Luì & Sofì

The launch of Me contro Te: the only original fantasy comic by Luì & Sofì

Coming to newsstands on 26 February Me contro Te: the only original fantasy comic by Luì & Sofì, the two YouTubers who have won the hearts of millions of children through simplicity, a joyous spirit, positive values and an ability to create content to evoke dreams and stimulate imagination.

Luì & Sofì have chosen the Mondadori Group for the launch of their first 100% official magazine 100: an occasion to entertain and transport young kids on a range of adventures and the discovery of the world of science.

“We are really excited about this super new project. The fantasy comic Me contro Te is a magazine entirely devoted to fun and the discovery of the world and its wonders. We want to thank the Mondadori Group for having once again believed in us and for having helped us to create the magazine of our dreams,” commented Luì and Sofì.

Every month this new fantasy comic will present two new adventures by Luì & Sofì, illustrated and told in the unique. Colourful and joyous style that is the basis of the magical world of the Me contro Te. Plus, news, curiosities, original ideas from little experiments, topic-based games and quizzes to test readers’ knowledge: an authentic “activity magazine”, conceived for boys and girls aged between 6 and 10. Among the features of the first issue, the world of insects and dinosaurs. The young readers can also write and send drawings to their favourites: and the best letters will be published.

Children will be brought closer to interesting and educational content, thanks to the new comic format of Me contro Te that makes reading stimulating, in a simple but engaging way, in line with the great publishing success of the books published by Mondadori Electa.

The launch of Me contro Te – Il fantafumetto, with a print run of 100,000 copies for the first issue, was announced in a preview by Luì and Sofì in a post on their Instagram profile and is supported by a communication campaign on print media and point of sale.

The magazine will be available on newsstands from 26 February, with a cover price of €4.90.