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Great succes for the “Interni Designer’s Week 2021”

The initiative recorded significant growth in digital: +87% in reach on Instagram, and more than double the number of unique users on the revamped site

Great success for the INTERNI Designer’s Week 2021, the event organised by the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Gilda Bojardi, that ran from 12 to 23 April as part of Milano Design City, the urban exhibition dedicated to industrial and furniture design, and representative of the culture of design and innovation.

Twleve days of meetings, interviews, and debates, both in person and online, focused on the know-how of Italian industry, sustainability and the circular economy in production and consumption.

“The excellent success of INTERNI Designer’s Week, which was joined by over 50 of the main Italian furniture companies, two main partners, AUDI and Eni, and 100 designers, is a strong signal for the city, for the economy of the country and for a lively sector – such as that of design – which proposes and produces and which has not allowed itself to be beaten down. Indeed, thanks to their participation and their tireless desire to recover, they made it possible for the event to be realized “, says Gilda Bojardi, director of INTERNI.

Thanks to an articulated communication schedule – a guide with a calendar of all of the events, in both a printed and a digital version, a digital daily, the Interni Design Journal, banners hung around the city and a press campaign on both newspapers and magazines, out of home print & digital and a led wall DOOH circuit, as well as the introduction of Audience Targeting communication, in partnership with the digital advertising company AdKaora –, INTERNI was able to amplify new ideas and products from the world of design through the use of all available platforms, both on and offline.

In addition, enhanced social media activity, with the production of over 300 posts, led to a significant increase compared with the 2020 edition of the INTERNI Designer’s Week – including a +87% rise in reach on Instagram – with figures that are expected to rise even more in the coming months.

There was record traffic also for with a +127% increase in unique users. This important result was obtained thanks to the revamping of the web site, which now offers clearer and more immediate use. The new features include a totally new menu, enhanced with new sections – for example, architecture, design, interiors, video – and, on the home page, three big up-front features covering the day’s highlights and, above all, companies’ products. In fact, it was the companies who played a key role in providing information to the target of reference, with an ad hoc section and an increasingly circular editorial plan, developed along with social media. Finally, there is background detail related to news and a monthly space for thematic dossiers on production launched in May and a special on kitchens and that will continue in June with a focus on sustainability.

Just a few weeks from the launch of the new site, advertising revenues have tripled, demonstrating that is already a must and that companies in the sector are mature and ready to face the future digital challenges with a brand that since 1954 has had an international and multimedia vocation.

The site and social media platforms will be on the front line also during the FuoriSalone in September. INTERNI – which has always been a supporter of companies for the spread of design ideas, opinions, stories and the people who generate them – will use its communication platform to provide maximum visibility to all of the new collections and product previews. Plus, there will also be real time updates from the big Creative Connections event, organised by the magazine at the University of Milan and the Orto Botanico in Brera.




“Interni Designer’s Week®” 2021 edition: INTERNI presents talks, debates and encounters dedicated to design, sustainability and the circular economy

The magazine also offers a printed and digital guide to all of the events, background detail on the recently revamped web site, the daily “Interni Design Journal”, a daily newsletter in Italian and English and Interni Meeting Point at the Istituto Marangoni Milano Design School


This month, Milan reconfirms its central role in international design and thanks to the INTERNI system wants to start again from creativity, production and communication. After the outstanding success of the 2020 edition, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Gilda Bojardi, has organised a new edition of INTERNI Designer’s Week® (the first was in 1990), the urban event dedicated to Industrial and Furniture Design, in the sense of the culture of design and innovation.

The initiative, which is supported by the City of Milan and will take place on the occasion of Milano Design City, from 12 to 23 April, offers conferences, meetings, debates and phygital events dedicated to new collections and product previews that will take place in the city’s showrooms and galleries and corporate offices, using the magazine’s media platforms to disseminate design projects, opinions, stories, products, ideas and the people who generate them.

“The pandemic and restrictions do not have to translate into a communication gap,” said the editor, Gilda Bojardi. “And in this context, INTERNI, which has always been a partner of design companies and an online and offline communication tool for the entire system, offers itself as a promoter/supporter of the restart and re-igniting of the creative spirit of Milan,” the editor concluded.

The communication programme

In fact, this April will again be without the Milan Design Week (Salone and FuoriSalone) but, to amplify leading innovations in the world of design, the INTERNI Designer’s Week® Milan has organised an articulated communication programme that includes:

  • a guide with the calendar of all the events of the Designer’s Week Milan in print (distributed at showrooms and on newsstands with the magazine) and digital versions (available on any device) and enriched with photo galleries and videos;
  • the digital newspaper Interni Design Journal with in-depth articles and films conveyed through a system of daily newsletters that will also serve as a save-the-date for all the events;
  • the reinforcement of all social media activities;
  • The INTERNI Meeting Point, staged at the Istituto Marangoni Milano Design School (Via Cerva 24) which will feature talks and interviews on the future of design, with meetings with architects and designers, which can also be seen in streaming on the INTERNI website;
  • banners around in the city and a press campaign in newspapers and magazines, out of home print & digital and a DOOH led-wall circuit;
  • to broaden the audience for companies, INTERNI has introduced Audience Targeting communication – in partnership with AdKaora, a digital advertising company – by sending to professionals from the sector SMS to 38,000 Italian architects, with a direct link to the Digital Guide, and DEM to approximately 100,000 profiled names, with the content of brand initiatives.

In addition, on the occasion of INTERNI Designer’s Week®, the website will be renewed and strengthened, with an even more integrated and circular editorial program between web and social networks. Every day stories, surveys, interviews, projects and opinions from the world of design, but also a wall of product news told by INTERNI and a section dedicated to the Interior Design Journal.

INTERNI Designer’s Week® talks

Twelve days of meetings, interviews, real and virtual debates, to discuss Italian industrial know-how and to talk about sustainability and the circular economy in production and consumption, issues that companies know they can no longer ignore or exclude themselves from ethical and virtuous behaviour. Expressing their point of view, established opinion leaders from their respective production sectors, at both the Italian and international level, and new generations who have made research their core business: designers, architects, creatives, artists and art directors, entrepreneurs, sociologists, communication and science theorists, public and private institutional authorities, with the aim of presenting a new vision of sustainable design, for a more inclusive, interactive, democratic world. With contributions from: Paolo Lioy (CEO of Whirlpool Italia), Luisa Lavagnini (Head of Research & Technological Innovation at Eni), Francesco Santangelo (Head of Relations and Initiatives at Eni gas and electricity), architects Paola Navone, Giulio Cappellini, Antonio Citterio, Carlo Ratti, Italo Rota and Professor Davide Rampello.

Two main partners will accompany INTERNI during the Designer’s Week: AUDI and Eni.

For this occasion, Audi is once again present in Milan, a concrete and effective demonstration of an affinity in terms of values with the territory in terms of innovation and progress. Thanks to unveiling and the possibility of personally discovering the new Q4 e-tron, the first premium compact zero-emission electric platform SUV, Audi is reconfiguring its presence in Milan and has entrusted Mario Cucinella and his studio MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects, leader in sustainable design, the United for Progress installation. The space is located in a place that, like Audi, has been able to break the rules: BAM – Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano, the contemporary botanical garden in Porta Nuova.

Eni has also confirmed its presence at Designer’s Week in Milan where, in collaboration with INTERNI, it will present two meetings on energy, a fundamental issue for our present and future. The first meeting will take participants to Dubai where, in the Italian Pavilion at Expo, Eni will demonstrate its technology for a decarbonised future thanks also to CO2-captuing microalgae that, from a circular economy perspective, become new products applicable in a range of different fields. The second, with Eni gas and electricity, will discuss the importance energy efficient and sustainable homes to help build a low-emission future for our cities.

At this particularly complicated time, INTERNI reaffirms its strategic role in the world of design – a fundamental sector for society, in which Milan is an irreplaceable point of reference for the whole national system – involving in this important initiative over 50 of the main Made in Italy furniture producers and 100 designers in 12 days of virtual presentations and talks.

The INTERNI Designer’s Week® talks will take place from 13 to 22 April at the INTERNI Meeting Point, at the Istituto Marangoni in vVa Cerva 24, and will be streamed from 6.30pm on the  homepage of the website

Partners of the INTERNI Meeting Point: Ferrarelle, illy, Whirlpool.