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Radio Festival for Europe

A temporary web radio by Radio 105 and Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest

Online at, and fans will find a temporary web radio dedicate to the Eurovision Song Contest, the great European musical event that this year will take place from 9 to 13 May in Kiev in Ukraine.

Representing Italy, as per the rules, will be the winner of the Sanremo Festival: the Tuscan singer-songwriter Francesco Gabbani who will bring to the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest his now celebrated song, “Occidentali’s Karma”.

To support Francesco Gabbani, Radio 105, in collaboration with TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, has created Radio Festival for Europe, a web radio entirely devoted to the European Festival which will feature a non-stop rotation of all of the songs in the 2017 competition, as well as some of the biggest success from past editions, including the Italian songs that have represented the country since 1956. Songs including, Gigliola Cinquetti’s “Non ho l’età” and Toto Cutugno’s “Insieme: 1992”, both of which won the prestigious prize in 1964 and 1990, respectively. And then also Gianni Morandi’s “Occhi di ragazza” (1970), Umberto Tozzi and Raf singing “Gente di mare” (1987) and the more recent efforts of Marco Mengoni, Emma, Il Volo and Francesca Michielin.

The schedule will be further enhanced by interviews with the artists, alternating with a collection of anecdotes, curiosities and news about the contest.

The launch of the new series of In forma con Starbene

Health, medicine, psycho-physical wellbeing and quality of life in a programme on Canale 5 presented by Tessa Gelisio in collaboration with Starbene

From 6 May 2017, every Saturday, at 8.45

Saturday 6 May at 8.45 sees the return of In Forma con Starbene, the Canale 5 programme presented by Tessa Gelisio, with an important new feature.

This year each episode will focus on a single pillar of wellbeing: water, prevention, seasonality, balance, movement, diet, information, naturalness; eight fundamental issues for our physical and psychological wellbeing.

After the success of the previous series, the programme’s collaboration continues with Starbene, the Mondadori Group brand that is a reference point in the world of health and wellbeing. In fact the title, edited by Annalisa Monfreda, brings to the programme a network of experts and the web site, and offers responses to all topics of interest.

With studio discussions, features and regular slots, each episode will examine a full range of issues related to our wellbeing: diet, fitness, medicine, beauty. And each area will be treated with scientific rigour, but in a clear and accessible language for viewers. The programmes guests will include Professor Santo Raffaele Mercuri, head of Dermatology and Cosmetology at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, with his light touch cosmetic procedures and, among the many new faces of this series, the cook Alice Balossi, the food technologist Giorgio Donegani, and the explorative hiking guide Michael Bolognini.

“The contribution of the Starbene experts on TV has been much appreciated by viewers and readers, that we reach every day not only through the newsstands and on TV, but also on the radio, with the RMC Doc feature, and on the web with our newsletters, podcasts and social networks,” said Annalisa Monfreda, the editor of Starbene. “We are delighted to get going again with the new series of In forma con Starbene, that this year will host new experts who will take a closer look and different aspects of healthy living: in fact, during this series we will rediscover a contact with nature, one of the best sources of wellbeing.”

In Forma con Starbene” is online at and is also present on social networks with the official Twitter profile @In_formaTv and official Facebook page providing information, previews, background detail, videos and backstage material.

The Starbene experts are available to all users free of charge on the web site to respond online to questions on medicine and health.

Il mio Papa launches in Portugal

Il Mio Papa, the world’s leading weekly entirely dedicated to Pope Francis arrives in Portugal with the name of O meu Papa.

Week by week, the magazine will offer Portuguese readers  an account of the figure of Pope Francis through anecdotes, stories and curiosities, also about the daily life of the Pontiff, with the same design – colourful and vibrant, high-impact, rich in photographs – that characterises Il Mio Papa.

In addition to keeping all the main characteristics of the Italian edition – in particular the weekly publication, a decisive factor in ensuring a constantly up to date magazine that is close to readers – O meu Papa will have pages specifically conceived for the Portuguese public that Pope Francis will meet on 12 and 13 May in Fatima, on the occasion of the centenary of the apparitions of Our Lady at the Cova da Iria, to which, every week, the magazine will devote a special section.

On newsstands every week, on Fridays, O meu Papa will also give space to the biography of Francis, told in 15 parts.

O meu Papa is published under license by Goody, Portugal’s leading publisher with an extensive portfolio of magazines that also includes numerous foreign titles.

Icon Design presents Icon Design Talks

A new appointment with architecture and design during the Milano Design Week

  • In Milan from 4 to 9 April master classes, lectures and round table discussions with big names from the world of design
  • Special event: Friday 7 April Rem Koolhaas in conversation with Stefano Boeri

Tomorrow, as part of the Milano Design Week, sees the start of Icon Design Talks, an important appointment in the world of architecture and design, produced by Icon Design, featuring the protagonists who are re-designing our cities, our homes and our lifestyles.

A special event of the meetings will take place on Friday 7 April at 11.30 am, “Writing and the city”: a talk between Rem Koolhaas, winner of the Pritzker Prize for Architecture, and Stefano Boeri, the Italian architect and urban designer.

The Icon Design Talks, that will continue to Sunday 9 April at the Microsoft House, spring from the desire of Icon Design, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Michele Lupi, to offer the city an authoritative, useful and curious overview of the future of design, and to speak to the many international visitors who come to Milan for one of the most eagerly awaited weeks of the year.

“A laboratory of ideas to extend our reach in the design area,” said the editor Michele Lupi, “giving the entire city the opportunity to know the personalities and stories of some of the leading protagonists of the world of architecture, a characteristic trait of a magazine with a unique formula, that is widely appreciated by both enthusiasts and professionals.”

This is the spirit that has led to the first edition of Icon Design Talks, an extensive programme of events that will enliven Milan during the Design Week. The heart of the event will be at the new Microsoft headquarters, in Viale Pasubio 21, in the dynamic Porta Nuova – Porta Volta district, a brand new space which aims to welcome over 200,000 visitors by offering technologies, skills, as well as opportunities for training and exchange in the digital area. This is where the six days of meetings, open to the public, will take place with more than 20 events including master classes, lectures and round table discussions featuring more than 40 guests from all over the world.

In addition to Rem Koolhaas and Stefano Boeri, taking turns on the stage of Icon Design Talks will be Mario Bellini, Alberto Alessi, Piero Lissoni and Antonio Citterio, Patrik Schumacher – Zaha Hadid Studio, Gregg Jones – Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, Marcel Wanders, Max Lamb, Alice Rawsthorn and the chef Bruno Barbieri, Massimiliano Locatelli Barber & Osgerby, Michele Brunello, Dror, Barbara Radice, Giovanni Gastel, Marco Amosso, Silvia Robertazzi, Patricia Urquiola and Alberto Zontone.


The Icon Design Talks will officially begin on Tuesday 4th at 6:30 pm with “Unconfined: The New Galaxy Design” at the presence of Patrik Schumacher, director of the Zaha Hadid Studio since 2016, Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Mobile Marketing, at Samsung Electronics. Moderator: Michele Lupi.

The marathon will begin on Wednesday 5 April at 10:30 am with the first master class  “Porta Nuova: sustainability and innovation in architecture and design” in the presence of Alida Catella, CEO of Coima Image, Kelly Russell, Managing Director and Marketing & Investor Relations Manager of Coima and the architect Gregg Jones, of Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects. Together they will talk about the great adventure that began many years ago involving the Porta Nuova project, one of the biggest architectural and urban redevelopment projects in Europe, developed and managed by COIMA SGR, and now a symbol of the new Milan which has transformed the Garibaldi, Isola and Varesine districts. Moderator: Michele Lupi.

Then at 5:30 pm, the second master class entitled “Timeless Design” promoted by B&B Italia where, under the guidance of Manolo De Giorgi, architect and professor of interior architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, three key figures of Italian architecture and design: Mario Bellini, Antonio Citterio, Piero Lissoni will discuss how the concept of timeless design can change compared to a historical period characterised by rapid technological development and the contamination of increasingly expanding multiculturalism.

On Thursday 6 April  at 10:30 am Alice Rawsthorn, the New York Times design critic, will give a lecture entitled “Design Now” followed by a series of lectures by Max Lamb, Massimiliano Locatelli and Barber & Osgerby.

The afternoon begins with a round table that will launch “Manifesto for Urban Creative District“ promoted by China House Vision between Asia and Europe: neighbourhoods conceived on the basis of high aesthetic canons, functional, sustainable and socially inclusive. Live bodies linked to the territory, flexible enough to adapt to changes in a society in continuous transformation. These are the objectives that House Vision Future Life Lab, the Sino-European Innovation Centre, and Dontstop architecture, sponsored by UNESCO ICSSD, brought together in a manifesto with guidelines for new standards of design, for use in thinking about the development potential and urban renewal of Asian countries. Host: Michele Brunello, architect and co-founder of the Sino-European Innovation Centre, together with Vittorio Sun Qun and Caterina Fumagalli.

The afternoon continues with a lecture by Dror Benshetrit at 5:30 pm, followed by another round table dedicated to “Smart working: transparency and dynamism in the workplace” that will focus on the Microsoft case and the AGC Glass Europe Headquarters, and featuring Paola Cavallero, Marketing & Operations director of Microsoft Italia.

At 5.30 pm, Alberto Alessi will talk about “Italian Design Factories and the Alessi case history (1921-2017)” and at 6.30 pm Giovanni Gastel will take part in the presentation of the book “Why death doesn’t separate us” by Barbara Radice, published by Mondadori Electa.

Friday 7 April – Special Event

On Friday 7 April, at 11:30 am, “Writing and the City”, an unmissable conversation between Rem Koolhaas and Stefano Boeri, moderated by Manuel Orazi.

Starting from the their publications, the two ‘archistars’ will discuss the relationship between architecture and the city while trying to answer the question “Why should an architect write about a city when the modifications that he or she makes are already a powerful act of writing on the physical body of the city itself?”

“Language can be seen as an ancient city: a maze of narrow streets and squares, of old and new houses, and of houses with additions from various periods; all surrounded by a network of new suburbs with straight regular streets and uniform houses”.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophische Untersuchungen, 1953


Rem Koolhaas is one of the most influential and discussed theorists of contemporary architecture, some of his books have even become genuine best sellers. In 1975, with Madelon Vriesendorp and Elia and Zoe Zenghelis, he founded the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), of which in 1977 also Zaha Hadid become a member. In addition to designing buildings around the world with OMA, Koolhaas works in non-architectural disciplines – including politics, publishing, media, fashion and sociology – through the AMO think tank, founded in 1999, which is a counterpart of OMA on the research side. In 2000 he was awarded the Pritzker Price for Architecture.

Stefano Boeri is professor of urban design at the Politecnico di Milano and has taught as a visiting professor at many international universities, including the Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD), the Berlage Institute in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Strelka Institute in Moscow, the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio and the Politecnique du Lausanna. He is the architect of many notable buildings , such as the Bosco Verticale in Milan (winner of numerous international prizes), the Villa Mediterranée in Marseille and the Casa del Mare on La Maddalena. His studio, Stefano Boeri Architetti, is currently working on urban development plans around Europe and in other parts of the world.

The location for this special event will be the Maria Teresa Room at the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense (Maria Teresa room), in Via Brera 28.

Friday 7 April afternoon continues with a series of lectures and conversations in the Microsoft House.

At 2:30 pm “The Art of Living” with Vincent Van Duysen; at 3:30 pm “This will be the place” featuring Felix Burrichter, Editor/Creative Director of Pin-Up magazine and the journalist Marco Morello, and at 4:30 pm “Designing designers” with Riccardo Balbo, Academic Director of IED Italy. At 5:30 pm the designer Marcel Wanders with Michele Lupi and Arraut Lucas, director of Icon Design Spain will animate a discussion on “Fashion, Media, Design – parallel convergences”.

Finally at 6:30 pm “Car design: back to the future” a conversation on the design of the cars of the future with Carlo Leoni, Director of Communications of the PSA Group Italy and Michele Lupi. Moderator: Angelo Pannofino, journalist.

Saturday 8 April at 10:30 am “Tailor-made design”, a panel discussion on new customised design with Eugenio Cecchin, CEO of Ideal Standard, Marco Grillo of ABITARE IN, and moderated by Michele Brunello, Dontstop Architecture.

At 2:30 pm “Design tales. Video storytelling”, Patricia Urquiola and Alberto Zontone, guest curators of the fifth edition of the Milan Design Film Festival, will talk about new video narratives with Silvia Robertazzi, founder and curator, with Antonella Dedini, of MDFF. Moderated by Michele Lupi.

At 3:30 pm “Masters in the mirror”. An original confrontation between two undisputed masters of contemporary communication, who have created, in light and graphic design, respectively, a descriptive language for their personal vision of art: Italo Lupi and Ingo Maurer. The two maestri will be interviewed by the designer Giulio Iacchetti.

At 4:30 pm the chef Bruno Barbieri and Filippo Polidori (CEO Polidori & partners) will discuss Food: between storytelling and design. Moderated by Michele Lupi.

The Moderator of Icon Design Talks is Gianluigi Ricuperati, a la Repubblica contributor and the author of “La scomparsa di me” and seven other books, translated in France by Gallimard and by other European publishing houses.

Participants must register at: All events are free.

The launch of Icon Design Talks also gives life to IDD – Innovation Design District Porta Nuova – Porta Volta. This project, created to support initiatives related to innovation and creativity and sponsored by the City of Milan, was conceived by the Mondadori Group and Mediamond and the creative drive of Icon Design.

All of the events of Icon Design Talks and the Innovation Design District during the FuoriSalone are outlined in the guide produced for the current issue of Icon Design, on newsstands now.


The participation of partner companies has actively contributed to the creation of Icon Design Talks and the invitation of speakers of international standing to enrich the programme.

Peugeot, the main sponsor of the event, will present for the first time in Italy Onyx, a concept car the prototype of which has opened the way towards the revolutionary i-Cockpit – a distinctive feature of the new Peugeot cars – as well as the use of innovative materials in car making. Onyx is the highest expression of the typical experience behind the wheel of a Peugeot and is characterised also by a dynamic design and the innovative coupe franche colour, adopted by the company’s other sports models. The discussion around the Onyx will focus on the car of the future, which must be able to excite consumers, with a round table discussion “Car design, back to the future”.

Alessi has pursued a policy of design excellence that has made the company one of the leading examples of the phenomenon known as “Italian design factories” at an international level. As part of the Talks Alberto Alessi will discuss his vision of design, as the magical world of the circus, with five characters in a limited series designed by Marcel Wanders for the Alessi Circus series, which will form a part of the background of the events.

B&B Italia an authentic example of an “industry for design” has asked three masters of Italian design who work with the company – Antonio Citterio, Mario Bellini and Piero Lissoni to exchange ideas on the theme of “Timeless Design”, starting from the anniversary of the Charles seating system, designed by Citterio in1977, that this year celebrates its twentieth anniversary. B&B Italia has also overseen the outdoor look of the Talks and, in the spaces of Microsoft House, presents its Ray Outdoor Natural and Ray Outdoor Fabric systems, both launched in 2017 and  designed by Antonio Citterio.

Arclinea, leader in high-end kitchen design, presents its outdoor kitchen concept, which integrates perfectly with the outdoor setting designed by B&B Italy. The Artusi stove and preparation counter Flox, designed by Antonio Citterio, will be on show during a live cooking event featuring the chef Luca Marchini – of the Michelin star restaurant “L’Erba del Re” in Modena – a precious testimonial, with his Amaltea school, the Arclinea Design Cooking School, the international network of culinary schools, designed by Arclinea.

Food: between storytelling and design” is the title of the conversation in which Bruno Barbieri, star chef and ambassador of Franke, talks about food. The combination of the world’s leading manufacturer of sinks and high-end appliances and a chef with seven Michelin stars is based on a common passion for cooking, the pursuit of excellence and an ability to tell stories.

Design and technology are the elements that unite the work of Samsung with that of Zaha Hadid Architects. Patrik Schumacher, director of the Studio since 2016 will talk about  “Unconfined the new Galaxy Design“, drawing inspiration from the new Galaxy smartphone design, the heirs of Zaha Hadid, will explore the infinite possibilities that are the result of the union of design and technology.

AGC Glass Europe, European leader in flat glass production, supplied 1224 windows, a total of over 10,000 square metres of glass, for the Feltrinelli Foundation complex. An excellent example of how this material has an increasingly important role to play in architectural design and interiors, the theme of the talk “Smart-working, transparency and dynamism in the workplace” featuring Liesbeth Brake of AGC Europe, Marco Amosso architect of the Lombardini 22 studio which designed the interiors of Microsoft House, Luca Pasqualotto of Copernico and Paola Cavallero, General Manager of  Microsoft Italy.

Tailor-made design: customisation as the new language of ‘living” is a theme of the greatest relevance involving contemporary modes of production in architectural and engineering design, linked to BIM technology. It changes the perspective on spaces, which are no longer rigid containers to be filled with interior design and customised furniture, but a whole environment becomes customised, personalised and designed in a single space. Leading the discussion: architects Michele Brunello, Marco Brega and Alessandro Agosti, of Dontstop Architecture, pioneers of tailor-made design, with Eugenio Cecchin, CEO of the best known Made in Italy brand in bathroom furniture, Ideal Standard.

Kartell, one of the symbolic companies that represent Made in Italy design, brings light to the Icon Design Talks. For the occasion, the external lighting set-up will be made with Kabuki lamps, designed by Ferruccio Laviani in the new outdoor version and characterised by an outline structure, inspired by lace and recreated thanks to a highly sophisticated injection technology, with a perforated surface that diffuses the light. Meanwhile, in the interiors the protagonists will be the Aledin LED table lamps, designed by Alberto and Francesco Meda, in the flathead Tec version, with polycarbonate articulated arms, which have two aluminium slats that act as the conductors in place of wires, for workspaces.

In the January-April period, Icon Design’s advertising revenues grew by 31%, with one issue more than in 2016.
The Icon Design Talks event has further improved the result of the brand, which ended the period up by +78%.

Main Sponsor: Peugeot
Design Partner: Alessi, Arclinea, B&B Italia, Franke, Kartell, Samsung
Architecture Partner: AGC, Ideal Standard
Technical Partner: KE, Renson, Verso
Media Partner: Tgcom 24

Interni presents Material Immaterial

The much anticipated exhibition event now in its 20th year

  • From 3 to 15 April at the University of Milan, the Orto Botanico in Brera and in Corso Venezia 11
  • INTERNI confirms its market leadership in the professional living segment and the design system advertising with 55,000 copies of INTERNI. 200,000 copies of INTERNI/Panorama, 120,000 copies of INTERNI King Size and 250,000 copies of the Guida FuoriSalone

MATERIAL IMMATERIAL” is the name of the much anticipated exhibition event conceived by the monthly magazine INTERNI, which this year reaches the significant milestone of its twentieth edition.

With the patronage of the City of Milan, “MATERIAL IMMATERIAL” will run as part of the FuoriSalone from today until 15 April in the courtyards of the University of Milan, at the Orto Botanico in Brera and, for the first time, in Corso Venezia 11, where INTERNI has expanded the reach of its urban animation.

In addition to protagonists from Italy, the magazine has involved many designers from around the world, from – Japan, China, Brazil, Russia, Denmark, USA, Great Britain and Poland – in collaboration with companies, start-ups and institutions, it an attempt to create a varied mosaic of styles and vision. The designers include: Ron Arad with Illy, Alessandro and Francesco Mendini with Elegant Living, Shop Architects with NBK and Metalsigma, Simone Micheli with Valsir, Italo Rota with MR, Kat Von D and Another Space with Sephora, Michele De Lucchi with Ferragamo Parfums and Moretti Costruzioni, the studio BIG with Artemide, Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel with Marazzi, Massimo Iosa Ghini with Ceramiche Cerdisa, and many more.

“The theme of our exhibition event, now in its 20th edition, invites visitors to explore the double soul of the design: on the one hand the universe of actual production, which with materials – wood, ceramics, metals, plastics and natural fibres – constitutes the physical essence of design; and, on the other, the immaterial dimension of creation, starting from the thinking of the designer, increasingly supported by digital technologies and upcoming virtual reality, who identifies the areas of research for the near future,” explained Gilda Bojardi, editor of INTERNI. “In creating these experimental and interactive installations, we work with leading companies in the field of innovation and research, with companies representing internationally established brands and small niche producers that support entrepreneurship and creativity,” the magazine’s editor concluded.

Co-producer of the initiative is Audi, the premium brand of the Volkswagen Group, which at the Audi City Lab, in Corso Venezia 11, presents with INTERNI a series of meetings entitled the Future Needs Stories. The spaces of the former Seminario Arcivescovile, the gate to which will be illuminated by an installation created by Ingo Maurer, will host discussions about the relationship between man and artificial intelligence along with the presentation of the  installation Sonic Pendulum by Yuri Suzuki.

Also the music of R101, the official radio of “INTERNI MATERIAL IMMATERIAL”, will enliven the evening of Friday 7 April (from 9 pm) with a exclusive concert by Levante, followed a Vinyl DJ Set curated for by its music designers. The radio station will also have an interactive installation designed by Lorenzo Palmieri that will invite visitors to play the role of a DJ and select and play their own playlists in the Main Courtyard.

The INTERNI system

In April of the INTERNI integrated communication system multiplies: 4 print publications (INTERNI, INTERNI Panorama, the free sheet INTERNI King Size and the FuoriSalone Guide), a big event (“INTERNI MATERIAL IMMATERIAL”) and INTERNI online (website, apps, and social). These tools enable readers and users to be updated in real time on trends, innovations and advances in design and reaffirm the role of INTERNI as a leading information system for the world of design. In fact, the magazine is transformed from a trade into mass market media publication, an authentic guide and handbook for anyone who wants to know about and orient themselves within a unique event like the FuoriSalone.

The numbers of the INTERNI system

With this event, that gives Milan unique and exceptional visibility, INTERNI confirms its absolute leadership in the professional living segment but also in the design communication system. Further evidence can be seen from the data of the entire INTERNI ecosystem: 55,000 copies of INTERNI, 200,000 copies of INTERNI/Panorama, 120,000 copies of INTERNI King Size, 250,000 copies of the FuoriSalone Guide, a total print run of over 620,000 copies, 4,000,000 readers and 1,200 pages.

The strength of the brand is also clearly visible outdoors: in fact, for “MATERIAL IMMATERIAL” an important campaign of street advertising has been planned including banners in 15 locations in central Milan, 1,000 flags for around 500 events, 10 shuttle bus backs, as well as totems, decorated newsstands, floor-graphics, station domination (Rho and Cadorna), window display and/or LED walls (Megastore Mondadori in Piazza del Duomo and the Rizzoli Store in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele).

To find your way around the increasingly rich  landscape of events during the Milan Design Week, we could not forget the FuoriSalone® Guide – also available as a free app for iPad, iPhone and Android operating systems (tablets and smartphones) – which offers a detailed summary of over 400 events and a day by day calendar of events involving the companies, designers and architects participating in the FuoriSalone, Milano and the Zee Guide Milan (in digital form only and included with the app) with a selection of new itineraries and fashionable spaces in the city: from design to shopping, department stores to restaurants and hotels.

Download the press pack here:

Fuorisalone is inside CasaFacile

At the CasaFacile Design Lab trends, labs and showcooking, events with foodbloggers and outstanding chefs curated by GialloZafferano


  • From 4 to 9 April, in Via Solferino 14 in Milan
  • Seventeen companies are involved in the events at the CasaFacile Design Lab

During the 2017 Fuorisalone, the ideal home proposed by CasaFacile, during the celebrations for the twentieth anniversary of the magazine, comes to life in Via Solferino 14 in the heart of the Brera Design District.

This will be the launch of the CasaFacile Design Lab, a space designed by the Mondadori Group brand, in collaboration with designers of Studiopepe, and made up of a living area, a cosy kitchen and two outdoor spaces in perfect CF style.

“For twenty years we have been coming into your homes every month with the magazine’s ideas and suggestions and together (readers and editorial staff) we have reshaped the geography of living. Now we are inviting you to really get into ‘our’ ideal home, nice to see and easy to live in, to meet us in person and create new things together during the workshops … because CasaFacile is always in action!” announced Giusi Silighini, editor of CasaFacile.

The CasaFacile Design Lab will host all the magazine’s activities and will be open from Tuesday 4 to Saturday 8 April, from 10 am until 9 pm, and on Sunday 9 April ​​until at 5 pm. Trends and styles to enjoy the home of your dreams, labs and workshops organised by Scavolini and Whirlpool, with MT masking tape, with Fujifilm Instax and Sistem Air, just some of the proposals that will animate the events at the CasaFacile Design Lab. There will also opportunities to meet and share the passion that unites both the editorial team and readers. On Friday 7 April  from 10 am to 11:30 am, there will be a community breakfast, a special breakfast with the editor Giusi Silighini (for information on how to participate go to

Every day, from 6 to 9 pm, the evenings at the CasaFacile Design Lab will continue with a number of initiatives organised by GialloZafferano. The first will be on Tuesday 14 April 4 at 6 pm with the chef Andrea Berton who will be interviewed by the editor of the magazine Laura Maragliano. Every evening there will also be show cooking events with food bloggers offering both classic and international recipes. On Saturday 8 April 8 at 7 pm, there will be a performance by the barlady Carmen Clemente.

The CasaFacile Design Lab has also been chosen as the location for the presentation of the first gift box set dedicated to the house created by CasaFacile with Mondadori Store. By buying  Facciamo casa, la professionalità al tuo servizio, you will be able to choose between the architectural service at home, a shopping assistant or a mini course in interior design.

CasaFacile is now much more than a magazine. After seven active years in the web, the title now has a team of 24 creative bloggers who share the style and participate actively in the magazine’s events and initiatives, but mainly cultivate a dynamic and passionate community which includes 257,000 fans on Facebook and 82,200 followers on Instagram, who meet every day online to exchange tips, little discoveries and big projects.

CasaFacile has also confirmed its role as a strategic brand for advertisers, not just in the furniture sector: in fact, after closing 2016 with an increase of +6% in advertising revenues, the positive trend continues and has led CasaFacile leads to a +19% increase in terms of value in the first four months of 2017, an increase that reaches +40% if we include the additional revenues generated by the event.

A complete programme of the Design Lab CasaFacile is available at, on the magazine’s Facebook page and the Brera Design District circuit.

The co-producers of the initiative are Scavolini and Whirpool. Sponsors: Agridè, Arquati, Barilla, Cavit, Ortoromi, Fuji Instax, MT Masking Tape, Nardi, O bag, Saba, Sistem Air, Gruppo Gabel with the Vallesusa brand, Caffè Vergnano, Wilson & Morris. Partner: R101.

Grazia launches Grazia Beauty

The Mondadori Group brand extends its system with the publication, in 2017, of two collectors’ issues dedicated to beauty trends

Grazia, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Silvia Grilli, and interpreter of Italian fashion and style around the world, is expanding its editorial system with the launch on newsstands, on Thursday 23 March, of  Grazia Beauty, an upscale special that interprets the trends in beauty.

Grazia Beauty offers its readers high quality content to keep them up to date, to provide inspiration and customise their look in the form of a beauty book to use and keep for six months, created by the editorial staff of the weekly, with the same characteristics used to produce Grazia itself: style, class and elegance.

“Our readers look to us for a vision on beauty trends and insights about innovations in skin care,” said Silvia Grilli. “This new twice-yearly supplement to Grazia responds to such needs with outstanding visual content so that reading it is also a memorable sensory pleasure,” Grilli added.

This first issue of Grazia Beauty is focused on the theme the ’80s, in terms of image and look: from full mono-colour eye shadow to red highlights, and from a review of the perfumes that were the protagonists of those years, to thick and wavy hairstyles as well as self-tanners and aerobic exercises for a sculpted physique.

The star of the features is the actress Sveva Alviti who embodies and encapsulates the idea of ​​women and contemporary beauty: confident, beautiful, elegant, international.

The graphic design of Grazia Beauty combines the approach linked to the news aspect of the magazine with the enhancement of the visual content. The photos are highlighted and treated with the maximum respect by the great photographer Florian Sommet.

Grazia is the leader in the beauty segment, with a 31% volume market share and an increase of 4% in terms of pages compared with 2015.

“Beauty is one of the sectors that most appreciates print media for its capacity to position clients and its ability to engage readers with images and narrative texts,” said Davide Mondo, chief executive of Mediamond. “Moreover, the possibility of being a qualified sampling vehicle for a profiled audience is often a key element for the entire sector,” Mondo continued. “From our Mediamond observatory, thanks also to the leadership achieved on digital by the Mondadori Group – which in this area is now Italy’s leading publisher – we are seeing a remarkable growth in web investments. The most requested and appreciated area by beauty clients is linked to special events and projects, relatively new strands for this industry. To give just one figure, in 2016, with Grazia alone we created as many as 60 projects for companies in the beauty sector,” Mondo concluded.

The new word on the subject of beauty is “mix”: that is, mixing formulas and textures to customise your beauty routine. With the special feature Make your mix readers can use the advice offered for the best personalised results based on the characteristics of their skin type. From Back of vitamin C to the Guru of fitness on the web, Grazia Beauty is also related to current events and 360° fitness. And, thanks to the Coolest gyms, also be up to date on these temples of fitness.

Grazia Beauty will be on newsstands on Thursday 23 March banded with Grazia at the price of €1.50.
The initiative will be supported by a range of different activities: point of sale posters, targeted distribution at hotels, airports and shopping malls and communication on Grazia’s social networks.

The Mondadori Group launches the magazine Giallo Zafferano: leader on the web and new on newsstands

Print run for the first issue: 1 million copies

From Italy’s number one cooking web site comes a new magazine Giallo Zafferano. The Mondadori Group’s new monthly, on newsstands from Saturday 18 March, can already boast of two firsts: it has the same name as a brand leader in the digital world and is the first cooking magazine, in Italy and in Europe, to have been born from a web site.

Giallo Zafferano offers readers the opportunity of enjoying an experience that begins on the site and is completed with the magazine, with a distinctive offer compared to others on the market, thanks to continuous interaction between the web, social networks and the magazine, giving the brand an increasingly wide total audience.

The starting point is the 6.8 million unique users per month (source: Audiweb view total digital audience, December 2016) and a strong presence on social networks, where Giallo Zafferano already has a total of  4.6 million fans on Facebook.

The magazine, edited by Laura Maragliano, is an ideal bridge to “bring the kitchen into the hands of the reader” and enjoy an even richer experience. “This is the first time a cooking title has been born from a site: Giallo Zafferano is the result of two worlds and two experiences that meet and merge. Our team is made up of long-established professionals working alongside experts under 30, to share ideas and skills. We have begun to build a magazine with a unique, positive and interactive character. And we are confident that readers will welcome it with the same enthusiasm we have brought to this new project,” said the editor Laura Maragliano.

Giallo Zafferano has five distinctive features:

  • 100 new recipes every month, created and tested by the editorial staff;
  • a innovative square format and a layout that plays with white space and with all the dishes photographed from above;
  • the creation of a community that includes the three much-loved faces of the Giallo Zafferano web site, as well as the magazine’s bloggers and journalists: in each issue three teams will face a new culinary challenge;
  • the augmented reality app “Gruppo Mondadori AR+”, available for iOS and Android, to access filmed recipes, videos and extra content, and to interact with other users who are looking through the magazine;
  • interaction with readers, who can vote on the site or using the app for their favourite dish from the monthly challenge and take part in the final contest by proposing a recipe that the editorial team will select for publication in the next issue, in a continuous online and offline dialogue.

The first issue of the magazine will be available on newsstands and at all the major retail chains both as a stand-alone product, at the special introductory price of €1, or in combination with the leading Italian weeklies, Donna Moderna, Chi, Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Grazia, Tustyle, Starbene and Confidenze (at €0.50, plus the price of the weekly), with a total print run of 1 million copies.

Giallo Zafferano makes its debut on newsstands with good numbers, also from the point of view of advertising sales with a total of 47 pages and out of the total 136 pages of the first issue.

The launch of this new magazine enhances the food system of the Mondadori Group, an offer able to cover, with its online and offline brand, all segments of the food sector: from historical publications such as Sale & Pepe, which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary, to Cucina Moderna, the current market leader with sales of 249,000 copies (source: Ads December 2016), which celebrates its 20th anniversary, as well as Cucina no problem, launched 15 years ago, and the more recent Guida Cucina and the newcomers CookAround and Giallo Zafferano and the Sale & Cucina School.

A brand portfolio which, with 96 issues per year, already has a circulation market share of over 60%, and a total overall audience of more than 9 million contacts, of which 7.4 million unique users per month and around 2 million readers per month (source: Audiweb view total digital audience, December 2016 + Audipress 2016 /III).


The magazine opens with the presentation of what’s new inside, a calendar of significant dates during the month, the products of the season and an extensive feature on a popular ingredient, easily found in our kitchens, with 30 new recipes quick and easy to prepare recipes, one for each day of the month.

The centre of the magazine gives space to the three teams, each headed by a well-known face from the web site – Manuel, for fast ethnic cuisine; Giovanni, for traditional cooking; Aurora, for vegetarian food – while bloggers and staff journalists each month will propose a new dish, with video-recipes available using the augmented reality app, a menu and 8 themed dishes. The three team leaders will also compete in a culinary challenge that will change every month and that readers can vote for on both the website or app.

Supporting each section readers will find fact sheets on food, both fresh and packaged, practical advice on the what and how to buy and at the centre of the magazine a poster to remove and keep.

The final pages are given over to the cooking school: sweet and savoury specialties meticulously explained with step by step, in pure Giallo Zafferano style, with technical information on cuts of meat and fish, advice on etiquette and do-it-yourself, a list of wines and a focus on kitchen items, from utensils to the latest electrical appliances.

For the launch of Giallo Zafferano a communication campaign has been planned on print media, the web and large-scale retail outlets, with creativity managed by Hi! Communication.

To mark the publication of the first issue, Giallo Zafferano will also be the protagonist of a series of meetings during the Milan Design Week, with show cooking and themed evenings that will take place in the exclusive location of the Casa Facile Design Lab in Via Solferino 14, in Milan, form 4 to 9 April from 7 to 9 pm.

Chi launches “Chi Matrimoni”

An exclusive reportage of your wedding to experience the best day of your life as a real star

Chi, Italy’s most widely read people magazine, and since the beginning a witness to celebrity weddings, launches an extraordinary new initiative: Chi Matrimoni.

From today happy couples everywhere can feel like real stars, thanks to a new service from Chi, that allows them to experience and talk about their wedding in an unforgettable way.

A wedding specialist and an international-level photographer will cover the couple right through the big day and produce a special personalised edition of Chi entirely dedicated to their wedding. A real magazine, printed as a limited edition and delivered to your home. An extraordinary record to keep and give as a gift to friends and relatives.

The photography will be handled by the agency of Massimo Sestini, an established photo-reporter and the author of some of Chi’s greatest scoops, a contributor to many Italian and international newspapers and magazines and the winner of a World Press Photo award in 2015.

In addition, it will also be possible to offer wedding guests a Chi gift package, including a subscription to the magazine, to keep up with the lives of VIPs and be sure not to miss a single copy of the popular magazine.

To mark the launch of Chi Matrimoni, a bride and groom will have the chance to become testimonials of this innovative service and be the first to experience the emotion of getting married with Chi.

For full details of the initiative, please go to

The launch of the initiative will be supported by an advertising campaign in the press and online, conceived and developed by Graffiti.

“Chi Matrimoni” is also a format offered by Mediamond for other special initiatives that may be realised in collaboration with companies and brands that want to communicate in an original way their closeness to their audience.

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni: increased audience for the brand on both newsstands and digital brand

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the Mondadori Group brand that is a reference point in the world of entertainment, continues its positive performance thanks to a unique offer and initiatives that accompany readers and users every day.

On newsstands, where the magazine is the leading weekly with a readership of 2.6 million (source: Audipress 2016/III) and a circulation of 531,999 copies (source: Ads, December 2016), sales of the three issues dedicated to the Sanermo Festival – with the much anticipated covers featuring the singers, presenters and winners – were up by +15% compared with January. Also the official compilation “Sanremo 2017”, on newsstands with Sorrisi, saw a rise of more than 20% in sales compared with last year.

And there are excellent results for Sorrisi online, too. Having more than doubled the number of unique users compared with last year, reaching, in the Sanremo Festival period from 1 to 15 February, more than 2.5 million unique browsers (source: censuaria), two weeks after the Festival the title continues to see its numbers growing. Thanks to a quality editorial offer, combined with an increasingly effective user experience following the optimisation of the mobile format AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), the site has recorded a constantly growing trend that has seen visits to rise by +40% (source: censuaria).

In particular, Sunday 12 February saw a record number of over 550,000 unique browsers per day, with more than 1 million page views (source: censuaria). The special dedicated to the Festival on the site brought together a range of content,  such as the video-diaries of the singers, interviews, photos, live video, news and curiosities from behind the scenes. Among the most popular were the features on the looks of guests, presenters and singers, as well as the lyrics to the songs, especially Occidentali’s karma by the winner Francesco Gabbani. The video-tutorial of the champion’s dance at Sanremo, produced together with the editorial staff of Sorrisi, became an authentic viral phenomenon, generating over 300,000 views on the site and on social media.