“Good luck to the graduating seniors” – Studenti and Webboh together for graduation 2023

The new initiative of the Mondadori Media brand, the GenZ target leader, with new branded content formats and the most popular creators

For graduation 2023, Studenti, the digital point of reference of the Educational segment, and Webboh, the first community dedicated to Generation Z, offer their partners a one-of-a-kind opportunity to speak to the 470 thousand graduating seniors taking their exams throughout Italy.

Throughout May and June, the two brands’ editorial plan includes a vast range of contents on both Studenti, via its cross-topic expert creators, and Webboh, to speak of the upcoming graduation of GenZ’s most popular idols: a unique offer aimed at reaching the vast range of graduating seniors on their favourite channels, especially on Tik Tok and Instagram, and at supporting them educationally and psychologically in an entertaining way.

Both Studenti and Webboh take advantage of this opportunity to renew their graphic contents and logos: via a restyling of the website and a “special graduation section” for and optimized navigation on, so as to ensure more interactiveness between the website and social communities.

For the brands interested in communicating with the target audience at this specific stage of their life, Studenti and Webboh – together with Brand On Solutions, the Mediamond branch focused on special initiatives – planned original and engaging branded contents for all customers interested:

  • the Graduation diary: a series of selfie video contents on Instagram through which GenZ’s most popular young creators will detail their study period by speaking of the most intense moments and emotions preceding their exams;
  • POV, I’m graduating: a social video format in partnership with Giulia Bellu (@giulia_bellu – Power Talent Agency creator) and Eva Andrini (@evasfoodaddiction – Zenzero Talent Agency creator) aimed at giving advice on how to overcome anxiety and what to eat while studying in an ironic and gentle tone;
  • Vox – The Voice of Graduating Seniors: a social video format with Webboh’s Tiktokers aimed at meeting and interviewing graduating seniors at the school gates during their exam dates and to allow youngsters to share their experiences and emotions.
  • After graduation: a great online survey on it concerning students’ choices after the exams and a collection of special web and social orientation contents dedicated to life after graduation: from post-graduation tips to guidance on how to study abroad and other ideas on starting a career.

Studenti and Webboh are GenZ target leaders with respectively 4 and 3 million unique monthly users (Audiweb source) and with over 3,5 million overall followers on their social networks (source: Sensemakers on Comscore Shareablee): an audience that ensures high quality KPIs and above-average engagement rates to its communication partners.

  • Studenti‘s graduation special completes its traditional web offer – conceptual maps, premium contents, summaries, – a vast range of original contents from its edu-creators through the #learnwithtiktok hashtag. The brand, which counts over 1,2 million followers, records continuous growth on Tik Tok, which now accounts for about half of total followers.
  • Webboh follows the graduation steps of the most popular creators through a gentle and entertaining approach. The post “What were the creators’ final marks?” was among the ten most read articles of 2022 on it. With over 15 million monthly interactions and 2,3 million followers, Webboh is in the top 10 of Prima Comunicazione’s and Sensemakers’ “Top Most Social Media” ranking. confirms its position as a point of reference for high school diploma exams

From conceptual maps to podcasts, thousands of items of content available online

Record on TikTok, with 7 million views and 3 million likes in the week of the exams

Teaching materials, summaries, conceptual maps, guides and background details prepared by teachers, as well as podcasts with audio snippets for speed up revision, a YouTube channel and dedicated groups on Facebook and Telegram: also this year confirms its role as a point of reference for schoolkids involved in the high school diploma exams, making available all of the necessary resources to face and overcome the challenge.

The Mondadori Group brand – used by the community also as a platform for sharing opinions, doubts and expectations, starting from surveys and questionnaires – has continued to offer support for students outside of school with a wide range of materials on its web site and on social media, confirming its position as a leader in the educational segment with 5 million unique users per month (Source: Comscore, April 2021).

THE MOST CLICKED CONTENT – Exhausted after a year and a half of distance learning and by the final rush of checks and tests, final year high school students have once again found in digital content an indispensable source of support for revision ahead of the exams. This is confirmed by a survey conducted on the eve of the exams by on a sample of 40,000 pupils: 50% of them declared that they found the summaries extremely useful, followed by conceptual maps (25%), background (14%) and videos (9%). However, it is podcasts that won the record number of clicks, for which, in the month of May alone, more than 165,000 downloads were recorded, with a total of over 1.2 million downloads on the brand’s channel.

THE SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITY – Among the many difficulties encountered at the end of the year, the biggest one concerned the preparation for the exam: it is by chance that, according to a recent survey by, 80% of students did not feel adequately prepared or were afraid of gaps due to distance learning. The exams, however, went better than expected, as can be seen from the comments collected on the brand’s social media channels, which have become an authentic meeting and exchange point for all the students: “My exam went well. I was excited, I had studied a lot and it seemed like a walk in the park,” writes Veronica. “Guys, I’’s over! An unforgettable feeling, good luck to the next lot!”, echoes Desiree.

From literary summaries to mathematical explanations, from English cards to scientific curiosities, and from practical tips to jog the memory and concentration to suggestions for dealing with performance anxiety, the final year exams are confirmed as increasingly social and digital.

RECORD ON TIKTOK Present on all major social networks with a fanbase of 910,000 users (Source: Shareablee and TikTok, June 2021), in the weeks of the exams enjoyed unprecedented success on TikTok. In fact, for the first time, with the launch of the hashtags #imparacontiktok, #imparacontiktokitalia and #maturità2021, even the popular social network attracted a significant number of students struggling with the state exams.

Thanks to the quality and immediacy of the educational video snippets, as well as the openness and spontaneity of the young creators, the channel received a wave of subscriptions, with more than 310,000 followers and more than 3 million likes; a total of 7 million views.

The commitment of the team will not stop even during the summer months: the brand’s TikTok creators will continue to keep students company, with lots of new content designed to support them both in their choice of university and in view of getting back to school.



Also this year the maturità is with

Available online podcasts for graduating students with audio tips to revise literature and history and prepare for the exam

Italian high school students will this year face quite different final year exams starting from 17 June. The health emergency means there will be extraordinary rules for the much-anticipated exams: the traditional written tests will not take place and all students will face an oral exam in a new format, in front of a commission on internal members, while respecting the social distancing rules foreseen by the MIUR.

And once again, supporting Italian students as they prepare the maturità will be, the Mondadori Group brand, leader in Italy in the digital area in the world of Education with over 4.3 million users per month according to Audiweb and a Facebook page with around 500,000 fans, and which, for more than 20 years, has been helping high school students to get through this important exam.

In recent months has continued to support students who have been kept away from school. With a wide offer of content on its web site and on social media, this has allowed students to have material available for distance learning and to continue their preparation for the final year exam, known in Italy as the maturità. Fundamental teaching resources in this time of virtual lessons, as is confirmed by an online survey made by the brand on a sample of some 3 thousand young people at the end of March. According to both the interviewees and teachers, all of the material available online and on the most common audio and video platforms and useful tools to facilitate distance learning.

Podcasts: new tools for students
The offer of resources and material on has been expanded with a new, practical and easy to use teaching tool: Te Lo Spiega, (Let explain) the brand’s exclusive podcasts for final year students. Every week, four tips focusing on the syllabus of Italian and History, to help students form all streams to revise ahead of the oral exam or an assignment with the main points of a topic or mini biographies of leading figures who have left their mark on history. In just five minutes you can revise an author like Cesare Pavese, a work like Il fu Mattia Pascal or a literary movement, such as the Decadent Movement. But you can also learn what was discovered by Marie Curie, who Charles Darwin was or what happened on 9 November 1989, when the Berlin Wall came down. To these can be added those dedicated to the guides for preparing the maturità, where, for example, students can listen again to how to analyse a text or the techniques for improving your memory of what you are studying.
The technology partner of in the creation of this new content is Spreaker, Italy’s leading platform for the creation, distribution and monetisation of podcasts, conceived for beginner and professional podcasters, and for publishers and companies who want to include podcasts as a tool in their communication strategy.
The Te Lo Spiega podcasts have already been reached 100,000 downloads per month 100 across all of the most popular platforms used by kids and are among the content recommended by Spotify and Google. A result that confirms that listening to audio series is now a fast-growing trend, even among the younger generations: in fact, according to Spreaker the average monthly listener figures for podcasts in Italy  has grown by 50% between December 2019 and March 2020, and podcasts linked to “Education” are always the most popular.

Growing numbers
With its material in support of the world of school, from background materials produced by teachers to conceptual maps, summaries of dissertations and exam guides to podcasts, was able to respond immediately to the need for distance learning in recent months and provide support for students facing the final exam.  The figures for April demonstrate this success and once again confirm the brand’s success, with an increase in traffic of 50% compared with the same period last year. In this period of virtual lessons it has been the teachers themselves that have suggested to their students the resources of and the boom in traffic shows that users recognise the reliability and authoritativeness of the available content. has also again confirmed its position as leader in search engines for the most important keywords related to the maturità including, maturità 2020, maturità oral exam, paths to maturità and dissertations.

The community on social media
But the team is also supporting final year students on social media, providing information and news about the new form of the exam and helping them to measure up and find solutions to problems related to organisation and teaching. The Facebook page has reached almost 500,000 fans with a group dedicated to the Maturità 2020, to which has been added a new group on Telegram.
To support students in the weeks immediately before the exam and in June during the exam period, the team has developed a format called TG Maturità. This is a programme of live Facebook events to give examinees updates and news about the exams and replies to their most frequent questions. There will also be contributions from a number of guests who will help the candidates with last-minute doubts so that they can calmly face their exam preparation.

The success of the YouTube channel
There has also been a great success for the Youtube channel which has doubled the number of views, thanks to the development of new formats, which join the more traditional video notes. From StudentTalk to StudentTea and tutorials for the oral exam: a series of videos offering useful suggestions and advice for students beyond the didactic content. And then, of course, there is also the participation of authentic stars of digital education, such as Elia Bombardelli with her lessons in mathematics.

After the exams accompanies students also after the exams, supporting them as they decide on their next steps, with content and targeted tests to orientate their choices and the creation of ad hoc Facebook groups such as Orientamento Università and Test medicina a numero chiuso, which to date have 27,000 and 40,000 members respectively. This is where students can exchange ideas on the best choices for their future, as well as a place to find information about universities, entry tests and receive the latest news on other issues of interest.


New record for 3.6 million unique users during the week of the maturità

800,000 views for Maturandi, the anthem of the Maturità by Lorenzo Baglioni feat.

340,000 users reached with the live streaming of the event La notte dei Maturandi, the Mondadori Group brand, leader in the Italian educational sector with 4.3 million unique users per month (Source: Audiweb, March 2019), has recorded an excellent performance on both the site and on social networks during the period of the 2019 Maturità (Italy’s final high school exams).

Supporting students in their studies for more than 20 years, also this year ran non-stop coverage of the exams from 7 am to 8 pm, with real time updates, comments from tutors and experts and mock exams, as well as interviews with students outside schools before and after the written tests, and reaching an absolute record level of traffic. The Maturità Special on the site from 17 to 23 June was followed by 3.6 million unique users, +14% compared with the previous year, with 77% access from smartphones (Source: Google Analytics).

In the first week alone after its release,  the video of Maturandi, the anthem of the 2019 Maturità by Lorenzo Baglioni, an exclusive co-production with, recorded over 800,000 views across all social platforms and on the web site.

An authentic anthem for the students involved in the exams that the artist presented during an event entitled La notte dei maturandi, on Tuesday 18 June at the Mondadori Megastore in Piazza Duomo and in live  streaming on Facebook and YouTube. Some 340,000 people saw the live social coverage of the special talk show presented by Lorenzo Baglioni and the content creator Lea Cuccaroni, with very special guests, such as the influencer Ludovica Pagani, the face of TV’s Le Iene Matteo Viviani, the scientific YouTuber Adrian Fartade, the comedian Filippo Caccamo, the presenter Andrea Delogu, and Alessandro Sansone, the speaker from Radio 105, the media partner of the event, who shared anecdotes, suggestions and advice on the eve of the first written exam.

On the Facebook page, which has 482,000 fans, the team coordinated a group dedicated to the 2019 Maturità with 36,000 subscribers and where students could exchange ideas and useful information about the exams.