Laura Pausini

Icon: a special issue celebrating everything “Made in Italy”

The magazine's six special covers feature world-famous Italian star Laura Pausini, who will appear on the cover of the new issue of Icon along with Nicola Bartolini, Matteo Berrettini, Blanco, Giuseppe Maggio and Lorenzo Zurzolo

The magazine tells the story of Italian excellence, culminating in an exclusive event at Pitti Immagine Uomo, “È stile italiano” (“That’s Italian style”)

Icon, the Mondadori Group’s men’s fashion and lifestyle brand, ushers in the year 2022 with a celebration of Italian talent and style in a special issue available at news-stands starting tomorrow, focusing on the excellence that makes Italy unique.

“We call our first issue of 2022 “È stile italiano” (“That’s Italian style”) to pay tribute to the talented people we believe best represent Italy. All these artists are “made in Italy”, an expression that has, over the past few decades, come to stand for truly excellent products and outstanding people, whose stories we will be telling on the pages of Icon, explaining how they became icons of our unique and inimitable Italian identity. Inimitable, because everything that is made in Italy stands out not only for its style, but for the designer’s culture and approach to design. In short, it’s our culture that makes us unique! This is why the world continues to be amazed and fascinated by everything ‘made in Italy’. It’s the perfect cover for our country,” comments Andrea Tenerani, editor-in-chief of Icon.

Six faces will be featured in the January issue’s cover stories: world champion gymnast Nicola Bartolini; tennis player Matteo Berrettini, the first Italian to qualify for the finals at Wimbledon; rapper Blanco, a phenomenal success in Italian music today; two new faces in Italian film, Giuseppe Maggio and Lorenzo Zurzolo, and world superstar Laura Pausini, whom editor-in-chief Andrea Tenerani himself chose for the cover of Icon.

The first Italian to win a Grammy, a Golden Globe, four Latin Grammies and an Oscar nomination, Laura Pausini bares her soul in her interview with Icon. The star’s lifestyle is tempered by the down-to-earth attitude typical of the people of her region, Romagna: “When I travel alone, I always ask for the smallest room in the hotel, because being alone in a big room makes me anxious. The global head of Warner Brothers once told me I was the only singer to record for the company who had never used a hotel minibar!” She talks about her family and her idols, such as Sophia Loren: “I want to be as serious, concentrated, dedicated, and disciplined as I believe she is.” She has a comment about the Italian rock group Måneskin: “Everything they do makes a splash in Italy, and I’m happy for them. I used to do the same kind of thing, but in those days there were no social networks, so nobody knew what I was up to!”

The January issue of Icon also features great Italian stylists and entrepreneurs such as Armani, discussing his ties with the world of film; Brunello Cucinelli, and his idea of business; and Andrea della Valle, with his winning combination of heritage and innovation. The Destination Future section focuses on stories of Italian know-how, both famous and unknown: from the mystery of Stradivarius violins to the rediscovery of visionary stylist Rosa Genoni, as well as world-renowned artists and musicians, films, indie magazines and much more. Lastly, in the Voices section, authors like Stefano Bartezzaghi and Nadeesha Uyangoda talk about how they see Italy.

The magazine, website and social networks dedicate plenty of space to men’s passions at the start of 2022, from beauty to beverages and from travel to automobiles, presenting plenty of news and sneak previews. In the month of July, this content will be further expanded with the return to the news-stand of Icon Wheels, a special issue of Icon concerned entirely with cars and motorbikes, showcasing the most iconic and desirable models.

This celebration of the people who have made Italy an example of excellence that stands out all over the world will culminate on the catwalks of Pitti Immagine Uomo with the exclusive event “È stile italiano” – “That’s Italian style”, organised by Icon. This very special evening will bring together some of the most prominent people in the fashion industry at the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence on Monday, January 10, including Pitti Immagine CEO Raffaello Napoleone. The honoured guest of the evening will be violinist Charlie Siem, offering a truly outstanding performance.

To provide additional visibility for this showcase of all-Italian faces, traditions and excellence, during the fair dates Icon will also be distributed at Milano Centrale and Firenze Santa Maria Novella railway stations. The first of the 8 issues of the magazine to be published in 2022 will also enjoy the support of a communication campaign via digital out-of-home advertising circuits.