Grazia presents “The magnificent cinema!” special issue

Stefano Accorsi is the guest editor of this extraordinary magazine edition

For the Venice Film Festival, Grazia, the magazine edited by Silvia Grilli is available at the newsstand and on the app with a special issue for which the actor Stefano Accorsi is the guest editor. An extraordinary edition that celebrates the magic of the cinema as well as its behind the scenes, the stars and all the key players and professionals of an industry that is undergoing considerable transformation, which is extremely important for the cultural industry.

“Two and half years into the pandemic, movie theatres in Italy are unfortunately struggling as fewer people are going to the cinema, however cinema is very much alive thanks to the platforms and has amplified its most wonderful dimension: that of dreaming. Together with Stefano Accorsi, I invite you to read this issue and experience the unpredictability of a world where the magic can arrive at the last take, like the rainbow we photographed with him during the photo shoot for the cover page in Sicily”, said editor Silvia Grilli in her editorial.

“With Silvia, we tried to describe the behind the scenes of cinema today and how it is evolving for the future, placing special attention on environmental sustainability as well as the right amount of space to the merits and talents of women. I think that the contrast among persons, genders and origins keeps us continuously stimulated. If we proceed with a continuous effort, in a non-emergency situation, we should be able, with the support of the various categories, to make movie theatres attractive to the public again in a few years. It is one thing to watch a film on television, it is another to watch it all together at the cinema: laughing or crying together, sharing the emotions. After two years of the pandemic, we need to start sharing again. It is the cinemas, theatres and concerts that can start again to give us moments of great collective emotions”, stressed Stefano Accorsi in the editorial for this special edition of Grazia.

This issue includes an exclusive interview with Stefano Accorsi conducted by the editor Silvia Grilli, in which the actor talks about the passions of his unpredictable life, which is similar to a film where anything can happen, from his first auditions with a famous director to the months in Mississippi where his first film was shot, the exchange of romance and knowledge with the women he loved, his marriage with his wife Bianca and their extended family.

In the interview for the Venice Film Festival, Accorsi confides to Grazia about the emotions he cherishes the most:”I will always remember the first time. I was 20 years old. I arrived by train and took the ferry by myself and was overwhelmed by a sunset over the lagoon: a feeling of early autumn. This magical arrival, the full movie theatres, the continuous interviews, the memorable phrases of Pupi Avati”.

Accorsi also talked to Grazia about his years in France: “I learned a lot during those years. I had been successful in my country, but there I had to start all over and go to auditions”. During the interview, he added: “When you acted in films that were very successful and when for a period of time it does not happen again, when you are in a profession like acting, where you live for the desire to be seen by others, it is normal for this to make you anxious. I told myself: “You have to be patient, be proactive”. Being proactive does not automatically produce results, but since that time I have never stopped”.

The magnificence of the cinema is also recounted by some key figures of the industry, starting with Alberto Barbera, who was interviewed by Stefano Accorsi: the director of the Venice Film Festival talked to the guest editor of this extraordinary issue of Grazia about his overwhelming passion for the silver screen.

The issue The magnificent cinema! is enriched by contributions from important directors, such as Cristina Comencini, Daniele Luchetti, Matteo Rovere and Elisa Amoruso, and by interviews with actors such as Micaela Ramazzotti, Vittoria Puccini, as well as the Minister of Cultural and Environmental Heritage Dario Franceschini.

When browsing through the pages of this special edition, readers will also find an exclusive survey conducted by the Human Highway institute for Grazia that found that 7 Italians out of 10 go to the cinema much less than before, but would return if the silver screen would offer engaging special effects or if it would be possible to meet and listen to the actors themselves.

The issue also includes accounts from some of the most important women in the industry, inducing Nicole Morganti, head of Italian Originals for Prime Video. Morganti explained to Grazia why we need quality and stories that reflect us both on the small and the large screen, especially if they are written and filmed by more young women. Sonia Rovai, Head of Scripted Production Sky Italia, tells the magazine what she likes today about the new generation of viewers.

The issue also includes stories about the photographers, screenwriters and professionals that make each scene perfect: from the costume designers to the make up artists, experts able to transform actors into their roles and the coaches who prepare them to interpret more difficult roles as well as the entire film set crew.

A tribute to Venice

Venice, the fascinating and magical city that hosts the Film Festival, is described in this special issue also with the most exciting pictures taken by the photographers Graziano Arcici, Jacopo Salvi and Daniele Venturelli: these three great image professionals who have always immortalised the stars on the red carpet explain to Grazia the stunts they have pulled to capture the magic and quirks of the actors who walk the red carpet at the Lido every year.

A tribute to the lagoon is given by the Director of the Cineteca of Bologna and President of the Rome Film Fest, Gianluca Farinelli, who recalls together with Grazia how this city was often the location for many unforgettable films that have made film history, from films by Luchino Visconti to Woody Allen and 007.

The magazine celebrates Venice also through fashion and beauty, with a photo shoot at sunrise along the canals and an overview of the trending beauty looks.

Grazia Gazette

A year from its launch, the project Grazia Gazette, Venice Issue is continuing ( Live updates from the Film Festival, interviews, events, in-depth information about many films and the most exclusive looks from the red carpet to explore next season’s fashion and beauty trends. Exclusive content and curiosities that can also be accessed using Grazia’s Instagram profile (@grazia_it), where the editor Silvia Grilli will talk live with Stefano Accorsi on 3 September.

The two partners of the initiative, Moet&Chandon and Lexus, have confirmed their presence at the Venice Film Festival with Grazia for the third consecutive year.

The Grazia brand launches an exclusive global project with Victoria Beckham: the star features on the cover of 14 international editions of the magazine

Grazia, the first all-Italian fashion brand, has launched a worldwide exclusive project with Victoria Beckham as the protagonist of 14 international editions of the magazine.

Published simultaneously in the Arab Emirates, Australia, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Germany, India, Italy, Latin America, Mexico, Serbia, Spain, UK and USA, Grazia is devoting a special cover story to the British star, with an exclusive photoshoot and interview, in which Victoria reveals intimate details about herself, her family, the spectacular wedding of her and David Beckham’s eldest son and her business difficulties after the pandemic.

An international exclusive that confirms the strength and prestige of the Mondadori Group brand, which, through cooperation with the network of international editions, has become a benchmark in the fashion and luxury industry, creating communication projects that reach global audiences.

“We are very proud of this initiative, which is the result of our brand’s winning formula. Thanks to a global multi-channel approach and the focus on presenting contemporary personalities and trends, Grazia has consolidated its distinctive positioning, responding to the needs and interests of readers all over the world,” observed Daniela Sola, Mondadori Media Managing Director for International Business.

Exported around the world, from Italy to the USA, the Grazia brand is a truly successful mix: with 21 editions in 23 countries, it reaches a global audience of 15 million readers and 45 million unique users, with more than 30 million followers on social media.

Grazia special issue dedicated to the young generations

Grazia, the magazine edited by Silvia Grilli, is on the news-stands this week with a special issue dedicated to the young generations. The protagonists of the latest issue are the stars of the virtual words, followed by millions of people, creators of digital universes and fashion imagined by Italy’s most creative students.

“A publication that cares has a duty to tell its readers about social developments. The world of videogames and gamers is a cross-generation phenomenon that brings kids and adults together to create and use infinite virtual spaces,” said editor-in-chief Silvia Grilli. “This issue of Grazia looks at creativity, dreams, the freedom of an imaginary universe. In asking students from the Istituto Europeo di Design to produce fashion features on videogames, I want to involve young people who believe in fashion and its infinite expressive possibilities in the creation of Grazia,” Grilli added.

The cover shows Irama, a singer with a huge following among youngsters, who in a short space of time has become the voice of a generation that rejects labels and fights for its dreams.

A key report examines the world of videogames, which today is more important than cinema, TV and music. The special issue presents the champions of the virtual world who have become global influencers today, from PewDiePie to Pokimane, as well as the phenomenon of streamers, who play live followed by millions of fans, such as Scarlett alias Sasha Hostyn, the most successful gamer of all time.

Italian names are not forgotten: Federica Campana, one of the first professional gamers, Sabrina Cereseto, with 2.7 million YouTube subscribers, and Fjona Cakalli, founder of Games Princess, Italy’s first videogames site run exclusively by women.

The special issue also offers two exclusive fashion features: a clothes shoot and a still life produced together with the professionals at Grazia by students on the Fashion Stylist & Communication course at the IED. The young photographers and stylists took their inspiration from the style of the gamers. The result is fresh colourful fashion, which is both elegant and ironic.

Grazia confirms its position as a constantly evolving brand, in part through a growing number of special projects for customers who want to communicate with the Young target: from the creative idea to the final engagement process, the aim is to produce content that speaks the same language as the target audience, capturing and engaging its attention, and so reaching the ambitious KPIs of each activation. The latest completed projects include Pandora, Onitsuka Tiger and Primark.

With 21 editions worldwide, Grazia is a reference for 3 million users and readers (source: Nielsen Media Impact Data Fusion, September 2021) and more than 1.6 million fans (source: Shareablee plus Tik Tok and Pinterest Insight, March 2022).

Grazia presents a special issue: Pianeta verde, Pianeta di pace (Green Planet, Peaceful Planet)

To mark Earth Day, that falls on 22 April, Grazia, the magazine edited by Silvia Grilli, presents a special issue entitled Pianeta verde, Pianeta di pace (Green Planet, Peaceful Planet) which brings together the voices of leading figures in the ecological revolution along with stories from people who show that another style of life is possible. The whole world in worried about the war in Ukraine and the inevitable consequences it will have of the balance of power in the world, but there is another battle that must not be forgotten: the fight against global warming.

“We are appalled by the images of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. It is a horror the effects of which will haunt us for a long time. Not only in history and in our memories, but also engraved in the environment, because the arms industry is the most polluting in the world: and weapons manufacturers are the biggest institutional producers of greenhouse gases on the planet,” declared the editor of Grazia Silvia Grilli. At the end of February, a group of scientists prepared a report for the United Nations, warning that the effects of global warming are increasing extremely rapidly. While the whole world is watching Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, with its unspeakable burden of suffering, there is another battle that cannot be overlooked: that for the survival of the planet. On the occasion of Earth Day, in this special issue, I wanted to hear the voices of some of the leaders of the ecological revolution and the stories that can inspire each of us to change our style of life. Because only commitment of everyone can lead us to a more peaceful and greener future,” Silvia Grilli concluded.

Grazia Pianeta verde, Pianeta di pace is an issue full of interviews, exclusive first-hand accounts, surveys, fashion and beauty features dedicated to eco-sustainability and environmental issues. Readers can read an interview with Jovanotti who with his Jova Beach Party 2022 is breathing life into fundraising efforts, scholarships on environmental issues and missions to clean up natural areas. And, once again, Leonardo DiCaprio, the movie star who has done so much for the environment talks about his vocation, his network of donors and the choices in the pursuit of transparency. Marion Cotillard confides in Grazia that she is tempted to leave the movie business for the ecological battles that have already taken her from Antarctica to the Philippines. Now the actress is coming to cinemas with a documentary about young people who are leading the shift towards a sustainable future.

So, a range of content and activities not only in print, but also on social networks and on the web. In fact, from this week, on the Grazia Instagram profile (@grazia_it), Camilla Mendini, on the web Carotilla, the most famous green influencer in Italy, will be the protagonist of a series of videos against daily waste. It begins with a number of reels dedicated to the issue of clothes and objects that are too often thrown away or destroyed, when they could be usefully recycled.

Grazia, with 21 editions around the world, confirms its role as a brand able to continuously evolve, remaining a point of reference for 3 million users and readers (Source: Nielsen Media Impact Data Fusion, September 2021) and more than 1.6 million fans (Source: Shareablee plus Tik Tok and Pinterest Insight, March 2022).

Grazia presents “Buongiorno Grazia”

An extraordinary issue reflecting our values in order to help the women and children of Ukraine

A special issue of Grazia celebrates freedome with 10 collectable covers created by the artist Bianca Cedrone:
a collection of unique digital works, developed with NFT technology, with a soundtrack by contemporary composer Giovanni Allevi

The collection is on sale on in support of the “Emergenza Ucraina” project by the Fondazione Francesca Rava Italia Onlus

There is a war at the gates of Europe, a conflict that is also an attack against our values. In support of liberty, Grazia, the magazine edited by Silvia Grilli, has developed an extraordinary project entitled Buongiorno Grazia (#BuongiornoGrazia), for which it asked the young artist Bianca Cedrone to create 10 works which have become 10 collectable covers for this special issue.

“There are times when it is our duty to underline which side we are on. This is one of those moments and we are on the side of freedom. And we are declaring it with this extraordinary issue of Grazia and 10 covers that are works of art and represent what we believe in: peace, human rights, care for the planet, honest journalism,” said the editor of Grazia Silvia Grilli. “In attacking Ukraine, Vladimir Putin wants to subdue a nation that is on the road to self-determination. Begun as a “special operation”, the war led by the Kremlin’s boss has (thanks to the reaction of the free world) become a conflict between two different conceptions of history. On the one hand, progress, on the other, a retreat evoked by a bloodthirsty leader who rules through lies, oppression and death, and a view that the lives of others are of no value. Grazia, with honest journalism, devoid of fake news, knows which side it is on. This edition, with its values and commitment, wants to reassert the primacy of free information, rights and peace, because we must never take them for granted,” the editor concluded.

Each cover of this special issue represents one of the values that guide the Grazia brand, forming a collection of unique digital works, created with NFT technology, in which images blend with the exciting notes by the brilliant composer Giovanni Allevi. The collection is inspired by a desire to defend a freer and more inclusive world, more respectful of the planet and of people, where the uniqueness of everyone is the strength to pursue their talents and realise their dreams.

“This project with Grazia has allowed me to explore parallel realities and worlds with the dreamlike and surreal aesthetic that represents me,” said Bianca Cedrone. “Being able to explore such important values through my vision and imagination is an enormous satisfaction. And I believe it is important to convey profound messages through beauty and imagination and I hope that my work can serve as an example,” the artist concluded.

“A work of art must move consciences and focus attention on urgent issues. When the innovative Grazia project was presented to me, I immediately realised the important synergy that could be created for and in support of women,” said Giovanni Allevi. “The musical heart of Grazia NFT is represented in 3 themes in the different emotional approaches – rhythmic, poignant and dreamy – of my solo piano piece” “Woman Warrior”, a tribute to all the women warriors who in this historical period are carrying the weight of the tragic and difficult events we are seeing, thanks to their combative spirit, their courage and an unconditional love for life. I am thrilled to think that music, such an ethereal and impalpable art, can make a contribution to the creation of concrete change in our time,” concluded Allevi.

The collection of NFT digital works, which includes all ten covers, can be purchased on the platform, developed by Smartxchange Ltd. With this platform, for the first time ever, Grazia has made the world of NFT inclusive, simplifying the purchasing processes in a few clicks. The proceeds will go to support the ‘Emergenza Ucraina’ project for children and women of the Fondazione Francesca Rava N.P.H. Italia Onlus (#GraziaNFTforUcraina).

“I am deeply grateful to the editor Silvia Grilli who, with this wonderful initiative launched by the magazine Grazia, decided to support the Fondazione Francesca Rava, which is always at the forefront of helping children and families in difficulty, and is now also involved in the Ukraine emergency,” said Mariavittoria Rava, President of the Fondazione Francesca Rava NPH Italia Onlus. “A few hours after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the foundation took immediate action to respond to the most urgent needs of hospitals through Prof. Oleg Bodnar, head of the Pediatric Hospital at the Bukovnian State Medical University in Chernivtsi and a volunteer of the Foundation also in Haiti. We took prompt action on two fronts: sending convoys with drugs, medical, surgical and operating theatre equipment via Siret-Romania and warmly welcoming Ukrainian mothers and children arriving in Italy making enormous sacrifices. We need everyone’s help in order to save as many lives as we can and this wonderful project is of great help to us. I therefore launch an appeal to all readers of Grazia, for their support for the work of the Francesca Rava Foundation in this emergency.”

The special issue
This special issue of Grazia, on newsstands from tomorrow, is dedicated to the 10 values for which the brand is a spokesperson: PEACE, in the defence of a free world; ACTIVISM for freedom of opinion; INCLUSION, for the enhancement of diversity; BEAUTY, to embrace all types of bodies, sizes, and skin colour; FEMINISM, enhanced with new shades and power, for a sexy woman full of energy and free to love whoever she wants; VOICE, for reliable information, shared with a community of readers; INTERNATIONAL, because news travels very fast and comes from every source and part of the world; VISION of the challenges to be faced, the causes to fight for but also the discoveries, the achievements, including SAFEGUARDING THE PLANET; FASHION, for a style that intercepts and interprets the most contemporary trends.

Buongiorno Grazia is the first special issue of 2022 and has met with a lot of interest in the advertising market which continues to recognise the commitment and values that have always characterised Grazia. In fact, many clients have included the magazine’s initiative in their planning, leading to a total of over 100 advertising pages.

Grazia launches “Grazia Gazette MFW”

Online and on Instagram covering the fashion shows, backstage and events of the Milan Fashion Week

Coinciding with the Milan Fashion Week, Grazia, the 100% Italian fashion brand edited by Silvia Grilli, has launched Grazia Gazette Milano Fashion Week: a special online resource (, available also on Instagram, full of news and stories.

Through the brand’s contributors, it will cover the fashion shows, backstage scenes and events, with a careful look at the present and with a focus on the spread of an inclusive culture. A reference point for fashion enthusiasts, Grazia will be a witness of the behind the scenes of the fashion shows, meeting the protagonists and professionals of the runway shows, unveiling new trends and opening the doors of the fashion venues.
Along with articles and insights, videos in the reels format will have pride of place and can be shared in real time by followers and the fanbase of the brands. Five days of full immersion that will bring fashion back to the centre of the conversation, underlining the role of the city of Milan as an ambassador of emerging talent and outstanding personalities.

Grazia Gazette MFW is just the first in a series of projects – also developed in partnership with brand sponsors – that will appear in 2022, a year of recovery, redemption and rebirth during which Grazia will be a leading protagonist with interviews, surveys, insights and special issues.

Among the many activities of Grazia this year, there is much anticipation for the release of the Manifesto issue (on newsstands from 16 March) which will highlight the ten values that guide the brand. In this special initiative with a focus on culture, the young artist Bianca Cedrone will create ten covers, each inspired by one of the values of the manifesto. The artist will also create a collection of NFT artworks that will summarise the ten values of Grazia and which will be sold in series to finance a female empowerment project for new generations by the Francesca Rava N.P.H. Italy Onlus Foundation.
The Grazia Manifesto NFT collection Grazia will be available on a technological platform developed by Smartxchange Ltd. Full information about the project and on how to purchase the works will be available on the website.

With 21 international editions, Grazia confirms the capacity as a brand able to continuously evolve brand that has made it a point of reference for 3 million users and readers (Source: Nielsen Media Impact Data Fusion, June 2021) and over 1.6 million fans (Source: Shareablee plus Tik Tok and Pinterest Insight, January 2022).

Grazia USA named “Best New Magazine Launch” of 2021

The American edition of Grazia has been selected out of more than 120 new magazines launched in the US in 2021 for its inimitable refined, cosmopolitan style combining quality content with high-impact images

Grazia USA, the American edition of Grazia created under a licensing agreement signed by the Mondadori Group with Pantheon Media Group LLC, has been named “Best New Magazine Launch” of 2021.

Grazia USA was chosen for the honour out of more than 120 new publications launched in America during the past year thanks to its ability to combine quality content with cutting-edge images in the magazine’s inimitable refined style. The honour was awarded as a result of the ranking drawn up by Samir Husni, founder and director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the School of Journalism and New Media of the University of Mississippi.

The acknowledgement crowns the success of the first 100% Italian fashion brand on one of the world’s biggest and most important markets for fashion and luxury goods.

Present on the American market through the global digital first platform, Grazia USA launched its first quarterly print issue on 23 September 2021 under the title “Evolution”. The 356-page special edition celebrated three women who have risen to success on the American cultural and social scene, featured on three exclusive covers: nine-time Olympic medal winner Allyson Felix, British supermodel and designer Alek Wek, and Canadian singer, actor and activist Jordan Alexander

The début of Grazia USA marks a turning point for American fashion magazines in a year when the United States saw twice as many new print magazines launched as in 2020.

The brand has been a success with American readers right from the start for its unique cosmopolitan blend of fashion, art, culture and beauty, as well as design, travel and entertainment, putting new generations in contact with the most influential, renowned names in the fashion industry thanks to distribution through the world’s most exclusive retailers.

“We’re proud of this acknowledgement obtained by Grazia USA and very happy with the results achieved by our partner Pantheon Media Group in the United States. Our brand’s business model based on a global multi-channel approach has great potential for development on other markets too, combining authoritative content with strategic use of data for positioning that really makes us stand out,” emphasised Daniela Sola, International Business Managing Director for Mondadori Media.

“It’s a great honour to receive this award. I’m very proud of the work the editorial staff of Grazia USA has done, leading to creation of an outstanding product that meets the requirements of both readers and advertisers. We’re lucky to have our partners’ support conveying quality content about fashion, luxury, entertainment and much more to over 400,000 certified readers and millions of site visitors every month,” said Brendan Monaghan, Chief Global Brands Officer and Executive Vice-President of the Pantheon Media Group.

Grazia is the first 100% Italian fashion magazine to have exported its successful formula all over the world, from Italy to the United States. The Mondadori Group brand, which now has a total of 21 editions in 23 countries, reaches a global audience of 15 million readers and 45 million unique visitors, with more than 30 million followers on social media.

Grazia launches a special issue dedicated to the redesign of our cities and the environment after the pandemic

Patricia Viel and Antonio Citterio the guest editors of the magazine edited by Silvia Grilli

Grazia, the leading 100% Italian fashion brand, with 21 editions around the world and edited by Silvia Grilli, has launched a special issue dedicate to the redesign, following the pandemic, of the cities, spaces and nature that surrounds us. The issue has been guest edited by the internationally renowned architects and designers Patricia Viel and Antonio Citterio.

Grazia, on newsstands from Wednesday 20 October, reflects of the desire and the need to feel part of a community after two years of lockdown, the need to be with others and to reinvent, in this light, the environment, cultural spaces and the places where we work. While also reappropriating green areas and the countryside; and finding a new way of being with our families and by ourselves.

“We want to take back our cities, be in the midst of others and fill up on life after almost two years of isolation,” writes the editor Silvia Grilli. “The euphoria you can feel is intense. It is moving to finally be able to embrace people again. Yes, we are here in the flesh, not on a computer screen. So, one day I asked two great and internationally renowned architects and designers, Patricia Viel and Antonio Citterio, to put together this issue of Grazia with their outstanding vision. This edition is dedicated to the reinvention of our cities, of nature, both our external and internal spaces,” concluded Grilli.

“It was wonderful to immerse ourselves in a new experience as ‘guest editors’ of Grazia, led by its talented editor Silvia Grilli. This issue has enabled us to confront the responsibility that we, as architects and urban planners who design cities, have: a role but also a privilege that encourages us to seize today’s challenges as an opportunity for tomorrow,” said the architects Patricia Viel and Antonio Citterio.

The issue that readers will find on newsstands is full of unpublished observations and contributions from personalities including politicians, writers, designers, journalists, entrepreneurs and architects. Particularly exciting is the story written by Dacia Maraini for Grazia, or the reflections of Roberto Cingolani, Minister for Ecological Transition, who explains to the magazine how we can make a real ecological and digital change. Grazia also went to the ADI Design Museum, an exceptional setting for the fashion shoot with cover star Matilde Gioli: the actress poses among unique and iconic design items, created by some of the greatest architects and designers of our time.

There is also a range of contributions from personalities linked to the world of business such as Carla Sozzani, the Italian gallerist and entrepreneur, who shares with Grazia her idea of the city as a department store, where the role of culture and boutique experience are fundamental for the relaunch of our cities and their craftsmanship skills. There are also lots of interviews with exceptional personalities, spectacular fashion shoots and a report from the suburbs of Milan with the singer-songwriter Rkomi.

Grazia readers will also find a series of columns dedicated to design, with pieces that have made history and that will stand the test of time. Plus, design will also cross over onto the beauty pages and the key objects of a beauty case, where new cosmetic packs increasingly combine aesthetics, function and sensoriality.

Grazia’s story continues with a rich programme on the brand’s social media profiles. Today, Wednesday 20 October, the editor Silvia Grilli will interview both the guest editors Patricia Viel and Antonio Citterio live on the Instagram channel, as well as the protagonist of the cover Matilde Gioli. Other live shows with the protagonists of the issue will feature in the following days.

With this initiative, Grazia confirms its role as a brand capable of constantly evolving, making the brand a point of reference for over 3.7 million users and readers (Source: Nielsen Media Impact Data Fusion, March 2021) and over 1.6 million fans (Source: Shareablee plus Tik Tok and Pinterest Insight, September 2021).

Also this second issue of Grazia dedicated to the world of design has attracted a lot of interest from the advertising market, attracting numerous furniture companies. In fact, this special edition has sold 100 advertising pages, of which 30% in the furniture sector. Since the beginning of 2021, design has joined the magazine’s editorial calendar in a structured way – with ten monthly appointments throughout the year and two extraordinary issues – with sales in this sector that have tripled compared with 2020.

Grazia USA launches brand’s first US print edition

Digital platform audience continues to grow

Grazia USA, the international edition of Grazia born out of the licensing agreement between the Mondadori Group and Pantheon Media Group LLC, launches today the first US print edition of the Mondadori Group brand.

The debut strengthens the presence of the first 100% Italian fashion magazine on one of the world’s largest and hottest fashion markets.

The new issue of Grazia USA – 356 pages, released quarterly – features three different exclusive covers that flesh out the “Evolution” concept, celebrating three prominent women on the American cultural and social scene: nine-time Olympic medalist Allyson Felix, British supermodel and designer Alek Wek, hailed for her influence on the idea of beauty in the fashion industry, and Canadian singer-songwriter and actress Jordan Alexander, an advocate of LGBTQ+ and coloured people’s rights. The content from the three cover stories also unfolds on social channels, on Grazia USA’s website and through dedicated newsletters, creating a contemporary and unique platform.

Grazia USA will count a total circulation of 400,000 copies, reaching an audience hungry for fashion, art, culture and beauty, as well as for design, entertainment and travel, leveraging on the signature cosmopolitan mix of the brand. The first issue has received a great response from the market in terms of advertising sales, with advertisers including major luxury brands such as Armani, Etro, Loro Piana, Tiffany, Dior, Vuitton and Harry Winston.

Positioned in all the major fashion and luxury countries, Grazia is the first 100% Italian fashion magazine to have exported its successful formula worldwide, from Italy to the United States. The Mondadori Group brand, which currently counts a total of 21 editions in 23 countries, reaches a global audience of 15 million readers, 45 million unique users and over 30 million followers on social channels. 

The US edition of Grazia made its debut in October 2020 through the global digital-first platform featuring Kim Kardashian West. Since then, Grazia USA has enjoyed an unprecedented online growth, peaking at 5.2 million monthly active users, with a readership that is predominantly female, 50% under 30 years old.

The new quarterly issue of Grazia USA will be distributed at all Barnes & Noble bookstores, selected retail outlets in the U.S. and Canada, online at and on

To coincide with the Venice Film Festival, a special issue of Grazia entitled “Io sono il cinema”

This extraordinary issue of the magazine is developed on the brand’s website and social media channels to celebrate the rebirth of the cinema features Grazia Gazette, a section dedicated to the Venice Film Festival with stories about all the protagonists, the looks and the events surrounding this edition of the festival

To coincide with the Venice Film Festival, Grazia, the leading 100% Italian fashion brand, with 21 editions around the world, presents “Io sono il Cinema” (I am cinema).

A special issue of the magazine edited by Silvia Grilli dedicated to the rebirth of the world of cinema: from the stories of the most popular actresses and actors al who talk about their burning passion for the set to the mythical red carpet and the most glamorous fashion.

“Today Oggi Grazia is out with an extraordinary issue dedicated to a vibrant passion for the cinema. The 16 personalities involved in the putting together of this issue talk about their love for the set and how it has given an added dimension to their lives. All of them also remind us that art is freedom. Among the 16 is Sahraa Karimi, the only Afghan woman with a degree in film-making. In her piece she talks about how the Taliban, with their medieval cruelty and cultural vandalism, are against art, against the cinema and against women. Indeed, they consider educated and independent people like Sahraa a threat. I hope that in these pages you can identify with the passion that animates the protagonists of the issue. Let’s all appreciate the infinite value of freedom. I invite you all to become a threat” declared the editor Silvia Grilli.

Accompanying the readers and followers of Grazia through the pages of this issue is the actress Serena Rossi, the ‘godmother’ of this year’s Venice Festival and featured by Grazia on the cover.

Among the many personalities who have contributed to the pages of this special issue are: Stefano Accorsi, Cristiana Capotondi, Luca Zingaretti, Claudia Gerini, Valeria Solarino, Sergio Rubini, Claudio Santamaria and Gianmarco Tognazzi. As well as the directors Gabriele Salvatores and Elisa Amoruso and international stars Ester Acebo and Thimothée Chalamet. 16 protagonists that will allow readers and users to discover the relationship that each of them has with the cinema. Plus, the issue also includes testimonies by previous ‘godfathers’ and ‘godmothers’ of the festival, from Vittoria Puccini to Alessandro Borghi.

There is also extensive coverage of fashion and beauty, with a focus on diva styles as well as columns on jewellery, the look of various celebrities, and, of course, the red carpet clothes and make-up. Enriching the issue even more is a feature on the style of the stars, with all the looks of the actresses arriving on the Venetian lagoon.

This storytelling about the world of cinema and the Venice Film Festival is developed from the magazine on to the website, as well as the brand’s social media channels, where the content of the issue is expanded and enhanced.

And, new with this issue, the launch of a special Venice edition of Grazia Gazette, a dedicated section on to keep up with everything that’s happening during the Venice Film Festival. From fashion, with the most exclusive looks, from the red carpet and special events, to beauty, with looks, trends and hairstyles. There is also an unmissable column on people, with curiosities, tips & tricks about the Festival’s locations and events, and the Grazia film club, a closer daily discussion of the films selected by our cinema expert @julietvampire.
A special on the site that Grazia readers can access directly, using the QR code on the cover of the issue of on the homepage of

An extensive daily selection of live coverage and news from Venice will also animate the Instagram profile of @Grazia_it where, each day, the protagonists of the Festival will talk to our correspondents with the hashtags: #iosonoilcinema, #graziawalkstheredcarpet.

An exhaustive range of content that confirms the capacity of Grazia to engage the brand’s 3.7 million readers and users (Source: Nielsen Media Impact Data Fusion, March 2021) with a circular, complete and multichannel offer.

The initiative has two main partners: Lexus, confirming its presence with Grazia at the Venice Film Festival for the second year, and Xiaomi that will be present with its smartphones to immortalise the looks of Venice in real time.
On the advertising front, there has been double-digit growth across the entire Grazia system compared with 2020.