). Thanks to its recipes that are within everyone’s grasp, whether novice or expert cook, it is available to people 24/7 on all channels: from the web to social media, even internationally, from apps to smart devices and including magazines and books and local area events up and down the country. Today, Giallozafferano is also home to the best food talents, to whom the first “GZ Creator Award” was dedicated, also becoming a benchmark for the young generations of cooking professionals.

Mondadori Media: partnership with Twitter for the enhancement of video contents

Mondadori Media, Italy’s leading multimedia publisher with 55.5 million fans on social networks, has signed a partnership with Twitter to join the Twitter Amplify program, which allows the possibility to amplify and promote video contents on the platform, reaching an even wider audience.

The agreement involves the Twitter accounts of the Mondadori Media brands Giallozafferano, MyPersonalTrainer, TheWom, Smartworld, Focus, NostroFiglio and Studenti, which are real points of reference in vertical segments linked to the passions of Italians – from cooking to wellness, from technology to science and training – with 1.6 million followers overall.

The partnership highlights the strength of Mondadori Media, chosen as an important partner to get in touch with valuable audiences through innovative content, relying on consolidated know-how in the production of videos for social media: an area in which Mondadori Media has already strong experience and leadership, thanks to an internal team dedicated to the co-production of editorial content with partner brands and successful special projects.

Thanks to this agreement, Mondadori Media and Twitter will offer partner companies the possibility of inserting pre-roll advertising videos, before the contents published by the Mondadori Media brands.

Mondadori Media will further expand the development of branded content social projects and initiatives on Twitter. This will extend the opportunities for companies and investors interested in reaching new audiences based on their needs and in an authoritative, transparent and highly interactive context thanks to the involvement of the Mondadori Media brand communities, making advertising communication ever more effective.

Giallozafferano acquires Foodqood: among the first food creators in the world on TikTok with more than 13 million fans

Giallozafferano, the leading food media brand in Italy, continues to grow on social media, with a global fanbase that has now topped 35 million thanks to the acquisition of the Foodqood profiles.

Created by chef Khalid El Mahi, Foodqood is the world’s fourth largest cookery profile on TikTok by number of fans, and the top profile in Italy.
In little more than a year, Foodqood, which is also on Instagram, has accumulated more than 13 million followers, with an increase of 1 million fans in the last 30 days, attracted by short dynamic videos that have gone viral in Italy and around the world, with each one attracting an average of more than 6 million views.

Its success is due to the talent of its young creator, El Mahi, 37 years old, head chef at the Das Badl restaurant in Trentino – Alto Adige. The rapid growth of Foodqood’s social profiles is driven in particular by its fast and easy Italian and international recipes, illustrated in short dynamic videos, which are also available in English.

The acquisition has given a decisive boost to Giallozafferano’s position on TikTok and its international expansion. 

Giallozafferano was the first Italian food media brand to target TikTok – where it now has more than 2 million fans on three profiles – as a fundamental move to reach the new generations, experiment with new styles and collaborate with the top emerging talents in Italian cooking.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of the year, Giallozafferano successfully launched its international English-language version as a website and on social media, where today the brand has a community of more than 5 million fans on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

«We are delighted to expand and diversify our social media presence with the acquisition of a hugely successful international young profile. The Instagram and TikTok profiles of Foodqood, which from today will be called GZ Foodqood, mean we can count on an overall fanbase on a par with the top world players,» said Andrea Santagata, general manager of Mondadori Media. «Furthermore, our strategic collaboration with young chef Khalid enables us to continue our on-going productive experimentation with new styles, with the focus increasingly on video shorts, a format that already lets us reach 150 million video views a month on social media. The purchase also strengthens our positioning as a Food Talent Factory. Giallozafferano believes in creators as an important ingredient to deliver fresh content and engage Millennials and Generation Z. This is why today Giallozafferano collaborates on a stable basis with over 50 of Italy’s best and most original food creators,» Santagata added.

With its latest acquisition, Giallozafferano continues to attract and select the most exciting talents on the web, a process that began in 2011 when it created the largest Italian food blogging community, attracting growing numbers of top chefs, influencers and creators.

This also enhances branded content opportunities for commercial partners, who, through the Mediamond space concessionaire, can target new audiences with innovative publishing formats, using the factory content of Giallozafferano and the unique team of food creators who work with the brand.

Giallozafferano launches the first “GZ Creator Award” for the best italian food talent

Awards presented in Milan during a special event to Giallozafferano food blogger Luisa Orizio and top creators Andriana Kulchytska, Daniele Rossi, Diletta Secco, Rafael Nistor, Cooker Girl and "GZ Foodqood" Khalid El Mahi

More than 15 million unique users a month on the web, a global fanbase of 35 million on social media, 200 million video views a month: with these numbers Giallozafferano is celebrating 2021 as a very successful year.

A success achieved thanks to a distinctive positioning, which saw Giallozafferano become thefirst food media brand to focus on TikTok and on creators. Today, it collaborates with a team of more than 50 of the best and most original food talents.

The Giallozafferano young talents were the protagonists of the “GZ Creator Award” event held yesterday in Milan: a special acknowledgment for the creators and bloggers who distinguished themselves during 2021 by engaging growing communities of foodlovers, and achieving record-breaking views and interaction, and helped to foster the growth of Giallozafferano with their talent and content.

«For Giallozafferano, the creators, each with their own specific identity, are an increasingly central element: as publishers, the decision to create a team with the top Italian cookery talents has enabled us to strengthen and innovate our content offer and at the same time given them the chance to grow together with us, with the support of a brand leader and the expertise of our team, in a mutual beneficial relationship,» said Mondadori Media general manager Andrea Santagata. «We are proud to have become the home of Italy’s top food talents and we have created the GZ Creator Award specifically to thank all our creators and bloggers for their passion and extraordinary skills, » Santagata added.

The GZ Creator Award 2021 was presented in seven categories by Andrea Santagata together with starred chef Alessandro Negrini from the Vòce di Aimo e Nadia restaurant, which provided the venue for the event.

The Giallozafferano 2021 best blogger award went to Luisa Orizio (Allacciate il grembiule), whose dishes everyone can cook attract more than 4 million monthly visits to her blog and 1.2 million fans.

The creator with the highest like average is Andriana Kulchytska, who is always on the look-out for tempting dishes that will appeal to the fitness world, with an average of almost 50,000 “likes” per video.

The creator who attracted the highest number of comments in 2021 is Daniele Rossi, a Tuscan chef who seduces everyone with his choice of traditional popular dishes and raw materials of the highest quality, with more than 1,400 comments for his guacamole video recipe.

The most sustainable creator award, with the most viewed veg videos, was won by Diletta Secco, a young cook who promotes sustainability in the kitchen with simple, unique recipes.

The creator with the highest average for video reel views was Rafael Nistor with his live video recipes, where the sounds as he prepares the food create an original and hypnotic audio, with an average of 1.4 million views for each video.

The award for the highest overall number of views went to Cooker Girl, aka Aurora Cavallo, with her unmistakeable red apron and huge repertoire of “traditionally new” dishes, for more than 50 million views on Instagram Reels and TikTok.

The creator behind the most viewed video is Khalid El Mahi, now a permanent member of the Giallozafferano family of social profiles with the “GZ Foodqood” brand, a youthful, fast and dynamic approach to cooking: his recipe for pita bread attracted 8 million views.

The exclusive Giallozafferano event – devoted to cooking, creativity and entertainment – was compered by special host Guglielmo Scilla, known as Willwoosh. The guest of honour was singer Orietta Berti, who offered the guests an exceptional medley of her hits, including Mille, winner of five platinum disks and one of the songs most downloaded and listened to by generation Z, and her new single Luna Piena, composed in collaboration with Hell Raton and sung in public for the first time last night.

Giallozafferano’s success in 2021 confirms the brand’s unique ability to select web talents as part of a continuously evolving journey: one that began in 2011, when Giallozafferano created the largest Italian food blogging community, which today has transformed the brand into a veritable food talent factory – with contributions from more than 100 top chefs, bloggers and creators – and will continue in 2022 with an even more ambitious program.

The basis of its success is a benchmark brand for Italian foodlovers, a “top of mind” food medium, the best known, most frequently consulted, must-have name in the kitchen. This is confirmed by the constantly growing community, reflecting the ability of GialloZafferano to be of service throughout the day thanks to consolidated content and video production knowhow, the result of a special in-house social content production.


GialloZafferano: indispensable in the kitchen for 62% of italians

Italian brand leader on the web and social media is “top of mind” among food media and the most useful for preparing recipes and discovering new products

The best known, most consulted and indispensable in the kitchen: GialloZafferano once again confirms its position as the food media brand that is the undisputed reference point for Italians in the kitchen.These are the results from the latest research on the main publishing brands in the sector in Italy, promoted by Mondadori Media through the Mondadori Lab panel in collaboration with BVA-Doxa. The survey was carried out on 1,900 food buyers who experiment in the kitchen, taking into consideration magazines, TV programmes, websites and social media profiles that talk about food and recipes.

An analysis of the habits of the sample shows that for 36% cooking is a great passion, particularly in the younger age groups, aged from 18 to 44. 49% love to experiment with regional dishes and 24% try to introduce ethnic cuisine at home. The main source of recipes for 72% of respondents is the web.

In the top spot among the most popular food media brands is GialloZafferano: it is also top of mind, spontaneously cited by 34% of the sample and in first place also for assisted notoriety with 89% of preferences, an increase on the previous year. In addition, 71% said they had consulted the brand in the last 3 months.

GialloZafferano is considered indispensable by 62% of the interviewees: and a closer look at the image of GialloZafferano in the minds consumers shows that the main characteristic associated with the brand is its usefulness (66%), not only for the preparation of recipes, but also for the discovery of new products. An offer that users consider “clear and simple”, “rich in content” and “always up to date”.

These figures are confirmed by the continuously growing community and that confirm the brand’s ability to provide a service for people at various times of the day: 15 million users per month on the web, where GialloZafferano is the world’s leading cookery site for market penetration with a 33% reach and 70% of the time spent by users who consult food sites.

The brand is also the leader on social media, with over 20 million fans on 6 platforms, generating a total of 100 million video views per month.

Moreover, GialloZafferano has the largest food blogging community in the country, with an additional 17 million fans reached thanks to its 50 top bloggers and is now also the top attraction for talent and boasts a team of 50 food creators who collaborate regularly with the brand, with a total fan base of 38 million users.

The GialloZafferano formula has conquered food lovers thanks to its mix of exclusive content and original language: a production process based on an in-house content factory that selects, tests and realises recipes three times to ensure they are perfect and “user-friendly”, in different formats and on different platforms, to actively engage an ever-wider audience. The brands is also present on Instagram and TikTok with a distinctive editorial offer, thanks also to the collaboration of some of best creators, the brand today boasts an even stronger positioning in the 18-35-year-old target, making it a reference point in the kitchen also for young people.