Google Home

Giallozafferano gives voice to its recipes also on Google Home

Giallozafferano, the point of reference for Italians in the kitchen, with 6.6 million unique users every month (source: Audiweb), over 6 million fans on Facebook and more than 600,000 readers for its printed magazine, from today will “speak” to its community also on  “Google Home, the voice-activated smart speaker recently launched in Italy by Google.

The Mondadori Group brand will consequently be available through Google Assistant across all compatible devices: Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, and Google Home and Google Mini smart speakers.

With Google Home it is possible to interact with the digital cooking assistant of Giallozafferano, that will establish a pleasant and friendly natural conversation with the user: all you have to do is call the assistant with a simple vocal command “OK Google, let me talk to Giallozafferano” to get the help you need in the kitchen. The secret lies in the innovative step-by-step function, in which a voice will accompany the user through each step of the preparation of the dish – using the vocal commands “back”, “repeat” or “forward” – making it possible even for inexperienced cooks to follow the recipe and  produce a perfect result without mistakes.

In fact, the  step-by-step function makes it possible to complete each phase of the preparation, interrupting when necessary, and starting again from where you left off. All by using the simple vocal “OK Google, ask Giallozafferano to start cooking again”; a particularly useful feature for dishes that require a long preparation.

With Giallozafferano’s new Action on Google,  you can choose a recipe, from a selection of over 4,500 available, with “OK Google, ask Giallozafferano for the recipe for tiramisù”, or run through the list of ingredients with the command “OK Google, tell me the ingredients”.

The new service offers a range of functions also to users accessing Giallozafferano from a smartphone or tablet, with even easier and more immediate usability thanks to the support of high-quality photos that make each stage even more intuitive and simple to complete.

This new project continues the brand strategy of Giallozafferano which, on the strength of the success of the web site from which a magazine was created that in just over a year has achieved an average monthly sale of 120,000 copies (source: ADS, March 2018), a series of books and a TV programme on Canale 5, can now count on an even more articulated multi-channel offer.