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Grazia is now available also in Mexico. The number of International editions rises to 23

From today Grazia will also be published in Mexico: the new international edition of the magazine, which will be published fortnightly, is the result of a licensing agreement signed between Mondadori and Editorial Televisa.

This launch further expands the Grazia International Network, which for the first time will have an edition on the Americas. In particular, thanks to this partnership, the Mexican magazine market will be enhanced by the inclusion of an upscale brand that is already an established international representative of elegance and style Made in Italy.

“The launch of the 23rd edition of Grazia finally sees our magazine present also in the Americas,” declared Zeno Pellizzari, head of Mondadori’s International Activities. “We are particularly pleased about this partnership with Gruppo Televisa, Latin America’s leading media group, and we are confident that Grazia Mexico will soon be followed by other editions in the main countries in the continent,” Pellizzari concluded.

Grazia Mexico, edited by Fernanda Lebrija Garfias, will introduce readers in the country to the unmistakable mix of celebrities, fashion and lifestyle that has always characterised Mondadori’s historic fashion magazine.

“We are extremely satisfied with this partnership that brings Grazia to Mexico, the first country in Latina America to have an edition of the magazine. We are convinced that the characteristics of Grazia will be appreciated by both readers and advertisers, thanks to content that is distinguished for its high quality and the attention it gives to women’s real interests,” declared Mar Abascal, publisher of the magazine in Mexico. “Editorial Televisa is the world’s biggest Spanish-language publisher. We can therefore claim to have a clear idea of what Mexican readers want and this is why we are convinced that Grazia will very soon become the favourite magazine of women in our country,” concluded Mar Abascal.

The magazine, that will have a circulation of 100,000 copies and be distributed in Mexico and Central America, will have a cover price of 36 pesos (€2.00), and will be launched with a special promotional price for the first issue of 25 pesos (€1.40).

The launch of Grazia Mexico will be supported by a media campaign on TV, print, radio and outdoor, focused on the concept of Made in Italy.

Editorial Televisa is Latin America’s leading media group. It is the biggest magazine publisher and among the leading players in the newspaper sector, in addition to printing and the distribution of magazines and digital content. Editorial Televisa publishes more than 186 magazines, distributed through more than 80,000 sales outlets in Mexico and Latin America.

Icon: the magazine’s first International edition will be published tomorrow in Spain with El País

From tomorrow Icon, the Panorama fashion and lifestyle magazine, will also be published in Spain as a supplement to the national daily El País.

Icon Spagna will be the first international edition of the Mondadori title which, with this launch, underlines the success of a formula that in Italy has made the title a point of reference for male style and culture among leading fashion and luxury brands.

“This launch will give an additional boost to the international development of our brands,” declared Ernesto Mauri, chief executive of the Mondadori Group. “We are sure that, having created a highly successful system that has led to the publication of Grazia in more than 20 countries around the world, Icon can become for the market the most qualified interpreter of Italian fashion and elegance for men,” Mauri concluded.

Also with this new edition, that will be edited by Lucas Arraut Barroeta, Icon is aimed at readers who are attentive to trends in fashion, art, design and lifestyle, as represented by contemporary icons. For the cover of the first issue of Icon’s Spanish edition, a leading player from the international film scene, James Franco.

“The certified international success of Icon is a further proof that also publishing is an aspect of the excellence of made in Italy. This achievement is the result of the intelligent, continuous and never-ending efforts to improve the title made by Emanuele Farneti and his team since 2011. Panorama is consequently proud to accompany Icon in its new path and to stand beside the title for its future success,” said Giorgio Mulè, editor of Panorama.

“Just two years since the launch, Icon has become an international format and we are delighted with this development and proud to be able to work with a partner of such outstanding journalistic quality as El País. Together we will work to make Icon a point of reference for male style,” declared Emanuele Farneti, editor of Icon in Italy.

“We are enthusiastic to be the first international edition of Icon. The Spanish version is the best in terms of journalistic quality and photographic excellence, which are part of the nature of both Panorama and El País, and to which will be added the typical aspects of Spanish lifestyle which, in our view, will contribute to strengthening the brand,” underlined Lucas Arraut Barroeta, editor of Icon in Spain.

The magazine will be distributed to the readers of El País, a leading Spanish-language newspaper, on the first Thursday of each month, with a print run of 300,000 copies for ten months of the year.

Icon Spagna will also make its debut online at a channel wholly dedicated to male lifestyle and an ideal point of encounter for readers of the print edition, with enhanced editorial content including interviews and multimedia content such as photo-galleries, backstage video clips and fashion shoots.

The launch of the new magazine will be celebrated with a party at the Salón de Baile del Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, and will be supported by a national communication campaign on TV, print, radio, internet and outdoor.

Mondadori to launch in Spain the first international edition of Icon

In the autumn the male title will become a supplement of the daily newspaper El País

Icon, the men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, is exporting its successful formula to Spain where it will be launched in the autumn, the first international edition of the title, as a supplement of the newspaper El País.

Icon Spain is the result of a licensing agreement between Mondadori International Business and Promotora de Revistas General and Ediciones El País, which plans to publish 10 issues a year of the magazine. With a daily average of 1,929,000 readers and an average daily circulation of 324,814 copies in 2012, El País is the leading Spanish-speaking national newspaper and also has a strong online presence, with 15.6 million unique users in April 2013.

In its Spanish version, Icon will confirm the formula that has brought its success in Italy: a strong focus on the contemporary man and the icons that represent him, through the eyes of leading photographers and the most prestigious international style journalism.

First launched in Italy in April 2011 and edited by Emanuele Farneti, Icon is the men’s magazine linked to Panorama and gives an account of the icons of pop culture and celebrates trends and tendencies in fashion, art, design, architecture and lifestyle.

A formula that is appreciated both by the public and the advertising market, and which has enables Icon to quickly position itself at the forefront of the men’s fashion segment in terms of the number of advertising pages in the months of publication. A contribution to the excellent performance in Italy has also been made by a web channel with a rich range of photo galleries, videos and blogs, the launch of “deluxe” versions of the magazine intended for a circuit of selected newsstands and bookstores, and a special issue dedicated to sport, in addition to the organisation of events in collaboration with the most prestigious fashion and luxury brands.

Grazia: from 20 February also in Korea

The network of international editions of Grazia sells 7 million copies per month

From tomorrow, 20 February, Grazia will also be published in Korea, as a result of a licensing agreement with Seoul Cultural Publishers. The magazine, which will the only fortnightly in the Korean market, will be edited by Seong-hyeon Ahn.

This new launch further reinforces the presence of the “Grazia International Network” in Asia where Grazia has established itself with unprecedented success, beginning in China, before continuing in Thailand, Indonesia and India.

“Korea is a country in which fashion, beauty and celebrities are subjects of great interest. And, in a moment of world economic downturn, ours is one of the few markets that is growing,” declared the editor Seong-hyeon Ahn. “Grazia Korea will be a big success exactly like the other editions of the magazine around the world. I am sure that the characteristics of this historic title will perfectly match the needs of today’s women,” the editor concluded.

The new edition of Grazia, which is an interpreter around the world of Italian style and elegance in fashion and lifestyle, is aimed at a female readership interested in fashion and style, and featuring an innovative formula and upscale offer.

Established in 2005, the “Grazia International Network”, one of the most dynamic in the world, is characterised by the speed of development in the most significant publishing markets: from France to the UK, and from Germany to China and India, with overall monthly sales of over 7 million copies.

The launch of Grazia Korea will be accompanies by a communication plan on the web and social media, as well as TV, print, radio, B2B, PoS and outdoor media.

Grazia also in Spain from 13 February

With this and the Korean edition, out soon, countries where the magazine is present rise to 23

From tomorrow, Wednesday 13 February, Grazia will be available also in Spain thanks to a licensing agreement with Prisma Publicaciones, a company 100% owned by the Planeta group. The new magazine, edited by Charo Izquierdo, brings to ten the number of weekly editions of Grazia in the world, completing the presence of the Grazia International Network in continental Europe.

With this and the Korean edition, to be launched next week, the number of countries in which the magazine is published rises to 23. Thanks to this partnership, the Spanish magazine market will now include a upscale brand that already represents the elegance and style of Italian fashion around the world. The new edition of Grazia will introduce Spanish readers to the unmistakable mix of celebrities, fashion and lifestyle that has always characterised Mondadori’s fashion magazine.

Grazia is will enter the panorama of Spanish women’s magazines as a product that has been missing until,” said Charo Izquierdo, editor of the title. “There has not been in our market a title that combines fashion and news, and which responds to the needs of women readers. I’m sure that Grazia Spain will be a new element as it has been with the other editions in the rest of the world,” Izquierdo concluded.

Unique in the international publishing scene for the speed with which it has exported the brand to four continents, Grazia is one of the most popular titles in the fashion and beauty sectors. In addition to Italy, the magazine is successfully published in France, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Russia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, China, Indonesia, Bahrain, India, Thailand, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Poland and soon in Korea.
The launch of Grazia Spain will be supported by a communication plan ranged across TV, print, radio, B2B, online, outdoor point of sale.

Grazia from 29 November also in Poland

From 29 November Grazia will also be published in Poland. The new international edition of the magazine, the result of a licensing agreement with the Bauer Publishing House (Wydawnictwo Bauer) of Bauer Group, will be a fortnightly.

Thanks to this partnership, the Polish magazine market will be enriched with an upscale brand that is already an international symbol of the elegance and style Made in Italy fashion. The new edition of Grazia, edited by Anna Zaleska, will consequently offer also to Polish readers the unmistakable mix of celebrities, fashion and lifestyle that has always characterised Mondadori’s historic fashion title.

“We are sure that when our readers get to know Grazia they will be enthusiastic and won’t want to be without it: the new magazine will capture their attention by offering them the best of celebrities and lifestyle,” declared the editor, Anna Zaleska.

The launch of Grazia in Poland will be supported by an advertising campaign across a range of media: TV, print, radio, B2B on the internet, bilboard, POS and outdoor.
The campaign has been developed by the Polish company Happy Hours.
The arrival of the new international edition will also be celebrated with a party offered by Bauer Media Group tomorrow, to be attended by a number of celebrities, advertising clients, media agencies and media specialists.

Grazia Iinternational Nerwork: in2013 the launch of Grazia Korea with Seoul Cultural Publishers

Mondadori has announced to have signed an agreement with Seoul Cultural Publishers for the launch of Grazia Korea. The new edition, that will be the 23rd of Grazia International Network, will be biweekly and will be launched in the first semester of 2013.

South Korea is one of the most economically advanced countries in the world and a key market for luxury and beauty client, where Grazia – one of the most exciting magazines in the international landscape – will continue the highly dynamic expansion of its network: apart from Italy, the magazine is successfully published in France, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Russia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, China, Bahrain, Indonesia, India and Thailand, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia, to which a Polish edition will be added in the coming months followed by a Spanish version in 2013.

“We at Grazia International Network are really excited about the opportunity to offer our Korean readers their own edition of Grazia”, declared Zeno Pellizzari, Head of Mondadori’s International Activities. “Furthermore, we’re extremely proud of our partnership with Seoul Cultural Publishers, one of Korea’s most prominent publishing groups – and are truly confident that Grazia Korea would be yet another success story in the Asian region, where our magazine already counts editions in Thailand, Indonesia and India – in addition to Grazia China, which is an unprecedented success story already, only three years after its launch.

Mr Kim, CEO of Seoul Cultural Publishers, says that “they’re fully confident in the success of Grazia Korea”. Seoul Cultural Publishers has a well-established weekly publishing system, and thus, full of resources and capabilities and thanks to this experience, a huge influence in distribution channels. He also stressed that “it is time for a speedy and slim fashion magazine in Korea where it boasts of its reputation as the most wired and fast country in the world. Grazia Korea, born from Mondadori’s accumulated know-how and SCP’s local expertise, will open a new market as the first and only fashion biweekly in Korea.”

Seoul Cultural Publishers is part of Seoul Media Group, that is one the biggest publishers of the country. SMG operates in book, comics, magazines and custom publishing businesses. SMG has a portfolio of magazines including Sisa-Journal, Women Sense, Living Sense, Best Baby, Essen, and licensed titles like Arena and Nylon.

Grazia International Network to launch Grazia Poland and Grazia Spain

These two launches raises to 22 the number of international editions around the world

Mondadori has announced the launch of two new international editions of Grazia, further confirmation of the global success of the magazine that interprets played Italian fashion and style around the world.

Mondadori has signed a licensing agreement with Wydawnictwo Bauer Sp. Z O.O. SP.K., a leading publisher in Poland and part of the Bauer Media Group, for publication of the magazine. Grazia Poland, which will hit newsstands in the coming months as a fortnightly, will be edited by Anna Zaleska.

Meanwhile the launch is planned in 2013 of the Spanish edition of Grazia, to be published under license by Prisma Publicaciones, a company wholly owned by the Planeta Group. Grazia Spain, which raises to ten the number of weekly editions of the magazine around the world, will be edited by Charo Izquierdo.

“With the launches in Poland and Spain, Grazia will soon be present in all major European countries, an incredible achievement, especially in light of the difficult economic scenario,” said Zeno Pellizzari, head of Mondadori’s International Activities. “The Polish edition will be published by Bauer, with whom Mondadori has a long-standing partnership, built around the success of the UK edition of Grazia and soon to be further strengthened with the acquisition by Bauer of ACP Magazines, the publisher of Grazia Australia,” Pellizzari added.
Grazia Spain, which will launch next year, will be published by Prisma Publicaciones, part of the Planeta Group, one of the largest and most successful media players in the world. We are extremely proud to be working with Bauer and Planeta and we are sure we have made the best possible choice to ensure the success of these two new key editions of Grazia.” Pellizzari concluded.

Grazia Poland and Grazia Spain will be characterised by the unmistakeable “easy chic” style and the refined editorial mix that has made Grazia a point of reference around the world.
Unique in the world scene for the rapidity of its international expansion across four continents, Grazia is one of the most appreciated media in the fashion and beauty industries.
Apart from Italy, the magazine is successfully published in France, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Russia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, China, Indonesia, Bahrain, India, and Thailand, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia, to which the Polish edition will be added in the coming months followed by the Spanish version in 2013.

International activities: Flair reaches Germany

From this month Flair will also be available in Germany, thanks to the licensing agreement between Mondadori and Mediengruppe Klambt, a leading publisher consumer magazine market.

First magazine to cover fashion and interiors in a single upscale title, Flair Fashion&Home is an exclusive upscale title aimed at trendsetting readers interested in style.

“We are delighted with this new initiative with Mediengruppe Klambt, the partner with whom we have already successfully published Grazia in Germany,” declared Zeno Pellizzari, Mondadori’s head of International Activities. “This operation will further strengthen the positioning of our International Network in the German-speaking market, one of the biggest magazine markets in Europe,” Pellizzari concluded.

“With the launch of Flair Fashion&Home, we will broaden our magazine portfolio with another exclusive brand, thus continuing to implement our expansion strategy.” declared Lars Joachim Rose, Chairman of the Klambt publishing group. “I am very happy to further expand our excellent relationship with Mondadori through the launch of this magazine”, he concluded.

Flair Fashion&Home is destined to become a point of reference in Germany among women’s magazines by responding to two of women’s great enthusiasms: fashion and interiors. The magazine, which will always have two covers – the first dedicated to fashion and the second to the world of living – handles its subjects in a sophisticated and original way. Characterised by an outstanding visual impact, its quality, exclusive and detailed approach, the monthly will also always include sections on beauty, wellness and a ‘save the date’ feature for unmissable appointments for films, music and books.

The monthly, which has a target circulation of 100,000 copies, is on sale in Germany and German-speaking Switzerland. Marking the launch of Flair Fashion&Home the title will have a particular packaging to capture the attention of readers.

Grazia International Network: The editions of Grazia in the world rises to 20

From 18 May, the magazine will also be published in South Africa

With the launch of Grazia South Africa, on newsstands from 18 May 2012, the number of international editions of the Grazia International Network rises to 20.

Published under license by Media 24 – the leader in Africa in business and consumer magazines – and edited by Danielle Weakley, Grazia South Africa is the network’s first edition in the African continent and will come out weekly.

Also this 20th international edition will be characterised by the usual easy chic formula that distinguishes the Grazia brand around the world: fashion, news and celebrities, enhanced by international trends, style and local trends.

The Grazia International Network: as well as in Italy, where the magazine has been published since 1938, Grazia is published as a weekly in France (by Mondadori France), Great Britain, Holland, Germany, UAE, India, Australia and South Africa (under licensing agreements) and in a joint venture with Independent Media in Russia. Meanwhile, a joint venture with SEEC Media Group Limited publishes a fortnightly Chinese edition of the magazine. Monthly editions of Grazia, also under license, are published in Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bahrain, Thailand and Indonesia.