Grazia International Nerwork

Mondadori Group: licensing agreement signed to launch the Grazia brand in the US


The Mondadori Group has announced the signing of a licensing agreement with Pantheon Media Group LLC (PMG), a New York-based media company, to launch Grazia in the United States.

Thanks to this deal, Grazia, the first 100% Italian fashion brand with over 20 international editions, strengthens its global presence and lands in one of the most important countries for the luxury and fashion industry.

Grazia USA will introduce a new business model in the American media landscape, with strong growth potential on other markets too: innovative and strongly identity-driven, it will develop through a global multi-channel platform comprising digital, video and social content, complemented by print editions starting from September 2021.

“The arrival of Grazia in the United States is a highly significant event, the first time an all-Italian fashion magazine lands on the US market with a formula that gives a perfect answer to the new needs of readers, users and businesses. In today’s historical juncture, it bears witness to the strength of a brand that has always stood at the forefront, becoming an icon of international renown, leveraging on its authoritative content and incomparable identity,” said Ernesto Mauri, CEO of the Mondadori Group.

These are the main strengths that have allowed the Mondadori Group’s magazine to chart a course of international expansion that has led it to establish a foothold in 23 countries worldwide, in all the major fashion and luxury markets.

“The arrival of Grazia USA is a transformative event that significantly reshapes the fashion and beauty landscape in the United States with a bold type of next generation media organization. The USA edition of Grazia aims to establish itself as the most prominent and influential guide to fashion, with a mission of crafting impactful visual storytelling and thought-provoking and top-tier journalism to empower and inspire readers”, said Dylan Howard, CEO of Pantheon Media Group LLC and Publisher of Grazia USA.

Grazia USA is online on the new platform with a stellar presence: Kim Kardashian-West, who takes on the lead role in an exclusive international project on the brand’s channels.

The new Grazia USA platform will further strengthen the global multi-channel system of the Grazia International Network. With an audience that currently reaches every month a total of 15 million readers, 35 million unique users and over 20 million followers on social media worldwide, the new platform developed by Grazia will become an exclusive global reference point in the fashion industry for an increasingly wide audience of readers, users and businesses.

Carla Vanni, director of the Grazia International Network, receives the Tao Award Excellence 2020 for journalism


Carla Vanni, director of the Grazia International Network, the global multi-channel system created by the Mondadori Group for the launch of the Grazia brand around the world, has received the “Tao Award Excellence 2020 for Journalism” as part of the Taomoda Awards.

This recognition underlines the special characteristics of an extraordinary journey during which Carla Vanni, after a series of leading roles in Italian magazines, was able to successfully accompany the spread of Grazia also at an international level.

A journey that has enables the Mondadori Group magazine to become, in just a few years, the leading 100% Italian fashion brand, with twenty editions around the world; from Europe to China, and reaching every month an overall community of 15 million readers, with sales of over 10 million copies every month, 35 million unique users and around 20 million followers on social media.

Carla Vanni has been the director of Grazia International Network since 2005. After graduating in law from the University of Milan she began her journalistic career on the fashion staff Grazia, of which she was the editor from 1978 to 2006. Over her career, Carla Vanni has also been the editor of Grazia Casa and editorial director of important magazines, including Marie Claire, Cento Cose Energy, Donna Moderna. Other prices she has received include:  a Montenapoleone d’oro, for best fashion journalist (1970); The Oner, as journalist of the year (1987); the Premio Gullace (1995), “for her constant attention to the problems of women”; the literary prize Castiglioncello Costa degli Etruschi (2001); the Premio Milano for fashion (2003); the Premio Forte dei Marmi Dietro la bellezza (2003); the Premio Fondazione Marisa Bellisario (2003); the Premio Pitti Immagine for her career (2008) and the Mayor of Milan’s Prize (2010) given to women who, thanks to their work, contribute to the development and the life of the city.

The Tao Awards 2020 ceremony was held during the Gala di Taomoda, an international event organised by the Region of Sicily, of which the patron if the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (the Italian Chamber of Fashion) and organised in collaboration with the offices of the regional councillors for Tourism, Sport and Entertainment, the Department of Productive Activities and the Depertment for Cultural Heritage.


Grazia International Network: 10 years of success for the Russian edition of Grazia

Grazia Russia, the country’s leading and most authoritative glossy fashion weekly, and one of the most important editions of the Grazia International Network, is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a extensive calendar of activities.

Grazia has established itself over ten years as a strong vehicle for the promotion of fashion and lifestyle, as well as Italian excellence, in a country that is among the most dynamic and interesting for Italian companies, thanks to the enormous success of Made in Italy.

Over the coming the year a number of celebratory events have been organised and, in April, an exclusive dinner and a big hipster-chic themed party, combining the glam soul of the magazine, an international benchmark for style and fashion, with the attention it has always given to street style, and during which the 400 guests will receive a gift of a special celebratory fragrance, #Grazia10, created exclusively for Grazia Russia in collaboration with Atelier Cologne.

A special issue of the magazine, edited by Aliona Peneva, will remain on newsstands throughout the month of April in a larger format, with a special 24-page section, 4 different covers with 4 celebrities, and more than 200 pages of photo shoots, articles, interviews and news from the world of fashion and beauty.

The anniversary of Grazia Russia confirms the success of the formula of the Grazia International Network (, the network created by the Mondadori Group for the development of Grazia around the world, by building around the brand a global multi-channel system that, with its publications and sites, reaches an overall community of 17 million readers with a monthly circulation of 10 million copies.

Grazia International Network at the Milan Fashion Week for the debut of Aire de Jeu

At an exclusive event, the international network of Grazia presents the collection of the winner of the first edition of the “Grazia Next Glam Award”

During the Milan Fashion Week, Grazia International Network has organised an exclusive event to celebrate the first official presentation of the collection of Aire de Jeu.

Last February, the brand, created by the young Korean designer Jihye Park, won the first “Grazia Next Glam Award” for having provided the best interpretation, in a dress, of the easy chic style for which Grazia is standard-bearer around the world..

In announcing the victory, which stood out from among the many talented under-35 designers in competition for the “Grazia Next Glam Award 2015”, a prestigious jury, chaired by Carla Vanni (director of the Grazia International Network), along with Giorgio Armani, Mario Dell’Oglio (chairman of the Italian Chamber of Fashion Buyers), the designer Stella Jean and Jane Reeve (the former chief executive of the Italian Chamber of Fashion).

The presentation of the Aire de Jeu collection at the Milan Fashion Week is an absolute first for the label in front of an international professional audience at one of the most important events in the calendar of the world’s fashion industry.

The location selected by Grazia International Network for the event is an art gallery, an unusual but at the same time elegant and refined venue in which the clothes from the collection Reflection by Aire de Jeu – inspired by the play of light and shade created by the fabrics and colours and reflections on a woman’s body – will become authentic installations, enriched with drawings by artist and art director of Grazia Italy, Daniele Costa.

With this initiative, which is part of the official calendar of presentations at the Milan Fashion Week, Grazia once again highlights its fashion vocation – the characteristic of the brand – and the promotion of new talent.

Grazia Germany celebrates its 5th anniversary with a party at Villa Necchi

And in October a special Big Birthday Issue

Grazia Germany, launched in 2010 following the agreement between Mondadori and G+J/Klambt Style Verlag, is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a cocktail party at Villa Necchi in Milan. The event, organised by the Mondadori Group’s International Network, will be an occasion to mark the anniversary and share the celebration with Italian clients.

The German edition of the Mondadori magazine quickly established it self in Germany as a multimedia fashion brand and has seen a continuous growth in readership, thanks to a formula that is able to combine the quality of a monthly with news and the dynamism of a weekly.


These characteristics have made the magazine, edited by Claudia ten Hoevel, one of Germany’s most fascinating fashion weeklies, able to offer its readers a mix of entertainment and information, as well as the best of fashion, beauty and the latest trends.

“We wanted to celebrate our 5th anniversary by supporting the achievements we’ve made with new and exciting projects. In fact, in 2015 we have planned six big issues,” announced Lars Rose and Frank Stahmer, chairmen of the board of G+J/Klambt Style Verlag. “By the end of the year the weekly will be redesigned in the layout and enriched with new fresh contents”, Stahmer and Rose concluded.

The celebrations of the German edition of Grazia will culminate in October, the month of the publication of the Big Birthday Issue, a special issue marking the fifth anniversary of the magazine, followed by an exclusive party in Germany, to be attended by celebrities and leading figures from the world of international fashion.

Grazia is now available also in Mexico. The number of International editions rises to 23

From today Grazia will also be published in Mexico: the new international edition of the magazine, which will be published fortnightly, is the result of a licensing agreement signed between Mondadori and Editorial Televisa.

This launch further expands the Grazia International Network, which for the first time will have an edition on the Americas. In particular, thanks to this partnership, the Mexican magazine market will be enhanced by the inclusion of an upscale brand that is already an established international representative of elegance and style Made in Italy.

“The launch of the 23rd edition of Grazia finally sees our magazine present also in the Americas,” declared Zeno Pellizzari, head of Mondadori’s International Activities. “We are particularly pleased about this partnership with Gruppo Televisa, Latin America’s leading media group, and we are confident that Grazia Mexico will soon be followed by other editions in the main countries in the continent,” Pellizzari concluded.

Grazia Mexico, edited by Fernanda Lebrija Garfias, will introduce readers in the country to the unmistakable mix of celebrities, fashion and lifestyle that has always characterised Mondadori’s historic fashion magazine.

“We are extremely satisfied with this partnership that brings Grazia to Mexico, the first country in Latina America to have an edition of the magazine. We are convinced that the characteristics of Grazia will be appreciated by both readers and advertisers, thanks to content that is distinguished for its high quality and the attention it gives to women’s real interests,” declared Mar Abascal, publisher of the magazine in Mexico. “Editorial Televisa is the world’s biggest Spanish-language publisher. We can therefore claim to have a clear idea of what Mexican readers want and this is why we are convinced that Grazia will very soon become the favourite magazine of women in our country,” concluded Mar Abascal.

The magazine, that will have a circulation of 100,000 copies and be distributed in Mexico and Central America, will have a cover price of 36 pesos (€2.00), and will be launched with a special promotional price for the first issue of 25 pesos (€1.40).

The launch of Grazia Mexico will be supported by a media campaign on TV, print, radio and outdoor, focused on the concept of Made in Italy.

Editorial Televisa is Latin America’s leading media group. It is the biggest magazine publisher and among the leading players in the newspaper sector, in addition to printing and the distribution of magazines and digital content. Editorial Televisa publishes more than 186 magazines, distributed through more than 80,000 sales outlets in Mexico and Latin America.

Grazia Iinternational Nerwork: in2013 the launch of Grazia Korea with Seoul Cultural Publishers

Mondadori has announced to have signed an agreement with Seoul Cultural Publishers for the launch of Grazia Korea. The new edition, that will be the 23rd of Grazia International Network, will be biweekly and will be launched in the first semester of 2013.

South Korea is one of the most economically advanced countries in the world and a key market for luxury and beauty client, where Grazia – one of the most exciting magazines in the international landscape – will continue the highly dynamic expansion of its network: apart from Italy, the magazine is successfully published in France, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Russia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, China, Bahrain, Indonesia, India and Thailand, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia, to which a Polish edition will be added in the coming months followed by a Spanish version in 2013.

“We at Grazia International Network are really excited about the opportunity to offer our Korean readers their own edition of Grazia”, declared Zeno Pellizzari, Head of Mondadori’s International Activities. “Furthermore, we’re extremely proud of our partnership with Seoul Cultural Publishers, one of Korea’s most prominent publishing groups – and are truly confident that Grazia Korea would be yet another success story in the Asian region, where our magazine already counts editions in Thailand, Indonesia and India – in addition to Grazia China, which is an unprecedented success story already, only three years after its launch.

Mr Kim, CEO of Seoul Cultural Publishers, says that “they’re fully confident in the success of Grazia Korea”. Seoul Cultural Publishers has a well-established weekly publishing system, and thus, full of resources and capabilities and thanks to this experience, a huge influence in distribution channels. He also stressed that “it is time for a speedy and slim fashion magazine in Korea where it boasts of its reputation as the most wired and fast country in the world. Grazia Korea, born from Mondadori’s accumulated know-how and SCP’s local expertise, will open a new market as the first and only fashion biweekly in Korea.”

Seoul Cultural Publishers is part of Seoul Media Group, that is one the biggest publishers of the country. SMG operates in book, comics, magazines and custom publishing businesses. SMG has a portfolio of magazines including Sisa-Journal, Women Sense, Living Sense, Best Baby, Essen, and licensed titles like Arena and Nylon.

Grazia International Network to launch Grazia Poland and Grazia Spain

These two launches raises to 22 the number of international editions around the world

Mondadori has announced the launch of two new international editions of Grazia, further confirmation of the global success of the magazine that interprets played Italian fashion and style around the world.

Mondadori has signed a licensing agreement with Wydawnictwo Bauer Sp. Z O.O. SP.K., a leading publisher in Poland and part of the Bauer Media Group, for publication of the magazine. Grazia Poland, which will hit newsstands in the coming months as a fortnightly, will be edited by Anna Zaleska.

Meanwhile the launch is planned in 2013 of the Spanish edition of Grazia, to be published under license by Prisma Publicaciones, a company wholly owned by the Planeta Group. Grazia Spain, which raises to ten the number of weekly editions of the magazine around the world, will be edited by Charo Izquierdo.

“With the launches in Poland and Spain, Grazia will soon be present in all major European countries, an incredible achievement, especially in light of the difficult economic scenario,” said Zeno Pellizzari, head of Mondadori’s International Activities. “The Polish edition will be published by Bauer, with whom Mondadori has a long-standing partnership, built around the success of the UK edition of Grazia and soon to be further strengthened with the acquisition by Bauer of ACP Magazines, the publisher of Grazia Australia,” Pellizzari added.
Grazia Spain, which will launch next year, will be published by Prisma Publicaciones, part of the Planeta Group, one of the largest and most successful media players in the world. We are extremely proud to be working with Bauer and Planeta and we are sure we have made the best possible choice to ensure the success of these two new key editions of Grazia.” Pellizzari concluded.

Grazia Poland and Grazia Spain will be characterised by the unmistakeable “easy chic” style and the refined editorial mix that has made Grazia a point of reference around the world.
Unique in the world scene for the rapidity of its international expansion across four continents, Grazia is one of the most appreciated media in the fashion and beauty industries.
Apart from Italy, the magazine is successfully published in France, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Russia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, China, Indonesia, Bahrain, India, and Thailand, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia, to which the Polish edition will be added in the coming months followed by the Spanish version in 2013.

Grazia International Network: The editions of Grazia in the world rises to 20

From 18 May, the magazine will also be published in South Africa

With the launch of Grazia South Africa, on newsstands from 18 May 2012, the number of international editions of the Grazia International Network rises to 20.

Published under license by Media 24 – the leader in Africa in business and consumer magazines – and edited by Danielle Weakley, Grazia South Africa is the network’s first edition in the African continent and will come out weekly.

Also this 20th international edition will be characterised by the usual easy chic formula that distinguishes the Grazia brand around the world: fashion, news and celebrities, enhanced by international trends, style and local trends.

The Grazia International Network: as well as in Italy, where the magazine has been published since 1938, Grazia is published as a weekly in France (by Mondadori France), Great Britain, Holland, Germany, UAE, India, Australia and South Africa (under licensing agreements) and in a joint venture with Independent Media in Russia. Meanwhile, a joint venture with SEEC Media Group Limited publishes a fortnightly Chinese edition of the magazine. Monthly editions of Grazia, also under license, are published in Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bahrain, Thailand and Indonesia.

Grazia celebrates its third anniversary in China

Grazia, launched in China in February 2009, celebrated its third anniversary with a record issue in terms of advertising sales: on the cover an exclusive feature on the three most famous Chinese top models, produced in New York during the fashion week.

This performance is confirmation of the success of the Grazia brand in China, where the magazine is the most widely sold international glossy magazine, with sales of 1,162,000 per issue and double-digit growth rate in Q4 2011 in all of the cities in the country, from Shanghai to Beijing, Guangzhou and Hangzhou.

Grazia in China, which is the result of a unique and increasingly appreciated editorial formula, both by readers and advertisers, provides a diversified communication platform that includes a web site, which already has 1.8 unique users, the launch in April of an iPad version, events across the country such as “Fashion Class” and successful editorial supplements, including Grazia Men.

“This is the dynamic that Grazia is contributing to Mondadori’s development strategy in China, a country where we expect to develop other new business opportunities soon,” ha declared Fabrizio Lo Cicero, chairman of the Chinese joint-venture between the SEEC Group and Mondadori.

The Mondadori Group also works with other local partners in the country for the publication of Casaviva and Science et Vie.