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Alice Cairati, the new communications and promotion manager of the Piemme, Sperling & Kupfer and Mondadori Electa publishing houses

Today, Alice Cairati takes up the position of Communications and Promotion Manager of the Piemme, Sperling & Kupfer and Electa publishing houses, reporting directly to General Manager Stefano Peccatori.

Born in Milan in 1984, she graduated from the University of Milan with honours in Philosophical Sciences. Cairati began her professional career with the Mondadori Group 13 years ago, at the Mondadori Electa publishing house. After three years of experience in marketing, she shifted to communications and events in 2014, before becoming Communications Manager for the Varia line of Mondadori Electa, Sperling & Kupfer, Piemme in 2019.

The new communications structure entrusted to Alice Cairati was designed to develop integrated communication plans, in which the press office, digital communications and promotion are coordinated strategically and effectively. In this respect, Cetta Leonardi is head of the Radio and TV Press and Promotion Office, Alessandro Ventura is head of the Digital Communications and Promotion Office, while Cairati remains responsible for the Events Office.

Mari e monti in cucina. Ricette buone e genuine della tradizione italiana

A new book available exclusively in Mondadori Store with many recipes to help readers rediscover the regions of Italy and their food and wine heritage

Mountains, lakes, countryside, sea: 180 recipes to rediscover traditional regions and give respect to raw materials

After the success of Cucina verde (2021) and Cucina a colori (2022), Mondadori Store is launching a new exclusive initiative made in collaboration with Mondadori Electa: Mari e monti in cucina, a journey through the regions of Italy to rediscover the tastiest and most traditional recipes that support sustainability by using local ingredients and local producers.

The cookbook, available from 2 October, and only in Mondadori Stores, contains 180 dishes, divided by their region of origin, where raw materials play a central role. From mountain cuisine, with its rich, spicy and warm dishes, to the fresh and fragrant dishes of the sea, passing through the lakes, which are often forgotten but which offer endless culinary insights, and the golden-brown countryside, with healthy and authentic dishes, in this book you will embark on a journey through the Italian regions to rediscover the tastiest and most traditional recipes, and delve into some of the aspects that make Italy a true standard for beauty in the world.

The book will be available from 2 October for only €2.90 when purchasing 2 additional books of your choice in participating Mondadori Stores and at


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Electa grows in art publishing with the acquisition of Abscondita

Rosanna Cappelli appointed managing director of Electa S.p.A.

Sale&Pepe and Cucina Moderna: for the first time three books from the Mondadori Group’s cooking brands

  • The Sale&Pepe bible of vegan recipes
  • Flavours of Italy from Sale&Pepe
  • Chef in 24 hours recommended byCucina Moderna

Sale&Pepe, the Mondadori Group brand that for thirty years has brought pleasure to the table thanks to gastronomically exclusive and refined ideas, for the first time presents its recipes in two new books: The bible of vegan recipes (Sperling & Kupfer) and Flavours of Italy. From north south, the best of our cuisine according to Sale&Pepe (Mondadori Electa).

These initiatives are a further demonstration of the  strength of the brand that, thanks to the richness of content, the authoritativeness of its experts, the respect it pays to the culture of food, the territory and Italian lifestyle, has been able to spread its offer across a range of channels – the magazine, with themed specials, the web site, social networks, events and courses at the Cooking School – becoming a system that is a point of reference in the world of food with an overall audience of 1.6 million contacts per month (Source: Audiweb tda 2017/II + Audipress 2017/II).

“Over the years Sale&Pepe has tread carefully across the evolution in Italian cooking and followed the changes in the use of ingredients, quantities and preparation and interpreted innovations and trends with recipes with the reach of everyone that are never complicated or banal and with photographs that make them surprising,” said Laura Maragliano, editor of Sale&Pepe. “This long experience is today translated into two books of which I am particularly proud and through which e invite readers to taste different dishes, discover the incredible variety of products that we have and the generosity of our land.”

The bible of vegan recipes offers over 450 recipes to discover the joys of vegan cooking, from appetisers to desserts, with unique dishes and preparations for those with little time; special treats for parties, complete and seasonal recipes, preserves, drinks and smoothies, as well as a glossary of ingredients.

Flavours of Italy. From north south, the best of our cuisine according to Sale&Pepe is a tour of the extraordinary variety of Italian cooking. The ancient wisdom of the culinary arts that, in so many different iterations, criss-crosses the mountains and the plains, the east  and west coasts and, of course, the islands, with a selection of 150 dishes.

In addition to Sale&Pepe also Cucina Moderna is in bookshops this month with Chef in 24 hours. A cookery course to learn all of the techniques, basics and tricks for preparing  successful recipes (Sperling & Kupfer). The manual offers an easy method to work successfully in the kitchen, in the classic style of Cucina Moderna, the brand leader in the sector that reaches over 1 million readers (Source: Audipress 2017/II) thanks to its accessible, step-by-step recipes.