Natural Recall

“Natural Recall”: today sees the start of the second edition of the CasaFacile digital Festival

Following the huge success of “La Casa dei Sogni” (“Dreamhouse”), the Festival that engaged a community of over 1 milllion fans is back

A month of initiatives to talk about ideas, solutions and products to design and furnish the home with a special care for the environment

On newsstands in October a special issue entitled “Una casa in armonia con te” (“A home in harmony with yourself”)

The stage is set for Natural Recall, the latest edition of the Digital Festival dedicated to the home and conceived by CasaFacile, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Francesca Magni.

Today sees the launch, on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram channels and website, of the CasaFacile Festival making its return after the great success of the first edition dedicated to the Casa dei Sogni” (“Dreamhouse”), which in April involved a community of over 1 million fans with a reach of 27 million users and a total of 1.7 million video views (Source: Facebook, Instagram and website).

At the heart of the new edition of the Festival is the theme of nature and sustainability: until 30 October a programme of digital content, curated by designers, interiors bloggers, and CasaFacile architects and designers, together with partner companies, with many ideas, solutions and quality products to design and furnish your homes in harmony with the environment.

Every day, dozens of stories and videos to present to users, in new and fun formats, the infinite possibilities we have to improve our lives at home: from reviving an old fireplace in an eco-friendly way, to organising the kitchen to be able to use it while saving food, time and energy. As well as the best choices, from using natural fabrics to sanitising cleaning, which are increasingly important today.

“Our videos are a new way of proposing products and solutions to make the most of our homes. They are fun, are made by people who are not only professionals of digital content production, but who are able to interpret real needs, and therefore create a real sense of identification with both entertainment and rigorous practical content. And they also bring to digital the style of storytelling that we have every month in the print version of the magazine, thanks to which CasaFacile has Italy’s largest and most active community of home and furnishing enthusiasts.” said Francesca Magni, the editor of CasaFacile.

Natural Recall is an invitation to global well-being that starts from these issues and extends to include all kinds of products that can make life at home more pleasant, from those that add atmosphere and liveability to decorative details. But also, furnishings and green solutions that allow you to create a new relationship with the outside world. As well as the equipment you need to create your own home office or spaces dedicated to fitness and hobbies and ways to improve energy performance and comfortable heating.

The ‘green’ theme has been the leitmotif of a series of CasaFacile initiatives aimed at interpreting the needs of its community – which now has over 1.1 million fans, and grew in the first 8 months of the year by 18% compared with 2020 (Source: Shareablee and Pinterest) – for design that is increasingly in tune with nature, and which began with the September issue “Una casa in armonia con la natura” (“A house in harmony with nature”).

And completing this journey, the new issue of CasaFacile, dedicated to a home in harmony with yourself, is on newsstands from tomorrow, Tuesday 5 October.

In this special issue, extensive space is given to the kitchens, the heart of the house as envisaged by CasaFacile: starting from what the new models allow us to do in terms of space optimisation to combine ease of use, conviviality and cooking performance, with special attention to materials selected for sustainability, recyclability, resistance and ease of use.
There is also advice room by room, with a selection of products to create comfort including beds and bedding for a good sleep, and ideas and suggestions on how to organise different spaces, such as walk-in wardrobes.

Thanks to these initiatives, CasaFacile confirms its role as the point of reference for all furniture and lifestyle enthusiasts, with multimedia storytelling approach that engages the brand’s community, from the magazine to the website to social networks, with continuously growing results.

CasaFacile also confirms its position as the market leader in the mass-market monthly homes segment and an authoritative partner for its rising number of advertising clients, who are increasingly aware of the brand’s capacity to generate audience and stimulate interaction with its community.
The extraordinary results of the 2nd Natural Recall digital festival, which has grown compared with the previous edition in April, demonstrates the appeal of a magazine that is capable of creating authoritative content able to accommodate the tastes and needs of its followers. In the period January/October 2021, advertising revenues for CasaFacile (print and digital) rose by 30% compared with the previous year, thanks above all to the very strong input of digital, with leadership in terms of space in its reference segment confirmed at more than 55%.