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“C’è vita, in un libro. La tua”: Mondadori Store launches its new book promotion campaign

Young readers are protagonists

Mondadori Store has launched a new campaign for the promotion of books and reading entitled “C’è vita, in un libro. La tua” (There’s life, in a book, yours) and giving a voice to younger readers.

The initiative by the Mondadori Group bookshop chain, now in its second edition, aims to enhance the reading experience through authentic testimonies from readers.

“Through its bookshops, Mondadori Store contributes to an important social mission that encourages the spread of books across the whole country and actively promotes the importance of reading,”  declared Francesco Riganti, marketing director of Mondadori Retail. “For us, readers are the best witnesses of the message. This year we have chosen today’s younger readers as the protagonists of the initiative in the hope that they will become the big readers of tomorrow.”

Based on an idea by the artist Mr. SaveTheWall, the project will involve over 40 children of between 4 and 11 years old, who will be interviewed in two special sessions of Bookshot, short video and photo shootings by the artist with the support of the psychologist and psychotherapist Stefania Andreoli.

Each of the children will talk about their favourite book, bringing to life, in their own words and imaginations, to the emotions evoked by reading it. An intimate moment, also a family relations, and the fruit of discovery, joy, amusement, dreams: resulting in precious testimony to the importance of reading from early childhood.

“Despite the efforts of my parents, I was late in discovering the pleasure and importance of reading. Over the years I have reflected on the fact that it reading recommendations had come from a child of my own age, perhaps it would have been more credible and convincing and I would have gained valuable time. Today, thanks to Mondadori Store, I have had the privilege of confirming this feeling, with an artistic project based on the engaging spontaneity of “young readers”. They are truly amazing,” commented Mr. SaveTheWall.

“It was astonishing to hear the account of a favourite book in the words of the little ones. In fact, we have always encouraged children to read, encouraging parents to get them started early in the most appropriate and effective ways. In this case, however, we are witnessing a first time: the spectacle of those who become, how they think, and the rich and intense internal world that our children develop when we give them the opportunity to be readers,” added Stefania Andreoli.

All of the content will be available on, that will bring together also the testimony of readers invited to participate in the initiative by sharing on social media networks their favourite book using the hashtag #condividiunlibro.

The campaign, which will run from 15 November, will be arranged across four print and video subjects of 30’’ and 60’’, and can be seen on newspapers and magazines, the web and on the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, in all of the bookshops of the Mondadori Store chain and on as well as on digital screens in railway and metro stations, in shopping malls and in urban centres. The creative proposal has been developed by the agency Action & Branding.

“This is a very ambitious project which has brought to life a wonderful experience. Combining the creative idea of an agency with art was a complex challenge that has generated content that we really love. I am sure that tis project represents an innovative form of communication of considerable interest to the public and with an excellent impact on the brand,” concluded, Alessandro Pedrazzini, CEO of Action&Branding.

Mondadori Store launches “C’è vita, in un libro. La tua”, a new campaign for the promotion of books an reading

A project that is the fruit of collaboration with the artist Mr. SaveTheWall and the creative contribution of the Action & Branding agency

C’è vita, in un libro. La tua” (There’s life in a book, yours) is the claim of a new book promotion campaign by Mondadori Store, the Mondadori Group’s chain of bookshops, and the fruit of an idea by the artist Mr. SaveTheWall with the creative contribution from the Action & Branding agency.

The initiative, which launches on 15 November, aims to enhance the reading experience through the voices and faces of readers: in other words real people who have taken part in an experimental artistic operation called Bookshot and who are the protagonists of the campaign by offering an unmediated account of their feelings and bring books to life in their own words.

“The result of this creative project is a form of communication that comes from and goes to the heart, because sharing a book is to share a part of your life,” declared Francesco Rigantimarketing director of Mondadori Retail. “Mondadori Store is making itself a spokesman and promoter of a message of social interest: an invitation to read, because we believe that more readers can lead to a more solid society that is focused on development and change.”

During two shooting sessions at the Mondadori Megastore in Via Marghera in Milan, Mr. SaveTheWall, aka Pierpaolo Perretta, the artist known for his situationist work that interprets issues and habits of contemporary society, met one hundred people. Each participant was asked to bring their favourite book with them and what emerged were  profound stories and feelings provoked by reading. Each of which was captured on video and fixed in a photographic portrait.

“An adage that I have made my own is ‘art is in the eye of the beholder’. And in Bookshot, as a work of art, I was able to note that the participants made the books the had read their own and created a  unique reading experience. The authenticity of the feelings of the participants is in itself something quite extraordinary especially if we consider that from a dialogue based on a single object – their favourite book – they were able to draw out a more profound and real synthesis of their life. This is why, for me, Bookshot is such an authentic, powerful and engaging project,” commented the artist Mr. SaveTheWall.

So readers are the exceptional witnesses to an initiative that will take place in the coming months on the web on a site dedicated to the project, which will host he videos and photos produced by the artist. Users will be invited to take part by posting on Facebook or Instagram Stories their favourite book and a phrase the briefly explains why it is their favourite and using the hashtag #condividiunlibro. Alls of this content will be added to the platform, multiplying the sharing of experiences and will be rewarded by Mr. SaveTheWall who will choose the best shots.

“This is an ambitious and extremely valuable project that we are very proud of. A sort of perfect alchemy has been created among the people involved and this has enabled the idea to gather enthusiasm day by day and reach out to all of the touchpoints. The genesis itself of the creative idea was the result of collective intelligence working in harmony, a relationship model that can be taken as an example and that will increasingly find a place in the future.” concluded Alessandro Pedrazzini, CEO of Action & Branding.

The campaign will also benefit form articulated planning across different media and managed by MediaClub: press, with four subjects, on leading weekly and monthly titles and the Mondadori Store Christmas Gift Guide; the web and the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Youtube with di 30’’ and 60’’ videos; leading influencer networks; outdoor metropolitan digital posts, at metro, bus and train stations; and all of the shops on the Mondadori Store network and on