Kim Kardashian

Grazia is on newsstands with a special Issue dedicated to global icons

KIim Kardashian, photographed by Vanessa Beecroft, is the protagonist of and international project of the brand involving 12 editions of Grazia

Grazia, the magazine edited by Silvia Grilli, is on newsstands from Thursday 8 October in a special issue dedicated to global icons. Today celebrities, with huge followings on social media, have imposed their values by putting their lives in the spotlight and through their Instagram – or other social media – profiles, are able to influence a growing number of people. They are icons with hundreds of millions of followers around the word.

Kim Kardashian has established a new idea of beauty. With posts that capture her hourglass figure she has revolutionised aesthetic canons. Cristiano Ronaldo has liberated the idea of having children with surrogate mothers. Selena Gomez has broken the taboo about talking about illness: in fact, today, illness – mental or physical – is something that can be shared. It’s a way of feeling less alone and to be better able to fight against it. A cultural change that has come about mainly thanks to social media icons.

The cover star of the new special issue of Grazia is Kim Kardashian: the undisputed queen of Instagram with 188 million followers, and the protagonist of a global project by the brand involving another 11 international editions of the magazine.

The covers, interviews and exclusive photos have been published simultaneously   from the UK to Italy, from India to Australia, right up to the recently launched US edition.

Grazia has dedicated to her an exclusive photo-shoot by the artist Vanessa Beecroft as well as an extensive interview in which she talks about herself.

“Vanessa Beecroft, one of Italy’s most sought after artists, exclusively shot for Grazia the images of Kim Kardashian that appear in this issue,” declared the editor Silvia Grilli. “Kardashian and Beecroft have worked together for a long time, and in these shots the Italian artist revisits the stylistic character of her living pictures in her portraits of the global superstar. This publishing operation, that involves 12 international editions of our magazine, is further evidence of the success of our network. And in this extraordinary issue, in addition to a long and intimate interview with  Kim, we examine the phenomenon of these new global superstars, from  Ronaldo to Selena Gomez, by way of Kardashian/Jenner, who set fashion trends and influence the passions and economic interests of mass culture with hundreds of millions of followers on social media.”

Readers of Grazia will find inside this special Issue: a major survey, interviews, fashion shoots and features dedicated to beauty, all with a linking common theme: global icons.

The survey looks at how these highly influential personalities are changing the culture. For example, the American actress and singer Ariana Grande, a strong and determined girl who has become a symbol of tenacity for a great many young people and The Rock, currently Hollywood’s highest-paid actor, as well as an example of positivity thanks to his entrepreneurial skills. As well as Justin Bieber, the Canadian popstar, class of 1994, and the idol of teenagers across the globe.

Grazia is news but also lots of fashion. In this extraordinary issue Grazia had fun by imagining photo features inspired by the style of the most popular global stars and creating pieces on the trends and shopping habits that have made the style of these protagonists of pop culture so iconic.

Plus, beauty in this special issue applauds and highlights the products, beauty tips and trends adopted by the great icons.

Grazia also on this occasion demonstrates its role as a multichannel brand and trendsetter in the Italian publishing panorama where it has launched a series of special Issues. The global multichannel system of the Grazia International Network reaches every month a total community of 15 million readers, with a monthly circulation of 10 million copies, and 35 million unique users and more than 20 million followers on social media.

The publication of the new issue of Grazia is supported by an advertising campaign planned of print, digital and outdoor.

Mondadori Group: licensing agreement signed to launch the Grazia brand in the US


The Mondadori Group has announced the signing of a licensing agreement with Pantheon Media Group LLC (PMG), a New York-based media company, to launch Grazia in the United States.

Thanks to this deal, Grazia, the first 100% Italian fashion brand with over 20 international editions, strengthens its global presence and lands in one of the most important countries for the luxury and fashion industry.

Grazia USA will introduce a new business model in the American media landscape, with strong growth potential on other markets too: innovative and strongly identity-driven, it will develop through a global multi-channel platform comprising digital, video and social content, complemented by print editions starting from September 2021.

“The arrival of Grazia in the United States is a highly significant event, the first time an all-Italian fashion magazine lands on the US market with a formula that gives a perfect answer to the new needs of readers, users and businesses. In today’s historical juncture, it bears witness to the strength of a brand that has always stood at the forefront, becoming an icon of international renown, leveraging on its authoritative content and incomparable identity,” said Ernesto Mauri, CEO of the Mondadori Group.

These are the main strengths that have allowed the Mondadori Group’s magazine to chart a course of international expansion that has led it to establish a foothold in 23 countries worldwide, in all the major fashion and luxury markets.

“The arrival of Grazia USA is a transformative event that significantly reshapes the fashion and beauty landscape in the United States with a bold type of next generation media organization. The USA edition of Grazia aims to establish itself as the most prominent and influential guide to fashion, with a mission of crafting impactful visual storytelling and thought-provoking and top-tier journalism to empower and inspire readers”, said Dylan Howard, CEO of Pantheon Media Group LLC and Publisher of Grazia USA.

Grazia USA is online on the new platform with a stellar presence: Kim Kardashian-West, who takes on the lead role in an exclusive international project on the brand’s channels.

The new Grazia USA platform will further strengthen the global multi-channel system of the Grazia International Network. With an audience that currently reaches every month a total of 15 million readers, 35 million unique users and over 20 million followers on social media worldwide, the new platform developed by Grazia will become an exclusive global reference point in the fashion industry for an increasingly wide audience of readers, users and businesses.