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INTERNI will be a protagonist of the “London Design Festival 2019” with two events dedicated to the relationship between architecture, design, art and the environment

These public events will take place on Tuesday 17 September at 6.30 pm at the Italian Cultural Institute in London, and Friday 20 September at 6 pm at the Saatchi Gallery

Milano, 16 September 2019 INTERNI will take part in the London Design Festival 2019 with two events featuring some of the most representative protagonists from the world of design culture. The common theme linking the work of the speakers will be a conceptual approach to design and a constant search fro new ways to modulate everyday spaces. Architects and designers who bring together art, design, architecture and urban planning to create new scenarios that are appropriate for contemporary urban locations.

Urban Regeneration: new city, new habitat, new technology, is the title of the first talk organised in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in London, during which the destiny of the contemporary metropolis will be examined. In a discussion moderated by David Turnbull, director of Atopia Research, the speakers will be Alessandro Melis (Studio Heliopolis 21 Architetti Associati and curator of the Italian Pavilion at the 2020 Architecture Biennale in Venice) and Andrew Waugh (Waugh Thistleton Architects), two protagonists of international standing in the world of architecture, and engaged in the issue of environmental quality, who will exchange ideas about new city design, and comparing the Italian background and know-how with Anglo-Saxon design culture. The event, which is open to the public, will take place on Tuesday 17 September at 6.30 pm, at the Italian cultural Institute in London (39 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8NX) which will be transformed into a unique stage for the occasion.

A subsequent event will take place on Friday 20 September at 6 pm at the Saatchi Gallery (Duke of York’s HQ King’s Rd London SW3 4RY – Conference Room) with an encounter, organised in collaboration with I-Made, an event for which INTERNI is a media partner, and which, under the artistic leadership of Giulio Cappellini, celebrates the excellence of Made in Italy and the exclusive skills of Italian artisans and manufacturers.

The Renewed Quality of Made in Italy Design is the topic that will be discussed by Aldo Cibic, an author who combines the iconic nature of Italian product design with  urban planning, from the Italian studio Lazzarini Pickering Architetti, designers with a tailor-made attitude to projects of varying scale, and Richard Woods, the British artist whose work covers painting, sculpture and installations. The event will be moderated by Deyan Sudjic, director of The Design Museum in London.

The events have been organised in collaboration with di: Inhabits hotels, Cappellini an Cantina Zuani.

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Grazia presents Future – Made in Grazia, new collectors’ edition

Grazia, the Mondadori Group weekly edited by Silvia Grilli and point of reference for fashion and a voice for news-related issues, presents Future – Made in Grazia, a collectors’ edition entirely dedicated to the future: what fashion, art, design, technology, architecture has in store for us, and the new scenarios that characterise all aspects of our lives.

After having celebrated Italian talent and beauty in the previous collectors’ issue, this new special  edition looks at the future through the words and images of some of the most innovative, experimental and visionary protagonists. A splendid coffee table book, in Italian and English, available from newsstands and selected bookshops from 19 February in Italy, in major European capitals and in New York.

“The world around us has changed very rapidly,” observes Silvia Grilli in her editorial. “We are both players and spectators of the digital revolution that is transforming our lives. Human intelligence is no longer exclusive and is ceding space to artificial intelligence. Female and male are losing their monopoly as non-binary emerges, the third sex option already on enrolment forms in American schools allowing non-binary people who do not identify as female or male, or feel that they are a combination of both.”

But that’s not all. Beauty, also for models, will increasingly be less a question of proportions and much more to do with commitment and activism, as discussed by two protagonist like Ruth Bell and Nicole Atieno. Women will finally have to claim full autonomy, as the great Serbian artist Marina Abramovic says. Meanwhile, the cinema will increasingly engage with civil rights issues, as the Oscar-winning director Barry Jenkins suggests. And a new ecological consciousness will develop through brand new projects to protect the environment, as the environmental artist  Anne de Carbuccia  explains in her intense reportage.

Also the spaces and objects of our life will change. As Carlo Ratti, one of the great scholars of innovation as applied to urban spaces explains, the ideal city will be one where allotments and gardens will replace car parks. Design materials will be cultivated as living organisms and no longer as industrial products, as the international designer Patricia Urquiola shows. While art will explore the imaginations of black artists, of all genders, that until now have not received the recognition they deserve, as can be seen from the work of painter Elizabeth Colomba.

But what are we to do with all this future? Will we be able to handle our second identities constructed for the digital communities where we have found an escape from routine? What will happen to our data, our videos, our photos, all of which will remain forever in the endless ocean of the web? Will we be able to control artificial intelligence? And where will the new limits be in a real world that wants to erect walls but on the web knows no frontiers?

These and other questions are addressed by the protagonists of Future – Made in Grazia, with stories, interviews and stunning images able to give us an advance peek at the great revolutions of a future that is very near and affects us all.

Published in Italy since 1938, Grazia is today the only  100% Italian fashion magazine distributed around the world, from France to Great Britain, and from Mexico to China and Australia. It is a brand that has managed to accompany generations of women thanks to a unique formula that combines  fashion, beauty and current affairs. News, investigations and background on issues of the greatest interest, along with exclusive features, a visionary style in the shots of great photographers and interviews with world-famous personalities, thanks to an ongoing dialogue with major players on the international scene and a privileged relationship with celebrities, top models and designers.

Focus Junior Star goes monthly

The Focus Junior system is reinforced with a magazine wholly dedicated to the most popular singers and YouTubers among kids

Focus Junior Star, the collectors’ special edition of Focus Junior entirely dedicated to the most popular personalities from the world of entertainment, including YouTubers, singers, stars of the cinema, rappers and bloggers, from tomorrow will be a monthly.

Focus Junior Star is a spin-off of Focus Junior and shares the same mission: to entertain young readers and to stimulate their curiosity through their idols in music, on television and social networks, that we will attempt to present through stories and anecdotes from their lives. We also want to bring the personalities as close as possible to our readers to show that they are almost always just normal kids, with the same problems and doubts, but have been able to transform their fragility into points of strength. In addition, we will exploit the seemingly ‘light’ topics in Focus Junior Star to explain the scientific, historical or news issues featured in the songs. There will also be detailed background on the evolution of music, artistic workshops and lessons on how to become a YouTuber. 

This new magazine will enhance the communication system that revolves around Focus Junior, the Mondadori Group brand designed to satisfy the curiosity of children and teenagers, from 8 to 13. Focus Junior is available as a printed magazine, in digital and augmented reality, through the dedicated app that is also active of the web site, on social networks and the spin-off XGioko.

The brand has also created “Play Lab”, a new games format in line with the philosophy of Focus Junior.

The first issue of the monthly Focus Junior Star, on newsstands from 7 February, will feature a host of content on the stars of the moment, including the rapper Coez – who talks in an interview about his real passion – and an entire feature article on the Maneskin, the rock group of the moment, and the revelation of the latest edition of X-Factor. And much more: the latest trends from the world of YouTube, the challenge between the YouTuber from Naples, Vegas, who has made his passion for videogames and authentic business, and Capo Plaza, the rapper from Salerno, class of ’98.

With the augmented reality app, the young audience for Focus Junior Star can also listen to songs, video dedications by their idols and a wealth of other related images; plus a range of  background info, games and curiosities about the stars and sixteen gift posters.
Focus Junior Star will be on sale at newsstands with a cover price of €3.50. In support of the launch a advertising campaign has been organised in Mondadori Group Magazines and support through large-scale retail outlets.

Grazia “Young since 1938”

The magazine starts 2018 with an issue entirely dedicated to younger generations

Francesca Michielin is the first protagonist of a series of events celebrating the 8oth anniversary of the Mondadori brand

Grazia, the Mondadori Group magazine that is the interpreter of Italian fashion and style and the most qualified point of reference for Made in Italy, this year celebrates its 80th anniversary. In order to mark this important milestone a series of events and projects will take place during 2018 to engage loyal readers, celebrities, the world of fashion and beauty that revolves around the title, and the advertising clients who have always believed in this historic brand.

“We have been young, curious and cosmopolitan since 1938. We have never lost confidence in the power of the printed page,” declared editor-in-chief Silvia Grilli. “We have never thought of the internet and social media as enemies. On the contrary, we have always believed that a combination of print and the web can achieve bigger and cross-generational objectives. The strength of Grazia has been its capacity to be handed down from mother to daughter, from fathers to sons, adding freshness and vitality every week, every day, every moment, “ Grilli concluded.

Young since 1938, with the figure 8 turned to represent the infinite loop, is the slogan chosen to celebrate Grazia’s 8oth birthday. An iconic cross-generational brand, that is both completely Italian and cosmopolitan, with 24 editions around the world.

The first event marking the beginning of the celebrations features Francesca Michielin as the protagonist in an exclusive showcase. The singer-songwriter, born in 1995, who is setting of on tour on 17 March from Fabrique in Milan, will open an evening entitled The Millennials’ Night, on Thursday 11 January, the eve of the release of her new album “2640”.

At the same time, a special issue of Grazia will hit the newsstands entirely dedicated to generations Y and Z, those born between the end of the 198os and the beginning of 2000s: those who are always connected, without borders and that consider diversity an strength. Like the young people who have put together this issue, which begins with an interview with Francesca Michielin and features contributions from Aurora Ramazzotti; Valentina Ferragni, fashion influencer and sister of Chiara; Benji&Fede; Italian champion skier Sofia Goggia; Danish blogger Sophia Roe; YouTuber Sofia Viscardi; and it-girl Luna Bonaccorsi. Plus a behind-the-scenes look at the dancers of Maria De Filippi’s Amici, dressed and photographed by the Grazia editorial team. In the fashion section readers will find the style trends of the fashion influencers and it-girls, .while the beauty pages will outline the beauty trends that appeal to the new generations: sparkling masks, pink hair, crystal manicures and fitness disciplines that mix different specialities.

The freshness, contemporary feel and strength of Grazia are confirmed by the magazines circulation figures (over 164,000 copies), an increase of 7.6% (ADS January-October 2017 compared with January-October 2016); readership data (702.000 readers) up by 2% (Audipress 2017-II compared with 2017-I) and web traffic (1,284,000 unique users) which recorded an increase of 48% (Audiweb TDA October 2017  compared with October 2016).

This enables the brand to reach a total monthly net audience of 3.2 million contacts (Mediamond calculation based on data from Audipress 2017-2 and Audiweb TDA October 2017).

Icon: January’s Classic Style Issue brings the annual total to 8

For the first time a special issue coinciding with Pitti di Firenze and the Milan men’s fashion week

Icon’s new “Classic Style Issue”, is published on 10 January with a special focus on fashion and tailoring, and coinciding with the 91st edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence (from 9 to 13 January) and the Milan shows.

A special issue, published for the first time in the month of January to mark the two essential appointments for male fashion which will feature Mondadori Group’s up-scale male title, edited by Michele Lupi, among the protagonists.

This brings to 8 the number of issues of Icon during the year, reinforcing its role in the segment of reference with excellent results in terms of advertising,  up by 8% (print and digital) in 2016 compared with the previous year, confirming the positive trend of the last 3 years.

The new issue includes important fashion features, interviews and services celebrating, as never before, the style of the contemporary man and the whole universe of trends and details surrounding it. “We have chosen an authoritative approach for a fashion that is too often depicted in terms of pure habit, rather than as one of the drivers of our country, from the fashion houses to the catwalks and retail,” declared the editor, Michele Lupi.


The content of the new issue incudes a detailed examination of the role of the shop of the future, thanks also to Tommy Hilfiger who opened the doors to their Digital Room: a concrete evolution of the classic boutique formula formula in which there is a dialogue between the real and the virtual in close contact with the needs of the consumer where made-to-measure style becomes available at a click.

On the cover is Ewan McGregor, who returns to the big screen in early 2017 in the sequel to the film that made him a star: Trainspotting 2. He talks to Icon about twenty years in cinema and his debut as a director with American Pastoral, based on the novel by Philip Roth. Another leading protagonist of this special issue is the astronaut Maurizio Cheli, the first Italian to have travelled on the Space Shuttle as Mission Specialist, who accompanies us into space on an incredible journey to the limits of known reality with highly emotional anecdotes and stories of his adventures.

In an issue dedicated to style, there had to be a big fashion feature produced by the magazine’s fashion director, David St. John-James, who re-interprets the outdoors among the lunar rocks chameleon colours behind the lens of photographer Daniel Riera. As always, of course, there is the fashion portfolio dedicated to the leading designers who in the January issue offer a preview of the spring fashions in a sophisticated mood that recalls the atmosphere of the cinema of the past.


The role of the magazine is enhanced by the contribution of events and extra-sector initiatives. During the 91st edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence, the new issue of Icon will enjoy a special distribution, conducted on 10 January at the Central Station in Milan, on the platform from which the high-speed Frecciarossa leaves for Florence. This is a special initiative that confirms the reinforcement of an increasingly targeted distribution system across the territory.

Special efforts have also been made on the communication front with the use of high-impact visibility formats at the S. Maria Novella station in Florence and the distribution of copies at the city’s 4 and 5 star hotels.

The issue will be presented on 16 January during the Milan Men’s Fashion Week at a lunch in the Armani Hotel. also with the participation of Icon Spain.

Confidenze tra amiche is 70

With the strength of an affectionate community of readers, the Mondadori magazine celebrates an important anniversary with a special collectors’ issue

Confidenze tra amiche blows out 70 candles as it celebrates an important anniversary with a special collectors’ issue, on newsstands from Wednesday 23 November.

The historic Mondadori magazine remains a point of reference for an audience of affectionate readers with which is deals, in a confidential tone and complicit language, issues about current affairs, fashion, beauty, wellbeing, psychology, DIY, cooking and the home.

“It is extraordinary how Confidenze tra amiche has managed to maintain over time its vocation as a mirror for women with a strictly emotional vision of daily reality,”  declared the editor Susanna Barbaglia. “In planning the special issue for the magazine’s 70th anniversary, we felt strongly the timeliness with which Confidenze has always recorded changes in habits and women’s needs through a narrative driven by writers and real stories,” Barbaglia continued. “After 70 years, the direct testimony of readers, the events and the protagonists of our times, presented in both a journalistic and literary approach and commented on our blog, remain at the very heart of the magazine,” the editor concluded.

The strength of Confidenze tra amiche is the stories, often written by the readers themselves. Stories about how love, careers, friendship and health have changed their lives.

A patrimony of content that for years has ensured the success of the magazine and that is highlighted also in the special collectors’ issue, that features on the cover the current Miss Italy, Rachele Risaliti:  52 pages of stories to read; seven extraordinary accounts of the 1940s, with original drawings and four new love stories written exclusively for the anniversary of the Mondadori magazine.

And to satisfy cooking fans, Confidenze tra amiche on the newsstands, will include with the special issue a special cooking insert  with 12 recipes for an exclusive celebration.

The title has a strong community of readers who are active on Facebook with 40,000 fans and also across the country, thanks to events orgnaised by the magazine’s staff in various cities and towns around Italy.

The campaign in support of the initiative has been conceived and developed by Hi! Communication.-

Donna Moderna presents DM Lab

3 days of free events organised by the Donna Moderna brand in collaboration with Starbene, Casafacile, Sale&Pepe, Focus Junior, Focus Pico And Nostrofiglio.It

Donna Moderna launches DM LAB (#dmlab), a new initiative dedicated to women and the whole family with more than 50 free meetings, workshops, laboratories and talks that will take place on Friday 11, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November, at the Spazio Open in Milan (Viale Montenero 6).

“DM Lab is a dream come true: bringing the content and values ​​of Donna Moderna to a physical space and making them accessible to readers,” said Annalisa Monfreda, the magazine’s editor. “This initiative offers us a three-day opportunity to come into direct contact with our community, in the sense of a real community of people gathered in one place thanks to the strength of our brand,” Monfreda concluded.

DM Lab is a new way of exploiting the experience and content also of some of the Group’s other brands who are working with Donna Moderna on the initiative, from Starbene to CasaFacile and Sale&Pepe, as well as Focus Junior, Focus Pico and ‪ A system that in print already embraces an overall audience of 11 million net contacts (Source: Audipress February 2016 and Audiweb July 2016) and that is able to expand and develop further thanks to this type of event around the country.

DM LAB will kick off in the morning with the editor of Donna Moderna, Annalisa Monfreda who, over coffee, will talk with special guests about a range of topical issues and closing in the evening with talks by five major personalities who will go up on stage to launch, in ten minutes, ideas and provocations around the great themes affect the world of women.

On Friday at 7 pm a generational clash on the theme: Who is the youngest between you and me? in which three couples will face each other in a debate moderated by psychologist Beatrice Toro on love, work and family relationships. On the stage, the many guests include: the writers Enrica Tesio and Manuela Stefani, journalist Roberto Parodi, Alessandro Rosina, who teaches demographics at the Catholic University in Milan and the YouTubers Jaser and Daniele Brogna.

The talk on Saturday at 7 pm will catalyse the attention of participants where the subject will be women’s bodies and beauty, that of normal women who always seem to feel they are not quite attractive enough. Here the guests include fashion photographer Settimio Benedusi, Cristina Fogazzi,  the well-known online beauty consultant Anna Turcato, image consultant.

With workshops on fitness, home decor, beauty and money, participants will also find a corner with expert nutritionists from Starbene, a desk for advice from the best architects of CasaFacile, and meetings with chefs promoted by Sale&Pepe.

And on Saturday afternoon the Spazio will be the theatre – at 5 pm – for a meeting with Davide Oldani who will talk about a taste for lightness: less fat, more flavour and aromas.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the chef Roberto Rinaldini, will explain how to turn every dessert into a tailor-made masterpiece based always on the pursuit of quality. And, from 7 to 8 pm, on stage, five well-known writers – Alessandra Appiano, Roberto Moliterni, Michela Murgia, Aldo Nove and Pulsatilla – will be the protagonists of “5 scrittori per 5 storie di donne moderne” (5 writers for 5 stories about modern women).

There will also be workshops for children, in collaboration with Junior Focus, Focus Pico and, to learn while having fun while mothers can follow the debates about the family, safety and education with psychologists, educators and experts.

Donna Moderna has thought of everyone with DM LAB and at Spazio Open there will alos be yoga and fitness classes in collaboration with Starbene. But the pursuit of health does not end there: a nutrition area, open on Friday from 4 to 6 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 5 pm, expert nutritionists from the European Institute of Oncology and dietician Carla Lertola will be available for advice for personalised diets, supplements and natural remedies.

The DM LAB format has been developed by  the advertising sales company Mediamond that has received very positive feedback from the market. Thanks to the popularity and audience of the Mondadori Group brands involved, along with the strength of the Mediamond network, this type of initiative is able to reach a very broad audience that interacts with the events and generates spontaneous buzz; a result that is due to the  active participation of the brands involved in the construction of the project and its implementation, and providing an opportunity to get in touch with their audience to present the products and the corporate values ​​that the brands represent.

The following partner companies contributed to the creation of DM LAB:

L’Oreal Paris, L’Oreal Professionel, Compagnia della Bellezza, MetLife, BioNike, 10 Buoni Propositi, Ferrarelle, Vitasnella, Rescue®- Fiori di Bach Originali, Caffè Vergnano, Pruneaux D’Agen.

A complete programme is available at:

A special edition of Focus

Thanks to a new app, readers of the magazine can enjoy the experience of using content in an innovative way

Numero speciale per Focus

A special and particularly innovative issue of Focus, Mondadori’s popular science magazine, on newsstands from 20 July.

Specially for the occasion, a “Focus Augmented Reality” app has been developed, available free from the AppStore and Google Play, which, in a highly innovative way, allows readers to get more out of the content in the printed magazine with 360° navigable photos, 4K video and 3D renderings. By launching the app and capturing the page of Focus, the images are animated creating a new user experience that can be had on both smartphones and tablets, anywhere and at any time, and transforming the magazine into an authentically innovative device. The app has been developed ad hoc by ETT.

“What we are trying out in the August issue,” the magazine’s editor Jacopo Loredan underlined, “is a new conception of the magazine that is absolutely unique of its kind and has never been tried before.  By using augmented reality the magazine goes beyond the physical limitations of the medium to explore new territory and to give the reader an exclusive opportunity of using content that is animated rather than static and with innovative interactions and experience.”

To sustain the launch of the initiative, an advertising  campaign has been planed on the Mediaset channels, as well as Sky, Discovery and Viacom, on Italy’s leading radio stations, Mondadori magazines and national newspapers.

Interni presents “International Design Appointments”

New York Design Week”/13-17 May Four appointments organised by the magazine will animate the New York Design week with events that show American creativity alongside Italian design

For the third time New York City welcomes to the knowledge of Italian design with the exhibition “New York Design Week” to be held from May 13 to 17. In this context INTERNI, the magazine edited by Gilda Bojardi, and the mouthpiece of the Italian design around the world for over sixty years, has organised “International Design Appointments”, a cycle of four events that will enliven the design week in New York, and offer an opportunity to see American creativity alongside Itailian enterprise.

The events, open to both professionals and the public, will take place in the showrooms of some of the leading Italian furniture brands in the city, transformed for the occasion into a unique stage. Architects and designers will debate “new projects for urban landscapes”: a new residential model which corresponds to a new way of choosing a more aware and sustainable lifestyle. In fact, sensationalist architecture is being replaced by design that is more attentive to the quality of places and the real needs of urban subjects: the city is once again a protagonist, as a large-scale contemporary agora with innovative public and private services. In this Urban 2.0 scenario design has a very important role as the bearer of an aesthetic and functional language of fundamental value.

“International Design Appointments” starts on Saturday 14 May at 3 pm with “Italian brands design and the US market: opportunities”, with guest speakers Giulio Cappellini, Piero Lissoni, Nasir Kassamali and Gilda Bojardi at Wanted Design Manhattan (Conversation Room – Terminal Stores The Tunnel – 269 11th Avenue btw 27th and 28th Streets, New York, NY 10011); then, on Sunday 15 May at 5 pm Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano with Martinelli Luce will entertain the audience with “LOT-EK + Upcyc ling: Recent Projects”, inside the Studio LOT-EK (181 Chrystie Street 2, New York, NY 10002).

Then on Monday 16 May at 9 am the initiative continues with a conversation between Jeffrey Beers, from the Jeffrey Beers International studio, and Gilda Bojardi, editor of INTERNI, entitled “Bringing Hospitality to the Home”, at the Scavolini Soho Gallery (429 West Broadway, Prince Street, 10012 New York); and, at 6.30 pm “A Residential Design Approach” with Enrico Bonetti and Dominic Kozerski at Natuzzi Italia (105 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016). The meetings, organised at the time of the Italian aperitivo or breakfast, aim to be an interesting time for discussion and debate of the poetics of particularly representative designers as well as a strategic moment of connection between the flagship stores, the designers, the magazine and the broader public.

At the end of each event cocktails will be offered based on typical Italian products. Full information and a complete timetable of the initiative are available on

But there’s more. INTERNI emphasises its international vocation with the May issue, in English (with Italian translation at the end of the magazine), dedicated to Italian architecture and design abroad. The magazine will be distributed in New York with an extra print run of 15,000 copies, in the most important design and fashion showrooms, as well as luxury hotels and art galleries in the city.

Mediamond has contributed to enhancing the line up of “Italian Design Appointments”, which has been put together thanks to the collaboration of: Agricola Due Vittorie, Bauli, Consorzio Tutela Prosecco DOC, Coppini Arte Olearia, F.lli Saclà, Fabbri, Ferrarelle, illy, Piccolo Café, Sibat Tomarchio and I love Italian Food.