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Available in bookshops, on newsstands and online from 9 September 2016

To mark the 15th anniversary of 11 September 2001, Mondadori Comics is publishing for bookstores, newsstands and online “McCURRY, NY 11 SEPTEMBER 2001”, a previously unpublished collection of photographs by the world-famous photographer Steve McCurry and the support of two exceptional talents from the world of international comic illustration Jean-David Morvan and Jung Gi Kim.

The special volume in the Mondadori Comics series Historica includes a selection of 76 original photographs by Steve McCurry, 8 of which have never been published before, provided directly from the Magnum archive.

The illustrations, in a large-format of 136 colour pages,  reproduce the most memorable and dramatic images from the professional life of Steve McCurry: from Afghanistan to India, and, of course Ground Zero in New York.

Narrated by the great photographer himself, with the support of two exceptional talents from the world of international comic illustration, “McCURRY, NY 11 SEPTEMBER 2001” provides an account of how Steve McCurry captured the tragedy of 9/11.
It is a volume without equal: illustrations, cartoons and photographs alternate in a narrative stream that takes in the historic events that led to the biggest ever terrorist attack, using the lens of an undisputed photographic master and the illustrations of two great talents of the ninth art, to recount decades of history from the farthest corners of the earth, united by the indefatigable will of Steve McCurry to bear witness.

It was an epoch-changing event in world history. Our vision of the world changed: we now have a pre-9/11 and a post-9/11 world. We will never be the same again, and we couldn’t have imagined what would happen after. Life is changing.”
Steve McCurry

It was very clear to me that that was my duty, that I had to do it, that it was my responsibility as a photographer and a human being, all these things. I had to photograph what happened to create a memory of the events…”
Steve McCurry

The book also contains sections dedicated to his most important travels, from  the Afghanistan of the Mujahidin to New York under attack in 2001.

McCURRY, NY 11 SEPTEMBER 2001” will be on sale in bookshops, specialised comics stores, on newsstands and online from 9 September 2016.

Mondadori COMICS presenta McCurry, NY 11 settembre 2001

The series:

Historica is a month series by Mondadori Comics that covers great historical events and their protagonists using extraordinary illustrations by many of the world’s leading illustrators.
Every month, in bookshops, specialised comics stores and on newsstands, Historica offers the best large-format colour illustrated history books.
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Historica brings together the best illustrated stories, mainly coming from France. Wars, battles and adventures are the main themes, all set in their rigorously documented context, and drawn by celebrated masters of illustration noted for the artistic quality of their work that has met with popular success around the world.
Historica is a series that appeals both adult readers with an interest in history and fans of illustration and comics who want well-produced, up to date and high-standard value thanks to titles that are either unpublished  or difficult to find, or published in formats that do not do justice to the artistic quality.
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