CasaFacile presents a special “New Home” issue

The magazine will focus on new needs for living and new products to transform domestic space in a more conscious, useful and sustainable way

The project includes multiplatform content, from the magazine to social media, and from the web site to the digital out-of-home circuit, confirms the brand’s cross-media character

CasaFacile, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Francesca Magni, presents a special “New Home” issue. On newsstands from 3 October, the issue will focus on new needs for living and new products and services to transform domestic space in a more conscious, useful and sustainable way.

“How will our homes change after the lockdown experience? This is the question that led to the idea of an issue that looks at how to redesign the home, a continuously evolving space, but one which, in recent times, has undergone great transformations,” explains Francesca Magni, editor of CasaFacile. “To try to answer the question we will use the characteristic positive, smart and friendly approach of the magazine, a style that has attracted an enthusiastic and growing community, with over 400,000 followers on Instagram and 432,000 on Facebook,” she added.

“In my May editorial I asked readers what they had realised they really needed in their homes. There were many replies: from open air space to more green inside and outside the home, as well as larger windows, better organised rooms that can also be combined, movable walls, fluid solutions that change over the course of the day to allow for the range of activities that now also take place in domestic spaces. In our special issue all of these desires will find answers in the form of homes designed with new criteria. But thanks also to the contribution of 42 of our CFInfluencers who we asked to think ‘outside of the box’, about a new concept for the home. We have called this an Extraordinary Issue, because what we propose are examples of “exercises in extraordinary thinking”. Along with an extraordinary cover and a sparkling logo!” concluded Francesca Magni.

The special issue presents 5 homes organised in different themes: a new way of using colourinnovative solutions for a better use of light indoors, new furniture to integrate work and relaxation (from home cinema to gyms, and from meditation to hobbies) in the domestic environment. At the heart of the magazine is a focus on kitchens and what’s new in technology and design to address new ways of using the kitchen. The number of pages will increase to enhance the pages dedicated to “New Home” design and to look at new ways of experiencing the home.

The cross-media, multiplatform CasaFacile special is developed across the magazine and social media, with the significant contribution of 42 CF Style bloggers who will, for the first time, be directly involved in content production, also in print with: do-it-yourself ideas for remote working and plants inside the home casa, suggestions on everyday sustainability, a selection of products to make our lives easier and  decluttering, in other words, what to keep and what to get rid of so that we cane free ourselves of the unnecessary.

We will also launch a dedicated hashtag#casafacilenewhome, that the bloggers will use on their social media profiles, and we will create an  Instagram filter so you can transform your house into a  CasaFacile cover: all you have to do is capture a corner of  your “New Home” with the frontal camera, take a shot and share it in stories with the hashtag #casafacilenewhome and the tag @casafacile. Plus, we have also planned live social media events with accounts fro the magazine.

Thanks to a unique mix of practical advice that favours teste, style and trends, CasaFacile  is always on the side of its readers and their needs, reaching a total audience (magazine and web) of 765,000 net users every month (Source: Nielsen Media Impact Data Fusion – March 2020), to which should be added a community on social media that now numbers more than 850,000 followers.

In the context of the current complex market phase, CasaFacile has confirmed its position as the leader del in its segment, with a 53% share of adv. pages (Nielsen data, January to September 2020).

A leadership that has been developed also thanks to the numerous projects conceived and created ad hoc for clients in different sectors. Initiatives that, with the involvement of stylists and bloggers and the spread of original content on the brand’s social media platforms, now represent a benchmark both for the community of followers and the number of interactions generated.

An advertising campaign in support of CasaFacile “New Home” has been planned on Mondadori Group titles and TV e (20 15” commercials on Discovery home channels) and communication on the DOOH circuit.

CasaFacile “New Home” will be on newsstands from 3 October to 22 October banded with Donna Moderna and Grazia


Grazia presents Future – Made in Grazia, new collectors’ edition

Grazia, the Mondadori Group weekly edited by Silvia Grilli and point of reference for fashion and a voice for news-related issues, presents Future – Made in Grazia, a collectors’ edition entirely dedicated to the future: what fashion, art, design, technology, architecture has in store for us, and the new scenarios that characterise all aspects of our lives.

After having celebrated Italian talent and beauty in the previous collectors’ issue, this new special  edition looks at the future through the words and images of some of the most innovative, experimental and visionary protagonists. A splendid coffee table book, in Italian and English, available from newsstands and selected bookshops from 19 February in Italy, in major European capitals and in New York.

“The world around us has changed very rapidly,” observes Silvia Grilli in her editorial. “We are both players and spectators of the digital revolution that is transforming our lives. Human intelligence is no longer exclusive and is ceding space to artificial intelligence. Female and male are losing their monopoly as non-binary emerges, the third sex option already on enrolment forms in American schools allowing non-binary people who do not identify as female or male, or feel that they are a combination of both.”

But that’s not all. Beauty, also for models, will increasingly be less a question of proportions and much more to do with commitment and activism, as discussed by two protagonist like Ruth Bell and Nicole Atieno. Women will finally have to claim full autonomy, as the great Serbian artist Marina Abramovic says. Meanwhile, the cinema will increasingly engage with civil rights issues, as the Oscar-winning director Barry Jenkins suggests. And a new ecological consciousness will develop through brand new projects to protect the environment, as the environmental artist  Anne de Carbuccia  explains in her intense reportage.

Also the spaces and objects of our life will change. As Carlo Ratti, one of the great scholars of innovation as applied to urban spaces explains, the ideal city will be one where allotments and gardens will replace car parks. Design materials will be cultivated as living organisms and no longer as industrial products, as the international designer Patricia Urquiola shows. While art will explore the imaginations of black artists, of all genders, that until now have not received the recognition they deserve, as can be seen from the work of painter Elizabeth Colomba.

But what are we to do with all this future? Will we be able to handle our second identities constructed for the digital communities where we have found an escape from routine? What will happen to our data, our videos, our photos, all of which will remain forever in the endless ocean of the web? Will we be able to control artificial intelligence? And where will the new limits be in a real world that wants to erect walls but on the web knows no frontiers?

These and other questions are addressed by the protagonists of Future – Made in Grazia, with stories, interviews and stunning images able to give us an advance peek at the great revolutions of a future that is very near and affects us all.

Published in Italy since 1938, Grazia is today the only  100% Italian fashion magazine distributed around the world, from France to Great Britain, and from Mexico to China and Australia. It is a brand that has managed to accompany generations of women thanks to a unique formula that combines  fashion, beauty and current affairs. News, investigations and background on issues of the greatest interest, along with exclusive features, a visionary style in the shots of great photographers and interviews with world-famous personalities, thanks to an ongoing dialogue with major players on the international scene and a privileged relationship with celebrities, top models and designers.

The launch of Focus Scuola: a new magazine for teachers

A monthly for subscribers that helps teachers to face the new challenges of the classroom

A magazine aimed at all teachers of primary and first level secondary schools, to help them face the new challenges of the classroom in the digital age: this is Focus Scuola, a new monthly for teachers from the Mondadori Group.

Focus Scuola, edited by Sarah Pozzoli, has been conceived as a tool at the service of teachers, to support them in their day-to-day work with pedagogical and didactic advice for “feel better” in in the classroom and to manage classes, develop authoritativeness, control stress, attract and retain pupils’ attention and motivate them to study.

“This new magazine – underlined the editor Sarah Pozzoli – comes fro the experience of Focus Junior which for years with its projects for schools, class visits to the editorial departments and events around the country, is in continuous dialogue with teachers, children and parents. all of these activities have enabled us to gather information and to intercept the great need for support for teachers who increasingly need to know about and try out tools that can help them every day as they propose new, engaging and innovative teaching activities. This is why, in 2017, we launched the Osservatorio Trend Junior which has helped us to look more closely at the younger generations, their parents and teachers, and to understand how to virtuously triangulate these three targets in handling issues such as education and training.

Focus Scuola, which is available every month on subscription, offers background details on the latest scientific and pedagogic research, but also good experimental ideas from Italy and the rest of the world from individual teachers and provides suggestions about innovative methods and the use of technology in the classroom.

Extensive space is also given to the latest scientific news of relevance to schools and norms and regulations from the Ministry of Education, as well as reviews of films, books, exhibitions study tours and new trends in the world of children and teenagers, plus a wealth of ideas for lessons and labs that can be done in class.

An added feature is the inclusion of columns by authoritative exponents from the world of schools such as Marco Rossi Doria, Daniela Lucangeli, Alberto Pellai, Giovanni Biondi, Alex Corlazzoli and teaching kits as supplements to the magazine, produced on the logic of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

Focus Scuola is available only on subscription at a cost of €69 (annual subscription, 10 issues) or €99 (a two-year subscription, 20 issues). During the whole of December it will also be possible to subscribe for a year to  both Focus Scuola and Focus Junior at the special price of €79.

In the first issue, available from this week, among a wide range of issues there is a cover dossier on strategies for communicating with parents and an interview with the philosopher Umberto Galimberti.

Interni “Icon Architects”: the collectors’ edition of Interni hits newsstands

The edition hits newsstands after the international previews in Miami and Shanghai

In December, the INTERNI system recorded a 3% increase on advertising revenues compared with 2017

Icon Architects is the fourth in the Serie Oro of INTERNI that is an ideal continuation of the account of Italian design begun in 2014 with the commemorative volume marking the 60th anniversary of the magazine. The year the focus shifts to Italian and international architects who, in addition to having created prestigious buildings and interiors, have been involved in some of our country’s most representative products. Their experience takes us to the origins of the phenomenon, the result of work by designers who wanted to design all-round, day-to-day spaces in their entirety: from architecture to objects of furniture.

We asked 100 Italian and international architects how, in the context of changes in the scale of their projects, their design approach changes. It is a topic of perennial interest that offers a picture of how they work within the Italian International Design system and contribute to the transformation of creative thinking into iconic products.

Following the preview at the Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai, Icon Architects will be presented also in Miami. INTERNI, together with the Istituto Marangoni Miami and the Italian Consulate General, has organised a design talk ICON ARCHITECTS – 100 International stories and visions, a debate on the role of the designer and the architect in contemporary society, the current relationship between the two disciplines and the new perspectives to which the culture of design seems to have shifted.

Following opening remarks from Cristiano Musillo (Italian Consul General), Hakan Baykam (President and CEO of the Istituto Marangoni Miami) and Gilda Bojardi (editor of INTERNI), the participants in the discussion will be Nasir Kassamali (CEO Luminaire), Giulio Cappellini (Art director and Designer), Piero Lissoni (architect), Massimo Perotti (president and managing director of Cantieri Sanlorenzo), Mauro Porcini (Senior Vice President and Chief Design Officer of PepsiCo) and Allan Shulman (architect).

The event will take place on Tuesday 4 December at 10.30 am at the Miami School of the Istituto Marangoni (Building 3700 NE 2nd Avenue, FL 33137), in the heart of the Design District, one of the most dynamic areas of the city which, in recent decades, has become famous around the world as a key Art, Design and Fashion destination.

The volume, for which an additional print run of 10.000 copies (in Italian and English), has been planned, will be distributed in the main design showrooms in Miami, New York, London and Milan.

Icon Architects has been supported by over 200 of the best and most representative brands from the world of international design, contributing to the excellent results of the INTERNI system which, in December alone, has recorded an increase in revenues of over 3% compared with 2017.

With 208 pages, Icon Architects will be available from this week from newsstands as a supplement top the new issue of the magazine at €10 (magazine included).

For more information, please go to:

Icon: Federico Sarica appointed editor-at-large

The magazine edited by Andrea Tenerani reinforces its team

Icon, the magazine dedicated to the passions of the contemporary male edited by Andrea Tenerani, is reinforcing its team with the addition of Federico Sarica in the role of editor-at-large.

Sarica brings to Icon all of his professional experience with the aim of enhancing even more the global and contemporary approach that characterises the successful formula of the Mondadori Group brand.

Turin-born and Milan-based, Sarica has extensive experience as a journalist, having collaborated with, among many titles, il Foglio, D di Repubblica, Vogue and l’Uomo Vogue. In 2011 he was among the founders of Studio, a magazine of news, current affairs, culture and lifestyle, of wich he will continue to be editor-in-chief.

Interni at the Salone del Mobile.Milano Shangai

Together with Interni China the design talk “Icon Architects - 100 international stories and visions” and a preview presentation of the book “Icon Architects”

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai  (22 – 24 November 2018) the brand INTERNI will present the design talk ICON ARCHITECTS – 100 International Stories and Visions.

The event, organised by INTERNI China and INTERNI,  will propose the perspectives of a number of leading Italian and international architects who, as well as designing prestigious buildings around the world, have applied their approach to objects and created some of the most representative of Italian design products.

Icon Architects, the fourth volume in the Serie Oro of INTERNI, dedicated to 100 Italian and international architects, will be presented for the first time in Shanghai and will ideally extend the account of Italian design begun 2014 with the volume celebrating the magazine’s first 60 years, followed in 2016 with the collectors’ edition 500 Italian Design Icons Still in Production and in 2017 by Icon Makers.

The protagonists of the conversation Icon Architects – 100 International Stories and Visions, which will take place on Friday 23 November at 2.00 pm at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre (Dome Hall – Piazza Italiana), will beYang Dongjiang (editor-in-chief INTERNI China and professor at the Academy Art and Design of Tsinghua University) Gilda Bojardi (editor-in-chief of INTERNI), Carola Bestetti (Head of Marketing and Communications at Living Divani), Aldo Cibic (architect and founder of Cibic Workshop), Aric Chen (Curator-at-large of M+ – Museum for visual culture in Hong Kong) and Carlotta de Bevilacqua (Vice President and CEO of the Artemide Group).

 The international guests, representing the worlds of business, publishing and education, will take part in a debate on the role of designers and architects in contemporary society, on the current relationship between the two disciplines and on the new perspectives on the ways in which the culture of design seems to have shifted.

For full details please go

The “Focus Live” festival at the National Museum of Science and Technology will run until Sunday 11 November

Over 200 debates, conferences and meetings to talk about the great challenges humanity is facing

The event has been organised by Focus, the magazine that is a point of reference for popular science and entertainment

 The official opening took place this morning with Piero Angela,  who received an award for his career

Today saw the official opening of the first edition of the “Focus Live” Festival, an event organised by Focus – the Mondadori Group brand that is a point of reference for popular science and entertainment – in cooperation with the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

The programme, which will run in Milan until 11 November at the spaces of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum, features over 200 events, including conferences, workshops, debates, shows, labs and interactive installations – run in collaboration with Italian and international universities, institutions, research centres and companies – with the aim of presenting and offering a more detailed look at the current challenges facing humanity and the tools we have to  meet them.

At the official opening held this morning, Piero Angela was presented with a prize for his outstanding contribution to popular science by the editor of Focus Jacopo Loredan.

“For us, Focus Live is the culmination of an initiative that started one year ago together with the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milandeclared the editor of Focus Jacopo Loredan. Focus Live, just like our magazine, is within the reach of anyone who is interested and curious; and we think it will be unconventional, stimulating, fun. This can be seen from the programme that we have pit together: with a rich variety and something for all ages, including events and labs also for young children.”

“We are delighted that at last Milan has a festival of science and we are proud that it will take place at our Museum with an innovative format – emphasised Fiorenzo Galli, General Manager of the  National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. With the ongoing cooperation, enthusiasm and ambition that we share with the Focus team, we have stimulated each other and developed a target of involving the public in unique experiences, with special personalities, around issues and topics that allow us to imagine the future and to help us to build it together. The result of the combined efforts of Focus and the Museum is an ideal marriage that brings together the  vision, competences, experience, networks and cultural resources of  both.”

Genetics, the environment, immortality, artificial intelligence, space travel, sex, climate change, robotics: these are just some of the issues on which the rich programme of events of “Focus Live” will concentrate, a winning exploration across 5 thematic areas (Earth, Homo Sapiens, Science, Technology, Space), and that will enable the public to explore the various fields of knowledge in a rigorous but fun way, in line with the Focus style.

On the fourth day of “Focus Live” over 100 scientists, presenters, journalists, writers and many other experts, will illustrate the latest developments in a number of scientific and technological fields and offer an overview of the adventure of Homo sapiens from our origins to the present, in order to have a better understanding of the big choices and ethical and pragmatic dilemmas our species has to face.

Tomorrow, Friday 9 November, the main stage will feature a one of many protagonists, climate scientist Luca Mercalli (at 10.30 am), who will touch on the very delicate and current issue of global warming and associated climate change, while at 11.30 am, on the same stage, pharmacologist Silvio Garattini, president of the Mario Negri Institute, will illustrate some of the most recent medical discoveries and talk about the current state of cures for diseases that we still haven’t defeated.

At 12.30 pm,  visitors will be able to explore the new frontiers in astronomy and listen to the “music of the stars” with astrophysicist Marica Branchesi.

On Saturday 10 November, at 1 pm, Salvatore Aranzulla, the popular information technology expert, will reveal many of the secrets for success on the internet, while Guido Tonelli from Cern will take a closer look at a number of issues related to cosmology (11 am).

Finally, on Sunday 11 November, the final day of “Focus Live”, we will examine the future of space missions with astronaut Paolo Nespoli (at 5 pm) and at the present state of the earth as seen by cartoonist Zerocalcare (at 12).

Across the entire events area  there will be a number of installations that will allow visitors to get an hands on experience of some of the wonders of science and technology, such as the transparent bath (in the Homo Sapiens Area) which is two metres long and 1.70m deep, and simulates the conditions of our organism when we are in in apnea. The Technology Area will host the robot Centauro, developed by IIT in Genoa and able to provide support in difficult contexts, such as natural and man-made catastrophes. In the  Earth Area, the Natinla Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology will make available to the audience of Focus Live an earthquake simulator: 6 people can access a platform and feel the sensations of horizontal movement of the kind provoked by a tremor. And then, in the Science Area, it will be possible to try Hyperscanning, a method with which a number of people interact while their brains are being simultaneously scanned, and discovering, for example, affinities between couples.

There will also be a Kids Area, run by the magazine Focus Junior, entirely dedicated to smaller children, where kids can take part in labs on topics such as space, coding, science and diet.

The realisation of “Focus Live” extends also to events the iterations of the Focus brands: an authentic system which in addition to the print and digital magazine includes a range of titles (Focus Extra, Focus Domande e Risposte, Focus Storia, Focus Storia Collection, Focus Storia Wars, Focus Junior, Focus Pico, Focus Wild), the web site with a monthly audience of more than 1 million unique users, the Mediaset TV channel. on digital terrestrial channel number 35, the Facebook page, with over 1,500,000 fans and an app specially created to use the content of the print magazine in augmented reality.

The complete programme of the Festival is a available at

Tickets are available on the site of the del Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia at this link:



“Focus Live” is supported by a number of prestigious partners.

Main Partners: e-distribuzione, IBM, Volvo

Partners: abmedica, AnnurKap, Candia, Calligaris, Essilor, Fruittella, Genertel, Lenovo, Università Telematica Pegaso, Yakult.

Charity Partner: IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele

Media Partners: Focus Junior, Focus Tv Mediaset,, R101

With the Patronage of: Asi, CNR, Esa and Inaf


With thanks to: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Università di Padova, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa, Muse di Trento, Aeronautica Militare, Esercito, British Interplanetary Society, Italian Mars Society, INGV, Ris dei Carabinieri, Sony PlayStation, Imra, Jrc, Infn, Asferico, Orto Botanico di Padova and Bloom Project.

Andrea Tenerani appointed new editor-in-chief of Icon

From next December onwards, Andrea Tenerani will be the new editor-in-chief of Icon, the Mondadori Group brand dedicated to contemporary male passions. This appointment is aimed at further enhancing the successful formula that has enabled the magazine to become a point of reference both in Italy and abroad.

The new trajectory of Icon will be characterised by a focus on the evolution of the style and language of the new generations, while highlighting the points of strength of Made in Italy.

Originally from Massa, in Tuscany, Andrea Tenerani during his professional life has acquired experience with both national and international brands. He joined the Mondadori Group in 2011 as the co-creator of Icon in the position of creative and style director, before going on to become the deputy editor of the magazine. The many projects he has overseen include the creation of the retrospective exhibition dedicated to David Bailey at the PAC in Milan in 2015. Subsequently, Tenerani became the creative and style director of GQ and fashion director at L’Uomo Vogue.

The Mondadori Group revamps its women’s system and launches new versions of Donna Moderna and Tu Style

Strong brand identity, outstanding editorial quality and a multi-channel approach are the strong points of the Group’s leadership in the segment

From this week onwards Donna Moderna, the weekly of reference for women in Italy, and Tu Style, the personal shopper that offers readers advice, will both appear in completely renewed versions.

Two operations with which the Mondadori Group innovates its offer in the women’s segment, an area in which it maintains the leadership with more than 50% of the market of reference in terms of circulation, thanks to brands that are characterised by a highly distinctive identity, multi-channel development and the very highest editorial quality.

“Women’s titles have always been one of the strengths of our portfolio and it is the job of a publisher that is leader in both magazines and digital like Mondadori to constantly follow the development of interests and consumption habits of readers in order to continuously evolve,” declared Carlo Mandelli, the Mondadori Group’s general manager of Magazines Italy area.

“Following the celebrations for the 80th Anniversary of Grazia that underscored the successful formula of the only 100% Italian fashion magazine published around the world, we have now turned our attention, within a market scenario characterised by great vitality in the women’s segment, to the new formula of Donna Moderna and to the new identity of Tu Style. The two brands together represent by far the biggest women’s platform in Italy, with a reach of 15,6 million unique contacts both press and digital”, Mandelli concluded.

“In an evolving market it is indispensable to continuously renew the product. On this occasion we are dealing with two love brands that are also outstanding multi-channel platforms,” declared Davide Mondo, chief executive of the advertising sales company Mediamond. “Donna Moderna and Tu Style continue to express great vivaciousness among weekly titles with an annual circulation of almost 15 million copies and more than 5,000 advertising pages, with a 36% share of the advertising market in the women’s news segment. The market chooses us because of our ability to engage and interact with the woman target, as is demonstrated by the 210 cross-media projects completed since the beginning of the year and by the new Audiweb 2.0 system of metrics, which gives the titles almost 13 million users for the month of July,” Mondo concluded.

As regards the advertising sales, digital is increasingly important and now accounts for more than 30% of the total advertising revenues of Donna Moderna and Tu Style, with some 900 clients on the multi-channel platforms of the two brands during last year.

From today onwards, Donna Moderna and Tu Style, under the editorship of Annalisa Monfreda, will address the public with a completely new approach that will cut across the entire ecosystem linked to them, ranging from print to digital and social media communication.

Donna Moderna, thanks to its wealth of content, has always been a magazine to read from cover to cover. And we are giving a more relaxed form to this reading experience with a design that invites readers to dig deeper and offers some respite from the noise that surrounds us,” the editor Annalisa Monfreda declared.

“With Tu Style on the other hand, we have built a magazine that hasn’t existed until now, dynamic and renewed, and aimed at all those women who express themselves though their look and are always searching for practical inspiration. The new Tu Style will stand out as a highlighter providing valuable lessons in style,” the editor Annalisa Monfreda concluded.

Donna Moderna

The new Donna Moderna is taking on an increasingly elegant identity, while continuing to be immediately readable. With the arrival of fashion director Paola Salvatore, fashion and beauty will have more space, with more extensive features that enhance the images. From today onwards the magazine will alternate a mix of tones and will give more space to the contributors of specific columns: Chiara Gamberale, Geppi Cucciari, the “cynical beautician” Cristina Fogazzi, Michela Murgia.

Also the digital world of Donna Moderna is debuting with a graphic and content total renewal: a new elegant and sophisticated look, with a balanced use of white space and targeted colours that make the opening of the website more appealing in the widescreen format.

Also in this case, the concept is focused clearly on beauty and fashion, with more aspirational contents also for women on the move, who have little time and are looking for the most up-to-date trends, along with even more advice on fashion and beauty related issues.

The occasion will be marked with the launch of  new format short videos “Right/Wrong”, the dos and don’t’s of everyday make-up, and “Beauty Shades”, all of the shades required to enhance all types of skin to complete a 360° beauty and fashion experience on mobile web and social media. Plus, the “DM quote”, funny and inspiring quotes and memes, adapted for social channels.

The re-launch of Donna Moderna is being supported by an important communication campaign developed by Hunbranded on TV, radio, the web and social media, Mondadori Group magazines, and newspapers.

Tu Style

The new Tu Style, with an estimated reach of over 820.000 unique users, proposes to its target audience cool, fresh, intelligent fashion, while always paying special attention to prices. Fashion is the focus that distinguishes the magazine, but with particular attention to trends, styles, lifestyles with the single common denominator of a “shopping attitude”.

In Tu Style  – whose editorial consultant is Simona Barbieri – the change in image is clear from the cover: a fluorescent frame, more evident headlines. The magazine’s three sections – Up to date, Stylish and Social – will each have a dedicated cover to enhance even more the content of each individual part of the magazine. Up to date features all of the news that a reader who wants to be up to speed and informed could desire. The Stylish section is for women who are fashion enthusiasts, women looking for fashion tips and suggestions. While the last part of the magazine, Social, is dedicated to readers who love social life and want to be always connected, so this section brings together all the news about lifestyles and events.

The social media strategy of the new Tu Style will focus on the use of Instagram for the opportunity it provides to transmit in the ideal way – through posts and stories, with fashion and lifestyle topics – the brand’s editorial projects which from today onwards will offer a “shop window of trends”.

In support of the re-launch an engagement initiative have also been developed  foreseeing the involvement of 12 fashion influencers aligned with the values of the magazines for which they will become ambassadors. Working alongside them will be four content creators who every month will share and talk about the world of Tu Style to the brand’s combined community of around 1 million of followers.

The campaign for the re-launch of Tu Style has been developed by WM Content on radio and social channels, as well as Mondadori Group magazines.

Confidenze devotes a special issue to readers’ most moving stories

The edition on newsstands on 16 October will offer the best stories by aspiring writers as part of the “ConfyLab” initiative

Confidenze, the Mondadori Group magazine that for over 70 years has been a point of reference for enthusiastic female readers, is launching a special issue on newsstands devoted to the most moving unpublished stories produced thanks to the “ConfyLab” writers’ workshop.

Over the summer, the editorial team of the weekly edited by Angelina Spinoni received some 1,000 submissions: “real stories in the first person” and dealing with love, the big changes in life, friendship and health, which were read, “revised” and selected by Susanna Barbaglia with a view to publication on the magazine’s various channels.

Of the 200 stories that passed the careful screening of the “coach”, 15 will be published in a special issue of Confidenze n. 43, on newsstands from 16 October. The others will appear in the centre of the magazine in subsequent issues and will also enrich the content of the blog

“I am extremely proud of the success of ConfyLab,” confessed Angelina Spinoni, editor of Confidenze. “Given the high quality of the stories we have received, in fact it was tough to select those that were better able to give a voice to the changes in habits and the needs of women in general. From the next issue our enthusiastic readers will be even more the protagonists of the magazine and its content.”

Confidenze is a weekly whose distinguishing characteristics are empathy and warmth. It deals, in a confidential tone and language, with current issues, fashion, beauty, well-being, psychology, do-it-yourself, cooking and the home. It boasts a community of readers with 40,000 present on Facebook and active on the web site, un portal full of first person testimony, short stories, articles about current affairs and lifestyle and editorial content produced by expert contributors.