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Grazia, the world’s only italian fashion magazine, is 80

  • The Mondadori Group brand is published on 5 continents with 20 international editions, 17 million readers and 35 million unique users
  • This evening a celebratory evening will take place with Italian and world famous celebrities, including Pixie Lott, Ireland Basinger Baldwin, Patty Pravo and Eleonora Abbagnato.
    And in the role of exceptional “godmother”, the top model Nadège. A special prize will go to Alessandro Gassman for an outstanding career
    of more than 30 years.
  • On the occasion of its 80th anniversary, Grazia has produced a special collectors’ edition called Celebrating – Made in Grazia, in recognition of Italian beauty and talent.


Grazia, the Mondadori Group weekly that is a reference point in fashion and an authentic voice in current affairs, is celebrating its 80th anniversary by maintaining all of the passion and urgency  it started with.

First published in Italy in 1938, today Grazia  is the only 100% Italian fashion magazine sold across the world, from France and Great Britain, and from Mexico to China and Australia.

The title has accompanied generations of women thanks to a unique formula that combines fashion, current affairs and news; as well as investigations and background profiles, on issues of greatest interest, along with con exclusive features, a visionary style supported by great photographers and interviews with world-famous personalities, thanks to a continuous ongoing dialogue with leading protagonists around the world and a special relationship with celebrities, top models and designers.

Strong points that have enabled the iconic brand to evolve into a multi-channel system that is appreciated by the most dynamic and sophisticated readers and digital communities as the ideal interpreter of Made in Italy.

Today Grazia, which is published in 5 continents with 20 editions, reaches a total of more than 17 million readers with monthly sales of over 10 million copies, 35 million unique users every month and 13 million followers on social media, confirming its position as one of the preferred advertising vehicles for upscale fashion and cosmetics companies.


This evening an event will take place in Milan to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Grazia, the culmination of a series of special initiatives, organised during the year by the Italian magazine edited by Silvia Grilli with the hashtag #Graziayoungsince1938, to celebrate the history of the iconic brand of the Mondadori Group.

The event, which is being held at the prestigious Rotonda della Besana, will begin with cocktails before proceeding with an exclusive show inspired by the values that have made Grazia a distinctive brand that continues to evolve: Made in Italy, internationalism, creativity, elegance and sustainability.

Joining Ernesto Mauri, Chief Executive Officer of Mondadori Group, Silvia Grilli, editor of the magazine and Carla Vanni, director of the Grazia International Network, will be a range of Italian a world-famous international guests including: Pixie Lott,  Ireland Basinger Baldwin, daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, Patty Pravo, Eleonora Abbagnato, the soprano Carly Paoli, Victoria Cabello, Filippa Lagerback, Alessia Marcuzzi and journalist Mia Ceran.


The exceptional “godmother” of the event will be Nadège, one of the most famous top models of the golden age of fashion and one of that small group of “super models” that revolutionised the fashion system, transforming themselves from mannequins into women with strong personalities able to enchant entire generations.

The actor Alessandro Gassman will receive a special prize for an outstanding career of over 30 years and social commitment, both in Italy and abroad, a manifestation of the values of excellence and responsibility that have always inspired Grazia’s journalistic mission. The special musical guest is Ofenbach, the French duo that has achieved world renown with their music with the hits Be Mine (three Platinum Discs in Italy) and Italy’s most played track on the radio in 2017, Katchi (Platinum Disc) and Party, and the new single Paradise.

The event has the support of the City of Milan Milano and the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, and coincides with the opening of the Milan Fashion Week.

During the evening it will also be possible to admire Terzo Paradiso by Michelangelo Pistoletto, a work which, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Grazia, was created by the artist using only recovered copies of the magazine to underline an eco-sustainable promise and reaffirm the role of the printed page in contemporary society: to inform and stimulate thought.

The installation will remain open to visitors of the historic site of the Rotonda della Besana during the whole of the Milan Fashion Week, which ends on 21 September.


Grazia also wanted to recognise Italian beauty and talent with a special issue Celebrating – Made in Grazia, a coffee table book featuring pages with interviews, stories and extraordinary images dedicated to the biggest Italian talents and international culture and genius as seen by important authors from our country.

The most famous models shot by celebrated photographers, such as Bianca Balti photographed by Gia Coppola, stories about the lives and work of our designers, the men and women of cinema, stars from the worlds of music, dance, sport, architecture, art, design and literature. Personalities form a whole range of areas, together to tell some unexpected tales in conversation such as those between Mika and Pierpaolo Piccioli, Diego Della Valle and Pierfrancesco Favino, Miuccia Prada and Alice Rohrwacher, or protraits of Roberto Bolle and Donatella Versace by writers such Marco Missiroli and Teresa Ciabatti.

The special collectors’ issue also an overview of Grazia covers form yesterday and today, by leading Italian artists such as Marcello Maloberti, Mimmo Paladino, Paola Pivi and Nico Vascellari.

Celebrating – Made in Grazia, in Italian and English,  is on sale from 18 September on newsstands and selected bookstores in major international cities.


The celebrations for the 80th anniversary of Grazia will continue on Tuesday 18 September with the Grazia Global Conference 2018.

A working conference at the Palazzo Mondadori, the Group’s headquarters, that will bring together the director of the Grazia International Network Carla Vanni and the managers and partners of the 20 editions of the magazine from around the world (Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, the UK, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, China, Korea, Morocco and Australia).

The meeting will feature special testimony from Rosita, Angela, Luca and Francesco Missoni; Robert Triefus, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer,  Brand and Customer Engagement  of Gucci and Brunello Cucinelli, chairman and chief executive of the brand of the same name, and will also offer an opportunity to discuss trends and future scenarios for fashion in the digital age, with speeches by Carla Buzasi, Managing Director of WGSN and Giuliano Noci, professor of Strategy and Marketing and Pro-rector of the Chinese Territorial Hub of the Politecnico di Milano.

Il Mio Papa: a Spanish edition for the world’s first weekly magazine dedicated to Pope Francis

Il Mio Papa, the world’s first weekly magazine entirely devoted to Pope Francis is coming to Spain, thanks to an agreement with the publishing house Romana Editorial.

The new international edition of the Mondadori Group title, now available also in Spain, will be monthly and will retain the vibrant, high impact and colourful layout, with a rich selection of photographs, that characterises the Italian edition of Il mio Papa, edited by Aldo Vitali.

The editor of the Spanish edition Carmen Magallón commented: “I am thrilled by the magnificent collaboration with Mondadori, that I thank for the realisation of this project. I am convinced that, together, we will do a great job and serve the aim of spreading the message of Pope Francis by taking it not only to an audience that loves printed magazines, but also, thanks to the digital format, to young people.”

The Spanish edition of Il mio Papa is published under licence by Romana Editorial, with the collaboration of UCV, Università Cattolica in Valencia, that has supported the publishers in a project that already includes a number of books about Pope Francis.

Icon Design makes its debut in Spain

In 2017 two issues of the first international edition of the Mondadori Group brand dedicated to the world of architecture and international design with a spotlight on the protagonists and emerging talent on the Spanish scene

Icon Design, the Mondadori Group’s upscale design and furnishing magazine launches in Spain in a completely autonomous version, edited by Lucas Arraut, formerly the editor of the local edition of Icon.

The launch of this first international edition continues the success of the title which, in addition to Italy, will this year also publish two special issues in Spain. The first, on newsstands as a free supplement to the top selling Spanish daily, El País, will be available until the publication of the second issue, in September, a the price of €3. The launch issue is made up of 154 editorial pages, including interviews, background and overviews of the objects, places and images that define international design. The issue will also have 32 pages of advertising featuring high profile clients and an expected circulation of 200,000 copies.

“The Spanish brother of Icon Design – declared Lucas Arraut – has been created with the same desire to combine a precise and focused journalistic approach with the most fascinating images of architecture and interior design, bringing such content to a wider public beyond professionals from the sector. We set of on a search for exciting stories to tell, new talent to discover and great masters to celebrate, while making sure to use the best editors and photographers. The whole project starts from a very simple premise: interesting people live in interesting homes and have interesting things to say.”

With regard to masters to celebrate, the cover of the first issue of Icon Design Spain features Giorgio Armani the founder and leader of the fashion house, who opened his home to the editor of the first international edition of the Mondadori Group magazine, that describes it as a “an unpretentious Milanese palace, but decorated with the same radical simplicity that the designer uses for his clothes, fragrances and even the furniture he designs.” Because “between beautiful but uncomfortable and ugly but comfortable, the first is by far best,” says Armani in the interview with the editor Lucas Arraut.

The first issue also features a number of Spanish designers who are making an important mark on the international scene, including Miguel Milá, Patricia Urquiola, Lázaro Rosa-Violán, Pascua Ortega and many more.

Il mio Papa launches in Portugal

Il Mio Papa, the world’s leading weekly entirely dedicated to Pope Francis arrives in Portugal with the name of O meu Papa.

Week by week, the magazine will offer Portuguese readers  an account of the figure of Pope Francis through anecdotes, stories and curiosities, also about the daily life of the Pontiff, with the same design – colourful and vibrant, high-impact, rich in photographs – that characterises Il Mio Papa.

In addition to keeping all the main characteristics of the Italian edition – in particular the weekly publication, a decisive factor in ensuring a constantly up to date magazine that is close to readers – O meu Papa will have pages specifically conceived for the Portuguese public that Pope Francis will meet on 12 and 13 May in Fatima, on the occasion of the centenary of the apparitions of Our Lady at the Cova da Iria, to which, every week, the magazine will devote a special section.

On newsstands every week, on Fridays, O meu Papa will also give space to the biography of Francis, told in 15 parts.

O meu Papa is published under license by Goody, Portugal’s leading publisher with an extensive portfolio of magazines that also includes numerous foreign titles.

Grazia International Network: 10 years of success for the Russian edition of Grazia

Grazia Russia, the country’s leading and most authoritative glossy fashion weekly, and one of the most important editions of the Grazia International Network, is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a extensive calendar of activities.

Grazia has established itself over ten years as a strong vehicle for the promotion of fashion and lifestyle, as well as Italian excellence, in a country that is among the most dynamic and interesting for Italian companies, thanks to the enormous success of Made in Italy.

Over the coming the year a number of celebratory events have been organised and, in April, an exclusive dinner and a big hipster-chic themed party, combining the glam soul of the magazine, an international benchmark for style and fashion, with the attention it has always given to street style, and during which the 400 guests will receive a gift of a special celebratory fragrance, #Grazia10, created exclusively for Grazia Russia in collaboration with Atelier Cologne.

A special issue of the magazine, edited by Aliona Peneva, will remain on newsstands throughout the month of April in a larger format, with a special 24-page section, 4 different covers with 4 celebrities, and more than 200 pages of photo shoots, articles, interviews and news from the world of fashion and beauty.

The anniversary of Grazia Russia confirms the success of the formula of the Grazia International Network (, the network created by the Mondadori Group for the development of Grazia around the world, by building around the brand a global multi-channel system that, with its publications and sites, reaches an overall community of 17 million readers with a monthly circulation of 10 million copies.

Grazia International Network: two print-editions of Grazia Australia in 2017

Grazia Australia is expanding its publishing system with the launch of two print editions in 2017.

The name given to the new special publication, The Next Generation Issue, has two main aims: to reach out to a new audience, but also to act as a social agenda on the issues that matter most to readers.

The Next Generation Issue is the result of the success of the digital platform ( with which, since last year, Grazia has been present on the Australian market and established itself as one of the most dynamic fashion and lifestyle brands.

Of particular note is the distribution model which revolutionises the approach and contact points with the public using a new concept printed product.

With a print run of 110,000 copies, Grazia Australia will be Australia’s first luxury magazine to experiment with an innovative distribution method: not only using the usual channels, i.e. newsstands and retail outlets, but also directly through selected retailers who will make the magazine available at key locations for the world of fashion, capturing the interest of a selected and dynamic group of readers.

The Next Generation Issue has two different covers and aims to celebrate, in an unconventional manner, the many different channels of the fashion industry, the influence of social media – especially among millennials – and the combination of elegance and easy chic style that characterises Grazia all over the world.

With this initiative the Grazia brand once again confirms its role as an international point of reference for fashion and style.

Grazia International Network (, the network created by the Mondadori Group to develop Grazia around the world, has built a global multi-channel system around the brand that, with its various publications and web sites, reaches an overall community of 17 million readers and a monthly circulation of 10 million copies.

From tomorrow Grazia is available in Morocco

With this new launch the Grazia International Network expands its presence in Africa

From tomorrow, Wednesday 2 December, Grazia will be published monthly also in Morocco. The new magazine, the result of a licensing agreement with the Italian-Moroccan company Anna Press, will be in French and edited by Aida Semlali.

Thanks to this new partnership Mondadori will consolidate its presence in Africa by exporting also to Morocco, following the success of the edition launched in South Africa in 2012, the unmistakable mix of fashion, celebrities, news, trends and lifestyle that characterises the Mondadori title around the world, currently published in 24 countries: a unique upscale brand, universally recognised as a synonym of Made in Italy elegance and style.

The launch of Grazia Marocco will be supported by a press, social and billboard campaign and, on Thursday 4 December, an exclusive event will take place in Marrakesh that will recreate the typical atmosphere of the era of la dolce vita, to celebrate, along with local advertisers, institutions and personalities the launch of the new magazine.

It will also be possible to follow Grazia Marocco on, as well as on all the leading social networks.

Interni: in China from Wednesday 4 February

The event "Interni China Night 2015" to mark the first issue of the magazine

Grazia International Network announces two new editions: from this month Grazia is out in Qatar and in 2015 will also come out in Turkey

Grazia International Network, created by the Mondadori Group for the publication around the world of Grazia, is to add two new editions, taking to 24 the number of countries in which the brand is present.

2015 will start with the launch of Grazia Turkey, to be launched in February as a weekly by the Ommedya Group, one of the country’s most active publishing groups.

“This new partnership is an important breakthrough that will enable us to extend the presence of the Grazia International Network in the Mediterranean area, in an economy, like that of Turkey, that is performing brilliantly and becoming a privileged stage for new investments in the world of fashion,” declared Zeno Pellizzari, general manager of Mondadori International Business.

But Grazia Turkey is not the only news: from this month November the magazine is also available in Qatar, following a licensing agreement reached with ITP Consumer Publishing Ltd, that also publishes Grazia Middle East and will next year celebrates its tenth anniversary.

This new launch consolidates Grazia’s presence in one of the Emirates fastest growing countries, with the world highest per capita income and a high concentration of luxury brands.

Grazia Qatar, edited by Carrie Buckle, and Grazia Turchia, edited by Ayşe Ferhangil, are aimed at readers who love elegance presented in an unmistakable editorial mix and an upscale offer with a special interest in Made in Italy style.

The Grazia brand is at the centre of a global multichannel system that ranges from print to the web, social media and TV, and which has also opened up to the world of fashion and e-commerce. Through its publications and web sites, the Grazia International Network ( reaches a total of 17 million readers and 16 million unique users each month, with a monthly circulation of 10 million copies; the Grazia Network is also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with the account @grazianetwork.

Mondadori: new international launch from today Interni is also available in Thailand

From this week INTERNI, the Mondadori interiors and contemporary design magazine will also be published in Thailand. The new edition of the title, the result of a licensing agreement with the publishing company Inspire Entertainment Co. Ltd., will be quarterly.

INTERNI Thailand will join the monthly edition launched by Mondadori in Russia.

Thanks to a successful formula that has enabled the title to become one of the most appreciated observatories of contemporary design at an international level – INTERNI will bring to Thailand the latest trends in the culture of living, and will become a point of reference able to anticipate and select the best of what’s new from the world of creativity and design.

“We are very satisfied to be bringing INTERNI to one of the most dynamic and continuously expanding economies in the world,” declared Zeno Pellizzari, general manager of Mondadori International Business. “Thailand is one of the most prolific countries in Asia in the design sector and we are sure that with this new edition of our brand we will be able to reach a strategic pool of readers, companies and professionals,” Pellizzari concluded.

“I am honoured to have the opportunity to introduce Thailand to a magazine brand that is recognised and established among designers, professional and design enthusiasts in general at an international level,” declared Samutcha Viraporn, editor of INTERNI Thailand.

The launch of INTERNI Thailand was celebrated during the “Thailand Architect Expo 2014”, the country’s leading trade fair for the interiors and architecture sector which was held in Bangkok from 29 April to 4 May 2014.




Inspire Entertainment Co. Ltd.

Inspire Entertainment Co. Ltd., is Thailand’s leading magazine publisher and one of the country’s biggest players in newspaper publishing, television programmes and digital content. The company publishes 14 international magazine titles, including Grazia.