In Forma con Starbene

The launch of the new series of In forma con Starbene

Health, medicine, psycho-physical wellbeing and quality of life in a programme on Canale 5 presented by Tessa Gelisio in collaboration with Starbene

From 6 May 2017, every Saturday, at 8.45

Saturday 6 May at 8.45 sees the return of In Forma con Starbene, the Canale 5 programme presented by Tessa Gelisio, with an important new feature.

This year each episode will focus on a single pillar of wellbeing: water, prevention, seasonality, balance, movement, diet, information, naturalness; eight fundamental issues for our physical and psychological wellbeing.

After the success of the previous series, the programme’s collaboration continues with Starbene, the Mondadori Group brand that is a reference point in the world of health and wellbeing. In fact the title, edited by Annalisa Monfreda, brings to the programme a network of experts and the web site, and offers responses to all topics of interest.

With studio discussions, features and regular slots, each episode will examine a full range of issues related to our wellbeing: diet, fitness, medicine, beauty. And each area will be treated with scientific rigour, but in a clear and accessible language for viewers. The programmes guests will include Professor Santo Raffaele Mercuri, head of Dermatology and Cosmetology at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, with his light touch cosmetic procedures and, among the many new faces of this series, the cook Alice Balossi, the food technologist Giorgio Donegani, and the explorative hiking guide Michael Bolognini.

“The contribution of the Starbene experts on TV has been much appreciated by viewers and readers, that we reach every day not only through the newsstands and on TV, but also on the radio, with the RMC Doc feature, and on the web with our newsletters, podcasts and social networks,” said Annalisa Monfreda, the editor of Starbene. “We are delighted to get going again with the new series of In forma con Starbene, that this year will host new experts who will take a closer look and different aspects of healthy living: in fact, during this series we will rediscover a contact with nature, one of the best sources of wellbeing.”

In Forma con Starbene” is online at and is also present on social networks with the official Twitter profile @In_formaTv and official Facebook page providing information, previews, background detail, videos and backstage material.

The Starbene experts are available to all users free of charge on the web site to respond online to questions on medicine and health.