Mypersonalpet: the new social-first editorial brand for pet lovers

An Instagram profile and website completely dedicated to the well-being of pets and their lovers.

The platform of Mypersonaltrainer, a brand leader in health and wellness, has now expanded with Mypersonalpet, the new digital world — social network and website — designed for all animal lovers.

Pets are a source of well-being, contributing to improved quality of life, and they are now considered actual members of the family.

The growth of the pet market, which was also accelerated by the pandemic, has led to a parallel increase in the need for information, news, and guides on various aspects of their health and well-being.

Mypersonalpet aims to meet the desire for information for those who have chosen to open their homes to the love of a pet, not only dogs and cats, but also rabbits, birds, and fish.

Through collaboration with an exclusive network of authoritative professionals, rigorously selected among doctors, veterinarians, biologists, psychologists, ethologists, and trainers, pet lovers will be able to find useful advice and tips on nutrition, hygiene, and keeping their four-legged friends (and others) fit.

The Instagram profile @mypersonalpet, which has more than 330,000 followers, has registered 500,000 interactions and a reach of 4 million people in the last month, thanks in part to engaging visual posts on key topics with infographics, reels, and carousels.

In addition to complementing the main Instagram page @myptrainer, Mypersonalpet works with a network of experienced contributors and more than 30 top creators, as well as through collaboration with the Power and Zenzero talent agencies. The profile promotes an innovative narrative of personal & family wellness and provides information on touching stories and current social issues related to pets. There is no shortage of space for viral stories with intriguing and engaging formats such as “Pet dramas”, and more relaxing topics such as “Fashion & Accessories”.

Mypersonalpet officially launched at Mypersonaltrainer Days 2023, with volleyball player Cristina Chirichella and her dog Chichi acting as special representatives. The brand is dedicated to pets within the Mypersonaltrainer world, which 14 million people already access each month looking for information, tutorials, and advice regarding health, fitness, and personal wellness.

Mypersonalpet complements Mypersonaltrainer and Mondadori Media in the pet sector, and will work in full synergy with Mediamond and its dedicated unit, Brand On Solutions, to bring individual brands, innovative and effective branded content initiatives, and influencer marketing projects to the market.

Monge, a leading pet food company, was the first brand to believe in Mypersonalpet, investing in this new project during its launch.