Mondadori Media

Mondadori Media, star of the IAB Showcase with a line-up of Gen-Z top creators

● An exclusive event with the leading brands in the world of food, fitness, beauty and fashion
● In the collaboration between publisher, brand and creator, the successful mix for effective communication strategies for the young generation

Mondadori Media, the leading Italian multimedia publisher on social media and one of the most important players in the digital sector, will be the star of the first edition of the IAB Showcase, the IAB Italia marketplace dedicated to digital content scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, 30 May, in Milan.

A ​non-stop, 40-minute relay, where the creators of Giallozafferano,​Mypersonaltrainer,​The Wom and Webboh​and talent agencies Power and Zenzero, will take turns on stage with sketches, challenges, head-to-head interviews, games and time for entertainment and in-depth analysis. The show will be hosted by Power’s young talent, Diletta Begali, who will guide the audience through the line-up of stars from the world of food, fitness, beauty and fashion.

Empower your engagement: brand, creator and Mondadori Media together for a perfect match! – as the name implies, the event wants to emphasise the value of collaboration between publisher, creator and brand by constructing tailor-made communication strategies that are effective for the younger generation. The stars of the Mondadori Group’s team of creators and agencies, together with Andrea Santagata and Daniela Cerrato, respectively the CEO and Marketing Director of Mondadori Media, will tell the story first-hand on the event’s main stage.

The Mondadori Media showcase – Presenting Partner of IAB Showcase – will see an extraordinary line-up of top talent from the Italian digital scene, including:

  • Niccolò Famiglietti, international teacher and trainer on the Power Talent Agency roster and face of Mypersonaltrainer, the leading brand in the wellness, fitness and health sector with 14 million unique users and 3 million followers on social media. Famiglietti will interact with the audience in the room, challenging them to perform a series of easy-to-perform exercises for everyone.
  • Diletta Begali, a Youtuber who has established herself on social media for her stories about travel and daily life, will perform a sketch on stereotypes related to creating an influencer marketing project along with Giulia Bellu, actress and content creator, both of whom are on the Power
  • Benedetta De Luca, Gender & Inclusion Editor at The Wom, will guide the audience through an overview of the values and strengths of Mondadori Media’s 100% inclusive social media brand, with 9 million unique users per month and 6 million followers on social media. The content creator and disability advocate will also present the new video format TikTalk, created in collaboration with Hej!, together with Daniela Cerrato.
  • Giulio Pasqui, CEO of Webboh, and Nicky Passerella, the brand’s leading creator, will also be on the Mondadori Media stage. Together they will be the stars of a special head-to-head interview on the language of Gen-Z. It will be a discussion about the first digital community dedicated to the new generation, with 5 million followers and more than 14 million monthly interactions, appearing in the top ten of the most social media-oriented Italian media, from two different points of view.
  • The showcase will also see talks by Aurora Cavallo (aka Cooker Girl) and Diletta SeccoGiallozafferano’s leading talent and one of Zenzero co-founders, the talent agency for the best Italian food creators – who will discuss their experiences as food creators in a game, focusing on projects, recipes and communication methods related to the digital world.
  • Clizia Monguzzi, Account Director of OMD, will close the showcase and, together with Andrea Santagata, will tell the story of the development and the value of McDonald’s case history on-air on the channels of Giallozafferano, the leading food media brand in Italy with 18 million unique users per month and 60 million followers on social media.
  • For the grand finale Daniele Rossi, the renowned chef from Giallozafferano, and one of Zenzero ‘s co-founders, will perform in a special cooking show.


The line-up of Mondadori Media speakers at the IAB Showcase:

  • Diletta Begali, Host & Content Creator – Power Talent Agency
  • Giulia Bellu, Actress & Content Creator – Power Talent Agency
  • Aurora Cavallo, Creator of Giallozafferano and Co-Founder​ of Zenzero Talent Agency
  • Carolina Cefalù, Head of Talent Manager of Zenzero Talent Agency
  • Daniela Cerrato, Marketing Director of Mondadori Media
  • Benedetta De Luca, Gender & Inclusion Editor of The Wom – Power Talent Agency
  • Nicolò Famiglietti, Beauty & Fitness Influencer – Power Talent Agency
  • Clizia Monguzzi, Account Director of OMD Italy
  • Giulio Pasqui, CEO & Co-Founder of Webboh
  • Nicky Passarella, Creator and Actress
  • Jessica Piga, Head of Talent Manager at Power Talent Agency
  • Daniele Rossi, Creator of Giallozafferano and Co-Founder of Zenzero Talent Agency
  • Andrea Santagata, CEO of Mondadori Media
  • Diletta Secco, Creator of Giallozafferano and Co-Founder​ of Zenzero Talent Agency

Mondadori Media: amazing results with over 83 million followers

Giallozafferano is the leading Italian media for its video views

Excellent website traffic results too: Mondadori Media on the podium of the Audiweb ranking, thanks to Giallozafferano, Mypersonaltrainer and The Wom, leaders of their segment

Mondadori Media distinguishes itself once more among the leading Italian publishers for its digital audience, with excellent website and social media results.

Social media results

Mondadori Media’s 100 profiles reached over 83 million followers in March and exceeded half a billion monthly video views (sources Comscore + Instagram video insights).

In Prima Comunicazione’s Top most social Italian media ranking, processed by Sensemakers, Giallozafferano conquers the first place for its video views with 113 million views. Webboh is also in the Top ten with 14 million interactions.
Excellent results for The Wom, which concluded the month of March with a record of 6 million followers and 46 million video views (sources Comscore + Instagram video insights).

Outstanding performance also for the branded contents developed in partnership with Mediamond. In the paid partnership ranking of Prima Comunicazione and Comscore, Giallozafferano is first on Instagram with 45 thousand actions taken on a series of reels implemented together with Cooking with Bello, Luisa Orizio and Evasfood Addiction, all top food creators of Giallozafferano and the Zenzero Talent Agency. Excellent performance also for the branded campaigns implemented in March by Mypersonaltrainer, Webboh, which reached 18 thousand actions at the Webboh Awards, and The Wom with nearly 16 thousand actions.

“We’re very satisfied of the great numbers achieved in terms of audience and interactions, further confirming the strength of the strategic decisions taken,” stated Andrea Santagata, General Manager of Mondadori Media. “Our recipe is based on the quality of the brands and contents, but also on a focus towards the new generations, by increasingly focussing on new talents and creators through both the foundation of new companies, such as The Wom and Zenzero, and acquisitions, such as Webboh and the Power Talent Agency,” concluded Santagata.

Web ranking

Mondadori Media on the podium of Audiweb’s ranking of Italian publishers with 27 million unique users, an 8% increase compared to the previous year, and a reach equal to 61% of the market (Total digital audience, February 2023).

Giallozafferano is once again Italians’ first choice in the Kitchen with 18 million unique users and a 57% reach in the Food & Cooking segment. Mypersonaltrainer and The Wom, leaders in their categories, also stand out with respectively 13 million and 8,6 million unique viewers.
Historical results for Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, which reaches 5,5 million unique users and an amazing growth of +43% compared to the same month last year, also thanks to the success of the special initiatives implemented at the Sanremo Festival of 2023. Excellent performance also for Webboh, the first community entirely devoted to GenZ and which reached 3 million unique viewers in its first Audioweb ranking, thus confirming the brand’s ability to reach its elective target even beyond the social media channels.

McDonald’s and Mondadori Media sign Italian data protection authority’s Pietrarsa agreement

A project to promote correct use of data by younger users, organised by Focus Junior, the reference brand for children and teenagers

The Pietrarsa National Railway Museum today hosted the State of Privacy ’22 event sponsored by the Regional Authority of Campania and the Municipality of Naples, which promotes correct use of digital data among users.

As part of this important event, McDonald’s and Mondadori Media, the Mondadori Group’s social multimedia company, took up the proposal of the Garante della Privacy – the Italian data protection authority – by signing an agreement in which they undertake to promote correct use of digital data among young users: the objective is to make available the necessary tools to educate youngsters about the value of their personal data in order to help them become active, knowledgeable citizens, users and consumers.

Through Focus Junior, the reference brand for children and teenagers which uses an edutainment approach to offer its readers a means to explore the world, concepts and terminology will be explained in a simple entertaining way to stimulate curiosity with the right questions and a touch of irony. Assisted by specialists on the subject, Focus Junior will publish articles in the magazine, videos, posts, memes and short clips on its website and social media.

The same content will be amplified in McDonald’s restaurants with a booklet edited by Focus Junior, packed with cartoons, infographics and illustrations, which will be distributed during events organised for youngsters. Given its widespread presence across Italy, McDonald’s is an effective amplifier of values, especially among young people, who have always been one of its most faithful publics.

We are happy to have accepted the invitation of the Garante della Privacy and to have signed this important undertaking to safeguard the younger members of the community,” commented Luisa Adami, General Counsel and Franchising Director McDonald’s Italia. “Personal data processing is an issue to which we pay great attention: protecting our users is a priority. We are proud to join a project to raise awareness among children and young people, an initiative I feel strongly about not only in my role as General Counsel, but also as the mother of two daughters who come into the project’s target group.

“Educating children and young people about personal data protection is a priority for society as a whole, and one in which, as a publisher that talks to the younger generations on a daily basis, we want to play an active part,” said Mondadori Media Chief Operating Officer Andrea Santagata. “This is why we have responded with such enthusiasm to the appeal of the Garante della Privacy to take concrete action in this area: we are doing so with a project organised by the Focus Junior brand, to answer the questions of young people and their families and give them the knowledge to be aware and responsible.”

 McDonald’s Italia

Active in Italy for 35 years, today McDonald’s has 640 restaurants across the country and a total of 27,000 employees who serve 1 million customers every day. Ninety percent of McDonald’s Italian restaurants are managed on a franchising basis by 140 local entrepreneurs, reflecting the brand’s strong local roots. McDonald’s confirms its intention of being a “local” brand

also through its choice of suppliers, 85% of whom are Italian companies or companies that have production operations in Italy. Worldwide, McDonald’s operates in more than 100 countries with over 38,000 restaurants.

 Mondadori Media

Mondadori Media is Italy’s leading multimedia publisher, with a distinctive positioning and audience on the editorial market. Through its brands, the Mondadori Group’s social multimedia company caters for the passions of the Italians – food, entertainment, science, fashion, edutainment and much more – and reaches more than 25 million unique users every month (source: Audiweb Jan-June 2022), an overall fanbase of 70 million people (source: Shareablee + social insight 2022) and almost 9 million readers (source: Audipress 2022/I).

Mondadori Media joins ONIM

The Mondadori Group’s social multimedia company joins ONIM to offer the National Influencer Marketing Observatory an even broader vision of Italy’s influencer marketing scene

ONIM – the National Influencer Marketing Observatory, which analyses Influencer Marketing at the national level in Italy, welcomes new member Mondadori Media, the social multimedia company in the Mondadori Group that leads the Italian market with 60 million fans.

This synergy will broaden ONIM’s vision of the Italian market even further, integrating the experience and know-how of the Mondadori Media brands, which lead the way in vertical segments linked with the Italians’ great passions: from Giallozafferano to Focus, MyPersonalTrainer and The Wom, to mention only a few.

The social multimedia company holds a distinctive position with 110 social profiles and a growing fanbase on all platforms. This dynamic range continues to grow with innovative editorial content drawing on exclusive partnerships with more than 200 top creators particularly popular with Generation Z, a target that is increasingly the focus of brands’ projects and special initiatives.

“The addition of a company like Mondadori Media,” says Matteo Pogliani, ONIM Founder and President, “represents yet another step toward a complete understanding of influencer marketing and the creator economy in Italy. Mondadori Media has stood out over the years for its constant focus on creators, leading to particularly interesting forms of synergy and integration. It represents a case history worth analysing, offering us an opportunity to broaden our horizons in different directions from “classic” Influencer Marketing”.

“We’re very proud to become a part of ONIM: as Italy’s top social destination, we maintain a constant focus on new idioms and the production of innovative, creative formats”, commented Andrea Santagata, General Manager of Mondadori Media. “Our brands respond to the demands of an increasingly vast public, playing a leading role on the social networks, where we can count on the collaboration of a team of creators including top talents from Italy and abroad. This is why we consider it strategic to continue focusing on influencer marketing, adding to and strengthening our range of content,” concluded Santagata.

Mondadori Media: partnership with Twitter for the enhancement of video contents

Mondadori Media, Italy’s leading multimedia publisher with 55.5 million fans on social networks, has signed a partnership with Twitter to join the Twitter Amplify program, which allows the possibility to amplify and promote video contents on the platform, reaching an even wider audience.

The agreement involves the Twitter accounts of the Mondadori Media brands Giallozafferano, MyPersonalTrainer, TheWom, Smartworld, Focus, NostroFiglio and Studenti, which are real points of reference in vertical segments linked to the passions of Italians – from cooking to wellness, from technology to science and training – with 1.6 million followers overall.

The partnership highlights the strength of Mondadori Media, chosen as an important partner to get in touch with valuable audiences through innovative content, relying on consolidated know-how in the production of videos for social media: an area in which Mondadori Media has already strong experience and leadership, thanks to an internal team dedicated to the co-production of editorial content with partner brands and successful special projects.

Thanks to this agreement, Mondadori Media and Twitter will offer partner companies the possibility of inserting pre-roll advertising videos, before the contents published by the Mondadori Media brands.

Mondadori Media will further expand the development of branded content social projects and initiatives on Twitter. This will extend the opportunities for companies and investors interested in reaching new audiences based on their needs and in an authoritative, transparent and highly interactive context thanks to the involvement of the Mondadori Media brand communities, making advertising communication ever more effective.

Promoting an innovation culture: Mondadori Media a partner of Italy at Expo 2020 Dubai

The Commissioner General’s Office for Italy at Expo 2020 Dubai and Mondadori Media, a Mondadori Group company, announce a partnership for boosting Italy’s participation project in the forthcoming Universal Exhibition with cultural and editorial activities and events. 

The collaboration will involve a rich calendar of editorial events and initiatives both during the exhibition semester and over the course of the build-up year to Expo 2020 Dubai, which will start on 1st October 2021. 

The activities included in the partnership that Mondadori Media will arrange together with the Commissioner’s Office will help to enhance visibility of the main themes that Italy will bring to the attention of the people visiting the national pavilion and to those connected digitally to Expo Dubai, the first large-scale event after the pandemic and the first Universal Exhibition to be held in an Arab country, situated in the heart of the MENASA. (Middle East, North Africa, South Asia) region. 

“The Expo 2020 Dubai Universal Exhibition will be an extraordinary  showcase for Italian companies, as they will be able to communicate  to the world their “Made in Italy” know-how and excellences. As a  leading publisher, we could not fail to grasp this important visibility  opportunity for the entire country. In line with our mission, our aim is to  spread culture, ideas, entertainment and information through our  brands to the widest possible public,” explained Ernesto Mauri, the  Managing Director of Mondadori Group.

“The partnership with Mondadori Media,” declared Paolo Glisenti, the Commissioner General of Section for Italy at Expo 2020 Dubai, “will allow us to expand and promote participation in the first global event after the pandemic, an extraordinary opportunity for reaffirming how Italian beauty has come to be a strategic driver for sustainability, resilience and the country’s relaunching“.

Mondadori Media S.p.A., the new brand development company of the Mondadori Group

From 1 January 2020, a new organizational setup built on brand enhancement from a multi-channel perspective